Scam Letter(s) from Sandra Fredrick to Keith (England)

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Letter 1

I am sandra fredick 31 years old, i was born in US but presentlly now in UK with my mum 5:7 tall........and 135lbs.........i love to play golf and go to beach and some times i do like to go to party with friends..........i grew up in good family and am very gentle women i dont rude am very nice women here is what am looking for in man and what i want in man ............I hope that you are looking for same thing as me ..........????????????

Just to let you know if you are seeking for soul, Possibly, you are looking for me?! I am an energetic and sociable person. I appreciate decency and sincerity in a relationship between a man and a woman. The inner beauty is more important for me than the beauty of appearance. I wish to open a new world in the world of your soul. And if I understand you are the Only whom I am seeking, i share with you all your sorrows and joys,i will be your best friend and life partner I like to travel very much. It is very interesting to get more knowledge about the new countries, new people and traditions. It's great to have such a possibility.

I'm a quiet, kind, loyal. A great meaning for me is a human's soul. Circle of my interests is various. I like the literature, music, and cinema. personality traits are; calm, honest, kind, loyal, flexible, elegant, sociable, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, optimistic, .My perception of an ideal , I would like to see near me clever,honest,straightforward,strustwordy, intelligent, and reliable man. Which would require my emotional heat, capable to like and respect the woman. I have to let you know aswell, that am an honest person as i have said, and i have to be honest with that, i don't have any boyfriend at present now and am not in any serious relationship. am a great giver because I so much believes in the Multiplied returns and also believed in God. I never speak negatively about people, I take less and listen more to people and does not jump into other people's affairs.

Am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look .Have fully decided to be a role Model to my children and a good, loving and caring wife to my husband.But I doesn’t want to mess myself with the wrong Man.Basically I decided to settle with a nice, good loving and caring Man in the United States of America and I know that's you Dear. and i love to be there be in the state on day and i no i will be there.

We are going to get to know each other better by chatting on here and when things get changed we gonna have to plan on how everything will come to reality,that is when we can both plan on seen each other in person.....But all this will have to do with communication

Letter 2

Dearest Keith,
How are you doing?hope cool, well i hope we can start as friends and possibly to true love and have our own family and be together as a couple for the rest of our life, then we can let our trust grow, well am looking for one that can be there for me, one that can be my back bone, well my name is Sandra, people think its odd, but really i so much value the name cos it was the name my parents who are of blessed memory ususally call me with, well i think for us to know each other we have to chat one on one and maybe sit on a table and talk personally, i look into ur heart cos beauty fades and the mind is in tact, well before i forget am not in England anymore, i left England after my dad was mudered, so i left with my mom cos she is Nigerian, so i left with her on getting to Nigeria we got robbed and that was the end the last time i saw her caring smile, well why am trying to tell you this is just to let you know that am looking for a Man that can make me feel happy again, i am looking for one thats down to earth, i think have said enought now, hope to get a mail from you soon, what do you do for a living?, what are u looking for in a girl, what are ur likes and dislikes, whats the sadest day in ur life, who is ur mentor, and what turns you on when down, what are ur hobbies, pls when you mail i want you to get back with answers, keep it real and true, All Lovexx



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