Letter(s) from Sofia Nevskaya to Alain (France)

Letter 1

Hello, my dear Alain!

Thank you so much for the interest in me, my dear! I have to tell you that I find you a very handsome man but I am sure you have heard it a lot from other women;)

I confess I was surprised, I did not really expect a reply, I just hoped!!! And not only did you reply but in such a lovely way too, thank you! Thank you too for the nice words you said about me, I was actually a little touched (he says a little shyly but happily!). I certainly like to think I am honest, sincere and loving as well as some other things too like considerate, thoughtful etc but I guess however hard we try there are always some people in the world who will not like us for some reason, I always think that a little strange but I guess it is just different personalities and without different personalities the world would be a very boring place!

I can only be who I am and hope that you like that person and want to continue to know and communicate with him!


Letter 2

Hello, my dear Alain!

Thank you so much for the letter and for the photo, my dear! I loved both of them! I am so lucky to meet such an interesting person in the Internet!

I love educated man because education is the best way to help understand life better and solve problems in intelligent and smart way. I love my man to have my similar personality and similar attitude so we can share life happiness and life badness together because life is not paradise. I believe in my man help and advise very much, so I will not be mad when he told me to do the right thing when I feel that I need to be helped.

I think of you with all care and dream of meeting you and falling in love as well. I am trying to be careful and not make the big mistake but if we are honest and true to each other I know we could make the happy life together.

If there is any other reason for your interest in me I ask you please to not hurt me for I do not have it in me to be hurt. I have spent my life trying to do what is right.

Big kiss,