Letter(s) from Oksana Akulenko to Ivar (Norway)

Letter 1

Greetings my new friend.
I was very glad to receive your letter.
As you already know my name is Nadejda, by the way my name in Russian means hope.
I live in small and very cosy small town Volzhsk.
This city is famous for the small green streets and historical monuments.
I work in police. My post - the inspector on supervision of juvenile offenders. Since the
childhood I dreamed to go to serve to police to protect and defend the rights of people. Now my
work consists in that to bring up children from unsuccessful families which because of
drunkenness of the parents are forced to steal or make other crimes. To me very painfully to look
at such children. Therefore I try to make everything that they had a good future.
I consider that my work is very necessary to our society.
I live in a separate apartment. Mum lives in suburb in the house in which I have lead the
childhood. I very much like to come to her on the days off ?
Daddie unfortunately with us are not present already.
My Mum 50 years, she loves children and all life worked in children's garden.
Also with me there lives the big fluffy cat, I very much love him ?.

I spend a free time very variously ?
I very much like to float. Each day off I go to pool.
In sunny days we with girl-friends like to ski in the winter or simply to walk on the nature. My
girl-friends are my fellow workers.

I love children. I have no children, but very much would like to have.
I dream about the goods, the favourite person who would love and respected me.
We should is better learn each other, that our attitudes would be stronger.
I think, that good relations are under construction on trust and respect of people to each
other. Inform me your opinion concerning this.

I would like to learn more about your country.
Your nationality is interesting to me?
Whether there are at you bad habits?
Whether you love children?
Inform me more concerning itself.
With impatience I look to your reply!

Your friend from Russia, Nadejda.

Letter 2

Hello, my dear!
Thanks for the letter! I want to tell you about my hobbies, and what I like to do.
My working day begins with 8 mornings and comes to an end at 18 o'clock in the evening.
It is a usual working day in our city. I have two target per one week - my most liked days!
These days it is Saturday and Sunday. These days I like to walk on city.
I like to go shopping and to make purchases together with mine girlfriend.
I like to spend time with my friends. We have picnics, we go to the cinema, theatre and cafe.
In the summer, we like to go on the nearest lakes to bathe and sunbathe.
Also I very much love active kinds of rest. I like to go by a bicycle and approximately 2 times a week go to a sports hall on fitness.
I very like nature. I like to grow up flowers in my house.
It brings me pleasure to look after them, and I like to admire them.
I like to cook, to try the new recipes. I like to do everything, that brings to the people of a smile. I love the truth and I hate false. I consider, that the relation should be under construction on mutual trust. I do not want to have a husband, which will drink a lot an alcohol. Many Russian men drink, and beat the wives under action of alcohol. I very often meet these examples on the work.
I want to find prince! But if to be sincere, I simply wish to find the person who would be cheerful, kind, careful and loved me such what I is.
I want that he was able to dream and understood me in all.
We in Russia have not enough people who are able to dream and trust in dream, and many men have forgot to love on the present.
It is always pleasant to feel near to itself the person who loves you and it is ready to support you in any situation.

It is now difficult to me to be one. Beside there is no such person.
I think, that I shall find this person in you.
Tell me more about yourself. What are you thinking about me?
What are you looking for in your partner, which you finding?
I trust in the dreams and I hope that they will come true.
As speak in Russia «to dream not harmfully!»
Whether to me very interestingly to eat at you the dream?
How you concern to dreams?
Whether you trust that your dream when be will come true.

I'm waiting your letter!

Letter 3

Hello my friend!

