Scam letter(s) from Marina Nosikova to Kevin (USA)

Letter 1
How are you doing? I was just checking out myspace and came across your profile, I enjoyed reading your ad, you seem interesting, and I'd like the chance to get to know you deeply, what do you think? This is my first time trying the internet to meet someone..Well, my name is Marina, I'm 30 y.o. and I'm from Russian Federation. I'm looking for my future life partner who is honest, caring, generous, responsible, I expect sincerity in communications, who wants to be loved and can return it affectionately. I am looking for a man with goals and a fun outlook on life. My best friends say I have a good sense of humor and it is very interesting to talk to me, say I'm honest and faithful. I wanna meet that type of man that shares a lot of my same qualities in life. I have to admit that I am very shy at first but once you get to know me I'm a very outgoing person and enjoy conversation. So, please feel free to contact me directly via my regular e-mail:
By the way I'm ready to have an exchange of our pictures, what do you think? So write me a short note to my regular e-mail, and I'll send you more of my pictures. Unfortunately I couldn't upload my picture to my ad here, myspace's technical group said that they have some technical problems, so you can see my pictures there:
(I went to see her pictures and found an email in the page source tab connected to the webpage) What do you think? ;-) Well, thank you for the taking the time to read my message, I'd be interested in getting the e-mail from you very soon...
Have a nice day Kevin,
Keep in touch,
Letter 2
Hello Kevin! First of all I want to admit how good to hear from you!
Your reply is the magnificent event of my day! I have a happy smile on my face because you have become interested in me! I worry a little, I don't know from what to begin my e-mail, before this time I have never used the computer and Internet also, but it's very interestingly and surprisingly for me! Well, at the first I want to ask you, Kevin, do you really understand my english language? I don't know, but when I studied in the university, it was five years ago, in that time I could write on English and understand it, and also my speaking English was very good, and now I think that I haven't lost the knowledge of English language, but nevertheless I want to ask you once again, please, estimate it, and how is my English language good. Dear Kevin, I want to ask you, was my requesting message as the astonishment for you? And how do you look on it? It's important for me, because it's my first attempt of the acquaintance by the Internet. I heard about Internet-acquaintances before, and I didn't think that I'll do it. Some of my girlfriends have found the love in other countries, and many have the family and live happily! Around two months ago, my best girlfriend began the acquaintance by the Internet with the man from Germany, and she's very pleased by their correspondence. And my girlfriend has advised me to make the attempt to begin the acquaintance by the similar way. Why not..She has given me the name of the dating web-site myspace and I have decided to write to you. May be you will have the question, why I have chosen you among other men? I don't know how to explain my choice of you, but it seemed to me that your profile is the some especial and original than the profiles of other people. Also truely speaking, I was afraid that you could lose the interest to me after the sending of my requesting message, and fortunately it didn't happened, and I am very pleased with it!!! Well I'd like to tell you a little bit concerning me. As I told you before I'm 30 years old single chestnut haired female with grey eyes, my weight is 62 kgs, my height is 172 centimeters, I don't smoke and don't drink, I have never been married and I don't have the children, but I like the kids, do you like the kids? :) I have many good friends, and we like to spend the time together. According of friends's words I am trustful, sensitive and cheerful female. I like my friends for their kindness and care. By the way I was born and live in beautiful russian city called Ufa, around 1,5 thousand km from Moscow and located on the western slopes of the ural mountains, I love my city very much. But I have never been in USA and outside of Russia, and it would be interesting if you will tell me about your city where are you living. Would you like to tell me about it? Hopefully you would :) By the way I work as the nurse in the hospital. The point is that my mum is the doctor-surgeon, and I have decided to go on medical traces of my mother having ended the medical university five years ago. And what about your job? Do you like your job? What do you like to do in free time from your job? By the way what's the weather there in USA? It's around +20 degrees Celsius. Oh well, on this note I'm finishing my message, the point is that I don't have the computer in my home, and I write you from the internet-cafe, and my time is almost finished, so I will can not to write you every day, but I'll try to check the mailbox regularly, with an impatience I'll wait for your e-mails soon, and I hope to see your pictures also! In the application, as I promised you, I attached my picture, what do you think about it? Do you like animals? Do you have a pets? As you can see I have one dog :) He's name is Polkan. Ok, take care and I hope to hear back from you really soon! I hope that we can continue to keep in touch and learn more about each other, I promise also to send more of my pictures in my following e-mails. I eagerly await your next message! keep in touch,
Letter 3
Hello Kevin! It's me Marina.
