Romance scam letter(s) from Vanessa Ricardo to Keith (England)
Letter 1
Hello Keith,
How are you and how is your work today? and how is everything generally with you, i read through your profile and liked what i read about you and i would like to know you more and better, well my name is Vanesa, I am 27y i am 120ibs 5'7,am from Stafford, Staffordshire UK but am originally from Mexico La Paz ,i am a very outgoing person. someone who like's to have fun. i like to travel and go see new place. i love to cuddle and hang out. I am looking for a nice person. One with a good personality,i will be happy if you could tell me little about your self. i am shy at first time of meeting.well Just trying this on-line dating for the first time of my life,as i was once hurt by someone i loved so much , am trying this out to see what happens. we all know God works in mysterious ways, maybe this is just another tool for him to use. So my question is whatever happened to dating and getting to know someone.Taken from my profile If you're looking for someone sexy, goofy, serious... then you've found her...Constantly learning, growing each day....Looking for someone who can take my breath away with a kiss....And live life filled with breathless moments contact me...I am looking for an attractive man who is happy with himself right now and knows where he wants to be in the future. Also is very motivated. I'm looking for someone that is a caring, honest person that will treat someone how they want to be treated. your looks doesnt really matter to me all that matter's to me is your sence of humour . My interest is in a good personality and sense of humour and someone whose fun to be with as I need someone to lift my spirits. but am open to any depending upon their sharing the intimate side of myself with someone willing to do the same. i just want to know your mind and the kind of person you are.Hope I receive it back from you. ....AND LET'S GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER!! I guess i have told you alot about myself now its your turn to tell me more about yourself which i would appreciate alot and i would love you to send me your pictures so we could exchange other picture .if you want to reply me please can you mail me at Vanesaricardo000 at yahoo dot co dot uk till i hear from you......thanks alot for showing real and serious intrest in me and i would really appreciate it alot if you send your reply to my main box.
Letter 2
Hello Keith,
How are you and how is weekend, your health, and how's everything generally with you?i hope your fine and all is well with you.Thanks for your reply and thanks for telling me all about yourself... Well i dont really know what you are looking and please i would like you to tell me the kind of woman your seeking for?i was onced really hurt and i got heart broken as when my ex-fiance left me just two weeks to our wedding which i never expected that while i was there thinking that i had found the right man not knowing he never loved me and that's why am trying this on-line dating maybe it would workout for me but i simple want someone to share it with. family is very important to me as is the idea of marriage. I am searching for someone who shares the following qualities with me. Thoughtful, loving, goal oriented, along with sense of humor. I love to laugh and smile. I also love to read, cook, and travel. My interests are many. I am honest, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, easy going, romantic, soft-spoken and sensual. I'm romantic, caring, and much more! I'm "crazy" about all pets. espcially dogs and cats. I love nature and I like to travel. I like books and reading Bible .I'm looking for for a partner for life..are you the one?? Apperance is important but more importantly: Are you a loving guy,,,??? some times people select there love with age as for me i dont believe in age in a relationship all that l want a man that will make me happy so much and make mefeel so good and that will be faithful in all things that he told me that will be truthful to me I am actually educated just have neverfound a decent job that uses it. I am a person that use to be veryshy. I still am in ways, but in others I am a personate somebody. I kinda beensingle a long time. I really havent met any men that I really likedI guess. I kinda am looking for a funny, loyal, smart, and attractiveman. he doesnt have to be a handsome or rich but that will make me happy either just has to be some kinda spark there.anyway i just wanna let you know that I'm seeking a serious long term relationship and more. Someone special to capture my heart and knows how to handle it with care, one who will cherish me and be willing to share life's greatest joys and sorrows. Someone who's willing to spoil, pamper and love me unconditionally, whom is kind, sincere, honest, passionate, loyal, sense of humor, loving and wants a lifetime of passion., so only serious inquiries will be accepted.I'm looking for a soul-mate...a best friend for life! Someone I could talk to about anything....A good listener, smart and funny! I'd give the same to the ONE !! Who knows - may be you are my twin-soul? and have you check my profile in to know more about me? and to answer your questions...Well right now i am not doing anything but i worked as a photographer with my ex before,I live in Stafford, Staffordshire around Winton Square, Station Road anyway hope to here from you soon. And i would love it if you answer the questions below lol....

1.What is your full name?(Mine is Vanesa Ricardo)
2.Where did you grow up?(Mexico)
3.How Any brothers or sisters?(None)
4.What is your favorite hobby?(Photography,cooking)
5.What is your favorite activity?(Sports or spending time with my lover)
6.What is your favorite food?(Pizza)
7. What is your favorite drink?(Cherry Coke)
8.Do you enjoy holding hands?(YES)
9.When is your birthday?(April 7th) you enjoy kissing?(This last one is primarily a joke)
Bye and take very good care of yourself,till i hear from you and have a lovely day..
Letter 3
Hello Keith,
How are you today and how was work over there? i hope your fine and all is well, thanks for telling me more about yourself and i guess you had a wonderful day, its really nice getting to know more about you and it makes me feel we have alot in common, i wouldnt mind getting to meet you physically very soon as you sound fun to be with just like what i have been seeking for all my life.i really hope it works out between both of us so i could settle down and have a peace of mind.and i consider myself also romantic. I would really love to get to know you physically.
