Scam Letter(s) from Svetlana Krasnova to Ivar (Norway)

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Letter 1

Greetings! I am very glad, that you have become interested in me. My name it Sveta Krasnova. I from Russia. I live in small city which is on distance of 850 kilometers from Moscow. To me of 28 years. I work in shop. I do not think myself the beautiful girl, but at me kind heart and gentle disposition. Now I live at my aunt as I do not have house. Together with me there lives my sister, her husband and their small child. My parents have died, I the orphan. I want to get acquainted with the foreigner and to leave to live abroad. To me has bothered to live in Russia! I could not receive good education as I did not have money. Now I receive on work of 100 dollars in a month. This money me hardly suffices for a life. I do not see any prospects for a life in Russia. I want to leave in marriage for the foreigner and I think, that I shall be very good wife. I shall always listen to my husband, I shall prepare for him for a tasty meal and to create a cosiness in our house... I can speak in English, but my English is not perfect. But I think, that my future husband will help me to work above a pronunciation. At school I had excellent estimations on English language... I think, that if you will become interested in me I shall not disappoint you... I wait with impatience of your letter.

Letter 2

Hello love! I want to congratulate you on the Valentine day!!!! With day Valentine!!!! I wish you all most good... I think, that this day you will think much of me!!!! I think of you constantly... But this day I shall think of you especially much.. Today in the morning I have woken up that to me in eyes a star the bright sun!!!! It was very pleasant for me from it.... All the day I have good mood... It is very good and pleasant for me... I would like to laugh and be pleased lives... I want to give happiness to all people surrounding me!!!! I very much would like that now we with you beside! But I understand, that it now is impossible and it is necessary to wait for what we were a number some time! For the sake of that we with you could together be ready to wait I..... Though we now far apart I want, that you would feel, that there is a person for which you very much dear!!!! You for me very close person! Despite of huge distance, which between us... I send you my passionate kiss!!!! I think, that when you receive my letter you will feel hot on your lips.... I love you!!!!!

Letter 3

Greetings my dear Ivar!!! It is very pleasant for me, that you have written to me one more letter!!! I with impatience waited for him!!! I still want to tell about myself... My hobby - preparation of meal, sewing and floriculture. I very much love flowers. Earlier I was engaged in tennis. I and now like to play tennis, but I do not have such opportunity. From winter kinds of sports I love skis. I like to go in the winter by skis in a wood. In the winter in a wood it is very beautiful... I like to be on fresh air. To have a rest on the nature one of my hobbies. Still I love Russian bath! I can speak about Russian bath hours without a break! Earlier I carried spent a lot of time on a visit at my grandmother in village. she had bath. I since the childhood have got used to be washed in a bath in strong heat so it is impossible to suffer! It is especially pleasant, when in a bath of you soar a broom. It is simple pleasure!!! With the future husband I shall necessarily go and I shall soar his broom... My grandmother told to me how to weaken the man in a bath so it will be unforgettably good to him. Still I am able to do massage. I even went to study as rates of the masseur... As I already wrote to you in the first letter at me very good character! I very womanly and lovely! I want, that you would answer me as soon as possible. In total you of the most best. Whole. Sveta. My MSN: ICQ: 465379220

Letter 4

Greetings the Sun Ivar!!!! Seeing from you I have understood the letter, that all the same you were interested by the simple Russian girl!!! It is very pleasant for me. I today so am tired on my work! I already hate this shop! I work in a supermarket, in a department of the economic goods. Today I all the day placed on shelfs of a saucepan, detergent powders, a soap and other goods... My work very difficult for me. Constantly somebody is rude to me or tries something to offend. Today I even cried, because the woman with which we work constantly vents on me the rage... She knows, that I of anything shall not answer her and I shall keep silent! I do not want to go there more! I want, that I would be surrounded with kind people which would not do to me is angry. I wanted to be employed in a kindergarten, but me have not accepted, as I do not have education. To me so it is insulting, that in our life the document on education is appreciated more than the person! I want, that you would write to me the letter with the dreams. Imagine, that you the child, distract from difficulties of a life and dream... Earlier I dreamed to learn to fly!!! I represented as I make a start from the ground and I fly in the sky... I fly to clouds, I sit on them and I as though in down! I jump on clouds as though on a swing... And clouds it is similar to white horses roll me on the sky... Then I jump downwards and I rush at reckless speed in the sea... I dive into water, I come up and I am again raised in the sky... As it is a pity, that it only dreams... Sometimes it is very useful to relax and dream!!! It becomes better! Together with this letter I send you my photos.... I allow to dream... Remember, that any dreams can become a reality!!! My body will belong entirely to my husband... On it I shall finish my letter. While my dear. In total you good. Very much I wait for the answer. WHOLE.