Thank's for the letter.
Your letters deliver to me a small particle of heat for my soul.
I promise, that I shall be to miss on you and with impatience to wait for the letter from you.
My favourite flower is rose. My favourite colour is red.
I count that the red colour is colour of love.
There is nothing better than to love and to be loved.
I wish to tell to you about the parents. I think to you it will be interesting.
My mum worked as the teacher in kindergarten, and the daddy was the officer of police on the railway.
Probably therefore at me there is such combination of love to children and sharp feeling of validity. I think these qualities were transferred to me from my parents.
They have got acquainted when mum was 21 year, and the daddy 25 years.
Mum speaks, that he has liked her at first sight. In a year they have got married and have lived together 25 years. They were very happy in marriage. But 3 years back my daddy has died of a heart attack, probably his difficult work has left a trace on his health. My parents always were an example of relations between the man and the woman. I dream as well as to be my mum happy in marriage. I want, that with me there was a man which would love me and respected.
I dream to be happy in marriage as my mum. I want, that with me there was a man which would love me and respected.
Tell to me more in detail about the relatives. What they.
Today weather at us cold, but breath of spring is already felt.
What weather at your city?
But though looks out the sun slightly and it pleases.
I so would like that summer has come. I very much like to float and lap on water.
This winter I did not manage to go in pool to swim for a while, but I am sure, that when summer will come I shall have a good swim with all the heart.
I never visited other countries, but I think that it would be very interesting.
I can talk about it indefinitely long, therefore I shall not take away your time for reading of my letter.
If you want we may talk about it somehow another time.
I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you.

Kiss you.

Letter 4

Hello, my Dear!
Dear, I express the most deepest condolences to you in in occasion of death of your mother.
For me this very tragical news. I understand as you hard now.
I consider that for each person more close mums are not present anybody.
I very much wish to be with you now that I could help to you to go through this loss.

At me all well home and at work!
I very much waited for your letter! I do not understand that with me, I think of you the whole days!
You pleasant, good, kind, I can tell to you all! And you understand me!
It is very pleasant for me that so far from Russia lives the person, to which I is necessary!
I very much like your letters, I read your letters with the great pleasure!
Both it is more and more and I understand you more!
I think that all will be good and we shall meet! Our meeting will solve much!
We should understand each other and have real dialogue!
To have walks, travels, entertainment, I shall be going with the great pleasure for you and we shall have good supper at candles!
What may be better than evening walks! In the spring when I was warm liked to take a walk on quay after a difficult working day with the girlfriend!
But I did not have not enough such person as you!
The meeting is real?
I shall take part any your offers!
I may has written superfluous! Yes, I about much dream but my dreams give you my image, what I of the person that I want!
To me you will dream and think pleasantly that you which that person I wanted to see near to yourself!
What you think of that that I have written?

My mum does not understand as it is possible to find the loved person in the Internet, I explained much to her, that it is real!
My mum after my explanations has understood me! Mum has told that will be not against, but mum worries for me!
I think that I shall show your letters to mum and mum to be convinced what you the good person!

I very much would like summer, I love this season.
It would be desirable to put on easily and it is heated in beams of the sun.
I recollect the pleasant moments as the last summer I with the girlfriend went on the south.
We went there by train.
We rented a small house.
The house was in 500 meters from the sea.
It was at first a pity that we lived not in city, in tourist base.
In city it is possible to walk long on streets, to find out sights.
On the other hand, to reach the sea by the bus long enough, and it is tiresome.
So I do not regret that we lived not far from the sea.
I have seen the sea the first time in a life.
It very much was pleasant to me.
It was big that the end and edges it was not visible.
Still I was surprised with jellyfishes, they such transparent and slippery.
They to me very much were not pleasant also I tried to rise on earlier to bathe when them was not much.
We were on the sea of 10 days.
I very much liked to have a rest there.
I very much would wish to have a rest still in what be interesting places where I was not.

I shall finish to write, time in the Internet was terminated!
In the following letter answer all questions, and set to me all that interests you!
It is very pleasant for me to learn you and to write about itself! You very interesting person!
I think that we shall have the joint future!
Kiss you. Yours Nadejda!

p.s.I send you a photo made during a trip on the sea when we went on excursion to mountains.
and I send previous photos from last letter.