Well i just want somebody who can support me and stand behind me, but also let me stand behind them and support them. Somebody who can be in the kitchen with me while we are cooking and have a good time. Somebody who I can make smile with the little things. Somebody who is not going to get mad at me for goofing off and having a good time with them. I just want somebody who is in it for the long haul.That person that even just by taking your hand as you are walking, makes you feel warm all over and an instant smile come to your face. Someone i can wake up in the mornings and just watch as he sleeps. Waiting for him to open his eyes so i can tell him how special he is to me. So I'm not sure I am that woman for you, but the fact is that we are both looking for the same qualities in that special someone gives us a good start. I really look forward to talking to you again and getting to know you much better Like you family and marriage is very important to me.To tell you more about my family like i told you in my first mail my parent pass away Mom died 2years ago in an auto accident in Mexico but my Dad, i did't get to know him much because he was killed a year after i was born my mom use to tell me all about him and i wish i he could be alive by now i know he will care and love me. I hope I haven't bored you with this. If there is anything else you want to know just as.
Bye and i hope you have a wonderful day and also take very good care of yourself until i hear back from you.
Letter 4

Hello Keith
I am very happy to read from you today! How are you and how is everything going on with you? I hope all is fine with you presently... How is the Nature of your Job, and the atmostpheric condition Over there? Hope your doing pretty Good.i spent this few days unhappy and that's why i havent come online to chat with you all this while as i have been crying and right now am very sad and i need someone to talk to and share my pain with as i am just starting to feel a little better now because of my heart brokeness recently by my ex-fiance and has ended me in a nightmare now well i really want to know about you well, I am so happy to read from you.i moved to UK from Mexico after i lost my Mom to an auto accident and my Dad was killed a year i was born it was really had for me to get away the feeling i had for them due to the love i have for them and that's why i moved over here to start my life all over again and i love slow music, country music and i was working formally with my ex-fiance as a photographer before we broke up, I so much love what i read about you ,I like your profile and am impressed, about your profile. I think we have a lot in common, hey, we're a 93% match! .Honey am so sorry for giving you the wrong impression and i want you to know that your friendship means alot to me and i do not judge people from there e-mail and am not scared of meeting you its just that things have been hard for me starting my life all over again without my ex-fiance and that's why i need a good man like you to start my life all over again with because you sound caring, honest, fun to be with and sincere and responsible and most importantly you have sence of humour and i want you to know that i want a man who would be there for me during good and bad times,I'm definitely interested and curious in learning more about YOU. I hope you wont hate me. I look forward to receiving a reply from you.
Vanesa Am going to answer your questions in my next mail...
Letter 5
Hello Keith
It me again....Well i got all your mails and i must tell you they were really lovely and inspiring, i guess we are both searching for the same kind of person but i dont think am good enough to be urs cause you really sounded sincere, honest and fun to be with and because i spent my week crying.
But just like you've been sincere and honest to me i really have to be, cause i know that after reading this mail i might not get an e-mail of your reply and it would be so sad. because a friend of mine onced said all men are the same they only want to share the good time and not the bad time,i hope your not like them. well i didnt tell you all that happend between i and my ex-fiance,thinking there was no need cause by this time i would be back to and start a new life possible with someone like you,but by the yesterday after i had packed all my loads to leave, the hotel manager ended up seizing my international passport and return ticket and now am stuck in the hotel where i logded with my ex fiance.
I am sorry for not telling you this ealier...i want you to know that i really dont want to break your heart but i have to tell you all what happened,i know you'll be confused by now. well it all started when i met Steven my ex fiance,we both became friends and soon after a while we became lovers for a year and half until he proposed to me and asked for my hands in marriage which i stupidly accepted because i had fallen deeply in love with the bastard because he kept on lying to me telling me how he loved me,wanted me to have his babies for him and that we both grow old together.i just dont know how i could fall for all that crap.well soon after i agreed the wedding plans began and we were to get married in July this year until he came and told me one day that he received a phone call from his family back home telling him that they wanted to meet me and know more about the lady their son was about marrying,that's how he got me because i fell for it and decided to meet his family and see where he grew up and secondly see the wild life in his country. and so we both went to his country because his not from UK but an african, when we got to his country instead of him taking me directly to his family house he took me to an hotel where we logded and that was where the crazy bastard took advantage over me,well i didnt know that i was about been married to a theif who was about robbing me which he eventually did. would you believe it the bastard brought me to africa only to rob me off my money and jewelries i brought over to Nigeria, i even reported him to the police over there and they promised me not to worry that they would fine him in no time and uptill now they've not said anything positive about finding him,
Now i was surpose to return back to UK on Monday and start all over again but the hotel manager just seized my passport ands return ticket and that's why i spent all day crying and now am very sad and not too feeling fine.i really would have loved to tell you more about myself and things i do for fun but i cant and am sorry i know i wouldnt hear from you again and it would really be sad but i had to tell you the truth i just need someone right now to make me happy.Well you could call the hotel and ask of miss Vanesa Ricardo, Room 043 or the white woman upstairs and i would be on to you,and maybe we could talk better on phone,i get to hear how your voice sounds like and you get to know how my voice sounds like, that's if your still intrested in me after all.
Bye and take care and also have a lovely week,i hope to hear from you..soonest or you could visit the hotel website the hotel phone number is +2348060708006 i dont know if its neccesary to use the plus sign or without but please try it either way. you could also speak to the hotel manager if you want his e-mail address is or and the phone number above his name is mr Obinna
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