Scam Letter(s) from Ksenia K. to Forrest (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello Nelson! I am very glad, that you have written to me. It is very pleasant for me to get acquainted with you Nelson. to me very strongly many thanks, that you have written to me would be desirable to tell to you. Probably we have thought of that, " where I have taken the address of your e-mail? ". When I have understood, that with me have badly made, but to me already was to recede late. I have gone to agency of acquaintances, there for 20 $ to me gave your address of e-mail - men which searches for the woman. I do not know as you will consider this, but I hope, that was not mistaken. I want to trust in, that to me gave the correct address. If is not present, I am sorry for intrusion into your private life. You can not write to me. But from all soul, I want to think, that you whom I search for that. I at once want to tell to you about a strange situation in which I have got. It can be very ridiculous, but on my person there is no smile. As you have already understood, it is necessary for me to take advantage of the given visa and to leave for a while Russia. Business, that if I do not use the visa or I shall refuse from it, to me will necessarily give up next time, in its reception. And in general it will be very serious personal tragedy. Now I want to tell to you about for today I have made what actions. In 5 days I shall receive the visa, and I need know on what is the time I I can to arrive to you. Right at the beginning my trip is planned to 30 days. But the matter is that all these 30 days I should live houses (at the person which me has deceived). And now if I shall come to you, I simply will have no place to live. Certainly I could lease number in motel, but it again monetary expenses, I not so am rich. Nelson I want to ask to you one question on which I would like to receive the answer. What would not be the answer ask you to write to me it. for the period of my stay, I could live at you at home? Certainly I understand, that my question very unexpected and difficult. but I want, that you correctly would understand me. I do not want to abuse your hospitality. I beforehand would like to thank and tell you, that I shall not be a burden in your house. I could clean an apartment and prepare for a meal. It is sure in that that we could to make friends well. What do you think Nelson? I understand, that actions develop very promptly. But we do not have time for long discussions. Nelson, I do not know where do you live. I ask you to give me the exact post address, your full name and the name of the nearest international airport. It is necessary what to buy the ticket aboard the plane, on given to me, your coordinates. I ask you to be in earnest to this as I am very serious is adjusted. I hope, that the picture which I has sent you, has not frightened off you. Yes it I! I very strongly hope that in the following letter I can see your data. Which are very strongly necessary for me. Very soon I shall go, behind the visa. It should be sure on 100 , all that we make with you - not game. To tell the truth, I do not want to be deceived the second time. I very strongly want to trust that we now make, not game for YOU personally. My situation simply has no examples, but now I would want that you have understood me and have understood my position. I ask you, me to not be afraid. I the correct and clever woman. I have well planned the trip. Problem in that to me now is necessary to take advantage of chance simply. I very much was to be trusted, that you can understand and accept me for 30 days. I ask you while we did not come very far, to tell to me that you think of all it. I shall wait for your letter.
Yours faithfully Ksenia.

Letter 2

Hello Nelson! It is very pleasant for me, that you have written to me. I am very grateful to you for your information. Now I see, that you do not play with me, and seriously think about our meetings. I can not simply believe the to eyes! Now I can easy order the air ticket. Nelson I am very strongly grateful to you for that. That you have agreed to assist me. I can promise you, that I shall not be a problem in your house. It is sure, that there has now come time maximum find out each other. I want to tell to you more about myself. I am from Kazan, it a little, nice town. I live together with my mum I love greatly and we are very happy and friendly family. I have different hobbies and interests. Let me begin with some of them. OK? I like to listen to different music, best of all I like melodic, romantic ballads, of course, about love, but I find very interesting also other kinds of music. I like to read Russian and foreign classical books. I adore literature and especially poetry. I know a lot of poems, but only few of them by heart. Why? Because I learn by heart only those special poems that I love. I do not smoke and do not drink, never used drugs as well. I take care about my appearance and my health. Nelson Probably you want to know where I live. If you will look on map Russia my city of Kazan is capital of republic Tatarstan. It in the east from the city of Moscow, 828 kms separate these cities. Person lives in my city of more one million. It is large and very beautiful city. Nelson, I so am glad, that I have got acquainted with you. I done not left with ideas, that we make now is a destiny. Now I sit in the Internet of cafe, I cannot believe that occurs to me. I think of how we for the first time can meet you, and it causes in me good ideas. We needed to wait completely not for a long time what to see each other. Nelson I want to tell to you, that I think of you as about fair to the man. To tell to you the truth. When (deceiver) so has severely betraid me, I have lost confidence of myself. But you have helped me - to believe in yourself anew. I wanted to meet the man through the Internet, for creation of family. In our Russian men, I did not see worthy nominees. Russian men, very strongly like to drink alcoholic drinks, they badly understand women and their problems. Frequently families break up from that the husband beats the wife. It is disgusting! I cannot present myself with such the man. Certainly poorly, to speak about all Russian men. But I not when did not see the man with which at us would be a lot of identical. And ideas which pull together us. The matter is that I already adult girl, me already 26 and as you understand, in some years to me begin 30 years. As any woman I want good and quiet family. I want understanding and respect. I have very strongly reflected on the future. I have understood, that it is high time for me is necessary creation of family. So I have got acquainted with (deceiver). I saw in him the man of the dream. The father of my children. But he has betraid me and it very strongly has killed me. I with the big work have found in myself forces what to restore the soul. I have found the decision, that if to me so have not carried with love I can take pleasure in trip and find out more about people of other country. So Nelson, I have got acquainted with you. And I hope that when I shall come to you, we become very good friends. I have not met the husband, but have met the reliable friend. I am very strongly grateful to you. Nelson You began in my opinion, the real savior. I at all do not exaggerate it. I shall wait for the letter from you. Ksenia.

