Scam letter(s) from Marina Isaeva to Risto-Matti (Finland)

Letter 1
My name is Marina. I am 30 years old.
I was looking through your profile and decided to write you because I liked it. I hope we can find much in common.
I am a young lady. My friends consider me to be interesting in communication, kind and sincere. I can cook it is tasty.
I happen good companion in a society. I have neither husband nor children. I have serious intentions about my life.
I want to find a man that I can talk to, meet him and also to creat a family. I am fond of children and I dream about a happy family with the beloved man. I dream about strong relations with the good man and the right person of course.
If you are interested in Me if you wish to see My photos please write to Me on my e mail: because I shall be capable to answer you only from this address and to send the photos.
I hope to find an answer from you.
Letter 2
Hello, Risto-Matti!!! Very pleased to meet you, Risto-Matti!!!! How are you?
I hope that everything is fine with you?! I'd like to tell you, that I was glad to receive your letter ;-) To tell the truth, it is my first attempt to acquaint with a foreigner, so I feel shy, now and then, please do not pay attention to this, ok? I promise you, I'll correct this sad fact in my future letters, may be (of course if you give me a chance to correspond with you. Believe me I have a burning desire to be in correspondence with you, Risto-Matti!!!) It is necessary to say that I made up my mind to acquaint with a foreigner as a friend of mine told me about the girl that managed to find her 'Great Love' not long ago ;-) The point is that she met a good person with the help of Internet. Her friend, David, if I'm not mistaken, came from Canada. They are very happy together. This girl found the very person she always needed. They completely understand, trust and love each other. So Internet helped two hearts to unite in a single whole. It sounds like a wonderful fairytale!! But it is true!! Well, I decided to try my luck too, and I hope I will not lose! I suppose you want to know, why not to find a friend (or a boyfriend) in my own city, in Russia? It is rather difficult question. But the answer is simple - I'd like to see near me a person, who will really love me, take care of me, think highly and respect me. (Like David does it.) Unfortunately, I have never met such a person in my city. Russian men are only able to drink *****, smoke 'Prima' (that has a strong fetid smell, by the way) and cry obscenity 'tvouy mat'… At the same time it does not matter that I have never have a Love story :-) I'll tell you about it, if you will take an interest in, ok? Well, well, well… You probably want to know something more about me?
Am I right? So, let me start… Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce myself ;-)))) My name is Marina, you know. I'm from Samara. I'm 30 years old. I was born on the 22th of November 1976. My Zodiac is 'Scorpion'. And what about you, Risto-Matti? I have neither husband nor children. My education - I graduated Yaroslavl State Teacher's training University. (And which university did you graduated?) Since my early childhood I'd been dreaming to become a schoolwoman. But, you know it is too difficult in Russia today to find a workplace!!! So now I'm a librarian by trade. I work at Pushkin Library which is situated in my town, Samara, quite near my house. I'm fond of reading and, surely, like my profession with all my heart. But it is not my primary activity. I work at home - give private lessons in English for pupils and also from time to time translate some articles, at a price, of course. Risto-Matti, I'd like to know about your activities, ok? :-) How do you find my English, by the way? Are there any mistakes? As for me I suppose my English to be…not bad ;-) Risto-Matti, please, tell me what do you think about all this, ok? Well, what else do you want to know about me? May be about my spare time? When I have some, I prefer embroidering in satin - stitch sitting in front of the tube to for instance discos and nightclubs. I am also fond of cooking. I can cook anything you like, and my friends always tell me that I'm a rather skilled cook. My special is slapjacks with cottage cheese or with meat or anything you like. It is really delicious!! Tell me, please cookery of what country do you prefer? I hope you like Russian one? And what are your favorite dishes? I also would like to know about your free time spending. What sport do you prefer? Are you keen on chess or tennis? I'd like to know more about you to make our virtual *********** easier. You see I ask you so many questions and I hope you will give me the answers!!! It will help us to know each other better. I' m eager to do it, believe me Risto-Matti! To tell the truth I've never been in foreign countries so I will be pleased if you tell me about your country - weather, points of interest, cookery, everything you like, ok? About your family, about yourself - I'd like to know everything about you, Risto-Matti! Unfortunately I should finish here I hope it was interesting for you to read my letter to you. And I also hope to receive your answer as soon as possible!!!!!!!!
Your new Russian friend,
Marina. PS.Answer me please my letter that I could know that you have received my letter!!!
Please answer my letters every day!!
Letter 3
Hello my new friend, Risto-Matti!
