Romance scam letter(s) from Julia Budakova to Sander (Netherlands)
Letter 1
Hi my Sweet. How you today? I am glad, that you have found time to write to me. But not looking that I am tired, I have decided to visit Internet - cafe and to write to you, as I am very much interested in you. I hope, that you with pleasure find time to answer to me, as your letters bring to me pleasure. I would like to learn as you have a rest in free time, Lovely. What sports you like? I like volleyball, tennis and aerobics. What films you prefer to look, what music you listen to? I like to listen classical and instrumental music. as I love alive music. It very relaxing for me. And I like a romantic, family films. My favorite film - " What want women " with Mel Gibson. Did you see this film. and as I like a serial: "X-Fails" are very interesting a serial and I it almost always to look and I try to not pass it. Lovely?, what you think of volleyball and aeLovelyics? I very romantic woman and consequently I like to look films about love. But I like comedies too. Lovely, I have forgotten to speak you, that I like to cook also. You tried Russian foodstuffs? I would like to cook you something from Russian sometime. And I think that you will like Russian food - pel'meni and soup "borsch". As I am perfect to prepare Russian gylash from meat all kinds. It is really very tasty. To this me to learn my mum, for what I am very grateful to it. My mum really was the very remarkable man and I her very much love. Because she much me to learn in this life. As Lovely, I to want at you to ask pair of questions: You like is tasty to eat? And as You prepare usually nutrition itself or you to go in restaurant? Lovely, I think, that everyone the man likes fast driving the automobile. Dear, you have the automobile? What stamps of automobiles you prefer? I have no the personal automobile but I like the American and German automobiles and sometime I'd like to learn on driver but I haven't free time for this. Lovely, I know, that I shall miss without my friends and my grandmother, which will stay in Russia, but I shall have my love, it will be your love and it will fill in all my melancholy. In life there can not be all how want. It is necessary to refuse something and I can not always live with my grandmother. I should begin my own life. I so am grateful to you. You really could my heart a little kindle from your kind and tender words and I am grateful to you i, that you to give mine heart the second breath, because it lives now new life in dreams of you. Because last days I constantly to think of you. You could so deeply penetrate into my heart. Lovely, you can remain in my heart for ever? I really to search for the man is like you and what happiness. That I to find for so much of years my searches, you Lovely. you the surprising and remarkable man. And I even till now understand I can not. As you till now one. If I to meet here at myself in Russia the same man as you, I to struggle for you, for the love. Yes Lovely, I to believe in the God and we with my grandmother to go in church each Sunday, on our sunday service. And as to my growth, I ' am 5 '7'. Concerning time, we and Moscow are in one time zone. Therefore at us as much of time, as in Moscow. Lovely, I hope, that you find time to answer my letter. I shall wait your letter. Yours Marina.
Letter 2
Hello my Sweetheart. I hope that at you all well.
how passes your yesterday?
Therefore I am simple to you to wish successful day and I hope my letter will bring to you a little calmness and the small smile on yours face. Sweet, Sweet, me really pleasantly your dialogue and I now each day with impatience to wait from you the new letter. Sweet, I yesterday with my colleagues with my work to visit one of the house, which the house - boarding school for homeless children or children refers to as which parents to throw. It is really very sick to look on these perfect and remarkable children, which to throw their parents. As at us in Russia behind each born child give decent money, and if it is the second child, there are more money. Therefore at us in Russia much such cases when at us the woman to give rise only for the sake of money, and it is all really so awfully to see such children, which are compelled to suffer all life because of that that him have given rise for the sake of money and at which who will be never known, their father. I to talk yesterday about one of such children. His name Aleksey, him 5,6 years and he to me to tell rather his mum. As Aleksey there was a first child in family, therefore he there is lived some years. And it he speaks perfectly to remember as with it his parents acted. His parents recently it is a lot of to drink "vodka", it is one of most popular an alcoholic product in Russia. Sweet, I hope you to hear rather ours "vodka" and as she the alcohol works on the people with the contents in her the large degrees. Aleksey to me told, when his parents to drink vodka, they frequently