Scam Letter(s) from Natalia Klyus to Gert (Holland)

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Letter 1

My dear Gert! Thank you for your letter,you know,it made my day as I missed it hard:))))))))) I am so happy we are together,even only by letters yet,butanyway I can write you and get your letters,I can know how are you andwhat do you think,and what is your life today! :))))

It is soamazing,I cannot believe even now that you are writing to me and I amso lucky to have you and your letters in my life :)))) You know,honey Gert, yesterday I had a really hard see,wehave some kind of proverb in Ukraine,which is following:"Monday is the HARD day" It was real for me :))) I had a lot of work after theweekend and I was very tired :((( I can say I am not used to work sohard,but I am sure it is good for my future :))) How do you think,mydarling Gert? :)))))) I missed you hard yesterday,I am sure you couldmake me feeling rather better,you are so nice:))))

Thank you for your photos,I liked them,the cat looks like the Big Boss:))))) I don't know about call now but will look for a variant becauseI want to hear your voice much :))))By the way,you said you have foundsomething but I couldn't open the page,it looked like the site ofacquaintance,is it?And what interesting have you found?

My sweetheart Gert,how was the beginning of your week?I hope you werenot very tired and hope you take a lot of care of yourself,because youare too dear for me :)))))) I wish you only good time and best mood,Iwant you to smile and to get all the possible pleasure from thislife,it is not too long to be bored :))))))

I must go,my dearest Gert,but I will write you soon,I miss you :))))

With all kisses and hugs for my dear Gert,



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