How are you? I hope everything is fine as usual?! I was so happy when I received you letter!!! You just won't believe it!!! Today I came to my work place and found your letter! Such a wonderful surprise!! (It is necessary to say that I have no personal computer at home, but fortunately I have an opportunity to use computer located in our library and of course I have a free access to the Internet.) First of all I want to thank you, Risto-Matti for your interesting story. So now we know each other better!! And I supposed it to be a splendid fact! Unfortunately I have to distress you Risto-Matti. The point is that I has caught a cold. Yesterday evening I felt I was coming down with something. It hurt the eyes to look at a bright light, and my head seemed breaking up into million pieces. Spring is an awful season, to my mind. May be it is only in Russia? Endless wind, snow mixed with rain, slush and glaze storm…oh, it is unbearable!! Now I'd like to be somewhere near the ocean…the sun is shining and the sky is clear…warm sand is petting my footsteps…and we are sitting side by side and chatting. It sounds rather attractive, isn't it? Well, it seems to me, I completely lost in my dreams, excuse me, Risto-Matti! Now I take some medicines, but still I have to go on working. In fact there are some advantages - we can keep on our correspondence without making any breaks!! I think that you'd like to know something more about me? Am I right? I hope so! I want us to become real friends and may be even more than just 'friends'…may be. I'd like to tall you about my family. It is rather big on and consists of my mother, father, my elder brother, small sister, grandmother and me. We all live together in a four - room flat in the center of our city. And though it is rather difficult, our family is united and happy. My mother, Nadezhda is a book-keeper at primary school. She is 52 years old. She is very clever and kind woman. My father's name is Aleksey, he is 53. He is an engineer of Gas - distributing station. He is very kind too. My brother, Anton works too. He is 31 and had already got married for love to a young beautiful girl, Elena. They have a baby. It is a girl, her name is Nastya. Nastya is so nice and little that I can not but smile looking at her!! But sometimes, these moments I feel bleu, I would like to have a baby too… to take care of him (or her), love him and surround him with tender. Not now but may be in future… One daughter I already have - my small sister Arina. She is a schoolgirl now. But when she was a little baby girl it was I who took her to the kindergarten, because my mother was too busy to do it. So all the nurses thought I was a real mum. As I have said before we live in one flat all together and certainly it triggers off some conflicts from time to time, but still we love each other and try not to disappoint each other. Oh, I completely forgot to tell you about that girl who got acquainted with a foreign, David with the help of Internet. Do you remember I told you about it in my previous letter? The point is that one of my friends told me that he came in our town Samara!! Can you imagine it?!! Here is their love story: She was the girl at the cash register. And she had a boyfriend. But they were not happy together. Her boyfriend drank a lot and in the end he found another woman to love and to live with. All this drove her to the blank despair. She was crying from morning till night, but one day she decided to forget the heard breaker forever. But she wanted a special man to be with her so she decided to try to meet a foreign. She did and was a success!! First they were in correspondence, then David invited her to his place and they got married there. And now they came in our town Samara to visit her relatives. They are so happy together!! Now they plan to have children!! It is a marvelous story, isn't it?! To tell the truth I envy this girl so much…I long for being happy too! I want to have loving husband and strong family, own small house, garden and a dog. I want to be with a man, who will really love me, take care of me and respect me. All I need is love and nothing else! Oh, I've never thought I'm able to write so much!! Really, even virtually speaking with you time flies so fast!! Unfortunately I must finish my letter to you although I do not want to do it. But I hope we will keep on being in correspondence with each other, really, my dear Risto-Matti? I also want to ask you to tell me more about your family, friends and your country. I want to know everything about you, Risto-Matti, ok? I will wait impatiently for your answer!! It is so romantic to 'travel' with the help of your stories and my imaginations, as if I see all it with my own eyes!!
God bless you,
Your Russian friend,Marina.
Letter 4

Hello my dear friend, Risto-Matti!