Letter 5

Dear, last time I had some difficulties with my mail box (nadbeautygirl@inMail24.com).
Whether I do not know you wrote there or not.
Therefore I have made some new additional boxes. Please write on them.

I look forward to your letter, my darling.

Kiss you strong and embrace you. Yours Nadejda.

Letter 6

My Dear Ivar!
I don't stop being surprised how deeply you understand my heart and how much in common I have with the man who lives on the other side of the planet.
During the time we are corresponding you have become the closest and dearest man in the world.
You have become the true friend for me with whom I can share all of my feelings and thoughts,
to whom I can trust all of my secrets and I am sure that you will always understand me.
My God! How long I have been waiting for it! How often I depicted it in my imagination!
It seems to me that it's just a dream and I will wake up soon and everything will be over.
We are feeling as Romeo and Juliet. You are whispering the words full of love and tenderness,
the words that I have always been dreaming to hear: "My sweetheart, my one and only, we will never, never part again! This fairy tale will last all our life!"
Love is covering us with its sweet sheet and it seems as though everything has changed.
The stars and the moon are shining now only for us, the nightingales are singing their magic
songs only for us and the time is passing in another way.
The unbearable melancholy is seizing me; the tears are appearing on my eyelashes on their own will.
These are the tears of sadness and at the same time of joy. I feel joy that even if we are far our hearts and souls are together.
When we meet we will be able to enjoy everything we have been dreaming about.
My darling, my one and only, my true friend, I am living with the hope that some day everything
will become the reality and we will not have to go asleep and wake up separately, to cook dinner
for one. I will have you to warm me up with your heart and body.
I will give you my love, care and tenderness.

I was afraid to tell about this to you.
But from feelings you will not escape anywhere.
I am afraid to be deceived.
I do not wish to be disappointed in people.
I want that we were happy.

I have received your photos, they are magnificent. They have very much liked me....
I see as the sun caresss your face. I adore your smile.
I wish to make so that your smile never went from your face.
And you gave me it as it is possible is more often....
Kiss you
Yours Nadya!

Letter 7

Hello, my Dear!
All this days I think about you. It is good that in this world there is a person to whom I is not indifferent. It is very pleasant to me to know, that we is mutual understanding each other is the most important fact in our attitudes. It is very good for me, as I to meet you in my life. When I dream about us I feel better and my mood rises!! You are my prince, whom I so long waited.
I dreamed about you, it is a pity, that you may not see, how I smile, may not see pleasure on my face, when I think of you. We found each other in this world. I tell you about my feelings because I trust you very much and think that you are the man who will make me happy.
I'll make you happy my dear. I show you my heart as best I can. To have someone to come home to
that wants my hug and kiss, who cares about my day and, shares her day is good.
That makes for happy people that can enjoy their love making...
It was my dream and I hope it will be true soon. I think you want to meet me not less than I.
Kiss you!

Letter 8

Dear Ivar!
I am waiting and I am dreaming for a moment of our meeting in your airport .
I will cry in this moment, because it will from our happiness my dear .
I dream as we will live together my darling, to go for a walk, keeping for our hands.
I want that you will show me your native land, a places where you like to go for a walk and you like to spend a more your time. I want very to be with you my, I want it very much , I miss you.
I want to say to you that I have spoke with my mum about us again. I want to say to you that she have so many happy smiles for us too, she is so happy because we love each other very much, simple she have said me that we will happy with you and she wish us a large happiness together! She see my feelings and my happiness from our love with you, and she understand me that we with you can't without each other and wish us a great love in this time and our future life too!
A hot hello from my mum to you, please, accept the love from my mother, she loves you!
Ok, let me finish my letter. I hope to see your letter as soon, as possible.
Kiss you

Your Nadejda.