I have not heard back from you :( I've sent the message with more information about myself, and also attached my picture of me and my dog, did you get it? I hope that in my last e-mail I didn't say some thing to offend you. Are you ok? If you are still interested in talking please write back...... Hope that all is well and that you are ok!!! Looking to hear from you again soon, and see your reply!
Take care,
your friend,
Letter 4

Hi dear Kevin! I appreciate you responding back to me, my heart jumped with joy that finally I received your reply with your so nice picture and e-card! I had a very big anxiety because you did non-writing, and hopefully that you will do your best in the future to not keep me waiting for your reply, let's making our e-mailing three times or minimum twice per week ok? I enjoy corresponding with you, thank you! I didn't know that the acquaintance by the internet is so interestingly and fascinatingly! But it's might be a little strange that we both decided to search our half by the internet, and you might ask me why did I decide to use to the internet, there are a lot of russian males. At the first I want to say, as I told you, that one of my best girlfriend Zina is in the close internet relations with the foreigner, and on her recommendations I decided to have the internet's relation too having found you. Why not. And at the second, truthfully, you will can may understand me, every time when I met with somebody I realized that this male is not what I need, I was desperate and sad, I start thinking that maybe it was me who was the reason, but now I think I have understood what is the problem. Russian males are very spoiled with good attitude forward them, there are too many beautiful women in Russia, who are ready to share their love with them, that they stopped value it. They do not consider they have to be polite and caring with woman and might think. I'd like to be sincere, I do not want to play games with the male I love and want him to answer me the same. I'd like to tell you, in my life I had the the serious relation with one guy only which I loved very much, in the first time all was good, but then on unknown reasons he became irritable, began to drink the alcohol. I saw him in very alcoholic status a lot of time, he allowed himself to humiliate me by the insults, indecent words...I suffered this humiliation a lot of time because I loved him. But then my patience has bursted, and we has destroyed our relations..It's the life, including joyful and sad things..Sad story, and I don't want if it will be repeated. Dear Kevin, trustfully speaking, I want to have a good sincere relation with you, may be possible we will can to be together in the future, may be we would like to look the marriage too, I do not want to hide it, but for it's necessary to learn about each other very well for the having of the close relations, really Kevin, do you agree with me? Friends first and then we would have to see what goes on from there. It's very important to have your honest opinion.. By the way recently I told about my beginning of the relations with you to my parents :) My mum and dad were surprised, and I have seen the kind smiles on the parent's faces. My family is not large..Me, my native sister Lilya, my mum Tamara and my dad Sergey, he is the policeman, it's very difficult dangerous profession and we with mum and sister constantly worry for him. We live together in our apartment. We are with Lilya very grateful to our parents for their kindness and care, for their good education which they gave. And what about your family Kevin, is your family amicable? By the way as I told you, I work as the nurse in the hospital, it's responsible job. After the ending of university, I have the diploma of nurse of surgical profile. I do the nursing of the patients before and after surgical operation, also I prepare sterile tools before the operations, it's very responsibly. But not looking on the difficulty, we with my mum like our medical profession, as I said you before, my mum work as the doctor-surgeon and she is one of respected doctors, and we work in one hospital. Well Kevin, I will end this for now, unfortunately I don't have the computer in the home, and as I told you I write you from the internet-cafe, and now the internet-cafe's worker asking me to leave the place..I anxiously await your next message Kevin, I like to know more about you! By the way I attached my following picture, from left to right there are my mother, my sister Lilya and of course me :) What do you think Kevin? Well, I have to go for now..My parents and sister Lilya asked me to say to you hi from them! Have a wonderful day, I look forward to hearing from you really soon! Take care,
Letter 5