I hope I may call you this way?! How are you doing? As for me I'm fine. I have already got over the chill and now I'm full of energy (and warm friendly feelings to you!) First of all I'd like to thank you for your letter!! It was a real pleasure for me to read it!! To my mind it is wonderful that we go on communicating with each other!! You are a good companion! Your letters are very interesting for me. I feel we are getting closer to each other with every letter, and it is marvelously I suppose!! Risto-Matti, tell me what do you think about it? And what do you think of me (and how often do you do it) I wonder? Please, my dear Risto-Matti, write me about it in your next E-mail, ok? Don't doubt your opinion is very important for me!! So now I know quite a lot about you!! But still I have a burning desire to learn MORE!! And I hope you feel the same!! Am I mistaken?! I think you want me to tell you about my interests and hobbies. Am I right? So, about music: I like to listen to any kinds of music - from classical to popular. As for classical music my favorite composers are Vagner, Mocart and Smetana. Do you like classics? One of my favorite compositions is Mocart's 'Fortepiannii koncert na koronaciu'. It is a really wonderful classic impregnated with many feelings - from love and joy to hatred. It always makes me meditate on my own life, you know. From Russian popular groups I like 'Elka', 'Alsy', 'Shpilki', and 'Kraski'. Have you ever heard about these groups? I hope so. From foreign singers I prefer 'Sting', 'Elton John', 'Pink Floyd', 'Cranberries', and 'Scorpions'. And what kind of music do you prefer, Risto-Matti? Tell me about this in your next E-mail, ok? About my favorite movies: One of them is 'The Chambermaid' with J.Lo. Once upon a time there was a beautiful single mother from the Bronx named Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez), who worked as chambermaid in a swanky Manhattan hotel. One day a rich and handsome senatorial hopeful named Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) mistakes Marisa for a fellow hotel guest. The two spend an afternoon together and he sweeps her off her feet. Then Marshall invites Marisa to a black-tie gala, and her look goes from dust cloth to diva. Some time later they felt that they fell in love with each other. And in spite of his being a rich man and her being a chambermaid they got married and were very happy together. Though it is a Cinderella story I believe that all dreams can come true. And also mine!! I hope that you watched this film, tell me what do you think about it, ok? And also I'd like to know about your favorite films. What kinds of films do you prefer - comedies, Westerns, thrillers or may be even soap operas? Promise you will tell me about it!! As you know I'm a librarian, I work with books every day and of course I like reading!! For the main part I prefer Russian classical literature - Tolstoy, Chekhov, Pushkin, Lermontov, Nabokov and Bulgakov. My favorite books are '******', 'doctor Givago', 'Master and Margarita'. And what books do you prefer Risto-Matti? And what are your favorite ones? Risto-Matti, tell me about this in your next letter, ok? About sport: I like sport! It is a great pastime and it helps me to keep my fit. In winter it is skiing, in summer - volleyball. But most of all I love sport dancing and figure skating. I also take dancing lessons - it helps to relax after a hard working day. May be in future I will have the opportunity to show you my skills?!! Do you want it?? I'd like to know about your favorite kinds of sport too, ok? On the whole, I'm interested in everything that is connected with you; I'd like to know all about you, Risto-Matti!! By the way I want to suggest you something. Would you like to hear my voice? As for me I wait impatiently for this moment!! If you want you can give me your phone number and I'll call you as soon as possible!! I hope that you want to talk to me in reality!! I want it so much, you know!! I have a burning desire to hear your voice, Risto-Matti; I hope that you want to hear my voice too!! So I have to finish here. Dinner-time has gone and I must keep on working. Please, answer all my questions, ok? It is very important for me!! And do not forget about the phone number!! My dear friend, Good - bye!! I wait impatiently for your letter!!
Many kisses for you, Marina.
Letter 5
Hello my dear Risto-Matti!
I liked your picture very much. I like to see it.
Risto-Matti, I was so happy when I received your letter again!! When I saw your E-mail I was so glad!! You just can not believe it!! You letters raise my spirits up to the sky!! Thank you, my dear friend!! By the way, yesterday was my grandmother's birthday. So we organized a birthday party. It was rather busy day but to tell the truth it was funny enough! First of all my mother and I went shopping to buy all we need for the festive supper. Then we had to buy a birthday present. It was a microwave oven - my grandmother's live time dream!! She was really happy! By the way the dinner was wonderful too. For the first course I cooked mushroom - soup. We picked mushrooms ourselves in summer. Our forests are rich with mushrooms and berries. For the second course I cooked roasted burbot with olives under mayonnaise dressing, and stuffed with apples partridges with mashed potatoes as garnish. Do you want to ******** cookery?! I hope you'll manage to do it soon. Please tell me in what way do you usually celebrate birthday paties in your family? By the way all the members of my family ask me about you. The point is that I told my family about you. I told that I got acquainted with a handsome, kind and very interesting man with the help of Internet. I told them about your family and your country, and they were very glad that I managed to find such a good friend!! They say that I'm a lucky woman!! All members of my family send their best regards to you, Risto-Matti!! My dear Risto-Matti, I see that we take an interest in each other more and more, and I think that it's a great thing for us. Now I have so wonderful and loved friend as you, Risto-Matti. Do you know, my life became really better after I got acquainted with you, Risto-Matti, I feel it. You are so good friend, you can understand me as my close friend, and it's important thing for me. Risto-Matti, I see that you trust me, and I do it with a great pleasure too, and I think that it makes our friendship stronger day by day, really, Risto-Matti? I hope that you understand me, Risto-Matti!! Tell me what do you think about it, ok? My dear Risto-Matti, I want to finish this letter with some lines, and promise me that you will told me what you think about it, ok?
