Scam Letter(s) from Mary Egomah to Roger (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello dear,
Am so glad to read your mail, i really appreciate your mail,i want say thanks for bringing out ur time to write me.i thank u for that it,s show,s me that u have human purpose of contacting you is to share with you some private things about my life,that is why i choose to write you bcos i saw ur age as an advance person who knows what life is all about and who can be able to understand the mistake which i have made in my past life.
My name is Mary Egomah,25yrs old girl.I am from Cape Verde,i am good looking girl that is loving and caring in nature,tall and fair in complexion,i am God fearing.Things i like to do in my spare time are reading,dancing ballet and going to recreation centre to catch my fun,spending my time with love one.but it is very unfortunate to me that i became pregnant when i was dating with my boy friend but my parents did not accept that the boy will marry me as he was asking my hand in marriage but they refused becuase of one thing or the other they said that the boy was not come from a royal family therefore he can not marry me,
My father was neurological consutant in our goverment hopital,he is a weathy man and a loving father, but one day, i was in the school when a message came that my father and my mother was involed in a mottor accident in the city of praia and they died, my dear it was very sad story and ever since then i have been passing through hardship from the hand of my uncle who live in snengal. I have gave birth to a baby boy he is with me,but we are passing through difficulities here, my uncle is treating me and the baby like a slave and he had claimed all my parents belongings without taking care me and the child.please i hope you will not be angry with me because of my past mistake, but is not my fault i intended to marry that boy but my late parents refused and now they have left me alone in this wicked world.
But my greatest joy is that my dad,s lawyer called me and inform me about my dad,s deposited fund in one leading bank with my name as next of kin of the said fund before his death and as the only child of the family.
He deposited sum $5.7millionUsd in one leading bank with my name as the next of kin and i went o the bank to make the claim,but the director told me to look for a trustee who will help me and make the claim base on my status to hand the transaction since the money is been deposited in foreign account.Beside, I don't want that my wicked uncle to know anything about this matter that is the reason why i contacted you to assit me in transferring the fund to your country while you will help me to relocate and be with you and further my education and also help me to invest the fund in business that will profit oriented to us.

I shall be willing to stay and invest my inheritance with you in your country with my baby, if you will be loving and caring to me.Staying with my uncle here is more than being in a prison yard therefore i am now residing in the refugee camp here in senegal bcos that my wicked uncle is after my life. I want you to keep this matter between us to avoid jealous from people,and so that my uncle will not hear it.I need an urgent respond ,indicating your wilingness and ability to handle this transaction and your future plans towards the success of our new found friendship.please remember to send your full name and your contact details if your are willing to assist me so that i will give to you the contact of the bank for you to discuss with them on my behalf.
Hope to hear from you soon and bye
Best Regards



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