Scam letter(s) from Evgenia to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Michael . I am glad to get acquainted with you.
Forgive that I at once could not answer you. I had affairs.And only now I have free time to answer you.
I had registered on a site of acquaintances to get acquainted with good man.
I never got acquainted with men through the Internet earlier!!
I hope that you will answer me!
I wait with impatience of the answer!!!
Evgeniya !!! Bye-Bye:))
Letter 2
It again me!
It is very a pity that between us there is a distinction in time!
I think, that should inform at once to you some things concerning my character. I the romantic woman, and me am pleasant to read love novels and as I like to look films about love, about fine relations between the man and the woman. I would like to meet the same person in a life to live with him all life. But frequently such relations very quickly come to an end. I want to find the good person for serious relations, it is possible and for creation of family. I think, that the love is necessary for this purpose. While I have not met in the life
Such person to whom I would decide to give myself and the life. Write please, what you think of it??
Tell to me what woman you dream To meet in the life?
Excuse that I ask such questions you! I understand that we are completely not familiar with you!
But me it is important for knowing to continue our acquaintance.
Now I should work! I shall write later!
Letter 3
It again me!
I have written to you letter but you yet haven't answered to me!
If you don't want to correspond with me tell to me!
I shall not take offence!!
I wait!! Evgeniya!!
Letter 4

I have understood why you have not answered me!!
I have absolutely overlooked that between our countries there is a distinction in time zone!
I feel a silly woman!
I hope that tomorrow you will write to me!
Letter 5
hello Mike!!!, I was very glad to receive yours e-mail because it speaks me, that I too have interested you.:)
You liked my photo??? I hope, what yes, and I shall send to you of more photos later.
My friend, at me to you is a lot of questions. I want to set them in the letters, I hope you will answer me sincerely?-ok?
oh excuse, but it is time to me to accept the next patients.
I shall write to you later!!
Letter 6
Hi my friend!!!
As I also promised I write to you as soon as was released.
Unfortunately at me a tough job and I spend a lot of time for it.
But for you I shall try to find a free time always.
I have overlooked to tell to you about the work! I work as the children's doctor!!
I the pediatrist!! I like my work!!!
I very much love children therefore have chosen this trade!!! Children - flowers of a life!!
Therefore we should care of them!! You love children??
Where you work?? You like your work??? It is very interesting to me to know where you work!
I I hope do not set to you too many questions? I hope to you not difficultly to answer my questions?
Simply it is very interesting to me to learn about you more!
Now I should come back again to the work so I shall write to you on later.
Evgeniya !!
Letter 7
I have overlooked to send you the photo!
This photo is made this summer in my Settlement !
I ask that you too have sent me as much as possible the photos!
Letter 8
I have overlooked to tell where I live!
Actually I live in Russia!! When I did the questionnaire on a site of acquaintances I could not put the Russian postal index! Therefore I had to tell that I live in America!
I am not guilty that the site did not accept my postal index!
I live approximately in 850 kilometers from Moscow!
I Live in Mary El !
My settlement borders on the Kirov area! You heard about the city of Kirov??
I live settlement Novyy Toryal! I send you a map of the republic that you knew where I live!!
My settlement not so big! It is very interesting to me where you live!
Please tell to me a little about the city!
I work as the pediatrist in the settlement! I very much like my work! Unfortunately many children are sick! I am glad that I can to help them!
Letter 9
Hello Mike!!
I am glad to see your letter!!!
I have now come for work and at once have checked up a mail! I am very happy that you answer me!
Unfortunately I now have not enough time! I simply wanted to tell that have received your letter!
I never travelled abroad!!
At me it was not simple time! First I studied in institute and then began to work!!
I very much would like to visit other countries!! It is very interesting to me as live in other
But while it only my dreams!!!! I hope sometime at me there will be an opportunity to travel!!
I shall write to you during a lunch break!!
Letter 10
I want to tell to you why I till now one!
In my life one was man. I thought that I love ithim.
I thought that he too loves me. I met him about a floor of year. All seemed that EIOjUI!
But IAIAOlU I have seen him with other woman!! During that moment at me all has turned over inside!
I could not believe the eyes! Ithe kissed and embraced another OAyYIEIO!
My heart has been broken! After that case I did not want to live!
To you sometime changed?? It is very hurt! Even I shall not wish the enemy to go through change!
After that case I have left him.
Since then I have understood as a lot of pain can bring love!
It was very difficult for me to go through that time!!
Even now it is hard for me to recollect it!
Letter 11
There can be you know that in Russia the most part of men very much like to drink *****!
Yes, it is not bad, but they start to drink it all more and more!
I understand that men work also they very strongly much get tired!
I understand that they should relax after work and can be drink a pair of glasses of ****,
But when they every day drink a lot of ***** and come home very *****!