Hi Dear Kevin! I'm so very pleased to receive your reply, it brightens my days to hear from you!!! Every time I get an reply from you I am more and more impressed with you and get more excited about getting your next e-mail. But dear Kevin, I am in a very sad mood right now and I am not sure how long I am going to feel this way. Yesterday my aunt Irina (the cousin of my father) passed away. She had a cancer of head's brain, I didn't tell you before, but it's so difficultly now. It was the hardest thing my parents and I ever had to do in our life. She is the most beautiful person I have ever known and I don't know what to do with out her in my life anymore. She raised me from a baby and she is also my God-Mother. It was very difficult to see such a strong woman laying in a hospital bed not being able to speak or move, but to see the strength in her eyes and all of the Love that she has in heart when I looked at her is worth more to me than anything that I will ever own. She lived a very long and beautiful life. She was 56 y.o. My father have the similar age, and my mother's age is 54 It's feels strange knowing that I'll never see her again. Sometimes I find myself just crying for no reason at all. There is a! big empty space in my heart now and I have to figure out some way to live with it. The aunt's funeral will be tomorrow..I am so sad, I am terribly sorry if I made you sad too Kevin :( By the way my girlfriend Zina calmed me very much, and she decided to distract me from sadness by the going to see the movie, we with her just came from the cinema, we looked film-catastrophe "The Day After Tomorrow".. A terrible pictures: in Antarctic Continent the ice bursts, the birds throw jacks and with shout fly somewhere in an unknown direction, the animals in a zoo are beaten in a hysterics, the hail with the size of egg, tornado destroys an inscription "Hollywood" and all Los Angeles, New York at first disappears under a huge wave of water, and then freezes. And only the torch, which is in a stone hand of Statue Of Freedom, sticks out from the ice, as the reminding about existing at one time civilization... Horror. Really, I cried :( If I knew before that this film is so sad, I didn't have the desire to look this film..And did you look this movie, Kevin? What kind of movie do you prefer; comedies, dramas, tragedies, romantic films? Most of all I prefer comedies as for The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber of Jim Carey. Also recently I looked The American Pie 1,2,3 at home on VHS/DVD player..Really very funny :) And what kind of music do you like? I like to listen to a large variety of music. I love to listen to classical music such as Bach, Beethoven; also I like Pink Floyd, Offsprings, Sting, Abba, Rolling Stones and so on..Also want to ask you Kevin, do you like to read? I like read the culinary magazines, love to collect the recipes of tasty food, it's my hobby :) And what kind of food do you like, do you prefer to prepare the food at the home :) or do you like to go to the restaurants? I like to cook at home..Like fruit(especially bananas), pizza very much especially with the champignons and with cheese, do you like the pizza Kevin? Also we like to have the camping with my parents on the nature looking on the blue sky, my favorite color is blue and what's your favorite color? Do you like to fry sausages, fish or chicken on the nature? I like it, and don't want to hide from you Kevin, I like the meat :) But not looking on it, I try to keep my body in a good constitution, like to have the sports aerobic and swimming in sport pool two times per one week besides morning gymnastics every day, I hope you like to sport too. Well...What to say. Dear Kevin, want to say to you that I have a large desire to have the talking with you by the phone, I want to hear your voice very much, hope that you don't have the objections? But there is some problem, unfortunately I don't have the telephone at home. But I'll can make my calling to you from city's telegraphic station! How's this idea? Certainly, I asked about using of the telephone at friends, but they don't have the phones, and also I asked about using of the job's phone, but I was refused as I thought before. Business in that the hospital has the state order of the prohibition of phone's using in a personal purposes for all hospital's workers, by the strict order of hospital the phone line should be free always for reception of urgent emergency callings from the patients. Really it's a difficult situation with the phone here Kevin. Therefore my calling to you in USA from city's telegraphic station is one way. So I need to know your phone number Kevin, please, give me it in your next e-mail..Ok? And I'll can make my calling to you in USA soon. I really want to hear your voice, and hope you want mine.. Oh well Kevin, I have got to close for now, I am going to say until we speak again. Because I don't like to say good-bye. You have a great day! I value our friendship very very much, and look forward to a better relationship. I hope to hear from you soon and I will be thinking of you! I also attach my following picture, most of all my pictures were made by my sister Lilya basically :) My parents with Lilya and Zina asked me to say to you deep hi! take care for now,
thank you for inspiring me,
yours Marina
Letter 6
