Scam letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Gerold (Germany)

Letter 1
Hello my love xxxxxxx! It is very pleasant for me to receive your letter.
I every day am glad to receive your letters.
For all time of our correspondence you have very much liked me as the man.
I even can tell more, you have liked me as the man of my dream.
I even can tell still something. I have fallen in love with you. And I am glad to this.
I am glad, that I could find you on the Internet.
I am glad, that the god has connected us in a single whole.
Now we like each other and it is very good. But our love should be strong and strong.
For this purpose we should be together. For this purpose I should arrive to you to!
But then I cannot make it. Because I do not have visa, the passport for travel abroad.
And I should do all this in travel agency. I already all wrote it to you.
For this purpose it is necessary to have 1300 Euros.
And as you know at me there is no money for this purpose all.
So I ask you the help to arrive to you.
And you have written to me, that you are ready me to help with money for all these things.
I am glad to this. It means, that in 2 weeks we with you shall be together.
You are glad to this? I am very glad to this because I love you and very strongly I want to be with you.
At me now all is good. You have written to me, that is ready to help with money.
Now I mean shall finish now all affairs and to prepare for trip to you.
Health at me very good. In general I'm fine.
And how you? How your affairs? How health?
Tell what at you now weather in your city? At us it is now very cold.
Weather of me does not please.
I want to tell what to me today dream about us with you has dreamed.
I approach to any house, I open a door and I see.... YOU
You sit behind the covered table on which to cost champagne and different dishes.
Approximately within one hour we with you write champagne and fur-trees.
But then you not from that not from this have kissed me.
I did not begin to resist and we have started to kiss.
We kissed for a long time, did not cease.
Then you have lifted me on hands and have incurred in a room have put on a bed.
You started me to undress I did not resist.
But then you understand, what's happened.... I liked this dream, I want that when I shall come to you that you as have made with me.
You want to make it with me? I so want you to see faster.
You have written to me, that you are ready to help with money. And now I shall explain to you,
How you can transfer me them.
That I could start to legalize the papers.
Which to me are necessary to get to you in the country.
And that I could order to myself the ticket in your country.
You should go tomorrow to the "WESTERN UNION" and to transfer me of money.
"western union" is the fastest and reliable remittance in the world.
After you will send me of money I can already receive them through a pair of hours.
It is very good and excellent, because we shall not lose a lot of time.
For transfer to me of money you will need my information which I now shall write to you:
The country Russia
The city of Kanash
My full name and surname Natalya Loskutova.
But if you something will not understand simply go in any bank of the city.
And there everyone will explain to you, if there there is a western union.
In many banks of each country there is a western union. So and at you he should be necessarily.
But your full information is necessary for me too.
Because, when I shall receive your money to me your information will be necessary.
Your full name and your full surname. Your full home address.
Your city, your country, yours state (if it is), yours zipcode.
So I ask you that you have written all this to me in the following letter.
Because I shall require them necessarily. I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
I love you my dear and loved xxxxx! With love Forever your Beauty Natalya! Kiss you darling!
Letter 2
Hi my lovely man gerold! Today at me one of the happiest days of my life.
Today in the morning I have come to the Internet of cafe and have read through your letter.
After I it have completely read through it, That I have felt the happiest girl in the world.
I was very glad to learn, that you agree my arrival to you.
For me it almost the most important because I understand, that we is fast should together.
But as for me your love my darling gerold is important!
You already perfectly know, that I love you!
But I am ready to repeat it on many times in day. I love you gerold!
I have a little more sat in the Internet of cafe, have a little dreamt.
And already has then gone to travel agency of the city.
That all precisely to learn about my fast trip to you in germany.
Now I already precisely know, that I should have to arrive to you.
In this travel agency to me all have precisely explained.
And now I shall write to you all germany. I think, that you too will be glad to learn it.
That to me to get to you in the country to me it is necessary to have some documents.
The visa, the passport for travel abroad, the insurance.
I should pass some medical surveys.
All this costs money. I shall spend not few forces for it.
But I am ready on such difficulties for the sake of our meeting.
But I do not have these documents because I never went abroad Russia.
Therefore I should do them in travel agency.
The total cost of all documents turns out almost 600 euros.
My darling gerold I spoke you, that I have some savings.
I saved this money for a new refrigerator home.
But I have talked to the father. Has explained to it all.
Has told to it, that very strongly of you has grown fond.
Also I wish to be with you beside in the near future.
And we have solved with it. I have made for myself the important decision.
I am ready to give this money for official registration of papers. I have 300 euros.
I do all this for the sake of ours with you of love, and for the sake of our future joint life.
The best variant of arrival to you is to arrive to you by the plane.
I should buy necessarily tickets to you in the country.
I spoke with the manager of travel agency.
And it to me has told, that tickets in germany cost approximately from 700 euros up to 1300 euros.
The price depends on day of flight, from day of comfort in the plane.
But I think, that for us with you it will be better, if I shall choose an economic class.
It will cost more cheaply. But with me all will be normal.
And I can easy arrive by such plane to you.
The economic class costs about 1000 euros.
It turns out, that a total cost of a trip about 1600 euros.
I have already written to you, that I have 300 euros.
It turns out, that your help about 1300 euros is necessary to me.
My darling gerold, tell to me please, you are ready to help me with such sum of money?
I already spoke you, that I was in the hospital at the chief.
And me release from work approximately on July, 15th, already almost in 10 days.
In travel agency to me have told, that documents will be made out about a week.
And it is excellent, because if I now shall pay for documents.
They will be already ready to July, 10th, I will need to buy tickets only.
And at once to arrive to you my darling gerold! And we shall be together always. I love you!
gerold I understand, that it is a greater sum of money.
But believe to me the darling, I do not have opportunity to find such money.
That most, without your financial help to arrive to you.
For me it is very a shame to ask from you money.
But I nevertheless love you, and you love me.
And we should help each other. And after that we can be together.
We shall be every day a number with each other. And it will be always the happy moments of our life.
I ask you to write to me the answer.
Now I shall go for work to hospital. And little bit later I shall try to learn,
As you can transfer me this money from the country to me.
That all was quickly and reliably.
When I shall see your answer I at once shall write to you.
If you will agree to help me with money I shall write all to you in the following letter.
I very strongly on you shall miss the darling.
I was already resolutely adjusted on our meeting approximately on July, 10th.
It is necessary only to me to learn your answer, whether you are ready to help me with money? With love your loved future wife Natalya!
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