Discard the monocle, embrace the binocs
Stop the search for single socks
Heat the ***, for two for tea
No longer I, but we Treasured discourse, is your new domain
Of equal value, verse or plain
Banished for ever, soliloquy
No longer I, but we Tire less, when you climb the stairs
Easier now, they scale in pairs
And at their top, you’re sooner to be
No longer I, but we And when to mop your fevered brow
Relief’s pursued, with four hands now
Half the time, to make pain-free
No longer I, but we But give some thought, although now two
To magical times, when you were you
Abandon them not, in their entirety
More weld them to, your new found we
And in this state, forever be
No longer I, but we. Many kisses for you,
Your dear friend,
Letter 6
Hello my dear Risto-Matti!
Risto-Matti, I was so happy when I saw your letter!! Your messages became an important part of me and my life. I always wait for your E-mails impatiently. From them I learn about you more and more. It's so important for us Risto-Matti, for our friendship, really Risto-Matti? You know, I constantly think about this girl who found her beloved husband with the help of Internet. Do you remember I told you about it in my previous letters? I think what a success she is!! She is so happy with David!! He's a very kind and tender man. He has no even a slightest resemblance to our Russian men. He does not drink and smoke at all. He is a good husband and always takes care of her. Now they have a new very united family. To tell the truth I envy she with all my heart!! I want to meet a good person and be happy too!! But since my last unfortunate love story I'm afraid to believe in love. The point is that my last love ended with a tragedy. Let me share my love drama with you. When I finished school I decided to enter the university which is situated in another city, far from my native town. I wanted to feel so call 'student's life' without parents. I wanted to live to the max. So I chose Yaroslavl State Teacher's training University. Yaroslavl is located near Moscow, it is a wonderful historical city, you know. There a great number of different places of interest. I really enjoyed living and studying there. So I entered Yaroslavl State Teacher's training University and become a first year student. One day at one of the student's parties I met a very handsome boy. His name was Maxim. He wanted to be a physical training teacher. We spent a lot of time together at the university and, more over we lived in one hospice. And one day we realized that we fell in love with each other. So we began to date. We were young and full of feelings - we loved each other with passion and were about to marry. Every holiday I spent at my home, in my native town Samara. During these periods of time we missed each other greatly; we called each other on the phone every evening and collected days till our meeting. So 2 years were gone and I did not even dream about another destiny - I wanted to be only with this boy. I remember one day fell out. The reason was mere trifle but none of us wanted to compromise. It was just before the day I had to go home on the holidays. So we did not found compromise and I took the train and went away. My parents waited for me impatiently. I told them about the quarrel and they were disappointed greatly. I did not phone Maxim and he did not too. I was unhappy all this time. But one day in the morning I heard the doorbell. I opened the door and…you just do not imagine it….Maxim was standing there!! He held red roses in his hands!! We apologized to each other and forgave each other for all mistakes. We spent a week in Samara and then went together to Yaroslavl. After this event I did not doubt any more to become Maxim's wife. He made me a proposal and we started to prepare for the wedding. But one day when everything was almost ready for the wedding ceremony, came the calamity… It was Friday. In the evening Maxim went out with his friends to celebrate the last day of his independent life and to say 'Good - bye' to his freedom. I stayed at home, took a shower and decided to go to bed earlier than usual. The day was coming to an end and my happy life together with it. At the middle of the night I woke up having heard the phone calls. It was a car crush…The car with Maxim and 2 his friends bumped into the tree. The driver lost the control over it…. I felt that my heart stopped beating. I could not think, breathe, and live anymore… All my life broke in a deep black hole… Even now when years are gone from this tragedy it is hard for me to speak about it… Oh, I hope I did not upset you very much. I believe that I will meet a man who will help me to believe in love again. Thank you for your sympathy, my dear Risto-Matti. May be you want to tell me something more about you? Trust me, it is important for me. Unfortunately I have to finish here. Today is a very busy day!! By the way my parents, brother and sister send their regards to you!!
And wish you all the best!!
Many kisses for you,
Your dear friend,
Letter 7
Hi my dear Risto-Matti!!
