Scam letter(s) from Nelya Esjikova to Wayne (USA)

Letter 1
Hello, my dear Wayne.

Thank you so ever greatly for your first letter! Let's start our communication that, I hope, will become more than just friendship. Perhaps it's necessary to start from my appearance. Of course you can observe me according to my photos, but I think I should tell you about it myself. I'm a brunette, but my hair are light-brown. My eyes seem to be dark like two shining ambers. They radiate passion and love that come from my heart and fill the whole body! I'm a source of love, tenderness and emotions! I like to show my feeling and express everything that I feel because I have very rich ****** energy! I can be an incredible lover and I'll show my darling the most sensual passion in the world!!! I'm 25 years old and I think it's the time to become happy. But I'm such a person who doesn't want to be happy in loneliness. I like to give happiness! I become really happy when I see that my sweetheart smiles and laughs! I live for people who appreciate me and love! I think we should feel each other on the spiritual level and ********* into each other deeply and melt without a remainder, like ice-cream under the sunshine! I have many hobbies that make my life bright and interesting. I like to make art photos, but I'm not a model. I just enjoy when I can create some tempting image or character. I collect photos of nature, flowers, beautiful bodies and different unreal images. It helps me to understand the world better! Also I'm keen on reading literature about eastern culture. I think it's a top of the perfect culture! So many wise customs, the most graceful women and so on. My dream is to become the best woman, wife, mother and lover in the world. And I improve my qualities and senses and try to find a man, who will appreciate me.

Actually I'm look for a man in the Internet because in my country it's very difficult to make a right choice. Because of the abundance of the beautiful women in Ukraine, men became totally spoilt and don't look at the inner world of the woman. They just see outward beauty and try to use it. But I want to have relationship with a man, whom I will love and our union will continue for a long time, not for a couple of years. My man should be wise, intelligent, tender, but courageous. I think you are such a man and soon we will understand that we can't live without each other! I wish it!

I'm longing to hear from you soon!
Kiss you tenderly!
Your Nelly
Letter 2
Hello my dear friend!

I am so happy to receive the next reply from you that feel that I am overwhelmed with the emotions. You seem to me to be a very interesting and cute. I feel a strong desire to know more about you. I quite agree with you that one meeting worses thousands of letters and can solve our future. We have such a great opportunity to know more about our lives with the help of Internet in short period of time and even the absence of my knowledge of English language can't prevent us to find the way to our common future. I have found the translation firm which can provide the translation both of the letters and of the phone conversations. It is very convenient as it keeps my time and demands from me only to write the letter in my native language and bring it to the office. It seems to me that we'll find common interests. As have already wrote to you I have different hobbies which make life not so bored. I like to cook. My favorite kitchens are Italian and Chines. I like the first one because or plenty of tomatoes in the recipes and because of unique pasta which is made in great variety only in this country. The Chinese kitchen is chosen by me because of it's spicy sauces. As you can see I am great eater but in spite of this I am always in good shape and because of this reason two or three times a week I attend the gym. I like to watch movies mainly of Hollywood production. I like the actress Julija Roberts and the film in which she participates as the main hero. This film is called "The Beauty". Have you seen it. What are your favorite movies or maybe you like cartoons?(joke) I also like to spend the time with my friends somewhere in the night club but not very often because it is rather expensive pleasure,or in the small cafe. I also like to travel. But i have never been abroad and have a dream to go to Africa and take part in safari. I like the nature and have the cat. His name is Tom. Hi is very handsome. Can you imagine the combination of the brightly red color of the fur and of green eyes. It seems to me that he knows that almost everybody loves him. But he has a very bad habit to grind his claws using my furniture and sometimes gets the punishment from me in the form of slaps. i think that i have bored you with the description of myself. By the way I like to change the color of my hair and if we become friends you'll get two in one like the biscuit "Night and Day". And I think that now is your turn to tell me something about your lifestyle. What do like to do in your spare time? Do you love the nature, do you like to travel? What is your attitude to ***? Sorry for such a direct question but I think that eventually will come to this theme because as I consider this is the great part of the common life. I used to have the relationships with guy but our relationships narrowed only to the "exercises" in the bed. I think that love must have not only the physical side but the spiritual too which is more important in any cases. What is your opinion about this topic? Write me whatever you want which as you consider can bring us closer. You are also welcomed to ask me anything you want. I miss you and your letters. Your Nelly.
Letter 3
Hello my dear Wayne!
What a happiness I felt when I came to the office of
the translation firm! First of all I want to give the answer on your request:
Full name - Nelly Esjikova
Address -
Age - I have already wrote you in my first letter that I am 25 y.o.
Height - 1.70 sm
Weight - 52 kg
Occupation - massauer
Hobbies - travel, cooking,movies.
Interests - I am interested in surrounding events and people and i like everything that likes my beloved.
Likes and dislikes- I like ***, music, travel and hate the bad whether.
Likes and dislikes in the bedroom.- I like the normal *** and hate sadomaso. You know may be I seem to you a happy woman but this is just illusion. But one can say it because I have a mother and a sister who is older then me and already breeds two wonderful children. They are my nieces as you already guessed. Their names are Viki and Ann. They are tween and resemble each other very much. It is so interesting to play with them, to treat therm or just to watch them. They have the identical appearance and repeat each others movements and acts. They even can sometimes predict the thoughts of each other. For example if one sister is just thinking to do something another already is starting to do it. It is like a hoax. It happens not very often but sometimes it occurs. I even sometimes envy to them because they already have a best friend for all life. My sister is very wise woman. She is a teacher at school too as my mother. She is very kind and fair and children adore her. But the privet life wasn't successful for her either as for my mother. My mother divorced when I was a little girl and couldn't understand what was the reason that separated them and forced them live apart. I can only guess that the reason was another woman but my sister didn't even hint me about this. She is very wise and loves me very much. She always tried when i was a little girl to protect me from the troubles and from the roughness of the environment. Now she is my best adviser. By the way the name of my sister is very beautiful like the name of the flower- Rosa. But in spite of all this outer prosperity i feel the lack of attention from the side of men. To tell the truth men pay attention to me because as you can see I am not **** but I am still alone because can't find the man with the character and not selfish who could devote the biggest part of his life to me and to our children. That is why I decided to try to find the soul mate and future husband with the help of Internet the more I have heard that many who was engaged with this had found the couple and even that fact that they didn't know the foreign language hadn't become the obstacle on the way to their happiness. When I said about this decision to my sister she completely supported me and was very happy when I found you and it seems to me that the damnation to be always alone which I consider was hanging over my life now is fading away and I am starting to feel myself the woman who is needed by you. You are now the part of my life. Write me please do you like to create the family and if you want to have children how many do you want to have them?I want to have at least two or three. Want to arrange the family holidays and picnics with barbecue and fireworks. How do you see our common life? Do you want to create the family or want that our relationships were checked by the time?

