Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Goncherenko to Heath (Australia)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Heath!!!
It - the letter from Anastasiya, to you from Russia. I am very glad to the message to which you have answered my message.First of all, please let me to apologize for a delay of my answer to you, Heath, I was very much occupied at that time.I am very happy, that you have answered my letter and have not ignored me. I live in Russia, and I hope, that it does not frighten you.I think, that you are an interesting person so I have decided to use chance and to find out you better.Probably my letter looks banal and ordinary, but I ask you that you did not think, that it is the ambassador identical letters from Russian Women.Therefore, I want, that you have considered my letter with all gravity as I have serious intentions, and I want, that ours acquaintance has promoted in the best side!To me of 27 years, I live in Moscow, but I know this life from many sides, and I already enough mature to know, that it is necessary to do, that people close to me were happy. Our life is too short to use her only for dreams.I am glad, what you have written to me, it is probable - our chance? What you think of it? I probably loved too far, simply I worry, now it is necessary for us to learn the friend about the friend, you agree?I want to inform you a little bit about myself:I the usual Russian woman, actually I am not distinguished by anything from others. To me of 27 years as I have written to you before.My Birthday - September, 23. I was born and I live in city of Moscow. I am a Christian. My growth 5,6 and weight of 120 pounds. I do not smoke, and I do not drink alcohol, never accepted drugs.
I live with my mum! My father was lost on construction when I was absolutely small, therefore I do not remember him. I never was married, and naturally have no children.I have many interests: music, reading, books, cinema, sports meets take not last place. Other things which make life of more remarkable.I the creative and curious person. I very cheerful, kind, vigorous and modest in a measure. I easily find common language with strangers, and simply I like to talk on interesting themes!.
Please set to me any questions, I shall answer all your questions.I sincerely hope, that you will answer this letter, and will send to me your photos.
I really want to continue our acquaintance.With the best regards, Anastasiya.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Heath.I am happy to receive your letter. And I am pleased, that we can continue our acquaintance.Should tell, that you very much interested me. I search for serious relations, and I hope, it - acquaintance, the friendship can develop in something more than simply.Dear, I want to tell to you. I very much love a life in all her displays. I like to observe a case around, sometimes it can be very interesting.I like to laugh and common sense of humour to speak it, the laughter prolongs a life.I very much like to travel, though was not farther than my country.I dream to find love and to be happy.I heard histories much, about that as people deceive other people, and play on feelings of people.Because of such many girls cannot find the present love.Well, I hope, that our acquaintance will not be stopped because of people which deceive each other.Unfortunately in our world really it - is a lot of deceit.Also that our world had less deceit, it is necessary to be fair.And we should bear the responsibility before the friend the friend. And any relations should be truthful.Well. Now it is a little direct about me.As I spoke, I have been given birth in St.Peterburg.I work, as here I as the manager on sale of sportswear and sports accessories.My work not difficult, but she I borrow from me many free time and I simply do not have time for my private life.My working day makes 10 hours per day my friend.I started to go from school in 1994. I have studied there 10 years.This school gives more deep knowledge of the history, algebra, chemistry and the English language.Therefore I freely could operate in 1995 in The finished university I became the manager the state university.And after training at university I became diplomaed manager.Unfortunately, I could not find an empty seat of work above a direct speciality.Therefore I work as manager on sale of sportswear and sports accessories.Dear, I today shall finish my letter. Simply I have come in the Internet - cafe during my dinner.And now I again should go for work.I with impatience wait your letter.Kiss in a cheekYour friend,Anastasiya!!