I think that it poorly and the man should not so to do!
Yes, he can drink some *****, but not every day! There can be I am mistaken, but this my opinion!
What do you think of it? You agree with me?
Please understand me correctly I not the bad girl but when the man comes very ***** and beats the woman,
It is bad! And it occurs almost every day!
But I have not told to you about the father! To tell the truth it is a shame to me to you to speak about it.
My father too drinks ***** much! There were cases when he came home ***** and beat my mum.
Then to me it was very terrible. I have younger sister! We with her were closed in a room and sat very silently! Because of a door we heard as mum and the daddy swear.
At that moment I have understood that never I shall leave in marriage for the man which ***** drinks and beats women.
I do not want to speak about sad.
I did not want to speak you about the father! But I think that between us there are no secrets. I want that our friendship began without secrets.
Therefore I do not have from you secrets.
You can ask me IAA?yUA questions! I shall try to answer all.
From the first I cannot sometimes understand your question! Therefore if I shall not answer a question that ask me once again.
It is pleasant for me to answer your questions.
Letter 12
Now at me on reception the small child was! I surveyed him and appeared that he is very sick! At him a pneumonia.
To me began so it is a pity him! It has come to hospital one! I have asked where his parents, He has told that they at home - *****!
It is very awful! Parents do not bring up the child!
he requires medical aid and to parents on it to spit!
I was in a shock when it have heard! To me began so it is a pity this child.
Now I have put him in chamber on treatment. he should recover.
To me has carried that I have family! My mum always tries to help me.
I already spoke you about the father. Recently he started to drink very strongly *****. I many times talked to him that he has ceased to drink.
But he does not listen to me. My mum too tried to talk to him. It is very hard for me to look as my father every day drinks.
I never drink *****. I drink only on holidays a few fault.
I do not understand as it is possible to drink ***** every day. What for people have thought up alcohol?
Alcohol has brought to people so much burning! You with me agree? It is important for me to know that you think in this occasion.
Letter 13
I again have free minute to write to you.
I want to tell to you about that where I studied to write in English!
At school I very much was interested in foreign languages. After school I have acted in institute and have continued to study English.
I also attended rates of the English language. But I and have not finished training. I did not have not enough time for study because I worked as the nurse in hospital! I should earn money to help mum.
Therefore I had to stop to study this language.
Probably I do many mistakes. But I can freely talk in English! It was always easier to me to speak English than write! Therefore I am sorry, that in my letters so it is a lot of mistakes.
Sometimes I use the translator correctly to write words! Therefore sometimes my ideas can be incorrectly expressed in words!
If you do not understand something in my letters, ask that I have explained to you!!!
Also do not become angry if I do not answer some your questions! Sometimes I cannot correctly understand your question therefore I do not answer on it!
If I have not answered your question from the first set to me still! I shall try to answer!!!!!
My sister now to study as the translator. She{it} too studies foreign languages! Now to her of only 23 years.
And you know Russian?? Speak that Russian very difficultly to learn.
So it is pleasant for me to write to you letters. It seems to me that we are familiar with you a lot of time.
Now I would like to eat. I shall write to you after a dinner.
Letter 14
Excuse that I could not write to you after work! I had many patients!
Already very much late and I want to sleep!
I wanted to wish you good night! Though at you now probably morning. I wish you successful day!
I am now very tired and I want to sleep! I peep to you this letter from a house!
Now I have gone to sleep! Bye-Bye!!!!
Letter 15
Today at us fine weather. Since morning the sun shines and sing birdies.
I have overlooked to tell to you where I was born! I was born in the city of Samara!! But then I with parents have moved to republic Mari El!!!
I live near to the river near to the River Volga!! You probably heard about this river. It is one of the biggest rivers in Europe!!
In the summer I many times bathed in this river! You like to float??
I like to float!
In my settlement there are many parks!!
Near to my house there is a wood! In the summer I with the sister go to a wood and I collect mushrooms and berries!!
You were in a wood?? You collected mushrooms???
Sometimes after work I walk with the girlfriend on park! bye-bye!!
Letter 16
I just ate and again I write to you!
I hope, that at you all OK!
By the way, dear, what foodstuffs is liked for you?
That you prefer:
Sweets, meat, a fish? Inform me it. I am able not bad To consult on kitchen, my mum cared of it many years back.
You can be convinced of it, in due time I easily do various Salads, soups, and also game and a fish. In the greater degree I prefer Fish, and also very much to like me fruit: kivi, bananas, pineapples and Melon. Today houses I shall prepare for the Chinese hen and vegetable Salad. Probably you love the tasty foodstuffs? At us There is a proverb; " the way to heart of the man -
passes through his stomach! " I was many times convinced of it when observed of my father.
Therefore?????, I shall reach to your heart with the help of mine
Culinary abilities. It is a joke!!!