Letter 3

My dear Nelson , Again I receive from you the letter and I am very glad to this event! I hope, that I am write is clear. You know, for the small period of correspondence with you, I have already understood, that to you have become attached, without your letter at me day any not such But as I receive from you the answer my life is filled with pleasure at once . And you attachment to me? I think what yes if it so, that it is cool! I shall give you my home address so we can correspond letters by usual mail, but nevertheless it is not so convenient, as it seems to me In the first, letters will go very long, and there is an every prospect, that the letter will be stolen, At us in Russia of it it is possible to expect... but nevertheless I shall give you But it seems to me that is easier to communicate through the Internet In general I think, that the Internet this big achievement as people from two different ends of a planet may communicate with each other freely I have got acquainted with such male as you, already because of it only I shall tell to the Internet many thanks! Dear Nelson, also I want to tell you, that I would like to speak with you by the phone I hope, that it's a good idea, really? I want to hear your voice, I hope that you want to hear my voice too. But unfortunately, I don't have the telephone in our apartment, because it very expensive to establish the telephone now in this time but it will be possible, that may be through But our manager has told me, that the cafe's telephone is for working needs for our institution The manager has told us, that the work personnel of cafe can not use the telephone of cafe for our individual purposes. From this, I have thought and have come to the conclusion that I can call you from the moscow Telegraph. It's the best variant. Wow..... I can't believe, I have written to you such large message... I hope, that it will be interesting to read about me more? I would be grateful to you, if you will write to me in your next e-mail about your enthusiasmes and about your hobbie Ok, allow me to finish my e-mail It is usual. I will wait for your next message! Please, write me soon! Your faithfully, Ksenia.
P.S. My home adress:
The country: Russia
City: Kazan
The postal index: 420366
Street: Stanislavsky
Number of the House:56
Number of an apartment: 24
psI have one naked picture... I cannot do her.. I think that when we can meet I shall allow to see me naked.

Letter 4

Hi dear Nelson, Today I had difficult day. I received the visa today, but at reception of the visa there were some difficulties. When I have come to embassy the ambassador asked the many questions. He has asked a question on that who will bear the responsibility about me when I shall be in the Germany. I informed to him that I can take care of myself itself. He has told that knowledge of English language it insufficiently to be in safety. The ambassador informed me that I should have relatives or the guarantor to fly in the Germany. I informed the ambassador that I have no relatives living on territory the Germany. I have told to the ambassador about our correspondence with you, but he has told to me, that we should be familiar long time that you could take the responsibility for me and informed that it will not work. The ambassador has found a way out of this situation and informed me that the guarantor for me can be the the insurance company which works with embassy. He has told, that in my situation it is necessary to insure my travel and then the insurance company will bear the full responsibility for me in territory the Germany. It was a unique way to receive the visa and I went in insurance agency. After I have insured my travel I went in embassy and the ambassador have given visa to me. Reception of the visa is really difficult process. It takes many the efforts and money. I had money for purchase of the ticket of the plane and additional 300 euro for residing at the Germany, but the insurance document costs 720 euro. I could receive the visa, but now there are difficulties in that that now I have no enough of money for purchase of the ticket of the plane. It is a pity to me to inform, but I cannot arrive to you. I have money but to buy the ticket of the plane to me it is necessary still approximately 450 euro. To me spoke that reception of the visa is difficult process, but I really did not know that it so difficultly. I was before a choice in which it was difficult to make the decision. Unfortunately I at all had no time to ask your advice, but I think that I have made a correct choice. I have made all necessary to fly in the Germany and we could be together, but now I do not know can be we together or not. I want our meeting very much but to fly to you to me it is required approximately 450 euro. I have got used to cope with difficulties independently, but unfortunately it will be really difficult to cope with this problem independently. To fly to you to me it is required approximately 450 euro and I want to ask your help. I want to meet you and to have bright days together, but without the help I cannot fly in the Germany and we cannot meet. I would be happy to fly to you, but I want that you have understood that for me is necessary help. If you can help me, please transfer 450 euro through Western Union. To me informed that Western Union is unique system of remittances through which possible to send money from the Germany to Moscow. There to me informed that Western Union works practically instantly. It is simple system and if you can help me I can already receive money in some minutes after you will transfer money I understand that we know each other some letters to speak about money, but I hope that you understand my situation. I do not know, that you think of my letter, but I hope that I have made a correct choice. This your decision. I hope that my letter will not push away you and you will not throw me in such situation. Please write to me as soon as possible, Love Ksenia



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