Hi Dear Kevin!!!!! How are you? How good to hear from you again, I am happy that you replied back to me, Kevin. It was so happy part of my day when I have saw your reply in the computer! But Kevin, before the coming to the internet cafe, I had so sad mood because today was unpleasant case. We with my girlfriend Zina sat in the some bar, drank a tea.. And at this moment some man came to the bar, he was very in alcohol status, and he bored to us with Zina by his insolence and by his various abusive words. Eventually the cafe's security guard has protected us, but my mood was awfully bad :( But now my mood became so good because you e-mailed to me Kevin and I have a happy face! Dear Kevin, I see that we are interested in each other more and more, and I think that it's so good for us, because I have so good and liked friend as you, Kevin!!! I'm so interested by you Kevin, that my life became better than before an acquaintance with you, Kevin, I feel it, really!!! You are so good friend, you can understand me as a good friend to good friend, and I think that it's important thing in the life! I thank God that he gave me so good friend as you Kevin! I believe in God Jesus, on religion I'm a christian, and sometimes I like to go to the church, and do you like it? We went to the church after the aunt's funeral, we put a candle and prayed for her soul,now I am very happy that she has moved on to a better place. I know that she went straight to heaven and that God was waiting for her to home. I know that she is happy now! By the way we put a candle for my deceased uncle, it was five years ago when the mother's native brother died, we pray for the his soul, he was the officer of the army and was killed in Chechen Republic by the chechen gangsters.. May be you know about the conflict between Russia and Chechen terrorists. I hate the terrorists! It's so large shame for the people who engaged in terrorism, the terrorists are not the people! Dear Kevin, do you agree with me? Also I remember that Sep.11,2001 was so Tragic Day for all american people, I remember that in this day were the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington :( So many innocent people were dead... Oh my God... Dear Kevin, please, accept my most deepest condolences.. I know, God see this so ***** acts of this shame terrorists, and that God will be punish this terrorists!! Also may be you heard that the July, 5, 2003 was the tragic day for Moscow. In the Moscow Air Station Tushino was the rock concert. Many fans have came on this festival to listen their favourite music. By the way on the concert were two woman-terrorist and when the people bought the tickets on the concert in the cash departments, this two terrorists have blown up explosive devices which were under their clothes.. Oh my God.. It's so large nightmare! As I heard on TV, to this two girl-terrorists were around 16 years old..Oh my God. Also I hope that you heard about the 1st of September 2004 (The Day of Knowledge) is so tragic day for the tiny Russian town of Beslan and for all Russia, in this day hundreds of schoolchildren and adults were slaughtered by insane thugs-terrorists.. Nightmare :( Dear Kevin, the terrorists will never stop killing us if they are not stopped.. I am really sorry if I write you about this so unpleasant things, o'key? But really, I want to say you that the problem of the terrorism is so sick problem of all nations. Dear Kevin, PLEASE, take care and be safe!!! By the way dear Kevin, I'd like to send you my home address! It's here, my full name and address
Marina Nosikova
6 Gafuri St., Apt.#5
Ufa, Republic Bashkortostan, zip code 450076
Russian Federation
I gave it for that it will be so pity that we will be not can to write to each other by e-mails during long time on some reason, but I'll hope that God will not suppose it... But I want to warn you that it's so shame that some peoples and some doubtful mail organizations like steal the postsendings of any peoples :( I know many so shame, so bad cases about it from my friends. It's the shame for this peoples and organizations, really? I hope that in your country all ok with postorganization. Dear Kevin, also I want to ask you your full name and your home address on any unforeseen case...Please, send me it, okey? Also, Kevin, thanks a lot for your giving me of your phone data, I promise you, when I will have a free time, I'll try to call you soon from the telegraphic station as I said you before. I want to hear your voice a lot, it will important for me to hear your voice, Kevin! Well, I must go for now, my girlfriend sits near and she's finishing the message to her german boyfriend too, she loves him very much, and also she said that he asks her to come to Germany soon, Zina said me that she will go to Germany soon, she's so happy! Zina ask me right now to say to you hi from her! By the way Kevin, I want to say to you that I am busy on my job sometimes, and I reply to you with the delay from my busyness on job, don't be upset, but really I work from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Saturday, Sunday is my sole day off, and what's your job's time-table? Ok, I'll wait for your e-mails. I look forward to hearing from you very soon Kevin! Say hello to everyone from me and from my family! Take Care...Please Be Safe Kevin!
