Scam letter(s) from Anastasia Lozovaya to Daniel (Australia)

Letter 1
Honey!!!!!! Finally I got the passport,I am so glad.
Now they told me to make visa,which will be ready in 10 days.
I hope you are glad.
Thank you for the letter and sorry I didn't told you about phone. that will never happen again,i promise. LOVE YOU Your Katya
Letter 2
Hi honey Daniel!!!!!!!! How are you? I am almost fine,was at the hospital yesterday all day long. The doctor said,I need fruits now and gave me a receipt,which i have to take. I hate this pill at all!They are so expensive...Oh,yes,I almost found the flat!But it is one good new,but very expensive,can you imagine?300$ per month!!!!!
You have entered in my heart, you have found the key to come inside. I have locked the door to my heart. Now it's your property and nobody else can come inside. True love is all I want to give you. I want to lean over you and look into your eyes as I tell you that you are wonderful. I want to see your smile. I want to walk with you and share moments of tenderness and laughter. I want to lay with you and whisper gentle words in your ear, as well as listen to you whisper yours. There are so many things that I want to do. I can not name them all. The number one thing I want to do is to love you. An important thing I need to tell you before I close. You know, million words can not express my feelings. I am not just a person of words, I am a person of acts. A word can not be compared to an act. I want to prove you,I want to show you the depth of my feelings. When you meet me you will understand that all this time is not a waste. You will understand that you are right to trust me. You will understand that dreams always come true... You make me feel special,
Love, Katya
Letter 3
Honey,my only love,Daniel! I want explain everything to you. Hope you still will love me,because I want it really.
Those week,Thursday,I was outside,crossing the street,and suddenly from nowhere car appeared,it drove on a very high speed,I scared but a driver was ***** and he didn't noticed me. And in another moment,I was lying on the road with my broken leg. I was hospitalized. I have also a lot of injuries,livid spots,and one broken rib. I have my leg in a cast. I will have it for 1 month more.
I will spend 4 days more in a hospital. On weekend they let me go home.
I am really sorry,you didn't know it. I am guilt before you,I am really sorry. I hope you will forgive me,honey.
I love you.
Your Katya
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