Letter 5

Greetings my sweet the man Ivar!!! It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter... I want to tell at once to you, that I do not want to have simply correspondence! I want to find to myself the husband and to leave from Russia!!! I want, that you to me would answer one my question. You want, what I would be your wife and what I would arrive to you? I shall look forward to hearing from you. While.
Whole. Sveta.

Letter 6

Greetings my love! How are you doing? I love you! Svetlana

Letter 7

Greetings my sweet Ivar!!!! I am glad to receive your letter! It seems to me, that you that person with whom we shall be together happy!!!! I today have left from my work shop. I cannot work there more. Now me holds nothing in Russia! I want to leave as soon as possible from Russia! I want, what you to me would tell, whether you want, what I would be your wife? I promise to be lovely and tender with you. I shall be the best wife in the world!!!! If you want, that I would arrive to you you should me help with arrival. I want. That you to me would answer my question! I went to bank and wanted to take the credit for trip to you, but to me it did not give have told that at me very small salary (approximately 100 $ in a month), and at me was not present familiar which could give me such big sum of money. Therefore all hope only on your help! Can you can take the loan in bank? I do not want to have simply a long correspondence, I want to leave in marriage for you! I love you! I frequently think of you. While. I kiss you. Svetlana.

Letter 8

Greetings my dear Ivar!
How - you? You are able to bring to me fine mood and the sea of smiles my sunny day. Thanks you!!! I like to read your letters. They bring to me many pleasures. I want to inform you More in more detail about a private life. I think, which we nothing should disappear from each other. I have some disappointments in Russian people. I had sad experience with the person from my city. It was small particle more senior than I. We have acquainted with it at birthes of the basis of my girlfriend Also liked each other. We have met some time. It was the most beautiful person and has made pleasant Impression on me. But then I have learned, that it has other girl and that it has deceived all this time From me. Now it lives with other woman. To me was very sick to continue his deceit. But I already cautiously address with people. I think, that in Russia there is no any anyone enough many from Decent people. Therefore I have decided to search on me directly for the foreign friend. Whether I the ambassador His history, that there - existing know love between the person and the woman. Now it is very difficult To accuse of it to me to people. Whether I know, can, I to find people to which I can trust completely. I hope, that I have not tired you with this sad letter. Please inform me more in more detail about a Private life? Tomorrow I shall search for your letter in a box. I hope, that you will answer me. Yours faithfully yours Svetlana.

Letter 9

Hello! How are you doing? It Svetlana. I would want that our attitudes developed further. I very much would like it as at me was not present more whom except for you! I would want that you knew that I love you and is ready to wait all the life as I did not meet when such kind and sensitive person as you! I think that you could arrive to Russia for a meeting with me. How you look at it?

Letter 10

Greetings my love Ivar! Today such dream has dreamed me. As I sit one at a beach, time already late. I meet a beautiful and solar decline. To me so it was sad, that I cried. But it is unexpected, someone has closed my eyes palms. I all spoke in dream, that it you Ivar. And palms and were not released from my eyes. Palms were so are gentle also I felt heat from them. I knew only, that such palms exist at my loved the man Ivar. Through what that time, my eyes again began to see the beautiful phenomenon and I have turned back back. You stood behind me and smiled. You have come nearer the lips, to my gentle red lips and we for a long time kissed. Your kisses, were so are sweet that I did not want to wake up and did not want to be separated from such gentle your lips. Then you have told to me in an ear, that you where that should go and I asked you. You did not speak me and wanted to make for me what that a surprise. You kept away from me and slowly disappeared. I began to cry and to shout there was very strongly, where you my love Ivar. A kiss of me once again, present me one more minute happiness during this instant. I have woken up when I was woken by my girlfriend Yuliya. She me has woken that I shouted in dream and said your name Ivar. On my eyes there were tears. Ivar, I do not know that has taken place with me but my feelings to you so are strong that I not can to be more than one without you my love. We for a long time spoke with the girlfriend about you, that such beautiful dream has dreamed me. I not when did not feel like such, that my ideas only about you and my dreams about you. As I would like during fast time, to see you and to kiss your lips and to make sure that they really such sweet as mine dream. This dream, has brought to me and has increased additional energy, for mine mood. I was so is happy and so is glad, that you have appeared in my life. My heart and feelings belong only to you my loved Ivar! How you have affairs? What new has taken place your life? I so wait for your letter as you wait my letters. I wish you the kindest and beautiful! Your princess Svetlana.