Write me, I'll wait for your next letter with great impatience.
Your Nelly.
Letter 4

Hi Wayne !
I feel that I know you already for a long time. I feel that we match each other completely. I want to believe that i am not mistaken. I wish i could write to you by myself in my native language but as I have not bought the PC I have to go to the Internet cafe. But it seems to me that i have already wrote to you that I am very busy with my job and have not spare time for coming to the internet cafe. That is why I am with the translation company and can bring my letter to them during my lunch time. It takes me a very short period of time. I understand you that you don't want to have the children may be because that you had already the definite life scope and want to spend the rest of your life with the woman who will take care of you and to whom it will be pleasant for you to look every day from the morning till the evening. We almost have already discussed all the necessary themes which could light our lives and make clear everything about our intentions. If you have something to add feel free to utter everything from the depth of your soul. Is the tomato,plant near which you stands your achievement or may be all the tomatoes in your garden of such height? I am just curious. Let me ask you the question: how do you imagine our common life without children? This is very important for me because if we decide that we are for each other I want to know what will be my occupation and what part of your life shall i take?

You know , today in the morning I woke up and almost felt you by my side. I mixed the tender warmth of the sunray on my shoulder with your gentle touches and passion kisses. I closed my eyes and imagined for a moment how we wake up together every day and I prepare the breakfast for you and then we are planning our Honey Moon or just a trip to the exotic island where the people surrounding us will jealous us to our happiness which will light us like the God blessing. Then we'll rush to the waves of the cool ocean and shall give our bodies to the power of wild nature. This is just the dream which I believe can come true if of course you wish. I am sure that I can be devoted wife and faithful friend who will always support you in troubles. I want that the man who will carry me along the hard and curly way of life will be smart enough to solve the complications of misunderstandings, strong and optimistic that any barriers couldn't **** you from the way to his happiness, sincere and emotional for that our *** life presented us the fantastic pleasure. I hope that during our correspondence we'll grow to know each other better and understand what persons we are. I hope we'll always take care on each other and both shall anxiously wait for our meeting. I believe that you are the man i 'll love forever. Since receiving your 1st letter I know that you are the man for me. I hope to have many wonderful years with you.
Write me, your Nelly.
Letter 5
Dear Mr.Wayne!

You've been troubled by the translating organization. Miss Neliya, who uses our services,isn't able to pay for them anymore. The translating process was frozen.

Please,if you're interested in continuation of the correspondence with miss Neliya Eskova and would like to refresh an account,you should send a request to our company.

Here is the e-mail address: Natalya Nasteka,
Top-manager of the translating company
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