Romance scam letter(s) from Elena Mardanova to Holger (Germany)
Letter 1
Hi Holger! Have good day! I am glad to see your letter in my mailbox. I hope, that You have time to send me some messages that we could it is better to find out each other. I shall tell a little about myself: my age of 26 years old , My friends name me Leyla to me so it is pleasant more name than me so. I was not married and I live in an apartment of my parents. Some years, after the ending of training I work as the younger children's classes. To me to like productive leisure, periodically go in for sports for maintenance of a body. I like to travel and be in different places, but my work does not allow me to do it frequently. I have many friends, we sometimes together spend time, play billiards and tennis, we have other entertainment. I send you the picture that you knew my person. Also I want to ask you to send me some pictures of you. Please ask things interesting you about me and inform me some The information on you: what you love an entertainment? What your character? What You love qualities in women? Whether You had the wife? I shall answer on your questions and to inform you it is more about itself in following e-mail! I shall be to wait for your messages. Your friend Leyla.
Letter 2
Hi my dear friend! How are you? i hope you have a good day. I live in that way which to me more pleasant, therefore I have an opportunity to make it. I offer you two variants... I shall arrive to you to have an entertainment together and you will pay instead of me. Then we can have excellent rest. If you such variant will arrange that write to me... Here my photos... Kisses for you. Your dear Elena
Letter 3
What your intentions? THAT you want from me... I am ready to go with you anywhere only to you it is necessary to pay all my travel. I hope for your understanding... I wait your reply... kisses for you. Your dear Elena
Letter 4

Hi my dear Holger! I am glad to receive your letter... Unfortunately I could not write earlier, because I was so busy. How is you day Holger! I am glad to hear that expects us excellent rest in Greece, by the way I never was in this country... I dream to visit there for a long time. I am assured that in July this rest will seem to you great dreams in which all your sexual desires will be embodied in idyll of amazing pleasure and full physical and moral satisfaction. I know as to tempt you, but I shall not tell to you about it now because it will be a small surprise for you. Holger, I completely approve your plan therefore I suggest you to meet directly in Greece... We can define Date of a meeting when to you it will be convenient... I hope it does not confuse you? If you agree that let's adhere this plan. Holger, I wait for your answer then I shall go to legalize necessary papers for a trip... I send you a copy of my passport for my confirmation truth existence. In general, you send your answer about that that you approve my choice. After that I go to agency and to prepare for documents... I can make It at own expense without problems. But I wish to warn you that the ticket to Greece is necessary for ordering in advance and your help in payment of cost of the ticket is required to me. IT will be Super Rest!!! I promise and I swear! I wish your of good luck and I wait your answer with impatience. Kisses for you...
Letter 5
Hi Holger! I am glad to receive your answer so quickly. I represent our rest in Greece where the circle is one beauty... I like your offer, I not against to meet in Malev Hungarian. Hogel, I know to me the visa to visit Greece is not necessary, but it is necessary for me to prepare some fine things for my trip... Therefore it will not borrowso a lot of time... BUT to arrive in Budapest and then to Greece to me it is necessary to buy the ticket. You know about it. My agent to prepare for it without problems and is fast, your consent only is necessary for me, therefore I ask you to give me the answer... Also what to do with tickets? Probably my agent will prepare for it? You will not object? I hope you will not confuse that fact that you should pay my trip? I wait your answer. Take care. Your dear Elena
Letter 6
HI Holger! How are you? I send you my video! I hope that it's pleasent for you...
Letter 7
hi my dear Holger! I am glad to see you letter again and to learmn some news. To me it will be very a pity that you to be absent without me during some weeks, but I hope this time will pass very quickly and soon we shall have magnificent romantic rest of sex and dream. It's great and super! I hope that you fine... Ok, Holger, i finish my letter and i wait your reply when you can do it. I kiss you! Your Elena.
Letter 8
Hi my dear Holger! I am glad to see your letter again. It's so happy for me to hear that you have a nice rest. I hope we shall have not less amusing and excellent rest soon, whether not so? Holger, I think together with me you never will forget this rest. I shall make this holiday surprising and super!!! I am assured to you to like my sexual dreams which I I wish to carry out together with you... Holger, I wait your reply very soon. Take care. Your Leyla. P.S. Dear, for our rest but we just halfway time already suits to it.
It is necessary for us to do decisive steps already. Let's go!