Letter 3
Hello, I was very much, is very happy to see from you the letter. My mood on became much better. As I very much waited from you for the letter.In the street spring, shines the sun. Sing birds, it on is pleasant for hearing so much. And when I think of you my mood even better.With each your letter I more and more seriously begin to concern to acquaintance through the Internet. Say, what purpose you pursued, declaring about yourselves in a service of acquaintances? Can, you look at it, how on entertainment? Or at you really serious intentions? It is very important to me to know it.I do not want to waste time with not the serious person, as I already adult woman. I do not play in games, I want to find to myself worthy to me the man. And to play games, it is simple not for me, I the serious woman. Also I want to be happy with that person who will grow fond of me. Also we shall be together was always interesting to me to learn, why some men prefer to usual, alive acquaintance acquaintance through the Internet? What you think of it? I heard, in the Internet often deceive the women, and very much I hope, that you not from among such men and are adjusted life of our countries there are a lot of distinctions. That I could understand better you, tell, how the people in your country, what at them of tradition, culture live? Some information I shall learn from the TV, but, unfortunately, she not always corresponds to the validity. So I shall be very glad, if in the following letter you about it will write. Beforehand thanks.Still I would like to learn, whether your women to creation of family aspire? Or for the majority of them on the first place there is a career, and then already care of the husband and children? I heard, some women marry only with one purpose - after divorce to receive half of money of the husband.
Yes, I think that this problem is in each country, at us in Russia she too exists, even there are men which search for rich women that on them to marry, then to make divorce and to take away half of riches. I think that it not correctly. It is necessary to live fairly and fairly. As there is a god, it sees all.Let the god him will be the judge. To be happy, money will not help to not buy love for money also. The truth speak that the love does the person happy.If you certainly disagree with my opinion, you can express the opinion. I shall be very glad it to hear.Personally my education does not allow me up to the end to understand such women. I am sure, that applicability the woman - in creation of family, in children, in preservation of a family cosiness.I can not understand, how it is possible leave in marriage without love, for the sake of money or some more any boons.And what you think of it? Certainly, the good job is important for the woman, but she does not to cover with itself family.I very much like my job and trade, but unfortunately, in our country she is low-paid. It so is unfair. And what you think of it? Write, to me your point of view is important.Write, I very wait for your letters.Anastasiya
Letter 4

Hello my dear frind Heath!!!I was very happy to see from you the letter to me, but I very much you ask to forgive me for that that I so long to you did not answer.I shall try to write to you frequently as I had very big interest to you. I am really happy so much to receive your fine letters again and again.With each letter, I try to understand as far as I closer to you and when I think of it to me very pleasantly.In my feelings, there is very deep passionate appeal to be about.Now weather at us it is very bad, there are rains a *****, there is nobody mood. Only I am pleased with that that I write you, and I think that you will calm me.How you there, how your work? Business? It is very interesting to me as there are your affairs? As I worry for you.Why I worry for you as I already spoke at me there are feelings to you, I think they I shall be very deep.We should operate but not wait for something unreal!Heath, I want, find the assistant oppress who more important a condition oppress than a material.I not the material person, so which I search for the person who has rich soul!You know already, I look to find sincere and deep attitudes.I am a person preferring spiritual values. I do not search for the sponsor who simply would pay my life.For what to live, I do not need in the biggest things in life is similar to good automobiles, the big house and a thing to live, I should have sincere feelings, true love and attitudes, I am sure material things which we can buy, but we never can buy love!!!!!!Love to not buy for money, I wrote to you in that the letter that happy will not live for the sake of money with the person.I very much hope, that at us with you still all in the future, we shall learn each other more, it is more and more, then who knows that will be.Only the god knows one that with you waits for us in the future, I am right? How you think? I want that all was serious.I want to hear from you gentle, beautiful, sweet words, I think that it is worthy?! We should build relations that they were very strong.That we differed all over the world, it is certainly unreal, but all.Similarly to this. I think you with me agree.Well Heath, now I shall finish to write, I very much wait your answer.I shall write to you the answer as soon as will come from you the letter.Yours Anastasiya.