Letter 7
Hello my dear Kevin!!! I hope you are well, as I am! I'm so much happy receiving your reply, as usual it brings me great joy to hear from you!! I feel closer and closer to YOU each day, I AM SO HAPPY WE FOUND EACH OTHER KEVIN! I want to say to you that your mails became an important part of me, they keep me smiling an make me feel all "warm inside", they make my heart skip a beat! Well dear Kevin at the first I want to ask you, what's the date of your happy birthday? As for me, I was born on July, 29, 1976, I'll be 31 y.o. soon! The point is that the day before yesterday my friend Zina had her Happy Birthday, she became 30 y.o. We with our girlfriends was so happy for her! We celebrated Zina's birthday in her home. It was a great time..Many happy smiles, gifts. I gave as a present to Zina a jacket :) But most of all we were surprised from news of Zina, she told that she and her german groom Fridrih decided to live together in Germany, in Munich City where Fridrih lives. Zina said to us that in some days she will go to do the necessary papers for her coming to Germany. We with our girlfriends are so happy for her and her happiness, she is so happy now! Zina is as a native sister for me, I love and respect her as the best friend, and I wish her only large happiness! By the way Zina is writing the message to her Fridrih sitting in the next computer here in the internet cafe, and just she said me that Fridrih sent her the gifts on her birthday some days ago by any Federal Express Service and by any UPS Postal Service, but Zina didn't receive this gifts, and she was sad, she didn't receive any postal receipts, she went to the post offices, but there said to Zina that there are no Parcels for her..Obviously the gifts were lost by this services for the unknown reasons, it's the larceny..Fridrih said that he sent to Zina beautiful necklace and some other jeweller products, but no delivery to Zina. Fridrih said to Zina that he will submit to court on this postal organizations, but Zina dissuades Fridrih from it. From this my dear Kevin, please, don't send me anything by the any post office services, ok? I don't want that will happen as it was happen with Zina and Fridrih. Also dear Kevin, I want to return to the problem of the terrorism. Some time back I heard that terrorists have sent the biologically infected messages to major government agencies and editions of the newspapers of USA. Nightmare! I worry so much if you will send me any parcels, that terrorists will can to infect your parcel, I hope that you understand my anxiety... Dear Kevin, I want to say to you, that I am thinking about you more and more, I feel that our relations became more than friendship, really Kevin??? I feel it by all my heart and soul, because I can't without your messages now. My parents asks about you so often, and I answer to them that our correspondence go so good, my mom and dad approve our relations, and they asked me to give you their warm hugs and greetings! I wish we lived closer to each other so we could meet and go do things together, and probably I'll look forward for my coming to visit you in the near future! Well, Kevin, I must go now. I am attaching my following picture, it's me with Zina in the cafe on her birthday. I'm waiting for your e-mails as soon, as possible, so keep smiling and have a great day, accept hello from Zina and from my family of course!!! Thinking about you, Kevin,
your Marina
Letter 8
Hi My Most Gentle Kevin! As always, I am so happy to hear from you, you have brought a smile to my face, and warmth to my heart, for this I thank you and am very appreciative! But first of all Kevin, I want to tell you that I'm sad a little, my friend Zina went to Moscow to make the papers for her going to Germany to her groom Fridrih. I cried when I followed with one's eyes the plane, departing to Moscow, where was Zina..We cried both, she is my best friend, as the native sister for me, and this parting is very difficultly for both of us, but I completely understand, it's Zina's life, and she have all rights to build her happiness, life.. She said me that she will be in Moscow around some days, and then will fly to Germany, and she will try to e-mail me soon how is she. I wish Zina only the large happiness. By the way Zina asked me to say to you hi from her, and she wished us the happiness! My dear Kevin, I miss you everyday! You are as a breath of fresh air in the morning sun. Want to tell you that the occurrence of you Kevin is the betterest part of my lonely life now, your warm e-mails give me a great happiness and pleasure in my life Kevin! Believe me my Kevin, that I speak this my words with my sincere care to you Kevin, with my respect for you Kevin. Also I want to emphasize that I thought about our feelings to you my Kevin, I have come to a conclusion that we are created for each other my Kevin. I think about you constantly. When i'm at work, alone, sleep, no matter what i'm doing, you are always on my mind. Have I finally found the male of my life, the perfect man as you Kevin? I think I have....My last night was sleepless, I thought about us with you my Kevin, I think about how tender and gentle you are and how lucky I am that I found YOU! I thought about all..And I have come to a conclusion, I can't without you my Kevin, I want you in my life, and only you! So put your heart to rest my love. I'm not seeing anyone else. I do love you Kevin, and I can't hide this love feelings from you, I am sure in my feelings on hundred percents! I can't wait for the day when I can hold you in my arms. I think that will be the happiest day in my life and hopefully yours also. My Kevin, it has taken the place so quickly and suddenly, I didn't to expect it my darling, it's so sensual for me my Kevin, I can't without you Kevin. But as my mother and father said me - a true love always comes unexpectedly! A planned love is not a love and never works. My mom and dad give a hug for you, they approve