Scam Letter(s) from Lauren Shrek to Manuel (Spain)

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Letter 1

Hello My Dear Manuel

Thank you so much for getting back with me.I translated your message from spanish to English cause i dont speak spanish and i dont speak protuguis as well, i only speak english Thank you for the pictures and you look good and great in them . It would be a pleasure to get to know you,many thanks for your e-mail. Its sometimes dangerous to hope and wish for something, because it might just actually happen and then again its always dangerous asking me questions because you will get a thorough and open response that sometimes might out a smile on your face and other times would not. If truth and uninhibited openness is something that scares you, I'm not the right person for you. I was so very impressed with the letter you wrote to me and how you shared with me all of your past and what you want and expect for your future. I feel like I have known you for years. I wish I would have ...then a lot of the awfulness maybe would not have happened to me or you. I must admit that I shed a lot of tears while reading your letter. You just opened up so much to me who is really an almost complete stranger to you. I will surely try to tell you what I am all about before this letter is through., what a truely beautiful thing to say.
I have a very open and frank policy. Unless I am contractually bound or have given my word to someone to keep something secret/confidential, I do not otherwise hold any secrets that can't be obtained merely by asking me. Specifically I want to know about your hopes, your desires, what makes you happy and what makes you the person that you are today. I would like to know about your childhood and your life and I would like to know about where you would like to be now, a few months down the track, a few years down the track and ultimately your life-time goals. I'd like to know you as a person first but I also want to know your sexual side and what your tastes and limits are because ultimately no-one can make anyone happy unless they are given the information that helps them know the person inside and out so that afterwards things happen without much fuss and with expectations known and met rather then guessed at and with limits inadvertently crossed thereby causing upset. It is my intention to get to know you and to know what makes you smile and what upsets you as to know what to increase and what to leave out both now and in the longer run should it work out that way. How open and frank you are with me is a choice I leave entirely up to you. If its G-rated or XXX-rated its up to you and what you feel like and whilst it is up to me to keep to my part, it is up to you not to do things just for the sake that someone asks you but because you want to and are inclined to and are excited and enjoy doing what you do.
I'm a curious combination of very cautious mixed in with enthusiasm that borders on recklessness. On the one hand I can be exceedingly patient and take things slow as I learn more and more, but once a decision has been made and I'm ready to act, I move so fast that it often surprises people at the speed and accuracy of my actions. My ultimate aim though is to take it all the way but I do not blindly push any agenda or place conditions. I just go with the flow with good thoughts and intentions and with open eyes and an open heart and am easy going. I don't look for blame and I'm a very hard person to get angry - you would really have to try hard to achieve that. Have been through a time in my life where I felt worthless unloved, continuously searching for happiness. I wasn't getting along with my family, and my friends were all hating each other, leaving me stuck in the middle, stressfully trying to pull things together but meeting my Ex i thought i have found Happiness but it was all the same, so tell me what do i do if i dont have to continue searching for the Future. I do really appreciate it and you sounds so nice to me. Well.... Let me start telling you about my self and what i have passed through in trusting a man. I was born in Michigan by My dad who Died in an Auto Accident On his Way to work here in Lagos, But my mom died first cause she was down with a breask cancer and sadly they are both dead now and may there gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Am presently living with my sister in western nigeria just after the Death of my Parent. My sister has been here for years now because she got married to a nigerian but they both met years back in the state but she got relocated with him since Nigerian is his home land. Just after the death of my parent, i was left alone in the state with nobody cares and i was about dropping out of school when she called if i will be happy living with her right here in Nigeria but since i got no Options so i moved downhere and that was how i got stucked here till date. She has been everything i wanted and she has been there for me, I love her so much but i am living on my now as my sister and her husband need there own Privacy and as i am old enough to live alone as well.
I used to have a boyfriend when i was still in college in IOWA Ames. He was everything i wanted a guy to be. We had been friends for a couple of months and he finally asked me out. I was happy yet sad because i knew that if we dated our relationship will never be the same. During our first weeks of dating he was so sweet and nice and i started to get more and more attracted to him. Few months passed and we were still together i thought i was the happiest girl in the world. He treated me like a princess and that made me feel special and he promised to marry me so i allowed him to disvirgin me not knowing he justed wanted to have sex and leave me cos he has found another girl who"s parents are rich so he thaught he could make his own wealth through them by marrying . So after i graduated out of university of lagos I studied Banking and finance in the university of lagos. I was working with a bank here before but got fired cause i was sexually harrased by my boss 4 months ago. Now i am planning to continue my 2 years master degree and become a banker as soon as i find the right man for me because i need a good and resposible man to cope plan the future with. I am Looking for a Honest Trusted and loving Caring and Trust worthy Downearth to every one inlife and generous laugh with any one to make people happy and lifely that will not be having a double date on me like the way my ex boyfriend did to me because my ex took the advantage on me being so honest trusted and loving caring and kind hearted understanding considerate downearth to every. I use to work as a sales girl in a grocery store but i quited because i was sexually harrased by my boss but i hope to secure a better one soon.
I dont like being doubted, without having an emotional bond, to me it leaves everything else pointless. I do have to say you are a very big person for sharing your feelings the way you have. I do frequent church but i serve a living God am sure you understand why, and I have a temper comparible to a five year old. I get mad, but in five minutes I am over it but am getting over that., I share your same convictions. , I want to marry once in my life but thought thats the way its gonna be, I dont believe in divorce, single, seperating and stuffs like that . Although it happens, I do not want that for me. I am holding out for a man that can respect my dreams and help me with them as I help him with his. I want someone that can appreciate solitude when his wife is at work, or want to go to work with his wife. I love life, and appreciate everything that I am dealt everyday. I still want to want the samething for my future - wherever and however that comes about doesn't really matter. The kind of man I'm looking for has to be honest and trustworthy - beyond that other things are less important, but obviously there has to be some attraction both physically and mentally, the important thing is that an equal partner in life with both of us having equal say in every decision in life. I hope that you will not break my heart if i give it to you..I look forward in meeting you one day,i wont like to go through what i went through again so please let me know if u re not ready for a longterm serious relationship{marriage}after knowing each other well... and u know trust is the foundation of a good relationship. A journey of a thousand miles start from the first step taken maybe this is ours we dont know yet. Ultimately I would love to bask in the warmth of your smile and that can only happen if you're happy and content with life and honesty is the key I think to starting along the correct path to achieve that. If we get there or not I can make no guarantees, life always has a way of throwing spanners into the works but at the very least I have warned you off in case there are aspects of me that you find loathsome or creepy or just a case of I am not the right person for you. In any case, I do wish you happiness and love no matter where and with whom you find it. I am not perfect, but can see that, and want to better myself. I have had spoiled relationships where I was hurt, you can never forget those times, just learn from them. I was ready to marry once, but thinking I was too young, I backed out, although I regret loosing a great love of my life, I have grown to be more mature for a more serious relationship. I have alot of love to give, but I am far from being the person you describe in some ways, but in other ways I fit the picture. I hope I havent totally confused you in who I am and what I want. You are a very great person, but I am who I am, I hope that can be good enough for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

With Tenderness and openess

Lauren Shrek



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