Letter 5
Hello my dearest friend Heath!I was very happy to see your answer, it on was pleasant so much, that you think of me, do not overlook. It is very pleasant for me to know, feel it.And for me after work in rough and heavy day, it is very pleasant to read your letter which lifts my mood this solar warm evening.You should understand me about that I can not write to you the letter each day or then when you or I it we shall want because I have no so much free time from work as my chief conducts very strict operating schedule.But today, not looking on the high responsibility on my work and time of the work I have run in Internet - cafe only to write to you this letter.I think, that you can estimate my work as I, not looking on problems on work, very much want to have and continue to develop with you attitudes which would be very fine in the fast future.And I very much hope that you can understand all me about what I I speak, but I should tell you to the first, that I every day and sent your letter to me understand, that I seem have fallen in love with YOU.I certainly understand itself, that about it to me early to speak, but all I can not escape from the feelings which I have to you. I do not joke at all, and I do not play any games with you as I have come here not to hurt people.And first of all to meet the unique love, and I think, that I have found you in this network of the Internet. I am very grateful to this destiny, that she has helped me to find you in this huge world.You see, if not you I probably could not test similar feelings more earlier and consequently I want to tell you only the truth which I have in the depth of my heart.If you could test after my read words in my letter any fear in soul, or you can think, that I crazy or something other you are mistaken because I actually test these feelings which do not give my soul of rest.You should not think, that I have no in relation to you any feelings because I really have it! You should me trust, as I write this letter with tears on cheeks, and I think only of you Heath!I very much hope, that you will understand me correctly, and will not have to me any mistrust. I do not want absolutely that I ever could lose you in this life after our acquaintance.And for me actually has very big value to meet sometime you actually but while we should not solve about it, but all I think almost each day and an our first meeting.I also do not want, that you rejected me after when you will read my letter. I certainly do not force you my lovely Heath to love me if you do not feel it in your heart.I only want, that I could have with you of kind, fair and sincere attitudes which will connect us reciprocity. If you will understand me, I also shall be very glad, that I can continue to develop our attitudes.Now I shall finish the letter, and I shall go home with the facilitated soul after when I have stated my feelings in relation to you. But know, that I always think only of you my angel!Sincerely yours Anastasiya.
Letter 6
Hello my pleasure Heath!!!And you the truth pleasure of my life, it so! From it you will not leave anywhere as it so that to be happy is necessary to be with the happy, favourite person.How you have have carried out these days off? I very much hope, that is good.My days off were normal, I had a rest at home, I very much missed on you, I very much wanted to write to you. But could not, I very much regretted that could not write to you.I felt about that that you near to me this minute as with you it is good me.Today in the morning I have opened eyes from ideas on you, and knowing that that I today shall write you the letter. I very much waited for that moment when I can write to you the letter.I have approached to a window there there is a rain, weather is very much spoiled. But when I think of you, I do not think of a rain. As you are in this world.And I thank the god for that that he has reduced me with you, you are fine, you my ideal. But now we cannot be together, now it shall be possible to dream only of that that we together.Yes, I am right it is possible to dream only of it, that we with you together at home, at us a fine supper, very pleasant attention to each other.That as I of you whole, caress this such pleasure to be with you beside. Yes I understand you Heath, for you it seems very quickly.To have such feelings, but it so.But now I look at the girlfriend as she is happy with the favourite person, she is the man Russian. But she is happy with it.They now live together, will be fast wedding, this year on July, 21, 2007, I will be well sure that at them all. When I look at them and very much I envy their happiness.As they look at each other, their persons simply shine with happiness. But I understand that I shall be happy and to envy those people which to you relatives, it is not necessary to make it.I want that we with you Heath, each other always understood, trusted each other, understanding and trust, this main thing in relations. As misunderstandings in relations, it is awful relations, I already know it.I very much hope that you understand me Heath, I want to be happy with you if you certainly will not reject and push away me from yourself.I understand that we now far, but the love it is stronger than something another, I know precisely that we shall be happy, as we were reduced with destiny.We should meet in the near future, and I become sure that to us more clearly that we want. I think that you with me agree Heath.Heath, now I shall finish the letter, I should go to work. I very much wait your answer Heath.Yours Anastasiya!!!