I wait for your messages!
Yours Evgeniya.
Letter 17
Nearly has not overlooked to tell that at my place there is a computer.
I use a computer of a house and on work.
I heard that there are programs allowing to communicate in a chat!
Yesterday I have caused the master that he has adjusted to me programs for chat!
I wanted to communicate to you in chat!
But expert on computers of me has afflicted!
He has told that at me very old computer, therefore any programs are not established!
Expert advised to me throw out my computer! But I want to continue our correspondence!
It is very pity, but while we can correspond only on e-mail!
Letter 18
Good morning Michael !!!
As I also promised you I write to you the letter before work!! I have had breakfast and now I gather for work!!
Tell to me as you have carried out the day! How you will spend the free time??
Letter 19
I want to tell to you about the hobbies!
In our country all people listen to foreign music,
Have you ever heard a song of Beatles-yesterday? It is a beautiful song and Ilike it very much, may be you heard song
Righteous brothers-Unchained melody, it is a very beautiful song!
I also like to go to the cinema, of course in our country there are many foreign films!
Most of all I like films about love but I also like to look adventures!
Did You watch film Titanic, it is a very beautiful film about love!
If you have not looked this film, I advice you to watch it!
And I liked film " Harry Potter ", it is interesting film!
Still I many time looked film "Titanic"!! I very much like this film!!
When I look this film I always I pay!! You looked these films??
I like the nature very much and I try to breathe more fresh air, I like to spend free time near the water, I like to bathe.
Letter 20
Tonight I have told about you to the mum!!!
I have told to mum that have got acquainted with you through the Internet.
My mum is afraid for me. She speaks, very dangerous to get acquainted with people from other country, especially to meet, but I have told her, that you very good person and cannot make to me angrily:))
With you I feel woman again, you my closest person.
My mum trusted me and wished me of good luck.
I think, that our acquaintance has already brought to us great pleasure.
I very much want to continue it.
Letter 21
I want to tell to you more information on my family!!
My mum a name Maria!! To her now 53 years!! She any more does not work! Earlier mum worked too as the doctor in city hospital!!!
Now she on pension!! To mine to the daddy now 55 years!! he too already on pension!! Earlier he worked in militia!!! When I was small I frequently played with him in gangsters!!
At him the black pistol was! But the daddy did not allow him to touch to me! he spoke that it very dangerously!!
I was small and did not understand!! But now I have grown and I understand as the trade of the militiaman is important!!
I already spoke you that in my city there are many criminals! I the daddy struggled with them!!
I very much am proud of the father! But when he has left on pension he started to drink *****!! We cannot stop him in any way!!
My sister now to study in institute as the translator!!! She still absolutely young!!!!
More I do not know what to tell about my family! Ask me any questions and I shall answer you!
Letter 22
HEllo my dear !!!
I am glad to read your letters! It is very pleasant for me that you answer me!!!
I remember how I wrote to you the first letter, I very much worried. And may be I spoke a lot of superfluous.
And now I think that my dreams start to come true!
I am very happy! I am very pleased, because you answered my messages, I am pleased that between us such warm and clean relations have appeared.
I am grateful to all world because the world has presented me of you.
I think that in the world all people are worthy happiness. The life gives to us an opportunity to be happy!
Only now I understand how changed my life.
Today at me the day off was!!! Today I did not work!
Today we with friends plan to have some entertainment.
Vs we probably shall sit in cafe and we shall recollect the past. It is a pity, that now there is no opportunity to invite you there because you it is far.
I think, that we with you could spend perfectly together evening. I hope, that we shall do still it in the future and we can well have fun. I am sure, what it will be good time for us?????
Bye-Bye !
Letter 23
Hi my dear! I am glad again to speak with you!
By the way, yesterday I had quite good evening with my friends.
We reached in one Cafe also there were there some hours. First we had the good supper !!
Impressions have remained good, There there was a music! Suddenly to my girlfriends came guys and have invited to slow dance!
I at once have refused! I did not want to dance with unfamiliar men!
only when I saw, as some my girlfriends danced and kissed the men - I had small envy to them. I thought of you and represented for itself, what you beside . That you too embrace me and whisper to me on an ear gentle words. And you when see around the in love pairs people, - that recollect me?
As frequently you with the friends reach in any bar or club? When you are in these places girls frequently try to get acquainted with you?
To me very much frequently men approach and try to begin acquaintance, but I at once I help them to understand, that with me these things to fail. I frequently I think above your messages and I
understand, that you it is serious concerning me. I too do not look at our dialogue as on an entertainment, and I write you some very personal words and things, as to the close person.
And I want to tell to you that I am glad, that at me is such the person - as you!
I wait for your messages and I think of you.
Mine to you gentle
Letter 24
Today I re-read ours with you the letter!!