our relations very much, I see their happy faces when they say about our relation's approval, and they hope that you will treat their daughter like your love female, they trust and believe you as I trust you Kevin, as my mum and daddy have told me that they want only happiness for us with you and life satisfaction, that I did a right choice in my life having connected my life with you! By the way when I laid on a bed my mother has noticed my happy smile during our talking concerning the discussion of my feelings to you, and my mother has photographed me :) So I'll attach this picture. I am happy, so happy Kevin!I do love you!!! I have met you honey, I know now that is all going to happen. I want to shower you with love and make you feel like the luckiest male in the world! My honey, I hope we trust to each other like as I trust you? Really? But really I want to ask you most important question, I sure it will be honourly, do you have or e-mail with any another women? Please, I hope that you answer truthfully Kevin, it's very important, I really hope that you will understand me rightly because I love you, I want only you in my life, and I don't want that you write with another women! I don't want that any another woman will try to steal you from me my love Kevin! My honey, please, don't be upset from this my asking, but it will be very pity for me if you are having or writing with another women my Kevin, and deceive me in our relations, please, let me know, Kevin, do you have any close relations with another women? We must trust each other my honey! Really it seems as some jealousy, but really Kevin, I don't want to lose you!!! Never! I am longing to see you, hold you in my arms, and talk to you about many things. My Dear Kevin, now I'm looking forward absolutely for my visiting you in USA, I'll try to find about all details for my arrival to you in USA! I want to be there right now with you, I want to feel you, smell you, touch you, hear you... It's not possible for this moment, and this hurts me. This makes me suffer! I'm dreaming to be happy in my life, I want to make you happy, to make you feel comfortable with me without fears, that you can trust me. You are my only Love, and will always stay in my heart. Well, now I have to close out my e-mail by letting you know that I will always be thinking about you too and I hope you are still thinking of me too. I see many happy couples walking around holding hands and kissing Kevin and I picture that as being us. I will be patiently awaiting your next e-mail from you and I want you to think happy thoughts and smile Kevin! I love you so much, and I'm missing you terribly! Oh forgot to say to you that I couldn't open the web-page and the internet explorer gave me such warning: " Forbidden! You don't have permission to access on this server", I really don't know why.. Well..Write back my love Kevin! missing you my Kevin,
yours affectionately,
Love, Marina
Letter 9
Hi My Sweetheart Kevin!!!!!!! I really again enjoy hearing from You My Darling, thank you so much for your reply!!! I enjoy talking to you and seeing that your a caring male. Your messages are my rescue from boredom and from all of boring things. With all my heart's openness, soul and LOVE I wrote you my last message!!! My love Kevin, you truly do lighten my heart!!! For without you there would be darkness. You're my angel that saved me from my long loneliness!!! Praying for the day I can be with you forever! Dear Kevin, my honey, I don't want to hide my love with you from anyone!! My soul is so light and happy because I do love you truly Kevin, you are the only one I want to be with! You are my heart and soul! But it's really so pity for me that our e-mails connect us only, I want to see and feel you my Kevin! I want it badly darling!!! I want to be able to hold you in my arms and kiss your lips. That would lift me up to heaven here on earth! We are locked in Love the strongest and most powerful thing in the world! I THANK GOD EVERYDAY for you my sweet darling love! I know that God helped to find each other! I have never known true love until you came into my life! Making me want to be close to someone, to be held and to feel your heart beat next to mine! I have a LOVE so strong that is burns deep! I have never felt this way before! When I talk about you or think about you I am filled with joy. You lighten my spirit filling my spirit with hope. You are my light at has brought me out of the darkness. I was lost in loneliness and despair. Now I have you my love Kevin! My heart weeps waiting for the day we can be together and will filled with love! I talk to myself, thank you God for the giving of love with Kevin, thank you internet-wizard, thank you my best friend Zina, thanking Zina I have found you, she is the original matchmaker. By the way Zina is in Germany now, she wrote me the e-mails. She said that when she was in Moscow, the registration of the papers for her going to her groom Fridrih was operatively and quickly, as she said that her aunt which works in the travel agency instantly helped to her with all necessary information, and then Zina came to Germany successfully, I'm so happy for her! In my turn I replied to Zina's e-mail, and I asked her about the request for Zina's connecting with her aunt and the getting from her aunt of all information for my future going to you in USA. Zina answered to me that is not the problem, and she will connect with her aunt in nearest time, and will inform me about all important things. I so thanked her for this, and said that I will wait for her reply! How good to have such best friends as Zina, and I wish her only the best! I said her also that we with you love each other, and she wrote me that she is very happy for us with you and wish us the prompt happy meeting and pleasure from life together with you! Zina asked me to say to you hi from her! My love Kevin, I am the happiness and luckiest woman in the world! I need you and want