Letter 9

Hi my darling.
I simply wish to tell to you that I very much miss on your smile, on your deep eyes. Unfortunately last time is a lot of work, therefore at me it is impossible to write to you letters every day.
But me warms and pleases an idea on that that will be fast long-awaited my vacations.
I very much would wish to meet you at this time.
And you want our meeting? Tell to me please.
You could arrive to me or I to you. Tell to me that you think of this.
I shall wait for your letter.

Yours Nadejda.

Letter 10

Hi my dear!
I am very glad to receive from you letter. Today at us very hot weather, about 30 degrees.
So it would be desirable to escape somewhere from stuffy and hot city.
Somewhere is closer to warm sand and a cool of a moisture. I represent as perfectly to lay on sand and to sunbathe, and then to plunge into cool water and to float enjoying its tenderness.
Every day expectations of our meeting everyone become more difficult, because it is very difficult to me to be one without you. I represent how many interesting and fascinating things we shall do together.
I hope our meeting happens much earlier. I shall try to make for this purpose all possible.
I wish to inform you that I found out on work. I can take some days of holiday in June.
My holiday in a year makes 45 days. Therefore we can see this summer some times and very often.
What do you think of this?
I can find out in travel agency the information of our meetings with you.
What documents are necessary for making for this purpose.
I as well as you dream to hear your voice. I think it there will be an exciting moment.
I can hear such long-awaited your voice.
But I have some difficulties with realization of my call. My mobile phone is in service-center
after I talked on it during a rain several weeks ago. But I shall try to call to you tomorrow
from phone of my girl-friend. I know your number, you wrote to me it in the last letters.
I hope you glad to words which I has written to you in this letter.
I miss you.
Kiss you. Yours Nadejda.

Letter 11

Hi my darling!
I was very glad to receive your letter. Each your letter this unique rescue, in fact I very much miss on you every day. I trust in our meeting and I will be assured that it is wonderfull. I would like to fall in your hot embraces and to feel your strong man's hands.
I wish to tell to you why I could not write to you the answer in these weekend.
On June, 1st in our country was celebrated Children`s Day . This day it is accepted spends charitable actions, to surround children with especial care. But I consider that children deserve from us constant care, and not just in this day.
I very much want that smiles never went from children's faces. And in honour of this day our department of police went on children's homes of our region with the dramatized performances. We wished to make pleasant, to present smiles to children which have remained without care of parents. We are officers of police for two days became actors of small theatre.
It was performance on motives of the most various fairy tales with set of fantastic heroes.
We with colleagues have independently thought up the script of performance.
I should tell to you that children is the most grateful spectators.
They with such attention looked at us, were crumpled, applauded. And the most important, that to us was possible to present them of an instant of pleasure and care.
For us the most important award were smiles on their faces.
And certainly we have presented children small gifts after representation.
I send you photo from these representations and some other.
I wish to inform you some news of our meeting. I hope they will please you.
Today I went to travel agency and found out details of my trip to you.
What documents are necessary for this purpose.
The agent has informed me that there are no special difficulties of my arrival to you, I should make the international passport and receive the visa.
Also she has told that more conveniently to arrive to you to Norway by the tourist visa.
This way more simple also will not demand a lot of time.
I wish to ask your consent to the conclusions of the contract with travel agency.
This very skilled agency. They will be engaged in registration of all documents for me.
Do you agree?
I assured that our meeting become very romantic, I shall present you boundless ocean of my tenderness. I have bought to you a small gift. But it is a surprise, you find out what it only at our meeting. Therefore I shall not speak about it anything.
How your trip? Weather was good? The sun pleased you with the beams?
I very much regret that could not call to you, there was a lot of work.
I shall try to make it tomorrow, I hope you will wait for my call?
I with impatience wait for our meeting, I wait for your voice.
I embrace you strong and the kiss you.
Only yours Nadejda.