It seems to me that I know you very much for a long time!! I read your letters and I present your voice!
Your voice seems to me very lovely!!
I ask that you have written to me correctly phone number with a code of the country!!
I want to be I shall be sure what to call on correct number!
Please write to me the phone number!
I shall call you as soon as I can or you can call me!
My phone number 5-53-29!! Only I do not know as you should collect these figures! On mine you should collect a code of Russia + a code of my settlement + a phone number!
Code of my settlement 236! But I do not know a code of Russia! If you find out a code of Russia that can call me!
You should collect a code of Russia + 236 + 5-53-29!
I do not know I can accept a bell from other country!
I never called in other countries!
Therefore I do not know you can call me whether or not! But I shall hope!
I shall look forward to hearing!!
Letter 25
I already at home! Now I eat and I shall lie to sleep!!
I simply wanted to wish you successful day!!
Do not overlook to write to me the phone number with a code of the country! I shall try to call you!! Evgeniya!!!!!
Letter 26
Hello my dear!!
I have very much become bored on you!!! I even at night badly slept!
It seemed to me that with you something has taken place! I very much worried and could not fall asleep!
Please write to me as soon as you can and tell that with you all well!!!
Otherwise I shall worry very strongly!!
Everything, that I feel, that I can do all, I can write in poem.
I have found fine poem Susan Polis Schutz.
It refers to " Love is. " Love is
being happy for the other person they are happy
being sad for the person when they are sad
being together in good times and being togetherin bad
and never pretending
Love is the sourse of reality Love is
an understanding that is so complete that
you feel as if you are a part of the other person
accepting the person just the way they are
and not trying to change them to be something else
Love is the source of utity Love is
the freedom to pursue your own desires
while sharing your experinces with the other person
the growth of the one individual alongside of
and together with the growth of another individual
Love is the sourse of success Love is
the excitement of planning things together
the excitement of doing things together
Love is the source of the future Love is
the fury of the storm
the calm in the rainbow
Love is the source of passion Love is
giving and taking in a daily situation
being patient with each other's needs and dsires
Love is the source of sharing Love is
knowing that the person
will always be with you regardless of what happens
missing the other person when they are away
but remaining near in heart at all times
Love is the source of security Love is the source of life. This poem defines-that soch of love.
And I understand, that it so. I know this poem by heart.
I also have translated it to Russian. And you can trust me, that she sound in Russia also perfectly.
You ever heard this poem??
Letter 27
I hope to you my poem has liked!
I want to tell, that it is new emotions, In my quiet heart. For me it is unusual to begin relations with the e-mail. Such situation that there is a distance between us,- draws my ideas to you. I for a long time have understood, that if is present, some difficulties to achieve the purpose, - That desire to achieve this the purposes increases. Probably it is one of those things who forces me to reflect frequently about You.
I think, that I should grasp your heart and you cannot struggle then with this female magic. What will you answer me it dear. Dear I again want to set to you some questions: That there are main values in your life: family, work, money Or something another?
What your plans for the future? Write also inform your ideas, I shall wait your messages.
Letter 28
Dear, I would like to find out, how you like to spend the free time. I very cheerful person also think out various entertainments for itself and the friends. To me to like to help them to make life interesting.
It can be different things: dances, cinema, parties or entertainments on the nature. But if to speak frankly in the last these entertainments give time I have less than pleasure. I frequently dream of romantic evening with the favourite person, it can be a supper or simply walk . I think, that in it there is a lot of charm. You the romantic person whether you think, sometimes, of such things?
You like cosy evenings with the family? I very much love holidays when all family gathers, behind one table. It is very cosy and comfortable for me. And how you like to carry out holidays dear? What for you makes a cosiness and rest? Tell to me please about it .
excuse me for a question: whether there is at you now any woman? I think, that you are good, as the man and To like many women. Because at me good taste, and you to like me. What your private life now, Please tell about it. Probably you have to me any frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me more in detail about the feelings and desires, to me to like to read, when you tell about yourself, I am ready To listen about it. I wait for your messages. My embraces. Yours Evgeniya !!
Letter 29
I recently have come from work!!
I very strongly get tired!! Now there comes spring and many children start to fall ill!!
Therefore to me on reception there are many people with children!!
My working day comes to an end at 17 o'clock! But sometimes I remain to be in time till 18 o'clock all to survey!
I cannot go home yet I shall not finish the work! I such person!!
Now I shall lie to sleep!!
I wish you successful day!!!
Letter 30
Hello my !!!
I am very glad that i talk to you! I feel very happy.
I want receive the answer from you.
It is very strange for me! I never saw you, but I feel that I cannot live without your letters.
It seems to me that my life only begins. Now I have you! I am ready to give you pleasure and love every day, all day!
Never before I am not feel such bright and joyful feeling!