you with all my love! My mother and father could not be happier we have found each other! They see that I am happy when I tell about you, and in their eyes I see how they happy for both of us, and most of all they have approved my future going to you in USA! They said me: "Dear daughter, we see all days your happiness, we hear your happy talking about your darling Kevin, and we decided that you and Kevin have to be together, it's your life with Kevin, and you have to build your happy life and family together! God bless you and dear Kevin!". My love, this parent's words touched my heart and soul, and I had the tears from the happiness, OUR HAPPINESS! On days necessarily I'll go to the church, I have to thank God for his giving to us with you of love and happiness, for parent's blessing, I think it's the duty, I'll pray for the giving of God's protection and care! My sunshine, I went to the phone telegraphic station, and I learned there how it will be cost to call you in USA, it's so expensive to call you, I really was surprised by this expensive prices.. But I've found the way, before my coming to the internet I asked at the cafe's manager about will it possible to record my voice, and how to send this to you..The manager said me that it's not a problem, he asked me to pay some funds to the cafe's cash department for this additional sound service, then he gave me a microphone and he opened some sound record program, and I recorded my voice in the file voice.mp3. My honey, I tried to be not worry when I spoke to microphone, what do you think my love? What about my accent? Do I have it? :) Well, I made an attachment of this file to my e-mail. The internet cafe's worker said me that you will can to listen of my voice by the clicking of this file by some programs - Winamp and Windows Media Player, and that your computer's sound card should be workable by drivers and also you have to make the maximum of loudness sound dynamics because as the worker said that the file will be of the low quality, I really don't know about this programs, I am not an expert in this so difficult technical details and terms, but I'll hope so much that you will can to listen my voice without any problems! My love Kevin, I have to go for now, I'm looking forward to hearing back from you really soon my honey! millions kisses for you,
with loving adoration xoxoxoxoxoxo
Letter 10
Hi back to you my sweet love Kevin! How are you? I am doing wonderful now that I have heard from you. Your replies bring me extreme joy more and more! You make me so happy, and I want to make you happy too, I am very glad that I've made you most happy by my voice!!! My Kevin, before our acquaintance I prayed to god and asked him to find my true love! And he helped me, he gave me you! I need you and want you with all my love, you're in my thoughts, prayers and dreams all the time! I love you dearly and sincerely my darling, I wish I could tell you face to face how much I love you, but I hope it will be really soon! I have dreams about us together! I can not wait for the moment we can be together forever more Kevin! Last nights as I lay trying to sleep, and from my soul I wrote the poem for you!
My heart to yours,
I look across the vast,
Open sea looking, longing, waiting,
For me to come to you,
My heart to yours,
Is what I have to give,
With all I am,
And with all my love,
I know you feel this way about me,
My heart to yours,
It will belong to only you,
And yours to me, forever more,
My heart to yours,
To you Kevin my sweet love!
I really hope that you love it my honey! I don't stop to think about you and me together! I imagine our first meeting, our loving sights. I'm so excited from this imaging! I think of the days I see and hold your hand and take a walk, may-be at sunset. I can not help but to think of you and wanting to be with you in a romantic way. Like walking in the woods, in parks, being at a lake, cooking together, doing every thing with you! What do you think about this my love? I await the moment I can take you into my arms HUGGING YOU and KISSING YOU in your airport, I know it will be a magic moment! By the way my Kevin, I got the message from Zina, and there she said me that she connected with her aunt in Moscow, and asked her to give all information about my going to you in USA! Zina's aunt has answered, that she are very busy, and she will inform about all necessary information on nearest days, I so thanked Zina for the realization of my request. She said also that they are very happy together with Fridrih, and asked me to say to you hi! Also we with my parents went to the village to my grandmother to mother's mum, it's around 20 kilometers from our city. My grandmother is very old, 87 years old, and she sicks often. I said to grandmother about our love with you, and that I will go to you in USA soon. Grandmother wished the large happiness to me and you, and she gave me a small icon, my grandmother is very religious, and she blessed me and said that this icon will save me from any bad in the way to you! I so thanked my grandmother for her care and blessing, and I wished her a long years of life. We with my parents especially my mother worry for grandmother's health, but it's the life, the people have the certain life's period. By the way my mother have told me recently about her talking with one of her girlfriends. This woman said to my mother after the mother's talking about our love with you some unpleasant story which has happened with her daughter. As she told to my mother, one year ago her daughter has made the acquaintance with the foreigner from Denmark, and after their e-mailing to each other she went to live to his country. At the beginning all was good, but then her groom began to scoff at her, as this woman said this man-foreigner needed in the mockery only, he beats her, speaks the obscene words as her daughter writes..not looking on that he spoke loving and good promising words in his e-mails before arrival of woman's daughter to his country. Till now her daughter lives with him loving him, and she suffer the groom's mockery hoping that he will not such cruel. So sad story :( My love, my honey Kevin, please, darling, promise that all will be good at us with you, my parents trust you and I so trust and love you too Kevin, and don't want any misunderstanding in our love and life with you! Please, don't be upset from this words, but I really love you so much, I don't doubt in you, you need in my life, and I want our happy family life forever! xoxoxoxo Ok my darling, I have to go, write me back soon. I will be waiting to hear from you my honey Kevin!!! I send you all my love and will make you feel has you belong! Millions kisses,
