Scam letter(s) from Elena Sokolova to Gary (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my new familiar!
I am very glad, that you have written to me. I have read your structure, but unfortunately I have not found the information which would like to know for search of the friend. Therefore I want to learn you as it is possible better.
If your qualities appear favorable, we can become good friends.
I want to confess to you, that I absolutely do not have experience of dialogue through the Internet.
I many times heard, that people may get acquainted through the Internet and becomes very good friends.
I not so am rich to dare all time to search familiar through the Internet.
Therefore I am not going to get to myself a lot of new familiar, for me it will be expensive.
And I think my work to me will not allow to talk through the Internet very much frequently.
But my curiosity has taken above me top and I nevertheless dared to learn, that this such.
For me it is the truth it is very new. I even am not able to use the computer in an amicable way.
When I went to school, and then at university, to us almost did not teach knowledge of computer science.
Then in Russia it was badly advanced. I come to write to you in Internet - cafe. To have the own computer for me it is not real because of his price.
To me frequently to have to use the help of the instructor, which explains me how to use the computer.
I have hardly learned to include him. It will be possible for you even ridiculously.
I have not enough friends, I even would tell, that it is few of them.
Probably it because of my work. If you write to me, I shall tell about her.
But not looking on the one as whom I work, I the usual girl and wants to have friends, as all usual people.
I want to share with someone the life. If you the good person, I am ready to share her with you.
Forgive me for my English, I was possible badly I build offers.
I am in a hurry you to assure, that I speak much better, than I write.
I have passed rates of the English language and have finished it is possible to tell them with success.
But unfortunately there badly trained to write letters. Please, try to guess, that I have written to you.
The girl looking for friendship Elena
Letter 2

Hello my new friend Gary!!! I am very glad, that you have written to me.
To tell the truth, I did not expect, that you will answer me.
I think, that and that to you all this simply has already bothered such person as you each day write letters very many girls. Know, I have strange hobby for the girl:
I very much like to look sports. I on it have not enough time, but I like, when someone competes.
Whether if you ask I I know some sportsmen in these or those sports I likely shall not recollect any, though from Russian sportsmen, I know almost all. I like to read books and to look films.
It distracts from daily has put, which sooner or later begin to bother, tire, but in due course to them simply get used and already them do not notice.
You begin to live these daily affairs and when they are not present, at all do not know than to engage.
Here is how time in such time I watch TV or I read books. Other interests at me are not present.
I love animals, a nature and mum. She for me the closest person for whom I am ready on all.
I never nothing shall make without the consent of my mum.
I think to me it is necessary to tell to you about the work.
I work in Law enforcement bodies of the Russian Federation. Easier speaking, I work in policia.
I protect calmness of citizens of our country and the law for me above all.
I have finished Medical University in the native city of Kazan in which I live now with mum.
We live with mum in an one-room apartment. As they say at us in Russia:
in narrowness yes not in insult. On a speciality, I the diplomaed expert in the field of neurosurgery.
I from the childhood dreamed to help people. Neurosurgeons earn the big money.
But I, after university could not find to myself work on a speciality.
And the mother's schoolmate has offered me to work in militia on what I with pleasure has agreed.
Money were very necessary for us. Especially, it too the help to people. It is very complex work.
I the operative, work in a department of murders. I frequently should open very complex crimes.
I think, that you likely now will cease to me to write, having learned as whom I work.
Many do not love me because of my work. I do not know why, you see I bring only kindly.
Your new friend Elena
Letter 3

