Scam letter(s) from Ksenia to Dinand (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Sweet Ferdinand!
I do not want to lose neither to do to waste time to nobody. I will be always sincere and honest, but it does not make sense knowing oneself by means of letters, because if no be honest, the day that we know ourselves ( if he arrives that day and both are interested ) we would have in front our a person that does not love one another with what we waited for and our relation would fail, I wait for the same thing of you.
You know, i think it would be wonderful to meet you in Ukraine soon ...and I am sure we will find the places to be together and enjoy each other's company.... but i want to suggest you to think about another meeting before coming here. Honey, i think that we have to meet as soon as possible within this month because our first meeting will show us the attitude to each other. We have to meet fist , see each other, spend some days together, speak about everything, and decided what to do the next.... I know that it is not time to marry but i don't ask you to do it right now. i want only to meet you, to see your face, to touch you and be sure that you are real for me..... I would love to be your water when it comes out the shower, and look into your beautiful eyes and I wonder will that day will come that I can meet you with my own eyes, that will be very nice. So i was thinking a lot about it and I have an idea. What if i will come to you? Just i saw my friend she had just returned from abroad.
She was meeting there with the man she loves and she was there for several weeks. Now she is waiting for his coming in Ukraine. They know each other about three months, she found him in the Internet and also suggested me to search my love here. So it is the reason of my finding you.. .and you know, I don't want to lose you....i think i have found what i was looking for... I am sure about it....
Now it is cold here and I think that it is better for both us to meet in your country. I will have some ideas about your life, your attitude to everything around you. i will see you and i think also you will know more about me in unknown for me place. Don't you think so??? I am sure it will be nice to come to you and spend some days with you ....Honey, think about it and let me know...
it is just one of my ideas.... If we want to be happy we need to find the best way for both of us to meet....
to hug you, will be fantastic , to look ur eyes deep , will be great , to touch you , will be sensitive , to kiss you , will be fly on sky.....
in night we go to anywhere
Miss you and thinking of you more passionately then ever,
Forever your Ksena
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