Sincerely your love forever more,

Letter 11
Hi my lovely Kevin!!! How are you the love of my life doing today? I am so happy and excited to get your answer!!! I love and miss you so much Kevin!!! My Love, how I long to hold you and kiss your lips, Kevin my heat for you waxs so hot within me, I want to meet you in your airport so much and so soon, sweep you and hold you in a long and passionate embrace. I often try to imagine our living together, and I feel you so close to me. I even feel you on the distance! I feel when you are sad, and when you have a pleasure. I know our hearts will together always because our love with you is eternal. My parents with Lilya are very happy for me! My mother and father have blessed me, and again approved our relations, and wished me with you only the largest happiness and good being together with you in USA! Again and again I thank God that we found each other in this so large world, yesterday again I went to the church, and asked God for the being with you so soon, and I'm sure that he has heard my prays! My love, the destiny and prays worked for us, I have a great news!!! My Kevin, I got the message from Zina, and I finally got all necessary paper's info for the going to you in USA! By Zina's request her aunt went to the embassy, and she was informed about the amount of papers and about the papers's prices. As Zina's aunt learned I'll need to have: the foreign passport; the visa(validity of which is six months, and the registration's process will be operative thanking Zina's aunt as Zina said me); I'll need to pass the medical exams too. By the way Zina's aunt gave the prices on the making of the papers, I so thank her for her getting of all of this. The foreign passport's price is 145 dollars(plus taxes 5 dollars); visa's price 460 dollars and her registration costs 55 dollars(plus taxes 25 dollars); the medical exams costs 120 dollars and on the order of embassy it should be done in the moscow embassy's clinic. Total amount is 810 dollars. I was surprised by this amount my Kevin. I told about this charges to my parents, and we began to count the funds, I have my last 2,200 rubles only, it's around 80 dollars, my mother and father gave me their last savings 7,000 rubles it's around 250 dollars. We tried to borrow the missing funds 480 dollars at friends, but they doesn't have so large funds, we also tried go to the bank to take a loan, but it was without any results too. My love Kevin, I sincerely I have to ask your to help me in this missing 480 dollars for the getting of the necessary papers for my coming to you, there are nobody which could help me except for my parents giving to me their last savings 250 dollars. My love, my Kevin, I have so large desire to come to you so soon, and see you, and now it's necessary to help by this missing 480 dollars for the beginning of the registration. My love Kevin, as Zina said me, her groom Fridrih sent the funds to Zina for her going to him in Germany, he helped to Zina by the system of western union, I saw western union's advertising on tv, it's very reliable and fast funds transfer system in the world. I also asked at Zina about the details. She said me that I need to give to you Kevin my full name, as I gave it before - Marina Nosikova, and also you need the name and address of local western union office here in Ufa, please my Kevin, write it on the paper: bank's name is "Bashinvestbank"; 326 Akhmetova Street, Ufa, 450017 Russian Federation. Besides after your making of the funds transfer order you will have the bank's receipt where you will can see the important data named "mtcn" control number which consists of ten digits, and I will need to know this ten numbers correctly! As Zina said that without this data I'll can not to make the process of the fund's picking. My love Kevin, I'm wishing so much that our meeting will be so soon, so I need your help immediately on the days, I'll be prepare to my going to you, I'll be pack the necessary things to the suitcases..My love, I'll cry in this moment when we see each other in the airport, my tears will be from the huge happiness!! I see such picture, your gentle fingers clear my face from my tears, and you say me: "my darling, my honey, please don't cry, we are together and we are happy now!" Please my love Kevin, promise me that you will speak such words when we will meet, I so hope that it will be come true it's so touchingly...... xoxoxo...Also as I said before I can't help but to think of you and wanting to be with you in a romantic way like walking in the parks, in streets, being at a lake or ocean, I have have been before at the ocean..Will you show me your native city, your like places my Kevin? I want to get acquainted with your closest friends, relatives..I love you Kevin, and I miss you badly like the deserts miss the rain..My honey, I've to go for now..I am attaching my following pictures, I hope you will like them so much. With the anxiety I'll be wait for your e-mail as soon as possible! As for the web-page I couldn't load it, I remember I told you about it before. Well.. I have to go, I can't wait to see you in a person very very soon! I love you my honey Kevin!
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