Scam letter(s) from Rhoda Mends to Manuel (Spain)

Letter 1
hello my dearest loving man ,is good and nice to have you here arround with me at this very time of the day and at anywhere you may be by now ,well i would like to take this sweet opportunity to asked of your mood there and also how you are doing at anywhere you are my a nice loving and young interligent woman with a vission to meet and settle down my new life with you ,i single and never married before ,i have no kids but hopes to have some in the future so that we would make a lovely family , well i am curently in GHANA doing my voluntary work as a free sociaty nurse give free treetment from to villagers from to town and also am also working with my aunt who has a Orphanage school in here in GHANA ,i do all i can to help buld a good society and good future ,well i am a very busy woman but love to read and sing and litien to good music tunes when amm free and also love to go out for shoping have a walk in the sun and also free to human ,i loev to smil all the time and make good use of my time .
well i am here and i woud love to hear much from you if you are interested in meeting me over ok, i would love to meet you there and if you want to meet me here i have no problem to that ok,am ever ready to be with you anywhere you are ky dear .well i have enclosed my lovely sweet pics for you so that you can see how i look and let me know if you like them,i think i have to end here and also thank you so much for contacting me and i hope to meet you in person in the near future.hopes to back quick from you and talk to me ok ,havea nice time there and stay BLESS.
yours to be ........RHODA
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