Letter 9
hi my dear! I am glad to see your letter very fast. Holger, I wish to inform you that the most nearest airport from me is Sheremetievo in Moscow. Dear, that concerning sexual relations I am absolutely ready to it. I am glad to be given the man which is ready to be given to the sea orgazm and magic satisfaction. Holger, I wait for your answer soon. Please, hurry because we still had not enough time! Kisses. take care. Your darling Elena.
Letter 10
Hi Holger! How are you? I am glad you prove to me that you have serious intentions to lead our romantic and sexual rest together. It calms me and does more excited. Dear, I have read through your letter. And referring to yours the plan, I have allowed precise installation to my girlfriend to book a ticket to Budapest on June, 23rd... She has told to me that I can not worry, as she will reserve without effort. Only it is necessary for me to pay cost of the ticket urgently. The earlier I shall make it the better for both of us, Holger. she has informed me that cost of the ticket is 349 $... I shall pay over Road to Moscow independently... Dear, I hope it will not confuse you if I shall buy the ticket to Budapest here. Simply I wish to please my mum and to deprive with various experiences. she is glad for me, for that that I to meal with you to have wonderful rest... But she always worries on trifles... Don't worry!!! Holger, I plan to surprise you and I shall make all that you to not be disappointed in me, therefore I wish to buy super sexual underwear and an erotic bathing suit. Cost of these things is 287 $. As a result it is necessary for me only 636 $... From this money I shall leave Something to my mum on residing... Dear, probably it will seem for you expensive, but I hope it will not make you disappointed and you can help me without effort. Holger, I only wish to transform our rest into a fairy tale and an excellent holiday... I with pleasure wait your answer very soon. kisses for you my sexual the giant! Your dear Elena.

Letter 11
Hi my dear! i am glad to see your letter... I could not write to you earlier because my computer was it is broken but now it is ok. I am glad to hear good news about your opportunity to help me. it's pleasent for me and my mum. My mother tell you thank very much. Now I shall be quiet for her. Holger, I have already looked a fashionable bathing suit and some an erotic dress and other things. I you should tell to you that in full delight when you will see me in it. I promise you. Dear, I shall look sexual and is dazzling. I will be assured that it is superfluous occasion to excite you more. Holger, please do not worry about it. I represent and I look forward this moment... I am ready to be given you because I am full of confidence. You are skilled the man, therefore I want that you to have in all poses... I love sex but only the certain people to whom I trust the body can have an opportunity to be engaged in sex with me. Holger, you are one of them... Therefore I wish to have magnificent and erotic rest together with you and completely to relax, having a rest on seacoast under the sun. I wish to do it exposed... And I want that you will be with me... And I am glad that we find the general connection and we make all efforts for our sexual rest. Holger, it's a pity but i have not a bank account because I never use it. I receive my salary cash. By the way my girlfriend has told to me what to create account in our banks will borrow a lot of time... and transfer of money resources passes very long, therefore there is a probability to be late... Therefore, Holger, I suggest to take advantage of systems of remittance Money Gram or Western Union. Remittance is a reliable and fast way. To that Western Union is close from my house. I hope it does not frighten and does not confuse you, Holger? Why to not use it? It seems to Me it is not hard... Holger, I want that you did not play for time, because my agent asks me to learn when approximately I can pay cost of tickets. Holger, I want that you meant that I wish to lead with you excellent rest. Owing to this think of my days pass quickly and easily. I want that you have been assured of me but now all depends on you. Holger, i wait your reply very soon. Take care. Your very sexual Elena.