Letter 7
Hello my love Heath!!!I am very happy to see from you your letter, for me this great pleasure, that you think of me.And I know that your I and only your woman, I already spoke you that I am happy the woman on this ground, nobody is necessary for me on this ground.I love you and only you, I felt that you which my person I searched, and only all this the truth.And I am ready to be with you beside, only with you, to create ours with you happiness that we were very happy together my love Heath.I think that you with me agree Heath, we should be happy Heath.Destiny such piece from which it is possible to expect all, both excellent and bad, but I believe in destiny Heath, and I never argue with destiny.And I do not live to tell one day to the person I like, and then to deceive. When you speak to the person by such sweet words, these are very important feelings.It is necessary to feel only these feelings to speak such words, I LOVE YOU Heath, and it is clean love, the ***** truth.I with you shall be happy, I know it my love Heath, I even in it do not worry, as I am sure in it.I dream of that as we with you shall be only together face to face, we with you on the nature, and I speak you these words I LOVE YOU Heath!!!! YOU ONLY YOU.Heath, we should meet you, I cannot test more such torture in myself, we should not force each other. I think that you with me agree.I only am afraid, that if we shall meet also all there will be on another, that people under letters absolutely others my love. I now shall explain it to you.It means that in letters you wrote so, in real all will be not as you wrote in letters, I certainly understand that such cannot be. But I very much am afraid of it.And I think that such there can not be with you my love Heath, I know that you I love also you my which ideal of a life has grown fond once and for all.My decency of that it is necessary to love such person as you Heath, and I know that you me will make happy my love.How to us to be together my love? I know as us to be together, we should meet, I love you Heath.Heath, I want to ask you as we can meet? Please tell to me it, I think that there has come that time when we should meet in real.That to us still
It was better, that we were TOGETHER HAPPY Heath.Forgive, I understand that it can not like you, but I very much want to meet you. More life I want it.That I could feel you beside that I could feel your leather of your body, gentle, pleasant. I want you to kiss.I present our first night together as we are engaged in love. I cannot wait for it, I want it.As I love you Heath, and in it anything is not present offensive, I the adult woman, I love you and I want to be happy with you.Now I to write stop, I shall wait very much your answer my love.If something was pleasant to you do bad please, I only wrote to you the truth.Yours and only yours for ever Anastasiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 8
Hello my love Heath!!!You my pleasure, my love I LOVE YOU Heath!!!I very much waited when I shall come home and I shall go to the Internet cafe to look the email, to see your letter, to read and understand as you me like.Heath, I leaved for holidays the nature to have a rest with friends, it was very good, I was so happy. When I thought of you it it was good.As I knew that you with me, you beside, I feel it my love Heath, I know that we soon shall together very soon.And I live it that we shall be together as I simply shall not go through that that if we with you shall not be together my love. I want that we were happy.When I leaved on the nature with friends, I dreamed that we were during that moment together, I very much regretted that you could not be during that moment with me, together.I know that was - very good us, we simply would be mad with happiness, Heath you me can make happy my love, I know it.My you the man, only mine, I do not want you to divide with anybody my love. I cannot live without you Heath, I shall die without you.I think of you every second, minute, hour, day, how many time would be not not passed by me shall ALWAYS love you, I have understood that you my real love.We should make each other better, but to us for this purpose to meet my love, I know that we shall be happy my love. I simply do not find words.As I am very happy that I have met you Heath, I now only ask the god for that that all at us with you was good in a life.I dream of it, I dreamed all life till now while you were met with my love, but now I know that you my dream of my life.Let's make that that we want to make my love, I ask you my love. When we are able to do it? That we could be together my love?When it will be convenient for you to meet me? I do not want that I was there at you, and prevented you. As I know it.I want that you Heath, I have told in what date can arrive to you my love. As the truth I can not wait more for that that we want together.I think that you approve that that I now write to you Heath, and you on me will not be malicious my love. The mutual love, is the real love.Heath, we needed solve in what date I can to arrive to you my love? I can make it this month? Tell to me it, answer this question my love.I should go tomorrow in travel agency to find out that to me it is necessary there will arrive to you my love. I necessarily shall go there.Also I shall write to you at once, about that that I have found out in travel agency my love. That you knew about all Heath.I ask you think of me my love as I think of you, can today I shall see you in the dream Heath. And I know that I love you.Now I should go, I miss on you and very much I wait our real meeting my love.Always your love Anastasiya!