Letter 12

Dear Ivar!
Today it is such a wonderful day in my life, because because I have heard your wonderful voice. Your voice very gentle. I listened to it and enjoyed. I have felt that the man at which such fine voice, it is the most careful and gentle man in the world.
I received your letter. I reread it several times and felt that we become closer to each other. I want you to know that I need you and your letters very much.
I like at your picture, you're a very handsome man. You have very kind eyes.
I want so very much to beside you and to look into them! I'm grateful to heavens that it gave you to me, and I'm so grateful to you. That now I have You, and I will not feel myself lonely anymore.
When I was a child I liked very much when Mom read fairy-tales to me. Most of all fairy tales I liked that one-where a prince saved a girl. They loved each other and the whole world was glad for them. I thought I would never meet my prince. But now when I met you I believe that a fairy tale can be real. You lighted up a light of hope in my heart, and light rays of love. I love all this world only for that it gives you to me!
Please tell me more about what you dream of us doing together.. I would love to know.
Just know this. You are with me every second of an hour and every hour of the day.
It became harder and harder because I cannot see you, hear you, I cannot touch you.
It is so pity that we are not the birds. We have not got wings and we have not got an opportunity to fly towards each other. The distance would not mean anything for us.
We can meet in any point in the world. And to fly together to the stars. I think a lot about you and our attitudes. I do not know it may love. But I know that you are the best man whom I have ever met. But I want to know opinion. Tell me about your attitudes.
Yesterday I went to office of travel agency and signed with them the contract.
According to the contract, the agency will prepare for me all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket and to deliver me to the plane. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently I all over again will need to reach to Moscow, and therefrom already to you.
I have informed the agent the information on the airport which you to me have informed.
The agent will develop a route and to establish all cost of travel. Yesterday I paid in him the first part of money, the passport and other documents for travel.
It costed a little bit more money, than I thought and planned. Dear, probably, that to me will be required your help for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have some money still, and also took some money from my mum, but is possible this money will not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for insurance and tickets. It will be known after the agent will develop a route. The second part of cost I should pay under the contract, in the near future. I shall inform you.
My darling Ivar, if to be necessary for me the help, hope that it will not be a problem for you and I can not worry about this. I have informed all of you to news on promotion of our meeting. I hope, that I can soon embrace you my sweet.
I found out on work that I can take in the near future about two weeks of holiday.
Therefore I can arrive to you for the 10 days. Are you glad?
As soon as my documents will be ready we shall decide in what day to me is better to arrive to you. We shall choose day when it will be most convenient.
I never was in Scandinavia earlier, and very much would like to see.
I very much like the Scandinavian countries.
I wait for your messages my dear. My kisses and embraces!
I shall wait for your answer with impatience.
Kiss you
Yours Nadejda!

p.s. I enjoy your pictures. I liked your picture with flowers.
Today I shall go to print out it in photographic studio.