Letter 11

Congratulations my desirable and fine Ivar! I am very happy to receive again from you the new letter. It has lifted my mood. All is good, as all from you I wish fine mood. I at all do not know, that to begin the letter, but I shall start about feelings that they in me to you. I am simple and sincere, inform you, I cannot adhere to you feeling more, that I have now to you. Today they in me have been deduced also desire to tell to you. I love you, my dear for me the man Ivar! All life I searched for you and still this day, have arrived. I am very grateful to the Internet and certainly the God, that it has acquainted me with such good and kind, as the responsible and loving person, as you Ivar! Every day I think of you. Day after day, I would like, that you saw more. To meet you during fast time. To tell to all of you actually and to release all my feelings to you. My mum far from me and she does not know, that I am in love you. I know that parents should know first of all about my feelings to you. I would like to meet during fast time you and to move to my mum, to please her and to do its happy. And to acquaint you with my parents. I love you and me not when I shall not forget you. We have found each other. You now for me beloved with which I wish to remain all a life. To live with you in pleasure and in grief. To share with all of you heat up and like, everything, that in us there will be our happy life. I on many times wish to speak you sweet words, to please you, such words as I LOVE YOU Ivar! I did not speak such words many years and I want to speak only to you mine Ivar! But it has come time of me for it, it is necessary to end, and I wish all your friends, and the native allows in all of them, will be good. Happiness and love, and the main thing in a life strong health. Softly whole your sweet lips, yours Svetlana.

Letter 12

Hello!!! How are you doing? At us the snow in the street lays! Temperature of-10 degrees. I shall be glad if you to me write the letter. As you are going to have a rest the days off. I shall wait for the fast letter! Yours Svetlana

Letter 13

Greetings my love Ivar! How are you doing? I am happy to write to you that tomorrow on March, 8. I hope that I will hear from you soon. I think of you like I often do, when I hear the rain fall on my window pane, gently tapping at the glass like your gentle touching fingers. I am looking for you your eyes, I miss you dear. In the darkness I whisper to you, can you hear? I stumble through the room and do not find you. Is this love only in my mind? I go on hoping to hold you, to look into your eyes and know that you are mine. If you could hear what no one hears, if you could touch what no one touches, if you could be near me, if we could lovingly make love through the nights. I like to receive dear gifts. Now I am in city Yoshkar-Ola. If you are going to send a gift that the address: zip code 424000, Russia, city Ioshkar-Ola, Panfilov's street, the house 33, apartment 10. Svetlana Krasnova. I very much for a long time dream about gold a chain and a ring. My love Ivar, as you can send me of a few money through the Western union on the same address, for that what to correct my financial position. I think that you understand me. I shall wait and to hope on your help and love. With love yours Svetlana.

Letter 14

I miss under your letters and I want to see your pictures. And passionate words which I shall dement me. Svetlana

Letter 15

Last days I think of us and about our future life much. I understand, that our life leaves also we do not notice it my love. We feel young and we do not notice, that we already have a lot of years. It can well, what the life goes so quickly? She flows away as water in the river and back her will not return. Me very much pleases, that I have you, my second half, my heart. The favourite man, to which I can completely trust and on which it is possible to rely. Svetlana

Letter 16

Your feelings to me is so beautiful and deeply. You are my dream. I can't wait our meet. Now is late. I am tired and very much I want to sleep. But my dreams will be gentle and perfect because I fall asleep with a gentle idea on you, lover. Of course I tell my parents best regards form you. Tomorrow I shall come to tourist firm and shall try find out ticket and visa cost. And how long is it take to make all documents. But I do not know what is the nearest international airport from you? My love to you became only much stronger and deeply. Kiss you and wish you sweet dreams. Now I must go in my warm bed under a down blanket to dream of our speed meeting in sleep. I write you tomorrow. Very very much love you. Your sweet Princess