him to beat. And he is rare when to eat, therefore he to get in the house - boarding school from illness connected with a stomach and digestion. At him was the very much exhausted body. And when his parents to find out that it is possible to earn on birth children and they have begun to be engaged in it. At first mum at Alekseia has given rise the first child. And when has received for him money, then she to hand over it in the children 's house. The second child then has appeared, and Aleksey told to me, that remembers it there was a girl and they as to hand over her in the children's house, when have received money for birth of the child. And they to spend all this money, which them to give for birth of the child. And when they to drink vodka, they did not feed Alekseia. therefore he was compelled to go on streets and to ask the passers - by money, that he could buy something to eat. And then he to get to us, when our organization fed to hot dinner of the homelesses. He spoke, that came to us pair of time and once he saw me and to remember me. Now with him all is good and wonderfully, he is in the children's house a boarding school. And he is very glad, that he now here. Because his tutors surround by care and love, which he to not see never. As them here very perfectly feed. The parents Alekseia to deprive on the parental rights and now they as on former to continue to drink vodka. but itself Aleksey now to not recollect at all the parents. And I so am glad for him , that at him now all is good also he now has recovered slightly. That there is on light such man, which speaks me so kind, pleasant and tender words. I think. That you really are able to address with the woman. As our men really silly and blind and they love first of all only itself. As to cinema, probably most liked at me films about love and comedies, and as some kind serials. How to pass your day? It is very interesting Sweet, whether you recollected me? I yesterday to think of you since morning, as I to wake up from an idea on you and as you to do my day remarkable, because I know that I in the evening should to go in cafe and to look your mail. And what happiness, that I to reach and to see from you the letter. Sweet, You really to do my days easier and perfect, as my ideas on you help me better to live my day and I the mail and that you me is ready on much due to yours to not overlook and to write to me. As your letters Sweet, give me much new forces and a lot of energy for forthcoming tomorrow's day. And yesterday I shall think again of you and tomorrow as I shall rise since morning from my dream, from an idea and new ideas about you Sweet. Because I feel a little magic in my life when I think of you Sweet. I want to send you brilliant light, From my heart and soul. Close your eyes, feel the universe, feel my light coming to you, drink it in. only with the best regards to you and successful day. Marina.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Love. I to wish to speak you about everything, that at me have collected in heart! I think, that without trust people can not construct any serious relations among themselves. For me it is very important to know, that you trust me. I believe each word in your letter. Now I understand, that if we would be not not divided with distance if I was near to you, together with you we would be good friends, probably even more than just friend. Such relations have great importance for me because the God pushes together two people, checking them on durability. The god gives chance to these people to construct family, I want to take advantage of the chance and to construct the family. That I could wake up early in the morning and cook breakfast for children and husband, to collect and send children in school, and the most younger in a kindergarten. I am ready to live such life because I want to give the care and love to my family. I want, that you concerned as seriously to my letters as I treat yours. Because it is very important for me. I very seriously treat our correspondence. grandmother knows about our relations with you. She asked, that I was attentive, but I have told her, that i can trust you, that you are reliable person and my close friend with whom I would like to spend this weekend. I very much want to meet you to find out you closer. There are many amusing things by which we can do together:-) I very much love walks. I hope, when we shall meet meet you, our walk will last indefinitely. I want to tell you much personally, but unfortunately the computer can transfer only words, it can not transfer emotion! Ok, Now I with impatience shall wait for your answer. They bring a lot of heat in my heart and soul. I with big desire wait for heart, when the page of broser will be loaded to read your letter. Your letters for me it is more than letters, please understand it and concern seriously to all event between us. I wait for your letter Your Marina.
Letter 4

Hello my Dearest. How are you???
