Scam letter(s) from Linda Gerald to Gene (USA)

Letter 1
Hi Gene,
Thank you for your e mail and which show to me how you think and understand about me..Baby, i want to tell you that, i can bear with you with no having kid just in as much as you promise that forever and ever you will care for me and that i will never one day think about there absence in my life.
I promise i will treat yours like mine and this will make me always glad whenever i see them....
I just want a good hearted who will promise me forever love and not by cheating on my integrity..I do believe your letter so much..You are such an openminded man and seems focus.
Sorry about your folks..Oh its so sadden Gene..sorry ok and God shall be with you ..Me too i miss mummy a lots and everytime i think about how nice she is...Am just praying daddy should live long on earth so that when i turn great, he could eat the fruit of my labour
Here is my number..You can contact me..
07024032344...Would love to hear your voice.
Take care please and be safe.
Letter 2
Nice to hear from you Gene and would love so much getting to know you too. Have sent to you 3 pix of me and this are all taken last year when i was 29yrs.....i think now i look little bit matured as you can se in my profile pix. You seems so nice and loving heart and this seems making me given you a heart to get to know who you are and feel would be good if things work out for us.Dont be curious because even i felt same meeting such a good hearted on internet but same time believe that truly good and nice men are still out there. Have a great day and be safe. Till i hear from you. Justina
Letter 3
Hi Gene, Words alone cant express enough how much i cherish all of your words and feelings to me but until we meet, you shall see how much care and love i will share with you..I promise you all of my care in as much as i found happiness with you there......I believe in you so much and never think too much about the risk of coming because its neccesary to do this...You are such a loving heart.Yeah am sure of you and have been thinking how great our meeting will be especially right from the airport. Here is the Information you need. MELISA SHARON 84, BASILDON ROAD, ABBEYWOOD....SE2-0EP LONDON .UK.....
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