Letter 17

Greetings my love Ivar!
Thanks for your words which give me full and joyful smiles on my person. The life is fine, when you live with sense and for the sake of someone. I live to be with you, my loved. But we are from each other so far. But I know our love is strong also we shall be in a place. That did not happen with us, I shall always please you with the warm attention. Today I with the girlfriend went to travel agency, for knowledge of quotations of official registration of papers. To be near to you. For these days as we have got acquainted with you, I really did not feel like such happy and joyful. As you have appeared my life, it is more than me and draws more to write to you the letter. I do not know that occurs to me, but I know that these feelings speak that my blood the love, to you runs. My girlfriend asks me about you, I am valid so is strongly in love you. She speaks that through the Internet not probably to show feelings, to that with whom you correspond sufficient time. I agreed with her, but I could not understand the feelings to you. What is the words, contradict that that we discussed. How you think the truth my girlfriend what it is impossible to love through the Internet speaks if we at all did not see each other in realities and communicated even in alive? My girlfriend does not want to do to me poorly, she simply worries for me. She thinks that you can deceive me the feelings which are not to me. She wants that was happy with you and you did not deceive me. I for a long time discussed today with her when we walked on streets and moved to travel agency. But the Travel agency, has been closed on technical circumstances. If you interests, our meeting with each other? I can learn quotations, for all official registration of papers to be with you. My girlfriend speaks for official registration of papers: the international passport and Viza it to be necessary about two weeks that they were ready. To me will precisely learn about the information, for visiting you. Whether I ask you inform me you want that I have arrived you? As I shall start and do to legalize papers, beforehand that should what problems. I as should be prepared, for an exit of the work from school. That the principal, has found to me replacement for a place of me. I hope that you understand my English language well and you write the answers to my questions. I on ask you to read once again my letter as after that letters our meeting will come nearer if certainly you want it? I do not want that our attitudes there was any disagreement and misunderstanding. My feelings to you and run on my vessels of an organism because I am in love you Ivar! Will be close to my words because all depends on each word of you. But on it I shall be brief the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you. I wish you, it is good to consider my offer. The finest and joyful! Whole, with love yours Svetlana.

Letter 18

Hello!!! I am very glad that you have not thrown me and continue to write to me to such difficult minute. I have got in automobile failure, she has taken place on my fault. With me that has not taken place, I have not suffered. I have not coped with management and the machine ran into a column. The machine has been certainly insured, but because I am guilty of failure insurance agency will not pay the insurance and I am obliged to indemnify to agency. It is very a pity to me, but I cannot make it, I do not have so much money, it approximately 2450 Euro. If I shall not pay this sum till Wednesday next week the court will take place, up to him I cannot leave the country and me can plant. I should employ the lawyer and it will demand her more money. I think that you understand me and my difficult situation it is necessary for me to get such huge sum somewhere. I do not know that I shall do now. I was very unpleasant to me that so it has turned out. At me unique hope only on you my loved !!! I madly love you my gentle angel !!!
With impatience I shall wait for your answer my savior

Letter 19

My darling! I also as well as you with pleasure receive each your letter. But I cannot express the feelings only through letters, the meeting with you is necessary to me, it is necessary for me. I cannot live without you. When you can send me of money. I should pay as soon as possible. I with impatience wait for that moment when we shall meet. That we have met and never left each other. And we shall sleep together, in one bed, instead of as now separately only thinking about each other.