Letter 12
Hi my dear! How are you? I hope you have a nice day. I am glad to see your letter so fast. It's pleasent for me to learn that you really has serious intentions and you confirm it your with actions. Holger, I in delight from your idea to use a bicycle and to visit some beautiful and wonderful places of island. It sounds so excitingly and attractively, that I cannot wait this the moment. Dear, I am glad we shall hear that we to have sex again and again. Holger, from your sanction I would like to tell to you one picture which I represent. I and you we are carried on bicycles in places of surprising beauty of the nature. Under the bright sun to us hot and we try to find a shadow. We manage to make it. We find a shadow under a lonely tree. It is it is cool there. To us it is good with you. You show the initiative and suggest to lay down. I agree with pleasure... Holger, you start to kiss my neck and ears. It starts to excite me. Then you kiss my lips... Your mouth falls below and below... Here you already caress my breast... You feel as mine of dummies to become firm... Your mouth reaches mine a vagina... You feel how my body shivers, but you do not stop to do it... You kiss my vagina... Slowly and gently you caress your language my crack. I start to groan... I get a hand to you into trousers. I feel as your cock to become firm and strong... I mass it. I play with eggs. I start to suck your cock slowly... I hear as you start to growl and groan. I understand that it is pleasant to you. You ask me to not stop and continue... Then I shall take on you from above and I start to skip as on a horse... You shout... I do it quickly and quickly... It proceeds about 30 minutes... We do it in different poses: like a dog... Laying on one side... I lay on a back and you from above... Eventually both of us we test orgazm... Your cock starts to throw up as a crater of a volcano... Drops of sperm get on my face, but I do not pay attention because I try to catch my mouth all sperm!!! Holger, this beginning just... I will not to speak about it all... I only wish to inform you, that I have huge plans for us... That that waits for you ahead it is a surprise!!! I promise, you never will forget this rest... Holger, now I wish to inform you, that I have learned that my information to translate through Western Union is required to you. Here my information: Russia, city Kazan, Zip code is 420043, Chehova street 25, First name is Elena, Surname is Bragina. Holger to me have informed that it enough to translate... After you sent it me to you are necessary to send me MTCN (ask about it there) and your full information. And now i finish my letter and i wait your reply soon... Holger, have a wonderfull day. Take care. Your dear Elena.
Letter 13
Hi my Holger. I am glad to read your letter again. I am happy to hear from you about our sexual rest. I am also glad to hear your discussions and reasonings about our rest and like an opportunity of the further relations. And it becomes seems to me that this rest for us the decision of all our questions. During rest we can learn each other better and to define our the future... I consider that one meeting and this close and close contact will be is better than 1000 words. But, Holger, I am no time I do not conceive the future plans because often there is that fact, that it does not come true... Therefore let's while adhere to our plan rather sexual and erotic rest and to prepare for it where we shall have 100 % relax. Holger, I wish to warn you that this weekend I shall lead together with my parents behind city... Therefore this weekend I cannot write to you and I ask you to not lose me... I shall write to you to revival or on Monday. I hope on yours understanding care and respect. Have a nice weekend!!!
Take care. Your dear Elena.
Letter 14
Hi Holger! How are you? Dear, I am sorry but I could not write you early because I have a problem ??????????? with Ithernet. Now I write you from ithernet-cafe. Holger, last weekend I has lead wonderful rest together with my family and relatives. We had a rest perfectly … Mine friends are interested about my future rest with you, Holger. My girlfriends envy me and wish me from the bottom of the heart wonderful and romantic prodriving. Dear, together with mine girlfriends it is often dreamt and represented each thing and each moment of mine sexual rest with you. We together look after ??????? erotic things, sexual shorts and stockings, beautiful dresses and sexual skirts from which you will be in delight. It will raise you more each time … I has thought over all up to trifles, therefore you will not be disappointed in me. All rest I do not wish to tell to you, because it will be a surprise. Holger, please as you spend your day? It is interesting to me to learn about it. Dear, my lunch break comes to an end also to me it is necessary to go for work. I wait your letter very soon. Have a good day, Holger! Kisses.
Take care.
Your dear Elena.
Letter 15
Hi Holger! How are you? Why are you stop to write me? What happen? I did not see your letter some days. Dear, really you ???????? your decision. You still have serious intentions to have ours wild sexual rest where we completely can have a good time and surprisingly spend time … Please write me. I do not know that has confused you. But if you have made a decision to have rest not with me please informe me about it. Have a wonderful day! Take care. Your Elena.
Letter 16
Hi Holger! How are you? I did not see your letter 9 days. What happens? I feel upset as you have left me. I already was almost going to have ours sexual rest but you have deceived me... Holger why you have made it? What has affected you? What you has confused? Holger, please make a favour and answer me. I was with you completely frankly and is open... It is a pity, that we cannot carry out our dreams in a reality. TAke care. Your dear Elena. P.S. Holger, please not looking on what reply me very soon because i worry.
Letter 17
Hi dear Holger! I am glad to hear good news from you. I am happy because time of ours wonderful rest comes nearer also I am glad that our words prove to be true actions. I very much worry, because I shall have sexual rest with you for the first time in a life. I have many ideas and representations about it... But I sure of myself and in the desires, therefore I want that you had no doubts about me. Holger, I should inform, that I never was engaged anal in sex... But it is interesting to me to try and learn about it more. Probably it will bring more emotions and impressions, I shall be glad that I to have the skilled partner in which I can trust... Oh, it will be unforgettable rest!!! Dear when you will send money, please informe me about it immediately. I wait your letter... Have a nice day! Take care. Your Elena.
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