Letter(s) from Vita Bacman to Tim (USA)

Letter 1

Hello, dear!

It is great that you gave me your personal address so we can communicate more privately and get to know each other better. Like me you look for true love , don't you? Some say it is a bit naive but I still belive in true love, I think that without this faith it is very hard to live. I am sensual and romantic I am looking for a man who will be my only one. I will give him my all - my heart, body and soul. I belive that it is possible to live all your live through with one person in love and happiness. I am the only one man woman and my heart and body can belong only to one man. I want to share my life with man who is intelligent, romantic, caring and kind.. if you feel that we can match and make a strong and happy couple write me back and let's get to know each other better. I will be glad if you will answer to this address vikulya_81@inbox.ru .Give us a chance to build happy relations. I will be be waiting for your answer.



Letter 2

Hello , dear Tim!

I am so flattered with your answer!I was waiting for your letter and had hope that you would write me back. This new acquaintance can be a beginning of something wonderful in our lives. I do hope for this.

I am not going to impress you with this letter or advertise myself to you. I will simply speak from my heart to show you the real me who I am deep inside my soul. As you know my name is Vita which means "life" in Latin. I think my name describes me in a perfect way:) I am a person who is always full of energy and new ideas. I love sports and outdoors , I enjoy being in a move and leading a healthy life style. Can you tell me about your hobbies? Do you like sports,too?

I am an optimist , I never give up . I belive that from any difficult situation there must be a way out ! Do not get me wrong, I am a human and like every one I have bad moods sometimes :) But I prefer not to share it with the others. I am a peaceful person , I do not like conflicts, arguing or fighting. I am very close with my family and I have true friends. I do not have a large family - it is just me , my mom and elder sister. Unfortunately I lost my dad three years ago. Since he passed away I really miss strong man's shoulder on which I can rely on. What qualities are important for you in your woman?

I was born on the east of Ukraine, in a small town Belovodsk. I haven't been to this place for as long time but I keep warm memories about it. I am 25 and I am student now . I study History and Law . I belive it is very important to know your past as without past we have no future, will you agree with me? Also I have a job that I combine together with my studies. I have found a job in our regional center, the city called Lugansk and I have moved here together with my family. I do simple job, I work as a hairdresser in a beauty salon , however it brings me a lot of joy. I love to make people look beautiful, I love to see their happy smiling faces when they leave our salon..

I also think that life is not made for being lonely and I want to enjoy my life with my beloved man.. who knows, maybe you will be the one to help me turn my dreams in reality?:) My Dear Tim, I really hope that you will write me back soon and give us a chance. I wish you a great day and I will be looking forward to you answer. Take care and write me back soon, With Love, Vita

Letter 3

My Darling Tim,

I was looking forward for your answer, I feel that I really got used to get your letters and they make me feel so good. Since we started to write to each other.. if feels like I am dreaming!:) I feel myself to be a little girl in love as I am waiting for your letter with such excitement.. I hardly remember when I felt the same for the last time, thank you for your letter and coming into my life:) Your letters really make up my days!

My dear Tim, I want to hear how was your day and what have you ben doing over the weekend? I hope you had a nice time!

I also hope our letters will lead us to a meeting .I feel that through our letter we experience strong feelings towards each other.. I never through it would happen like this! Did you? But I belive that the best things in life happen when you less expect them. I really feel that our meeting was meant to happen. We live in different parts of the world but me found each other in the Internet, I have never thought it would happen like this but i am happy that we have met! I never wish our letters to stop because they are already a part of my life and my day without your letter will be grey and I will feel missing you extremely. You should not think that i am a naive girl that easily falls in love, I am not, but I do have strong feelings to you after all the letters we have written to each other . My feelings to you grow the more we write each other.

I know only some words in English, I can't put them into sentences to speak or write letters:( When i write you a letter i first do it in Russian with my hands and then give it in written form to interpreter who translates and types it for you as I also do not have my own computer at home I have to use the one at their office:( I am upset because off all this, i wish i could have direct contact with you but to get own pc is no affordable for me !:(( I am upset because of my bad English and I think a lot of how I can help this, I need to work and improve my language . I have so much to tell you but it is not for letters , I want to tell you this in person when we will be alone - just you and me. I am willing to find someone who can help me to learn English and start learning the language soon.

My darling Tim, I am happy about our letters and I wake up with a smile on my face because everyday I wait for a letter form you , some news from your side. I wish you to have a great day! I miss you , think about you you and wait for your letter.

All my love and tenderness to you,

Your Vita

Letter 4

Dear sir Tim,

Unfortunately your lady can't answer your message now. Her account in our translating service ran out we can't translate your letter to Vita now. We will do it as soon as the account is refreshed. Your lady informed us that now she has no possibilities to refresh account and answer you but she is very interested in you and would love to continue writing to you. If you would like to correspond with Vita further we will provide you with our price list and help you to communicate with the lady in future. If you are not interested in the Vita any more, let us know about it because we will have to explain the situation to the lady.

We will gladly answer your questions at this contact number: +38(096)8932822

Best regards,

"Second-Half" Top-manager Ylia Morozova

Letter 5

Dear Mr. Tim,

Lady Vita comes to our office everyday asking for news form your side. As soon as the lady comes today we will inform her that you are still interested in communication with her and you are going to help her to purchase our service.

Let me introduce you our service. Our clients have a right to choose any payment option form our price list, either it is unlimited service or letter -by-letter basis. We leave this decision up to you.

One letter price - 5 USD which includes: printing a letter(1 USD) , translation cost (2 USD)Internet connection(2 USD). The price of photos is not included. Scanning and printing photos for you and your lady is a separate option in our service: scanning of one photo- 2 USD;printing of one photo - 3 USD.

We can also assist you and your lady in telephone conversations. Ten minutes of telephone translations - 6 USD

We propose you also to use our "unlimited service" which is a good way to save money while you are corresponding with your lady.

Our option "Unlimited translation" includes only translating letters without scanning or printing photos :one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD;two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD;

Our option "Unlimited correspondence" includes both printing letters and scanning and printing photos: one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD ;two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD

If you wish to talk with your lady on the phone , the price of calls is charge separately and it is not included into unlimited services or any other option in our service. The fees of calls are charged according to our price list.

You can make transfer on your lady's name through Money Gram or Western Union money transfer systems. Your lady will receive money and bring them to refresh account in our service . You will need the following information to send money to your lady:

Full name: Vita Bacman,

Home address: Ukraine, Lugansk city, 91000, Komarova block,21.

You can also make transfers on-line following this link: www.westernunion.com

When your account is over you will get an e-mail from our service informing you about the state of your account in our service. We will be glad to have you as our client. We will be waiting for you to contact us.