Letter 13

Greetings my love!!!
How are you?
My darling I could not write the letter to you it some days. Unfortunately there was a lot of work.
Yesterday on Saturday in our country we had a working day because on June, 12th we celebrate Day
of independence. Therefore yesterday all country worked that there was an opportunity to have a rest on Monday.
Because of this rearrangement of the working days Internet-cafe in which I usually go to write to
you letters did not work.
Also I should work more a little bit, I complete the begun affairs to exempt my employment by time of a trip to you.
How weather at you?
At us weather today simply magic, because today at us in city very warmly, and consequently
such weather very much is pleasant to me.
I very much love warm weather. At us in city brightly the sun today shines, the warm wind blows.
And consequently it is very pleasant for me to feel a touch of a warm wind on my face and on my body.
You are not present near to me, but I so would like to feel a touch your hands on my person.
I very much want, that ironed my hair, touched my hair, caressed my body, kissed my lips.
I very much would want, that we were with you together, my love!!!
You would like it?
I think, that my dreams will be carried out only at our meeting with you, my love.
What you think in this occasion?
I always think of our forthcoming meeting with you, my love. I think that our meeting will be,
as in a fairy tale. I would like you to embrace, kiss, touch your breast.
But you are not present near to me, and I so would like it!!!
I think that I have found such person who is necessary for me which me will understand, think always of me.
And this person - you!!!
I am grateful to destiny, that I have meet you, my love!!!
Would you like to feel my passionate kisses, and my passionate embraces from my loving heart?
I dream of feeling your passionate kisses and hot embraces.
Sometimes your kisses, both your passionate and strong embraces at night dream me, but when I wake up you was not present near to me.
To me it becomes very sad!!!
I so want to be with you, my love!!!
You would like it, my charm?
My love! I am glad to read your message and to find out, that I can hope for your help in payment of agency. Dear, I feel a little inconveniently because I had to address to you for the help. I always considered myself as the independent person, which itself can solve all the problems. But, this time, I could not consider all and was mistaken that I can pay all travel itself. When I travelled earlier, it costed for me less. But I am happy, that now I have you, my honney, - the person who can help me with a life.
After our acquaintance, at me varies sensations of itself. Earlier I considered myself as the strong and independent person, and it was pleasant to me to feel, that I can care of myself.
And now I feel simply the woman who requires support. But it is pleasant for me, to feel beside strong man which protects me from all excitements of a life!
Dear, I have informed a place of arrival to you to the agent and he counted the remained charges for me. It will be for me 700 euros.
Here tickets, insurance, road up to the airport, payment of services of agencies and some other necessary charges. With me have still remained money, after payment of the first part of cost. It about 150 euros, and now is necessary for me, in the near future about 500 euros to pay in agency the second part of cost of travel.
I hope dear, that not difficulty for you and you can help me to pay this money, in some days, 500 euro in agency. I shall find out from the agent as you can send them it to me.
My dear, I hope, that I did not make to you difficulty by the haste.
Probably it is not planned expenditure for you. If it so do not become angry about me please!
I very much miss on you and I wait for our meeting.
I wait for your messages my dear!
Thousand kisses.
Yours Nadejda

Letter 14

My love!
I strongly waited for your letter. I represented you today. I represented us together.
I will give you one thousand kisses at first our meeting.
I shall try to show you all of charm of love. I want to feel you near since morning to morning of next day. I promise to give you a hot kiss all day.
I shall show you secrets of Russian kitchen. I have thought up a recipe of dish, which I shall prepare specially for you.
We shall have love, which I saw in the dreams. But my imaginations will stay in a secret before first our meeting. I hope at you the patience will suffice to wait to first our meeting. My arrival to you will be a good opportunity to learn each other even closer. To see each other. I very strongly want to see your perfect eyes!
I want, that you would show me all beautiful places, which you described.
I want constantly is near to you!
I have found out from the agent that there are two ways of transfer money in agency.
The first way is transfer on the bank account of my agent. And She receives them in a cash dispense. The second way is probably more simple, is transfer through the Western Union.
She has told me some details, I never thought that probably so quickly to transfer money from one country to another country.
I wish to ask you what way for you more convenient. My agent speaks that she already set of times received transfers for the clients in these ways. These are very convenient and safe ways.
I wish to please you, I can take holiday in the end of June, and during which time it is my choice.
Therefore I can be arranged under your days off that we could lead more time.
I hope you are glad? My noney, tell to me when to me better it to take?

Today I dreamed of us all day.
And I know our love the purest and sincere on whole world.
Kiss you!
Yours Nadejda!

Letter 15

Hi my darling, my love.
I very much miss on you. I was very glad to talk to you yesterday.
I perfectly understand you. I shall give to you the information, you can trust me, in fact I the officer of police and I know that in the world many lie and a deceit.
I am assured that I can to trust you too. I recollect your voice and I represent as you to me whisper gentle words on an ear at our meeting.

Today nightdream has dreamed me in which only you and I. We walked with you on a beach.
It was seacoast, warm summer evening, a crimson decline. And the cool wind from the sea blew in us.
We went barefoot on warm sand and the easy seawave touched our legs. I trust that my dream becomes for us a reality soon.