I was so happy you answered my letter!! Thank you for this (extremely important for me) fact that you tell me about you life, your feelings and dreams. We are so close to each other now, we know a lot about each other!! Every time I receive your E-mail I thank God for you!! It was He, who sent me You, my dear Risto-Matti!! I hope our friendship will become stronger and stronger, and once, may be, will have the opportunity to see each other in reality. To speak with each other not by menace of E-mails, but looking at each other… I want to look in your beautiful eyes deeply, to see you smiling. I want it with all my heard, believe me my dear Risto-Matti!! I hope that you feel the same!! Please, tell me that's so!! Yesterday evening I was thinking about one of the paradoxes of interrelations between Nature and human being. I noticed, when it is autumn, Nature is about to fall asleep. Everything around is quite and calm. Leaves of all colors fall on the ground in a strange wonderful dance. And your soul does not feel anything. Your feelings sleep through the whole winter. But not only feelings. In winter everything around is locked with ice. Rivers, lakes, trees, houses and roads are covered with snow. It is rather long period of time in our country, you know. But!!...With the first sun rays Nature starts to melt. In the end of March birds sing their spring songs at the top of their lungs. Streams flow, carrying away with them winter fetters. And human soul starts to melt too. Feelings wake up and new ones appear, no matter. And you start to breathe to your full capacity. You want to live, to love and to be loved. Your soul joins in a birds' song that sit in the trees in front of your window. And your heart starts to beat faster and faster. I feel something is going on in my soul. I want to be tender and gentle, like a cat. I want to have a man to love, to take care of, to be with him all the time and never leave him. Do you want to listen to my favorite poems about love? I think you do!! (I also want you to tell me your favorite ones, ok? Please, my dear Risto-Matti, do it!!) Into the sea
I sailed my boat
And prayed that it
Would stay afloat From dawn till dusk
From dusk till dawn
In search of love
I drifted on What happened then
I don't recall
I think it was
A sudden squall For when I awoke
I thought I died
At the sight of an angel
At my side But lucky for me
That was not true
For I found love
And love was you. (By Britney Brundage) How do you like it, my dear Risto-Matti? Promise, you will write me your favorite poems in your next E-male, ok? So here I have to finish. I do not want it but I have, believe me, Risto-Matti!! My dear Risto-Matti!! I will impatiently wait for your letter!! All members of my family send their best regards to you, Risto-Matti!!
**** you many kisses!!
Your loved Russian friend,
Letter 8
Feelings As I wake by your side,
My feelings for you I can not hide,
I touch your face in the morning light,
Being with you just feels so right You make me feel like I'm a queen,
Like being inside an awesome dream,
Although this is real, that I know,
As the love that surrounds us continues to grow I think of what the future holds...
Marriage, children, us growing old,
And as I lay, with you dear,
I'm just so glad you're mine, you're here. My dearest Risto-Matti! I decided to greet you this way today, do you like it? I want to say to you that I was happy so much to receive your answer on my last E-mail, my Risto-Matti!! I think about you every single day, my Risto-Matti. Every minute, every minute I think about you only, about the things you told me. I wait for your warm messages all the time Risto-Matti, I wanted to tell you about one thing and thought pretty a lot about the way to do it, my Risto-Matti. I realized that I can’t find a place for myself without your letters. I never felt better before! Your e-mails are so important for me, they are a part of my life, they are a source of pleasure in my life, I want to tell you that your occurrence in my life, Risto-Matti, is the best that has happened to me, your messages make me feel a great happiness and pleasure, Risto-Matti. I just want you to know that I am really honest with you, Risto-Matti, and try to express everything I feel in my heart, Risto-Matti. Also I realized the fact that I thought about my feelings to you, my Risto-Matti, I have come to conclusion that we were created for each other, my Risto-Matti. Please hear me out, ok? The point is that some time ago I realized that mood and all that I do during the day depends on your letters. I try to explain…when I receive your letter, it seems to me that I fly up to the sky…I have a burning desire to live!! You know, my life is not very interesting, from work - to home, from home to work, and again, and again, day by day…But now when you appeared in my life, you become an inseparable part of it. Do you remember, I told you once my sorrowful love story? So after it I was afraid to fall in love. Moreover, I have never met a person I could fall in love with, you know, I told you about Russian men. Now I am not afraid. I it seems to me I did it when I met you, my dear Risto-Matti!! Now I tell you with certainty that I can not be without you anymore, my Risto-Matti. Of course I thought about your possible answer. What will you say on it? Does it mean anything for you? But it will happen anyway, so I'd like to tell you about it now. I just wanted to let you know that I fallen in love with you honey! I love you my dearest Risto-Matti! My Risto-Matti, it happened so quickly and suddenly, I didn't expect it, my darling, it's so sensual for me, my Risto-Matti, I can’t be without you Risto-Matti. I LOVE YOU, DARLING! I am sorry for being so expressive, but I feel like I want to scream at the top of my voice about it, about how much I love you and care about you!! My lovely Risto-Matti, of course I could only guess about your answer, but still, I noticed that you take an interest in me too, and I'm sure that I'm not mistaken!! I feel it with my heart and it just can not tell a lie! I do not hesitate any more I'm eager to spend the rest of my life with you!! And it will be the best years in my life, because you are the one for me. I am sure we will be the happiest pair in the whole world!! I truly believe in it with all my heart and I know that when you believe in something very strong, it will happen one day!! So I hope that we will be together one day my Risto-Matti!! My darling, my dear man, my sweet dream, my fairy-tale, in what way else I must name you to express you my feelings!! So I told you everything about my love to you, and of course I'd like to know what you think about all this, my Risto-Matti!! Also, my dear Risto-Matti, I want to ask you a very important question for me, I think that it will be fairly from my side, my darling. Do you have or do you write to another woman, my Risto-Matti? It's so important to me my Risto-Matti, I hope that you will understand me, because I love you and I don't want you, Risto-Matti, to correspond with another women. I want to say to you that I don't write any man except you, my Risto-Matti. I don't want another man, because I love you, Risto-Matti! But moreover I don't want another woman to steal you from me, my love Risto-Matti!! I say this to you very seriously, my Risto-Matti! It will be so pity for me if you have or write another woman, my dear Risto-Matti, and deceive me in our relationship, please, tell me, Risto-Matti, do you write to another women? We must trust each other, ok my darling? Of course if God listen to me and we are together, I will be forced to leave my job, relatives, friends and the whole former life. Of course, it is not so good, but my love to you is much more important for me than my job, believe me!!