I hope, that I have interested you and we let's have correspondence with you. I shall be glad to answer all yours questions, as I want, that you knew about me too. I not have very good English, but I studied English at school and as in Institute. I can almost all understand and as I can talk on my English language freely. But for me it is still complex to write on English language. Therefore I still sometimes use the program of the interpreter. I want to tell about myself little bit more. to me very much to like our city Novocheboksarsk. As I was born here and to carry out the childhood, I studied and now to work here on advantage for my city Novocheboksarsk. We have beautiful a nature. In a circle of city there is a beautiful wood and a lot of small lake, at us a very beautiful nature and much fresh air. In the summer we go for city often with my friends and to enjoy our nature both such pure and fresh air. I want to speak about my job As. I work in fund of the help to the homeless people and children - orphan. I like my job, as I like to help other people. Our organization actively cooperates with " Red Cross ", but the basic financing at us goes from our urban administration. We leave on a street and I distribute by him meal and hot dinner, because they have no money for this purpose. The employees of our fund collect clothes, warm things. Then we give back it to the poor people for nothing. Also we visit shelters for the children - orphans. I want to tell to you slightly about myself. For fun I love to read the books magazines for the women and to look similarly to them, as I love the body and to watch it . As to go for a walk in park, to attend a sports hall, also I like to go with the friends in theatre and to listen to music and as I love to go in a cinema and as love to go to concerts With my girlfriends and on various exhibitions. As I love to leave on a nature, I love fresh air. as I love to play bowling. I love some kinds sports kinds and I to play of volleyball as to me is pleasant this game and I constantly to visit sports club on aeDearestics at me of employment 2 times per one week. I on life the very sports man both love healthy and high-grade life. As health I to think this most important in our life. You with me agree. I want to get acquainted with the serious man, which is ready to begin the serious relations. I want the favourite man, which will be to me the friend also. I want trust and respect in the relation with him. I want, that you wrote about the job too, as it is interesting to me too. We have no telephone of a house, as our apartment is located in new area of city. And there is no telephone line still. because, when we to come on our new apartment. We had much to buy and to make repair by ours a new apartment and anew to buy a part of a thing (audio, video and home appliances), which at us to steal on our old apartment. Therefore we not begin the first time to put the telephone, as my parents so to take the large loan in bank, when we to move in our new apartment. Because there was to remain very dangerously. As that old house where we to live of the beginnings to give cracks and we should leave from there for the sake of our safety. And my parents to take the large loan in bank, that we could buy our new apartment. And as to make repair and to buy a part from audio, video engineering, which is necessary in each house. And consequently we did not become while to establish a telephone line in our apartment, because it here in Russia is very expensive. And we on that moment to not have such money. As first of all we should make repair in an apartment as soon as possible both to move and to buy the necessary goods and furniture for our apartment. Therefore I till now to not have my telephone at me at home, as it we could not to ourselves allow then, when my parents were still alive. And now I especially can not afford such opportunity. I have no the brothers sister as I was in family one and always dreamed to have the younger brother or sister but I and to grow in family one about what now I to regret no except my grandmother. There are relatives of a uncle and aunt, but all of them live in the next cities. And some absolutely far from me. Therefore I have got used already to live independent life. This the life quickly is learned also by in due course get I already to get used to this. I as to not have children and never was behind the husband. Tell me more about your city. Dearest, you to consider itself how the romantic man whether or not? You prefer blonde or women with a dark hair? And why? Please answer me on this questions. I want to learn you more. as it is interesting to me to find out you more and me pleasantly your dialogue. Because at me in my life something has appeared new and interesting to me, than I can engage and give the time write to you Dearest. Dearest I wait from you the new letter and your new pictures. But I want to ask you, that you sent your pictures in the small size, because you know that I write you from Internet - cafe and I have no superfluous time to spend in Internet. Dearest, I shall pass necessarily from you hi mine the grandmother, I think. That it will be pleasant for her. Therefore I have decided to try to find such the man and me so was lucky Dearest, I to meet you. As in me at once very much have liked and to interest me. You such remarkable man, which to me to write all so about itself and life. You so is sincere to me and me so pleasantly our dialogue. And as I shall be with impatience to wait your new letter. To me very pleasantly your dialogue is valid. With wishes successful to you day, yours are new the friend, by name Marina.
Letter 5
Hello and nice to meet you!
I admit at once, that did not expect to hear your answer so soon.:)
Thanks. I hope that we shall have good dialogue. For the beginning..
How are you? At me very good mood. I have received your message and in my breast heart is knocked. This magic trembling before something not known and bewitching fine. You felt earlier once it? I know...;)
I hope that my pictures of you too will please. I shall hope that you will send me some more your remarkable pictures. And I shall look forward. I hope the following pictures will be?;) So, I shall begin my story about myself. Though certainly will tell a photo more. If you certainly attach great importance to appearance.;)
I live in Russia. City: Novocheboksarsk. to me 26 years old! Only please be not afflicted. You can trust me. I have ended Institute and now I work as the children's psychologist at school, and also in the center of the help. From the childhood of me attracted all that is connected to human essence. I tried to explain all acts somehow. Now I understand that sometimes our acts do not give in to any logic analysis. And these moments are finest in a life. You agree? I hope that you yet have not fallen asleep from reading. I shall not write much while. We should find out more many still about each other, I hope.:) And I do not want to hurry up to drink all honey of speeches at once. Know, that today in the sky the new star has lit up. A star of my hope about you.;) Kind night. And vigorous morning. I with impatience shall wait your answer.
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