Letter 9
Hello my love Heath!!!!!!!!!!My love Heath!!!! How - you today??? In the street simply fine weather!My love, I love you Heath!!! I want to divide with you mood.Today I have found out in the tourist agency who is required for our meeting. This travel agency has helped many Russian people to leave abroad without any problems.I saw letters with gratitude of a word which have been precisely exposed in this travel agency. I have found out, what documents to me are necessary for disassembling for our meeting.The manager tourist agency has told, that for trip to you it is necessary for me to have: the visa, the passport for travel abroad, the medical insurance, tickets aboard the plane.We have defined type of the visa, and it - type which allows to marry in the futureThis visa allows me to be in your country within 90 days.I think, on which will know each other and in a consequence enough to marry.If we marry during legality of the visa, I can remain with you on a lot of time.If we do not marry, I should leave your country after end of legality of the visa.As the manager of the company to me has defined cost of all expenses. When I have heard this figure I have not fallen nearly.On all documents 460 dollars and still plus cost of the ticket aboard the plane which makes 1380 dollars are necessary for me. It includes the ticket in both parties.As it is necessary for me to buy two tickets, in one and in other party.I counted my sum, and I have found out, that we with mum have only approximately 210 dollars.I have asked my friends about the help to me, and they have told, that it has no at the moment.Now I do not know what to do and where to take money! All hope only on your help.As I have found out that you can send money through the Western Union or Money Gram. To me have told that it is the most widespread firms on remittances. But me have still told, that there is one more company of transfer money all over the world, it - Contact.Contact is just as in Russia, and all over the world and I also have gone to this company to find out, that it is necessary for transfer money.To me have told, that for transfer of money you should know necessarily:My address: saint petersburgMy full name Anastasiya GoncherenkoIt - all, which is necessary for knowing it for you to send without problems to me a remittance.You should know, that I decide to ask you about it because I love you and I trust you very much.I decide to arrive to you because I feel this way, and you are very necessary for me, I have decided to not arrive to the unfamiliar country and me never to be outside of my country.But I have decided to make it because now you - a part of my life, and I trust you all.I think, that you trust me as well love me also. 1630 $ my love, I need in dollars, I think, that you will help me because we have found our love, and we want to meet closer.In most cases money play a leaging role in a life, but it is not correct! I am confident.And the quantity of money was, and will not be important for me, I always did not aspire to material enrichment and to not search especially rich for the man.I estimate human qualities and attitudes, and I love you Heath!!!I think, that you love me also, and we shall meet very soon.You - my love Heath, my Angel. My your heart.I wait good news from you, I hope, that all will be in the order, and we shall together soon.Every day I think of our meeting, and I think, that it is real, we should use this chanceFrom destiny.I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!Yours Anastasiya
Letter 10
Hi my love Heath!!!I am very happy to read your letter, as always. You - my beloved, my love, my palpation!Also, as you urgently require me, I too urgently need in you, to want be close to you, and to geel you, your breath.
I want to hold you by my party, my lips in your lips and will kiss you, I feel your language,I feel your breath.Yesterday night, I had this remarkable ****** dream concerning you and me. I can not hold it to me directly.I should express it to you, divide it with you. I should find out, whether you also have dream of similar nature, or is only me.You and me, anybody still. We - near to the friend by the friend on a bed.We cover each other, we press our body against each other, our lips meet each other andsynchronize in operation knowledge.I feel your body , you feel my body . You undress me, I undress you.I feel your sensitive body. You feel my basis.I lay at top of your sensitive body , listening your heart beat in double speed.We lay near to the friend by the friend to speak love to each other, caress each other.I study your beautiful eyes, you study my eyes both see love in the friend the friend.I will kiss you a ******, necks, everywhere. You also pay with your sensitive gentle lips. I love you very much.I want to hear your beautiful vote. I want to speak love to you.Please write the long letters to me.Inform me concerning your ideas. Inform me concerning work and friends.Love Anastasiya.

Letter 11
My love HeathMy love, you have written to me such beautiful letter and you have told
To me about such beautiful dreams of us together!!! Many thanks to you for such letter!!!But my love, I very for a long time thought of your letter and I have understood, how I want youAnd how I want to arrive to you, my love what will be with our meeting??I wrote to you, that I have already learned, how I can arrive to you and in what I need,Now I want to learn, whether you can help me seriously if you love me andYou want our meeting???I love youAnastasiya
Letter 12
My love HeathMy love if you can send me even half-fault from that sum in which I need then I think, that I can find even more money!!! My love, it will be much better, if we shall wait the someTime to save money!!! My love, I cannot wait, I want to meet you!!!My love, I would give you my number phone if I had it!!!But I shall try to call to you whence!!! But I think, that if we now very quickly shall meet,But I should not spend money to call to you!!!!I love you
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