Letter 20

Greetings my good and dear man!
In the first lines I wish on to be interested as there are your business on work and how your mood? How at you weather? Today at us in Russia there comes the most beautiful holiday on May, 9th " Day of the Victory ". On May, 9th - day in which as in a mirror the breadth and greatness of soul of the Russian person is reflected. We celebrate it in own way because anybody another on this ground has not tested, has not gone through that has fallen to a lot of our grandfathers, fathers and mothers. Lives and blood they have paid our freedom, an opportunity to dispose of destiny, to choose own way to the future, the right to speak Russian, protect and multiply the traditions, belief, culture.
Comrades soldiers and sailors, sergeants and foremen, ensigns, warrant officers and officers!
Dear veterans of Great Domestic war, work and military service, workers of defensive industries!
62 years separate us from victorious end of Great Domestic war. Pass years, generations are replaced, but day on May, 9th, 1945 forever remains in our memory. Remains because time not imperously above greatness of a unprecedented feat of people which has defended honour and independence of our Native land, relieved the countries of the Europe from nazi enthralment. All people go to this day in the morning to see beautiful parade and everyone congratulate veterans of war. This day for Russia the most well-known and important holiday. My dear, I wished to ask you, and what day for you on May, 9th? What do you do this day? At you the same holiday? I'm fine, that you I wish my dear. Let this holiday, will be for you beautiful and fine, let the sun shines only in your party and brings to you warmly to your kind heart. Today I have precisely learned when at me there come a vacation from mine works. My holiday will be on June, 25th and I shall start to think as to spend these summer vacations. Certainly I would like that my vacation were spent near to you.
My dear we could as not be to meet you? I can travel your country to you? But I understand all depends on you, whether you wish to be with me. This summer was for me the most beautiful and good, as for you. How you think of it, about my travel to you?
Now I sit at the girlfriend and with pleasure write this letter before a holiday and I shall inform you that this holiday so to spend as all the Russian citizens. I wish you beautiful day, solar mood and I ask you inform me in the following letter on my travel to you. I every instant wait for your new news and I read through your letters on many times. I not when so still did not feel happy as I have got acquainted with you. My life has sharply changed in the good party and I burn anyo hopes, that I nevertheless shall meet you this summer. My girlfriend and its family I transfer you the congratulations and wish you mine dearly and yours to the family, most the best. But on it it is time to me to finish the letter and I should go to sleep. You always in my ideas as the good friend and the beloved, you for me the fine person with which it is always pleasant to communicate. Thanks you for all your heat which you bring to me. Let all at you will be good, warmly you I embrace your desired princess Svetlana.

Letter 21

Greetings! As your successes. I still all wait for the help from you my love! Tell to me terms when you really can to me the help. I shall pray for you and your health. With love yours Svetlana.

Letter 22

Hello! How are you doing? I wrote to you letters with the request of the help.
I would make pictures for that that you have understood that I speak you the truth about that
that I have got in failure and I was a victim of failure. You love me? I hope for your help in money.
I trust you and I would want that you understood that you to me are very dear. The address for Western Union:
Russia, city Volzhsk, zip code 428000
name Svetlana, surname Krasnova.

Letter 23

hello! HOW YOUR SUCCESSES? Tell to me your number of a cellular telephone or a home telephone number. I shall try to call to you. Iiy I should count on your help! Well!

Letter 24

Hello! How are you doing? I understand you that you cannot help to arrive to you.
I have girlfriend Alena which to be in your country. It as well as I corresponded with the man
and now lives with it John. I has communicated with groom John. John have the office of lawyers.
John and Alena know about my attitudes with you, they are very glad and wish to help us.
John and Alena very borrowed people. They are ready to help me money for arrival in you.
I was very glad to hear it. Because of the employment at John there is no time to go to the
Western Union for transfer to me of money for the ticket and the visa. It is ready to call in
the bank and to translate you the sum of money for me. It asked, that you have given me a detail,
your bank the account: the address of the bank, given accounts,
Name and surname of the owner of the account, home address and phone number. I shall inform you
on remittance on your account and the sum. Then you send me this money through the Western Union.
After transfer of money I shall call to you and John and my girlfriend Alena. I think that it is
good idea. Inform me details of your account. With love yours Svetlana

Letter 25

Hello my love! How are you doing? I am very glad to receive your mail. Excuse me that so long did not write as there were problems. I very much wish to communicate with you and to learn you more. But now your financial help is necessary to me. You can help me money as at me the bag with my documents and last money has been stolen. To me are urgently necessary 300 $ for that what to pay for registration of new documents. In a bag there were keys from an apartment and I had to cause rescuers and they opened iaoaee?aneo? a door. It is necessary for me for this purpose 300 $ urgently. I I count on you my love. As to me any more to whom to address for the help. With love yours Svetlana.



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