Scam letter(s) from Olga Mahova to Olivier (France)

Letter 1
Hello my new friend Olivier. Thank, that you have answered my letter on a site. I looked forward to hearing and now I am happy, that can write to you. I should tell you, that I search for the friend who may support me an ore minute. I am lonely also to me someone who may make my day better is necessary. The one who will please me with the words. I think, that any relations are better for starting with friendship. We all over again should get acquainted with each other. We should study character and habits each other. Only friends may share the most secret in his life. Only the present friends can trust each other. I want, that you were my best present friend. I do not have friends from other country. Therefore I to try to search for the man in another of the countries. I hope, that in the future our relations will be strong and very long. Probably, you to search any other kind of relations, than friendship. Inform me about it in the following letter. I think, that friendship it only a first step in our relations. In due course we may develop more close relations. Time will show. We should study each other. Therefore I want to tell to you slightly about myself. My name Svetlana. I live in Russia. I never travelled to other country. Likely you heard about Russia. It is the biggest on the area the country and the richest on natural resources. Russia settles down from the East up to Europe and consequently the climate here is very various. I live in city of Kazan'. It is small city, but here it is very beautiful. Our city recognize as non-polluting city because here it is a lot of trees and not enough heavy industry. I do not love more city because there it is a lot of noise, ***** and it is too many vanity. I hope, that you agree with me. kazan' is a part of republic of Tatarstan. You sometime heard about Tatarstan. Likely is not present, because it is small republic. I Russian on a nationality. I to study the English language at school of 7 years. I can speak, write, read in English. Though, you may notice, that I should in many respects be learned, that it is good to be able to communicate in English. I think, that you may understand that I write you, but value of some words may change. I likely should inform you about my appearance. At me a harmonous figure. I have growth 5.6. My weight 54 . At me chestnut hair and blue eyes. For the first letter, I think, that it is enough. I yet have not told you, that I do not have own computer. I should go in Internet - cafe to write to you the letter. Sometimes I can not go in Internet - cafe and consequently, you should understand, that I can not answer your letters at once. I need some time to answer the letter. I want, that you wrote to me each day. If you somewhere leave, inform me it that I did not worry. At me to you the small request. Please inform me slightly about itself. I hope, that we may develop our relations. I wait for your answer. Your friend Svetlana.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Olivier. I am glad, that you to continue to me to write. With each letter we learn about each other more. I think, that a bit later, for example in two weeks, we already shall be good friends. What you to think of it??? I want to find the good friend for the beginning our relations. Time will show, that with us will be farther. But we should not hurry up in our relations. I think, that long relations are also strong. I was born February, 4 in city of Krasnoyarsk. Likely you know, that it in the North of Russia. There it is very cold. When to me was four years my family has moved to Kazan' because my father have invited to work here.He worked for me as the military engineer. He projected rockets and military machines for the military purposes. Mine daddy very good person and I till now love hi. Since then 26 years I live here in Volzhsk. I already to speak you, that I love this city. To love what city you: silent both small or big and noisy??? I work as the tutor in a kindergarten. Parents result here small children, and I should look after them and bring up. I teach them to draw, write, I teach children to the alphabet. Children play here, and I should watch, that with them anything bad did not happen. I answer for these children. I also should watch to put did not offend children whom it is less than them that they did not quarrel and that did not talk ****. Yes children here speak and do sometimes awful things, that never will make the adult. I love the work because I love children. I like to observe as small children play and have fun. But I also should be severe with them that they did not play pranks. You to understand about what I speak?? It is interesting work. There, where you live there are kindergartens or a day nursery??? It is preschool institutions. Inform me more about the work??? What it is pleasant to you in the work, and what opposite irritates you??? FRIENDS may share the most secret in the life. I work five days per one week. Since Monday till Friday. Each day from eight a.m. till five p.m. YOU should understand, that at this time I at work and can not write to you. The Internet - cafe from my work is on distance of 200 meters and probably I can leave from work to write the small letter. I hope, that you to understand it. You to have the computer of a house or you too should go somewhere to write to me the letter???? I think, that I should stop. I can write much, but I not a jota to spend your time. I think, that you very much to get tired at work. I am right. Inform me more about itself. Your life is interesting to me. Where also as whom you to work??? What you to like to do?? You to have what hobby?? I like to learn more about you. Make to me pleasant and write the big letter where you to tell about itself and the life. I wait for your answer. Yours friend Svetlana.
Letter 3
Hello my friend Olivier. I am glad to see your letter in my box. Probably you too to like to read my letters to you. I try in my letters to open the soul both the character and my habits. I want, that you knew about me because it pulls together the present friends more. I also ask you that you wrote about yourself because only so I can know more, your ideas and your dreams and yours plans for the future. For me it is always very interesting to learn the new person. Each person is not similar against each other and it does of us individuality and the person. Weather here in this season cold. I do not love such weather because in streets of city the ***** and pools and also blows a strong cold wind. Yesterday ????? here has dropped out and again streets a lot of ***** and pools. Very cautiously it is necessary to go to not be soiled. Temperature of air now about 17* C. What weather there at you??? Likely it is very warm, though I am not sure. I want to inform you more about myself. You like, when I tell to you about myself??? I never was married and now I the lonely woman who searches for the friend and it is possible the future husband. I have no children. I think, that it is necessary to give birth to children only in the event that both parents the husband and the wife want the child. The child is the responsibility of both parents and both parents should bring up the child. If one of parents does not want the child then it is not necessary to give birth to the child in family at all. I want to tell, that I want children and I want to give birth to the child to my husband but only if my husband too wants that I have given birth to him to the child. If my future husband does not want children or may not have children then I shall be agree with my husband. I hope, that you to understand my position. These are my principles. This my opinion and you may with it will not agree. You should state the opinion on children because it is very interesting to me. I want to know your opinion. I also want to add, that I work in a kindergarten and I know, that the child is not happy, when he was not desired in family. I see, what even here children suffer that his parents did not want that he was born or one of parents did not want it. I want, that my children if they at me will be, were always happy and knew, that there are mum and daddy who love him. I do not understand those parents who throw the own children and do not care of them. Some lines about me. I hope, that will give you concept, that I present from myself and will help to understand to you me. About me speak, that I shall easily be gone with people, that well I look and, that I am clever. I can be serious, but I know as to relax. The majority of people would tell, that with me it is easy. I hate to argue and I try to avoid it. I prefer calmness. If there is a problem, I try to solve it quietly and judiciously, without shout and anger. I a creative and romantic nature, but, at the same time, I have a high degree of self-organizing. Life here is convenient and pleasant. But in my life there is no the one whom it would be possible, each day, to embrace and press to itself to divide ups and downs, together to travel, look at stars in the night sky and to have supper at candles. I was glad to share with you my ideas. I soon hope to receive the answer from you. Do not hesitate to speak everything, that you want to tell to me about yourself. Your friend Svetlana.
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