Hello my friend Gary!
Now I think with confidence can name you the friend. In Russia now it is complex to search for work to be the doctor.
We gradually learn all each other better and better. It is interesting to you, why I began to search for persons through the Internet. I think, that quite might find to myself persons in Russia.
Certainly many Russian men drink a lot of alcohol and very badly address with women. But it only one of problems why I could not find the necessary person in Russia. In many respects my work is guilty. I can not go on parties as it is done with other people. My work does not allow me of it. I frequently come home very much tired and having a lot of time without dream, therefore unique my desire after work to have supper and go to bed. At us in a police station sometimes arrange corporate parties, but at my work there is no person who strongly would like me. And when I have learned from the newspaper, that one woman has found the love through the Internet and has left to loved in Australia. I too have decided to try to find persons. In acquaintance through the Internet it is a lot of pluss. Because in the beginning you will learn persons, and then if he approaches, may meet him, instead of having met him, begin to learn. I would not want to speak much about the work. She not so is interesting, as show it in films.
Sometimes she happens very boring because it is necessary to think till some hours from what to begin. I am held on her, only by that I help people, to a society will get rid of criminals. But I have dream.
He/she is the husband and children. That, sometime I shall prepare for food for all family to play with children and to sleep each night with the husband. It would be fine. But while it only dream, dream to have the person who will help to create to me fine family in which the love will reign only. Write to me. I shall be glad to your letters. Elena
Letter 4

Hello my friend Gary! With impatience waited your letter. Tell to me, what weather at you? What mood? What for feelings at you on soul? What you think of me? Forgive, that it is too many questions. I would like to learn you more and more. At us it is now very cold in the street. For me the friendship very much means. The friendship is communication between people which pulls together people. The friendship does people by relatives to each other. They have one blood, therefore friendship, it not simply conversation with each other and an exchange of any ideas or experiences. The friendship is an exchange of souls, an exchange of feelings. The love she is very similar to friendship, but is much stronger. The love does two people by a single whole. If the person is jealous loved or regrets to him of something is not love. For me attitudes with the person very much mean. And for you? What people mean for you? When people begin to love you how you concern to them? Once again ask to forgive me for a heap of questions. I not so like, when to me ask much. Gary you have things which you irritate? I do not like, when the person is *****. I very badly treat harmful habits. I do not understand, what for someone sells drugs, you see it ruins many people. Unless money cost human lifes? I never use alcoholic drinks and I do not smoke. I want, that my children were healthy. I so want to have children. I think, that human attitudes should not depend on money. Only the love may give a high-grade marriage. You with me agree Gary? I do not have present friend. At me is familiar and fellow workers, but they never will go on victims for the sake of me. They only can sympathize with me if the help will be necessary for me or I shall be in a trouble. I can trust only to mum. I know, that she will help me always. She will make everything, that will be in her forces. I do not have relatives, except for my mum. And now, I hope, at me very good friend Gary has appeared still. Write to me necessarily. Elena
Letter 5

Hello my dear friend Gary!
I am very glad to your letter and can not hide a smile from the person. You very attractive person. When I read up your letter, I feel a small regret, that it was terminated and at the same time I am happy. It is similar to when finish to read the interesting book. Only except for it, I feel something else. I feel, that me pull to you. Gary you sometime tested similar feeling when you pulls to the person? For me it is amazing, as I still at all did not see you. For me you not simply attractive person, you also very good person. I have understood it on your words. I am happy to know you. For me it is honour. I know, that you count me the beautiful person. But I want to know fairly, what I need to change in the appearance? I think, that I am not ideal. I would like to be better to like you. You know, that I live in Russia in city of Kazan. My city is in republic Tatarstan. It is very beautiful city. His age exactly one thousand years. In him lives about one million people. Unfortunately now it was the city in which a lot of criminality. To leave on street after approach of night it happens very dangerously. Only do not worry for me. As the officer of police, I have with myself the reliable weapon and the certificate of the employee in public service. I can inspire fear to hooligans. I never left the city. To travel to me it seems very interestingly. In the childhood, I dreamed, that sometime I shall go round all world and I shall see many different people. But now I became adult and I understand, that with my financial income it to make simply not probably. I can not even visit to have a rest to Black sea which is in a southern part of Russia. I for a long time had to say goodbye to children's dream. It would be very interesting to me to learn more about that place where you live. Tell to me Gary. Ok? How people live in your city? What these people? With the help of you, I can open for myself new city in which you live. It is very interesting to me. You now for me very dear friend Gary. I hope, you will not delay the answer Elena
Letter 6

