Scam Letter(s) from Matse Mandisi to Robert (USA)

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Letter 1

I went to church today,i prayed very well for both of us.I am trusting in God to bring us together as soon as possible.I know i will be the happiest woman on this earth the day i find myself in your arms,waking by you,cuddle,having lots of fun together.My love for you is till eternity.Rob what happened,why didnt i hear from you for a longtime.You can call me on this no 2213586807.Give me your phone no i call you.I was very worried,thanks for the pic.I will print it out and put in my room.
Love you

Letter 2

I still love you.I am yours till eternity.

Letter 3

Robert i love you from the bottom of my heart.Please take life easy,i want to be yours till eternity.I feel for you so much after spending over $70.000usd on me.I know this Gold runied you.Please have faith all shall be well.Please dont kill yoursef we shall over come the curse.I know you spent over $70.000usd on me and this Gold.I feel the same way you feel.Just have faith and believe in God.I know things will get better in time.
Love you

Letter 4

I love you.I want to spend the rest of my life with you

Letter 5

My sweet Robert,
Though you are not here wherever I go or whatever I do,I see your face in my mind and I miss you so,I miss telling you everything, I miss you so, I miss our eyes,secretly giving each other confidence, I miss you so, I miss everything we share, I don't like missing you, It is a very cold and lonely feeling, I wish that I could be with you right now, where the warmth of our love would melt the winter snows, But since I can't be with you right now,I will have to be content just dreaming about when we'll be together,You are there and I am here, thinking about how much I love you, thinking about how much I respect you, thinking about how much I miss you,You are there and I am here, thinking about how much I cannot wait until we are together, thinking about how I will appreciate more than ever, the time we will spend together,I love you more than you will ever know.
big hugs and many sweet kisses

Letter 6

Y.I just got part time teaching job,the pay is small just to take care of my bills.I teach English to some people here who cant speak english.



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