You asked about terms of my arrival. To me expectation of our meeting is very difficultly given.
Every day to me all is heavier to wait. I want that our meeting was somewhat quicker carried out.
To me it is very lonely here without you. Therefore I can already arrive in the end of June for
the sake of you my darling. I talked to the agent and she speaks that my documents is fine.

If you can send money to her in the near future she at once will occupy in registration of the
remained documents.
As I already spoke you there are two opportunities of money transfer. The first way is a transfer
into a bank account of my agent.

Here is data of her account.
American Express Bank Ltd. New York USA SWIFT: AEIB US 33
Acc. 00743625 B.I.N. BANK Moskow Russia SWIFT: BINORUMM
account number: 40817840914070309071
Visa card number: 4737071505565765
First name: VALENTiNA

The second way:
Transfer through the Western Union. Probably it is easier way, my agent can already receive them next day.
As soon as you will send transfer, you should tell me your info of transfer and a special code (MTCN) which you will receive. And I in turn shall transmit their agent.
First name: VALENTiNA
Country: Russia
City: Volzhsk

The given information to you has enough? Or it is necessary still any?
It is very interesting to me as at you business? How has passed your last trip?
I very much worry for you every day. I consider that we belong each other.
And I shall prove to you it at our meeting.

I simply want that you knew. That you in my heart every day and every minute.

p.s. Today I could not make a copy of the passport. But tomorrow I promise I shall send it to you.
Lovely kiss for you

Take care.
Yours Nadejda.

Letter 16

My Dear Ivar!
You the sole man which understand me and accepts me such what I am!
I am sure that we shall be happy together... I want to believe in it!
My perfect, you are so gentle and attentive that I consider our meeting as a miracle.
Probably it is indemnification for many years of unhappy life!? I very much love you.
As anybody and never I have told about us to my girl-friends. Certainly they will miss me as much as my parents will. I think that we are already so very close to each other as a husband and a wife, But, unfortunately, separated with the long distance.
But despite the fact, we should continue to love each other and to trust each other.
Do you agree with me? It can be dangerous, but I'm crazy in loving you.
Your letters are filled with such a warmth and care that sometimes tears of happiness drop out from my eyes. I speak thanks my destiny, thanks for your help in granting me my dedicated, my sole man, and I hope that he and I shall merge and we shall be happy.

I cannot explain by words as your voice is beautiful and gentle, I am ready to listen its whole eternity. I dream that you whispered to me on an ear gentle words every day.

I understand your desire to make sure of my reality. But me it is a little bit sick and it is insulting that you do not trust me. I very much would like that you trusted me. My darling, since the childhood I could not bear injustice. I never could tell lies to mum in the childhood though it would be sometimes better for making. And I confessed to mum all my children's tricks. And she punished me for my pranks. But already in childhood I understood that better the bad truth than good lie. But I am assured that our feelings will be tested all.
I send you a copy of my passport. There you will find all necessary data about me. I hope you will understand me, but I cannot send you a copy of my certificate of the police officer. It is the service information. And I have no right to distribute it. Service rules forbid copying and transfer of the certificate to other persons. I hope you will concern to this with understanding.
You asked the name of travel agency. It names Volga-Tour. This our regional agency. It also is engaged in the international acquaintances.
Here still some information which you asked.
My agent has picked up to me the plane to Oslo.
Flight info:
Start: MOSCOW 20:55
Arrival: OSLO 21:45
Flight: SU 211(Aeroflot), the plane: Tupolev Tu-154
Common time in a way: 2 hour. 50 minutes
Also she organizes to me the insurance, a trip up to Moscow.

I enjoyed today your photos which you have sent to me.
These are wonderful and very beautiful places. I would be glad to appear there together with you.
I miss on you and I count days up to our meeting.
Kiss you.
Only yours Nadejda.