Hello my dear Gary! Thank for your letter, I was very glad to him. I understand each your word or even I feel him all soul. I have with itself a pistol just in case. Unfortunately, I never thought to photograph the apartment, therefore I do not have such photos. Today I have understood, that constantly I think of you and these ideas deliver me happiness. I have asked me to release from work, not having told the true reason, what for I need to go. This reason were you Gary. I wanted to be convinced, that you have written to me and to give you the answer. I searched for usual friendship in the Internet, but today have understood, that have found something the greater. I have found you and it seemed to me, that I test to you strong feeling. I tried to convince myself, that it may not be. I know about you not much enough and not to time did not see. But my heart, my soul speak, that I knew you all life. You trust in resettlement of souls after death. I earlier in it never trusted, but at me such feeling, that we were together earlier. I as though hear your laughter and I see your smile for which I am ready to give all. My dear Gary, it seems to me, that our attitudes are very serious, than simply usual correspondence. And now before us two ways. If you do not feel, that I that girl who should be near to you which should give birth to you to children and will be to you the devoted wife then we should to leave and not write more each other never. If we shall not make it, will be farther worse, and I do not want to torment in vain the heart. But if, you think, that I the one who is necessary for you and understand my ideas then we should meet. My dear Gary, you agree with me. Other ways at us are not present. Forgive, if you have believed in my friendship and did not expect from me anything the greater. I trusted in friendship, but now I feel more, than the usual friendly attitude. I very much very much wish you happiness and I do not want you to torment with feelings which you from me would not expect. I shall understand your refusal. Please, be fair with me as were fair before. If, you want, that I was near to you, we will need to apply many efforts to meet. I with impatience shall wait your answer Gary. I believe you and I trust. Elena
Letter 7

Hello my dear Gary! I am happy, that you have answered me and have understood me. I also have understood you and I share your ideas. If all of us agree to be together, we need to apply many efforts for this purpose. My lovely Gary, I want to meet you to learn as it is possible better. You also may learn me for that time which we shall lead together if we shall meet. If we very much shall like each other really, we may create family. I think, that the best way to learn each other, it to meet. I reflected much and spoke with mum. Also I think, that can arrive to you. My lovely, in two days my holiday during which I can arrive to you will begin. Unfortunately I have no money to pay this travel. Gary if you agree to help me it to make, I shall arrive to you. I assure you, that I can receive with ease documents necessary for travel as I serve in police, to me without difficulties will give the visa and the passport. I need to receive only the sanction from the heads. I hope, that I can receive him without problems. You will help me Gary? You very good person and I want to be near to you. You of whom I constantly think. We might have good happy family. I really now want to be solved on something good. I want to change the life. I want to meet you. I want to leave to you. I never travelled also this trip to you for me earlier would be wonderful. I want it only for the sake of you. My lovely if you pay my travel, I shall be ready to arrive to you. Ok? You want, that I have arrived to you? Wonderful dream today has dreamed me. To me dreamed, that we have met. We talked very much and laughed. And when we have begun to kiss, I have woken up, because I should go on work. I very much would not like to rise, I wanted to fall asleep and see continuation of dream again. But after that dream, I all day had good mood. Gary, give me the exact answer: You will help me whether or not, to arrive to you if you wish that we were together. I kiss you. Elena
Letter 8

Hello my dear Gary!!! I have found you! I at last have found you! I simply posed in that picture. I have made it specially for you. My darling, it will be necessary for me 480 $ the USA. I hope it there will be no for you a problem. For the sake of us. For the sake of our love. I so long searched, that already and have ceased to hope, and you all the same were found. It is necessary to go to Internet - cafe and to write to you letters, but suddenly you will disappear and appear, that it is all to me only have dreamed... You know, all this time I thought, that I shall write to you, have invented everything, and now when has come to write, I, seem, have lost all words... I always imagined what you as you speak, laugh... You amusing, I look at our correspondence and I understand what to give, everything if only all life, not coming off to look in your eyes... I should you tell all so much, what even I do not know from what to begin... ... The sun yesterday shined, knows, it something was similar to you, same tender, warm... ... It shined as if gave all itself, and all around has come to life, due to his light, and then in the sky the moon and already then has appeared, looking on it, I have understood, that you may disappear, as this sun! I at last have found you! ... And now behind a window of a cloud and all my expectations, that again there will be a sun appeared vain. I am afraid, am afraid to lose that has found and to what, I do not know why so has quickly got used, but you do not worry, I shall not cry, you see you have written me the letter... And all is good... You only know, I searched for you so much, that anywhere any more I shall not release... I have found you! Here just for me air was terminated, but I have found a new way to live, I now breathe your words. I at last have found you! Elena
Letter 9