Today at me very good mood!!
Now I should run for work!!!!
I shall write later!!!!!
Letter 31
I remember how I wrote to you the first letter, I very much worried. And may be I spoke a lot of superfluous.
And now I think that my dreams start to come true!
I am very happy! I am very pleased, because you answered my messages, I am pleased that between us such warm and clean relations have appeared.
I am grateful to all world because the world has presented me of you.
I think that in the world all people are worthy happiness. The life gives to us an opportunity to be happy!
Only now I understand how changed my life.
Letter 32
I want to share with you the dreams! On business I feel very lonely!
I have mum, the daddy, the sister!! But me so it is lonely on soul!
but even if I read the book or I watch TV, I understand that I simply deceive myself and the favourite person is necessary for me.
The person with which I can have a good evenings, meet a new day and see off old day, speak about the future and recollect the past.
I want to go and feel, that the strong hand of the man supports me.
I understanding that was impossible live without love, necessary to live and be pleased lives, but the love is necessary for this purpose!
You can understand that the life is really very beautiful when you love!
Well, enough about it.
May be you tell, that I live in dreams, but I know that miracles come true, it is necessary trust
in it and consequently I know, I believe that all my dream will come true.
We live in a real life so we cannot spend all time in dreams. For that to be happy, we should work.
I think that all in our hands!!!
One Russian poet Sergey Yesenin has told: "we are was born that a fairy tale to make the truth!"
May be you heard .about Russian poets?
These are great people and their products be very valuable, probably I shall read verses to you sometime if you certainly would love it.
When the dream becomes obsession, it can bring only a pain and disappointment.
I think that not all people can dream, it is possible they do not think about it.
The dream should be an asterisk in night as a beacon at ocean of a life, the dream should conduct you to a victory!
I think that impossible to live without dreams and hopes. When there is a dream, the life is filled with sense.
Belief and Hope - eternal satellites of our lives.
And irrespective of the fact, that victories and overcome tops waits for you in the end, we remember about better moments. We forgot disappointment and a pain of defeats.
You agree with me? I am surprised, that I write so a lot for you.
I never had the person with whom I could divide my dreams.
But now I have found you, and I am very pleased.
Forgive me my frankness.
Letter 33
Hi my love.... my !!!!!
I am glad, that we have met in this huge world. In that world of the Internet. I so am strongly glad, that I have written to you, because only you such good person that has met to me. I when did not meet such person, as you!!!! And you at once have strongly liked me. I am very glad, that in the world still there are such kind and sensitive people, as you because our world such malicious, are ***** full of a deceit and lie. I so am strongly glad, that started dialogue with you. Only you like me. And I think, that it is destiny that have met two free persons looking for the love. And let between us long distance, and let between us of the sea, oceans and if feelings are mutual for achievement of happiness are not terrible neither what distances, nor what barrier. And let we with you from the different countries, let we of different belief, let we each other when did not see. But feeling, that I test, is very pure, beautiful and very strong. My love to you it is similar to a huge wave which covers the person from legs up to a head which picks up you and bears on wings of pleasure in the world where there is no grief and is not present long in the world of love and harmony. My dear mine I wait for your answer, I hope, that you will answer me with reciprocity.
Yours Evgeniya!!!!
Letter 34
Good morning my love !!!
How are your dream was???
If I could Evening , I would bring to you coffee or tea in a bed.
I could awake you every day kind and tender words, I would like to give you tenderness before you go for a work!
I am sure that if we started each other every day, that this day bring to us only pleasure and happiness!
For this reason I have come to speak: you good morning, my love!
I wish you successful day and good mood!
I would want that this letter has brought to you pleasure and you could lead this day successfully for yourself!
Also I want that you knew: I always think of you and I am ready to give you pleasant every minutes in our life!
May be, I am very much frequently write to you?
I think that two persons who a have such warm feelings should be together! And consequently I try to write to you each free minute!
I only want that you have understood as you are expensive for me, I first time feel very big feeling of love in my heart!
But nevertheless I do not want to impose to you myself and now I only hope that this letter will bring a smile on your face!:))))))
ALL that I can make, it is to support you in any situation!
I think that we should meet and I am sure that I searched for you all life!
If you want our meeting as I, that I can learn all concerning my arrival to you!
Therefore you should write me you thinks about it?
I wish you pleasant day! Now I am sure in the feelings on 100 !!!!!
I I hope has not frightened you the frank letter! But I speak only that I feel!!
Your Evgeniya !!!!!! PS I send you a photo with a computer! When I houses I write to you letters from this computer!
Letter 35
Hello my love !!!
I am glad to read your letters!!!!
I think, that our acquaintance has already brought to us great pleasure.
I very much want to continue it.
What your family and friends think about our acquaintance?