Nearly has not forgotten, my full name Marina Isaeva.
I hope, that you too will write to me the full name and the address.
and my home address is:
Street of Green 2-36
City Samara, 443026
Russian Federation.
All my warm
Warm hugs,
Your lady and beloved woman,
Letter 9
Hello my love, Risto-Matti! Thank you so much for your kind letter, it is as always brought a lot of wonderful feelings to me! My dear, my love Risto-Matti, in my last e-mail I have told you about my love feelings to you, Risto-Matti, I was sincere to you and honest, dearest, I couldn’t hide my love to you, it was a voice of my heart telling you about what I feel, because it is so difficult to hide my warm feelings to you, Risto-Matti!! Dear Risto-Matti as you probably remember I told my parents about you and about our feelings and they are very happy for us!! Of course my parents want me to be happy, and they believe that you are the very person I can be happy with. My mother wants to tell you something, I hope you do not object to it . Unfortunately she does not know English, so she wrote the letter and I translated it for you. Hello, dear Risto-Matti! As you have already understood I am Marina's mother. I have honor today to write to you a small letter. First of all I'd like to tell you that I was happy when my daughter told me about you. And as I understood from her stories about you that you are the very man for her. Do you know she speaks about you all the time!! She told me that you are very clever, kind, considerate towards her and careful man! I know that she is about to go to your country to be with you and I really happy for her. But at the same time I suffer for her greatly, I do not want something to happen to her. I'd also like to tell you that our family loves you greatly and want to invite you to our place too. We are eager to meet you and I hope that it will happen soon. I want to wish you good luck and only happiness together with my daughter!! The most important thing is that you have found a new family and I hope that your family will be friendly and united. I will be quiet if my daughter is happy with you and you are too, of course!! Please take care of my daughter! You got acquainted with each other with the help of Internet, well, let it be so. I got acquainted with my husband another way, you know. But in spite of this fact, I see as my daughter has blossomed to a fine rose! I want my daughter to be the happiest woman in the world. You should always take care about each other. I shall be always glad to see you. We are very common people and you may be convinced of it but I always tried to give my daughter all the best and even more. I love all my children and I want my daughter and you to be happy together. Be happy!! Thank you for all you have done for my daughter, Best regards, Nadezhda. Dear Risto-Matti! You know I have nobody but you in my life. I am so happy that I have you. I believe that you are the very person I have looked for a long time. And I am ready to share my life and everything that I have with you my Love!! Darling, it is very important for me!! I want to be with you. I am sure in this fact my love, because I really love you. I told everybody that I would like to be with you. And they were very surprised because you are so far away from me!! But I told them that I really can not live without you and that is why I came to conclusion that we should be together!! I hope you agree with me?! It would be wonderful believe me honey. I will give all my LOVE to you, I promise!! I love you so much, my darling, I'm sure in my love for you and I want to say that day by day I want to be with you as soon as possible, my Risto-Matti, I love you so much, dear, I can't live without you, my Risto-Matti, you are so important to me, Risto-Matti, I love you, Risto-Matti!! Here is one of the most wonderful poems about love, and I want to present you with it: Perfection in my Eyes All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart
And for us to be together, to never be apart. No one else in the world can even compare
You're perfect and so is this love that we share. We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I love you more than I ever thought I could. I promise to give you all I have to give,
I'll do anything for you as long as I live. In your eyes I see our present, our future and past
By the way you look at me I know we will last. I hope that one day you'll come to realize
How perfect you are when seen through my eyes. (By Ashley Borden) Think about you all the time!!
I send you my hot kisses to you my love!!