Hello Gary! My darling, my mood too to become very good when I see your mail. Your letters can be compared to a drink of fresh air. I certainly shall give you the address because you should know it is the city of Kazan, street Zorgie 13, an apartment 80. But I do not want, that you have sent money to me mail. In agency to me have told, that the most reliable and fast translations, through " the Western Union ". You know, what this such? I did not hear anything similar earlier. But it very clever agent has told. At it even moustaches have been tightened up, as at Erkulja Puaro, the hero Christie's Agate. You represent? Whether I do not know this money for travel to you will suffice me. But the agent to me has told, what yes. Unfortunately I have no ****** picture. I shall send you such which at me is. I wish to give you the full name. It will be necessary, the agent, for messenger money has told to me. I Elena Sokolova. The address of bank: Dekabristov 1. Many thanks for your words to me. I very much love, when you speak something about me. I never heard better words about. I hope, I shall like you actually, and not just on the pictures. And still these infinite days off! I so have become bored of you, my sweet, you to yourself simply do not imagine. Very much - very much, strongly - is strong. When all this will be terminated? I die in this **** without you. I simply die. White light is not lovely to me. And this expectation, indefinitely lasting minutes. I look at street - fantastically beautiful sky, stars as if thousand fires lit together, young month, and snow, silently falls, covering the ground an easy blanket, the silence, in soft light of lanterns all looks on especial. But without you. Unless it is fair? When your heart rather huge, seems, that almost feels it, so it is full of love. When suddenly suddenly it would be desirable to speak, tell to you everything, that you feel. And again anything, you as if imperceptible. Why you are not present beside? Simply it would be desirable to nestle on you to feel your force, to feel such fragile in your strong embraces, simply to be dissolved. You think, simply naive little girl about childly romantic representation about the world? No, simply I love you... Elena
Letter 10

Hello my Gary! I so was happy to your letter. I the happiest girl in the world because I have you. You kind, clever and beautiful. You have guessed, that the picture was creative. I wished to send for you something especial. The photo was is made in a sports hall. I very much love gymnastics. I to it am engaged every morning. I am glad, that my diligence have appeared are not vain. I am glad, that you have estimated my works and it was pleasant to you. My darling, I too am very raised. I shall try to pay all at once on Monday as soon as I shall receive money. The clever agent promised, that it will make all very quickly and will not keep waiting. I very much hope for it. Because I burn with the desire, when I recollect you. I would like to shout for the whole world that all knew how I am happy. But during too time to whisper words of love to you on an ear that there was more nobody, except for us. Our hearts will kindle all that snow which has dropped out these winter months. Gary I wish to be with you, favourite!!! I cannot live without you minute!!! I probably go mad, but it so. I love you and is ready to repeat it again and again. That does not happen, I shall love you!!! Now I understand it, how never earlier. To me it is very bad without you!!! I madly miss and I wait for our meeting!!! When I see your letters, I forget about all on light!!! I want to you, the darling!!! As the moon above a wood beautifully rises, painting gentle silver light trees, a snow, houses, an ice smooth surface of the river, a snow field! Pearls of hoarfrost it is scattered magic of night. Stars argue among themselves, winking, brightly being lit has died out disappearing at all. The road which has been generously filled up by gravel, seems weaved of hundreds millions glowworms which nights with arrival get the cheerful round dance a wood, the silent river surrounds and it seems the strict silent guard, as if storing any secret. I today went on road and thought of you, about our letters. I would like to talk and talk to you. But here again day, and again noisy city with an abundance of machines, with a dust and a grey snow, with a rumble of wires and human voices, with all blessings of the civilization, only one has escaped - memoirs on you. Every day your magnetic force draws all more, attracts, calls... I already cannot easy live day without you. My God! Letters... As I love your letters! I love, all you I love. Whether somebody can as will fall in love? I wish to be with you. You are necessary to me. Give the darling we shall be together. The wind of tenderness will sing for us a song of love, and we shall go forward, not looking back back, a hand about a hand, not being frightened by that waits for us ahead, enjoying the friend the friend... And we shall come there where any leg of the person where there live happiness and love where attitudes are pure as spring water did not go, and eternally sing birds and flowers blossom. It will be our small world which we shall create together where we shall give each other warmly and tenderness... It also will be an earthly paradise... A light life in severity of our real life, a life named by idyll, the country of love. If this world knew, how I love YOU!!! You my the best, the most gentle, the most beautiful. I adore you. I so am afraid to lose these feelings. I so am afraid to fall from heavens and to be broken!!! I want, that we with you always were together...
Always-always!!!! Gary, I love you! Elena
Letter 11