I hope they not against. I always was kind and naive, it was my lack and my value. Lack because I was easy for deceiving and someone used it. And value because I looked what I am malicious people and understood that only kindness and love can rescue the world.
When I was small, it was very a pity to me of all homeless animals and frequently I brought them home. I wanted to feed them and to warm. But my mum did not leave animals of a house because at us the cat and mum always was could not leave all animals.
I think that each essence on a planet deserves love and happiness. Therefore I always shall be kind and tender and I as I would want that concerned to me with understanding.
It seems to me that on this planet the love and understanding is necessary for all people!
I shall wait for your letter. I very miss you.
Time lasts very for a long time when I do not receive your letter.
I want read your letter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With love yours Evgeniya!!!! PS. It I and my sister!!!!!
Letter 36
Hi my love !!!!
you're so tender and careful, I'm thinking of you too much. I can't love you! no... I can't... in several letters...
but why I need you so much?! I want to meet you so much! To be with you, to walk at night watching stars, hand in hand... I want you to put your hand on my ****** and feel how my heart is beating when I'm dreaming of you...
I want to feel your soul, to feel you near me, to look at your eyes and see the stars of your heart, to feel your breath and just to be happy because you are with me...
Your Evgeniya !!!!
Letter 37
There are lot of people who told me that it's impossible to find soulmate over the internet. But I do not believe them, I believe in my feelings. I feel that you're can be the one I'm searching for. My words are not just an empty politeness, I'm really interested in future.
I know we're both searching for serious relations!
My feelings sincere! I have really had time to fall in love with you for such short term!!
I rectilinear the person! I do not want to hide the feelings!
I speak that I love you!!!!
Believe that me very difficultly to make a declaration of love to the first! Usually the first step is done by men!
But I cannot keep in myself this feeling! I want to shout about my love to you!!
Letter 38
My love !You make me so happy just writing me! I can't imagine how happy I'll be if we're together... I think I'll be the happiest woman in the world! I can't wait the moment when I meet you, embrace you tenderly, look into your eyes and see there the deepness of your heart.
I wanna be with you, my heart! See your face, feel your kiss and be in your arms... I love you so much, I want you, my brave knight. I wanna be your princess and love you forever!
Letter 39
Hello my love!!
I very much missed on you all this time! I could not fall asleep at all! I all time thought of us with you!
I do not know that with me happened but your letters have changed all my life. I am afraid to write to you about it big words!
I ask understand me correctly I is very glad to your letter. It is big pleasure for me to read your letters.
And each time when I read your letters I overlook about all and I want to give the attention only to you.
I simply very much want to believe that you concern to me as well as I to you.
Now at us good and warm weather. There comes spring! I very much would like to spend with you evening and to not leave all the night long.
I very much would like to walk with you under stars and only yellow month would shine to us a way.
Only I ask you try to close eyes and to imagine as we sit in any cafe on seacoast and in ours a glass red wine.
And only the fresh wind blows on us from the sea. And we one in all it is white light.
I am ready to dream of it all the night long and even more.
I ask answer me a question you you do not want it? I very seriously concern to that that I have written to you.
Certainly probably I am mistaken?
I do not want to be mistaken I simply I want to be happy and I am ready to this I simply I do not know as you will consider this I ask say to me that you share my dreams.
It is very important for me I simply fair girl and I speak you only the truth.
I very strongly believe in sincere love and in happiness and consequently I do not want to be mistaken in you.
I shall write to you other letter in the evening after job!!
Yours Evgeniya!!
Letter 40
Hello my love !!!
I want to tell to you a ridiculous history which have taken place today with me!
After job I went home! I have gone on a stop! In my head there were different ideas!
I thought of us with you! I sat in the bus and have reflected!
I never around noticed! It was seemed to me that anybody around not!
The conductor has approached to me! I should pay for a fare! But I have not noticed the conductor because thought of you! I have got in not a dexterous situation because The conductor began to raise a voice!! The conductor began to shout that I have paid for a fare!! Only during that moment I have understood that I should pay money! To me began so awkwardly! All people have started to look at me!
I was confused a little and sat on a seat!
Such ridiculous history today has taken place with me!
All my ideas only about you! I cannot concentrate at job!
The true love seems to me what is it!! I have lost a head from love to you!
I like you! Yours Evgeniya!!!
Letter 41
Hello my love!!!
I have woken up and at once have decided to read your letter!!!
Today I dreamt!
It seemed to me that I am in your house! I do not know as there appeared!
You showed me the house! You held me for a hand and we with you went on your house! You showed me rooms!
And here we have reached a children's room! And suddenly I have noticed that at me the stomach has appeared!
I have touched myself for a stomach! I very much was surprised! I was the pregnant woman!! At me already big stomach was!
You imagine what dream to me have dreamed? After that I at once have woken up! All was so similar on a reality!