Forever yours,
Letter 10
Hello my love man, my dearest Risto-Matti! My dear I wish to tell to you that I know Moscow not better than you. I know Moscow very badly. My dear I do not wish to meet there. I learn that I should arrive to you to the country and I shall inform you tomorrow!! How are you doing, my Risto-Matti? I'm doing fine, my honey! I have received your answer, my Risto-Matti, I’m so happy to receive your necessary love for me, your warm words, my dear Risto-Matti. My dearest Risto-Matti, I love you, my Risto-Matti, I love you so much that I can’t without you now, my love, you and your messages are so necessary for me, you are the inseparable part of my life, my love Risto-Matti. But still I wish so much that it be something more then just e-mails, I really want to meet you in person. But E-mails are the only thing that connects us for now. And day by day I realize how great it is that the Internet was once invented! :-) My love Risto-Matti, I want to say that my all my best friends are very happy for us, my love Risto-Matti, they ask me all the time about you, about us and I am not afraid of telling them about our love, because I don't want to hide my love to you from anybody, my Risto-Matti, I have found sense of my life, my Risto-Matti, I love you and I miss you my darling! My love Risto-Matti, I want to say to you that my colleagues at work are very happy for us too! All my colleagues say to me that they are very glad for us. I found you, my Risto-Matti, with the help of Internet. And you are so far away from me. I live in Russia and you are in another country. I wish we were together right now. I want to see you, to hold you in my arms. I would like to talk to you looking into your eyes, my lovely Risto-Matti! Because I feel that I love you. I want to cry because of the fact that we are not together right now!! You know I have nobody but you in my life. I am so happy that I have you. I believe that you are the person I have looked for a long time for. And I am ready to share my life and everything that I have with you my love!! Dear it is very important for me. I want to be with you. I am sure of it my love, because I really love you. I told everybody that I would like to be with you. And they were very surprised because you are so far away from me, I told you about it. But I told them that I really can't live without you and that is why I came to conclusion that we should be together. I hope you agree with me. It would be wonderful believe me honey. I will give all my LOVE to you. My dearest Risto-Matti, also I have good news for you! I want to tell you that one of the friends of mine can help me with finding the information about all necessary documents that I need to come to you. Izolda has an aunt in Moscow who can help me with the information about my coming to you, Risto-Matti! Also Izolda’s aunt Oksana will help to arrange all the documents for our meeting very fast. Oksana works at one of the individual travel firms in Moscow City. It's so good for us because she will be able to help me with all important details of the information about all necessary documents for my future coming to you, my love Risto-Matti. I will call her today in Moscow and ask her to help me with the coming to you, my lovely Risto-Matti! Just wanted to tell you also one more time that I am very happy to find you my love!!! I believe that we will be the happiest family. I love you so much, my darling, I'm sure of my love to you and I want to say that every day I want to be with you as soon as possible, my Risto-Matti, I love you so much, dear, I can't live without you, my Risto-Matti, you are so important for me, Risto-Matti, I love you, Risto-Matti!!!! I am ready to apply all my forces to our meeting. I think we should meet each other, because we should know each other better. The meeting will help us to make serious steps in our life. Do you agree with me? I was very resolutely adjusted to a meeting with you. I will find out the information as soon as possible. I will inform you immediately as soon as I will have the necessary information. I’m so excited because of our meeting!! I understand that I won’t be able to hide tears when we meet at first. Do not only pay attention if I cry when we meet. OK? Do you promise me that? I want to have sensation of your man's hands with all my heart. So your caress is necessary for me!! I want to feel your care. I will try to do you the happiest man in the world! I want us go towards to our love. I want our meeting to be the first step in making our life together happy!! Let's do our life happy and long! I want the union of our hearts to be strong! I want to take care of you; I want to love you with all my female heart!! I do not want that something will interfere with us in our love. But without it, it is impossible, therefore we should overcome all. Our love should overcome everything! Also, my Risto-Matti, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I want to go to the church, I must thank God that we found each other, my love, I hank God so much, I know that God helped us to find you, my Risto-Matti, I know about it, Risto-Matti! My darling, on this I will end my E-mail to you, I will wait for your next E-mails with my great love!! You must know, Risto-Matti, how happy I am when I read your messages, my darling!
Forever yours,
All my kisses and hugs to you!!
Your Marina.

Letter 11
Hello my love Risto-Matti!! LOVE of all my life!!