Hello my Gary!
You know, I have absolutely forgotten about a difference of time zones. I went yesterday to bank and wished to receive money. They to me have told, that any number for reception of money is necessary. I did not think, that it will be so difficultly to receive money. You can give me this number? I too am very happy, that we soon shall meet and we shall be together. You seem to me the finest person in the world. I have read through your last two letters and have been strongly puzzled. I certainly was delighted, that my document is necessary all. I think, that you meant a copy of my passport. Most likely it that you name Russian ID. I have stayed for some hours, twisting in hands the passport and not representing as it is possible to make a copy. Eventually, I only have burst into tears because of the powerlessness. For me there are a dark room many things which concern a computer. The matter is that the person who helped me to do a photo, has left. One I cannot something undertake. I had to talk to the agent that though something to undertake. It to me has told, that I cannot really receive money, without the passport, that is the most important document which proves my identity. I have asked, what to me then to do? It has answered, that there is nothing terrible if I not in condition to send a copy of the passport. It has told, that I should show the passport when I shall take away money. Then the bank itself will make a copy and will send through the Internet to your country. When they will receive the certificate of my person, to me will give money. The information on me and a copy of the passport will be kept in a database of bank still long time. It has explained to me, that it is not obligatory to me to do a copy as all care on itself will be taken by bank. It has told, that it is work of bankers and they receive the tax for it from sent money. Fortunately, my darling, from us will not be required many efforts. Everything, that will be necessary for you is to know my name Elena Sokolova, my home address the city of Kazan, street Zorgie 13, an apartment 80. This information should be enough. The agent has told, that number of remittance is necessary for me really. Without it I shall not receive money. Further it to me recommended to go to it to agency and to legalize papers. You can write to it on this e-mail:
It knows much. Sometimes it seems to me, that it is the real Ercul Puaro. I think, it would make the big success if worked as the inspector as I. It likely every day would open crimes. It every day deals with travelling people abroad. It has told, that understands all complexity of such travel for those who never travelled earlier. Therefore its main problem to help people on a floor price. If you have questions, write to this person. It can tell all of you much better, than I. Today I am very tired and was nervous because of this trip to you much. But I am am consoled with an idea, that this all to goods and I can be with you, the finest person in the world. I very much waited your letter, and now also thirst to write to you. Know, sometimes I think: that was now with me if I did not know you if I have not learned you. I cannot simply present the life without your letters. It would be certainly much more wonderful, if I was near to you, but to have to be pleased to that at me is, that is only to letters. I cannot touch you, I can not feel heat of your body, hear your laughter and look in your fine eyes. It is very a pity to me.
When I wake up, I do not know, that to me to expect from this day.
Though I know, that it will pass, as is usual, as hundreds other days up to it, but I hope for a miracle. I do not know, when precisely there will be this miracle and I shall see you, but I hope on every day. Hope - our angel terrestrial, and success the award for boldness.
To me very difficultly and badly without you. It similarly to to feel death when there is no air. For me the world around, no has almost ceased to exist, it exists, but only around of my ideas on you. You read the book " Romeo and Julieta ". I think, that too would commit suicide, if have learned, that with you something happens. To me and so it is difficult without you, but there is a hope about meetings.
And if the nobility, that I never cannot see you any more, I think, that my heart at once would stop. Please, take care and be cautious. My love is blind to you. It can sound ridiculously, in fact I actually never saw you. I ask be not dared, it will strongly wound me. Write to me about your feelings is better, what you feel to me? I wait your letter!
For ever yours Elena
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