When I have woken up I felt heat of your hands on my palms!! At me even tears have appeared on eyes!!
I do not know that means this dream!!
How you think??
Now I should go for work!
I shall write to you from work!
I love you! With love yours Evgeniya!!!
Letter 42
I now on work!
I very much missed on you all this time and not
Found to itself places. Live without you in this world I cannot.
Your letters to me bring a drink of precious air,
But if them does not begin, I to choke!
Please write to me!!
Letter 43
Today I have left work earlier more to write to you!
At us remarkable weather!
The snow thaws and the spring sun shines!
The truth it is very wet in the street, at me all legs have got wet while I have reached a house! To me it is bad without you!
I think of you every minute!
I think that soon we shall together and on soul it becomes VERY FINE!!!
You we shall present me a lot of pleasure of heat and love!!!!
I do not present the life without YOU!!!!
You have made me very happy.
I excited for YOU my FAVOURITE PRINCE!!!!!!!
I very much miss on you and to each minute, I think of you!
I dream of that day when we shall be together!
It will be the happiest day in my life!
Now I shall go home to me, it is necessary to stay idle!
Letter 44
Tonight I talked to parents about ours with you of the relation!!
Mum has asked as us with you relations! Even my father has become interested that between us occurs!
I have told that I love you!! I have told that I want to be with you!
I have told that my life is not meaningful without you!!!!
I have told all that knew about you to the parents! I have told that you very kind and never will hurt me!
My mum has told that we should meet you!! I too thought that to us is necessary to meet!
But I was afraid that mum will not support me!
Now my mum agrees that we have met you!
Now I shall try find out the information on that as I can go to you!
Now all already sleep! I wanted to tell to you that my mum agrees that we were together! Mine the daddy too not against!!
Therefore now I find out the information as I can arrive to you!
I hope you there is nothing I shall come to you?? Or you want to arrive to me?
But I the daddy has told what very dangerously to come to Russia to foreigners!
There were cases when people were abducted and demanded the repayment!
Therefore I do not want that you to me have arrived! I do not want that with you something happened!
You are very dear to me! I cannot live without you!
I shall try to learn the information concerning trip!
I shall write to you tomorrow!!!
Letter 45
hello my love !!
I only have woken up and have decided to write to you the letter! Now I shall go in souls!!
Then for work! Today after work I shall go to agency of travel!
I shall try find out all necessary information on trip to your country!
I very much want to be near to you! With impatience I wait for our meeting!
I shall write to you from work!
Bye-bye my love!!!
Yours Evgeniya!!!!
Letter 46
On work I today talked to the director!
I have told to director that probably I shall soon cease to work!! Director has asked why I want to leave from work!
I have told that I want to meet you!!
There is my director did not know that I correspond with you!
I have told to director ours with you a history! My director the woman!
She has listened to me and has wished us with you of good luck!
There is her daughter too lives abroad with the man!
They also have got acquainted through the Internet!
She has gone to him and they have got married! I did not know it earlier!
I precisely do not know in what city they live!
Director spoke, but I have not remembered! Very difficult name of city!
She to me has told that her daughter collected many documents to receive the visa!
She to me has advised to address in agency of the visa! She has written to me the address!
Today after work I shall go to agency of the visa and I find out all necessary information!
I very much love you!!!
I shall write to you in the evening!
Letter 47
hello my love! I already at home! I went today to agency of the visa!
I have found out all necessary information!
Appeared that I need to collect many documents to receive the visa!
I need to receive the foreign passport, the insurance, the visa and other documents!
I have written down to myself on a paper what to me documents are necessary!
Tomorrow I shall start to collect necessary documents!
I even should show the reference!
To me have advised to go to you under the visa of the tourist! This visa will be valid 90 days!!!
I can be near to you of the whole 90 days! It to us will suffice to make the decision!
If you will want we can even get married with you! It is wonderful!
I so am happy that I can to go to you!!
Today to me have told that I began to collect documents for the visa!
As soon as I shall collect all documents I should go to agency of the visa!
There at me will check up all documents and will start to do the visa!
To me have told that I should go to them tomorrow with the passport!
I with impatience wait tomorrow's day!
I so worry!!! I never thought that I can go on other end of the ground to meet the person!
I love you! Now I want to sleep! I shall write to you tomorrow!
Good night!!!! Evgeniya!!
Letter 48
I have overlooked to you will tell that the visa to be done about 2 weeks!!
If all will be good that in 2 weeks I can arrive to you!!!!!
I am happy! And you are happy for us??????
Write to me the ideas!
Letter 49
Hi my love ! I am glad to your message and thanks, that you understand me. You are, one of those few people in which I I can find understanding. How has passed your day dear? I hope, that
At you all OK! I have some news to you. Today I
Had telephone conversation with agency of travel. They have told, that
To receive the visa of the tourist in your country difficultly, but they, probably can
To help me in it. The agent did not begin to discuss a detail by phone
And we have appointmented tonight. Tonight I shall meet them and
To discuss a question with the visa. I hope, lovedthat all will be - OK.