Thank you again and again for your kind letters! My angel, my fairy - tale, my sweet dream! Oh, I full of feelings to you, Risto-Matti!! My heart does not want to live apart from you any more! I have never thought I will manage to love again!! My love to you is deeper, ****** and more beautiful than one I had before!! But you are so far from me now and there is a great hindrance on the way of our love…I do not even know how to tell you about it. It is terrible, I just do not know what to do…I went to pieces…The point is that…do you remember, in my previous letters I told you I was about to collect all necessary information to be able to come to you? With the help of Izolda’s aunt Oksana, she lives in Moscow? So I do and…all this is just unbearable for me. There are no problems to collect necessary documents to come to you she said; she will help me with pleasure but all the documents and entry visa will cost 400 euro she told me. I was shocked…I just could not find a word, I… You know it is an incredible sum for me. Even to my family…We live in Russia, in a small town. Moreover I work at the state library. And my salary is about 1150 rubles a month (it is about 30 euro). It is not much, you know. It is just a bare profit!! So, of course I do not have such sum of money. I simply can not have it! So, when I heard that I have to pay this money only for paper work and visa I was… it is too hard to put it into words… I was… it was a great disaster for me. I asked my parents if they can help me with money. My mother broke down because of this news. She told that they do not have such money. I knew it of course, but I wanted to try. I decided to borrow money. I asked all my friends and colleagues too but I was not a success. They are poor common people and they do not have such money. My mother told me that I can take a loan from our bank. At first I was glad that finally I found a way out! So I called to the bank and was said to come to bank and to talk to the manager. I hoped that they will help me. But when I did, the manager of the bank told me that it is impossible. Oh, you just can not imagine how unhappy I was. The manager told me that I can not take a loan from the bank, because I want to go abroad. And they do not accommodate people with a loan in such cases… Can you imagine it? Oh, Risto-Matti!! My dear Risto-Matti! It is incredible thing! It is a disaster! My heard is simply dying for being with you, my love, my dear friend, my Risto-Matti!! And what will I do without you? Tell me; tell me please, what I should do then!! How can I live without you, my Risto-Matti?! You are all that I have in my life, believe me, Risto-Matti!! My dear Risto-Matti, we were so close to each other and we are so happy together, darling, tell me, what I should do without you?!! And how will you live without me? Our love is so strong, my Risto-Matti. I can not imagine my life without you Risto-Matti! You gave me the gladness of life! You allowed me to feel that I am loved. And you allowed me to give my love to you!! Who can change the situation now? Only God knows the answer. We live in different countries, you know. I am sure that you do not make both ends meet like my family do. But of course, I do not want to burden you with expenses, no, of course not! At the same time, I have no opportunity to come to you and to be with you, my Risto-Matti! My dear Risto-Matti!! Tell me, what should we do than? What should we do with our feelings?! I have never loved anyone like you. You are everything for me! I need you like breathe!! You made me so happy. I thought we would be the happiest pair in the world. I dreamed about it every moment, every second. I imagined our meeting, our future life and what then?! I have no right to ask you to help me, to put it more precisely - to help us. I know that our love is mutual!! My dear Risto-Matti, I do not have this right!! But at the same time I have no money to come to you. I do not want us to lose our love, my dear Risto-Matti! I do not want to think that 400 euro will be an insurmountable obstacle to us to be happy together!! So what else can I add? We have a choice - to start a new happy life together or to lose each other forever….What do you prefer?! As for me I want to be with you for ever! God gave us such a splendid opportunity to find our happiness! To be together! To love and to be loved by each other! Can we allow this small problem to spoil our happy future life?! What is money? It is just a mean to achieve our aim, and nothing more. And our aim is to be together and be happy. That's it! I do not have any right to say the next words, but it is really so, believe me - now everything depends on you, my Risto-Matti. My dear Risto-Matti! Please, do not leave me to the mercy of fate…I pray… My eyes found the paper
white sheet, filled with signatures
scribbles of names and such
black ink covered the page Front to back, top to bottom
names of those you love
people who touch your heart
writings you had left behind Within the names you wrote
was a message written in bold
your heart left it for me, It reads
"I love you very much" Such a chaotic female
for I did not notice it, until today
it may be just a few scratches
but to me, it was a priceless reminder A message of what I have
deep love from a man
who wants nothing else
but to simply love me Love You, miss You, wait for Your decision,
Very truly yours
Letter 12
My love!!!!!!!!!!
It is good that in this world there is a person to whom I is not indifferent. It is very pleasant to me to know, that we is mutual understanding each other is the most important fact in our attitudes. It is very good for me, as I to meet you in my life. I have not been so happy yet. Nothing it is necessary to me except for your letter and you. I thought of our attitudes and about our feelings. I become already attached to you. I think that we are necessary to each other. I constantly think of you, you have taken a place in my heart. You like me and I think that our attitudes may be deeper. Your letters do my mood high. To me it becomes joyful on soul. I understand that our attitudes everyone become more serious and more serious. Your words heat my soul and heart. You in my heart each minute? My dear I hope that you will help me with funds. I shall give you my data that you could send me funds. My dear I wish tell to you that you can to send me funds through system of remittances ---" WESTERTN UNION".
My dear I shall give you once again my data. Here my data:
My full name: MARINA ISAEVA
The address of bank:
SAMARA , 443001
My dear you should me inform MTCN - number.
My dear 400 euro is 642 USdollars!!!
I very much very much love you and I hope that you will make all correctly. I shall wait for your letter.
For ever your LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS. Write to me your full data!!!
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