I have some excitement concerning all it, but also I have
Firm intention to meet you dear! Therefore any difficulties and
Charges of money, will not stop me. Write to me, yours
Messages, dear, give me many forces and energy. My gentle kisses.
Yours Evgeniya!
Letter 50
Hi my lovely! I am glad to speak again with you! dear, at me
There are good news to you. Today I have met the agent
Travel find out concerning the visa. he has explained to me
Situation about reception of the visa to you. Your government has made more
The strict control over entrance to the country because of terrorism, and consequently
To receive to you the visa uneasy. But the agency will do it for me.
The agent has told, that they recently already received some visas of tourists in
Your country. I am very glad , that at us will not be with it big
Difficulties. I all over again had fears, that the agency cannot it
To do or for this purpose very long time will be required. But the agent
Has told, that the visa will demand from them two or three weeks. Tomorrow
I will need to reach in office of agency, to sign there the contract and
Also we shall solve the problem on payment of them.
Now it is time to me to go lovely,
To do photos for the visa and to fill in questionnaires for embassy.
The agent has told, it should be is prepared tomorrow when I shall come to
Him in office. I very pleased , that now our preparations
Have begun and through small time we shall be together! Write to me lovely the
Ideas, I wait for your messages. A kiss of you!!!
Yours Evgeniya!!
Letter 51
my love! I now am going to go to bed!
I simply wanted to tell to you good night! I with impatience wait for our meeting!!
Now I shall sleep!
Bye my love!!
Letter 52
Dear Having your love, has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Everyday, when I awake from a dream of us together, I thank God I found you! What have I ever done to deserve such a loving, caring, wonderful man? Everything about you is just so perfect. I know you are not without imperfections, but in my eyes, everything you do just seems so flawless. The way you express your love to me is so awesome!! I feel so loved! I need only to think of you to have all my troubles melt away. I want to spend my whole life with you, loving you and receiving your love in return. I long to hold you and feel your sweet caress. The miles that lie between us will soon disappear, and we will have each other always. I don't care what others say about you and me. All I know is that I love you, and that will never change. Thank you for loving me the way you do. I couldn't ask for more in a man! Unconditionally Yours, Your Evgeniya.
Letter 53
Hello my love !!
I only have woken up and at once have decided to write to you the letter!
Now I should go to agency! I simply wanted to write to you that I always think of you!
Dear, I have a plenty of ideas, how we can spend together our time.
Also I shall prepare for you for some surprises and I think, that you will be pleased it. I shall be
To inform you on some ideas in the following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands not soon you can get out of my embraces. I now shall not write about those things by which I shall do with you, but you will remember for a long time it! Now I finish the letter! I write after I shall come back from agency!
I love you!!!!
With love yours Evgeniya!!
Letter 54
my love!!! I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience wait, when I can tell to you HELLO MY LOVE - personally.
My day was very intense and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. According to the contract, the agency will prepare me for all documents for travel.
My agent needs some information on you!
Inform me dear, the post address both the true name and a surname!
Today I paid in him the first part of money for the visa and other documents to travel.
It was in some times more, than I thought. I did not plan that is necessary so many money to receive all documents and to go to you!
It appears on all documents to me it is necessary approximately 400 $.
Cost of the passport, the medical insurance and other documents here enters!
The passport for travel abroad costs 150 $, the medical insurance 97 $, the visa 110 $, photos on the passport and the visa 50 $!
dear, to me your help for payment of other part of cost of travel will be required.
Today I have paid 100 $! I now had very few money, I also took some money from my parents and friends.
Other sum I should pay under the contract before taking away the visa.
My visa will be ready approximately in 1,5-2 weeks!
It means that in 1,5-2 weeks we with you shall meet!
In 1,5-2 weeks I should pay the rest of money! Me does not suffice 350-400 $!
Whether please inform me you can send me 350-400 $?? Unfortunately I any more do not know where to find money!
I informed you all news about promotion of our meeting and now I go to have a rest!
I was upset because of such sum! I very much hope that you can help me!
I any more do not know at whom to ask the help!
I am very tired today. I hope, that I can soon embrace you! I wait for your messages my lovedMy kisses and embraces!
Letter 55
my love!!
I have a little had a rest and have decided to check up the mail!
Unfortunately I have not received from you the letter!
I was upset a little! I hope that I have not frightened you the letter!
Your help is really necessary for me that we have met!
I very strongly love you! I do not want to live without you!
I hope that you will answer me fairly my letter! I shall look forward to hearing!
With LOVE YOURS Evgeniya!!
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