Scam letter(s) from Olga Mahova to Felipe (Spain)

Letter 1
Hello my love! How your business? I have interesting news today. I went with my mum to the mayoralty and to me have told, that all will be ready in short term. I am very glad to it. But also there are bad news. I addressed with all mine to friends, relatives and parents. I could find money only for purchase of the air ticket in your country. But at me it does not turn out to find other part of the sum in any way. Me does not suffice approximately 480 Euro. It just for preparation of all necessary documents. I very much worry concerning it. I hope, that you can help me with this sum of money. It not a problem for you? I very much wish to feel you about myself. Favourite, I look forward your answer. I hope, that we shall together soon. Tickets to me will order next week. I shall be capable to arrive to you for 30 days, after I should come back to Russia. It is validity of my visa. For this time we can discuss much. If we shall wish to contact marriage in the future, we also shall discuss it. I am capable to arrive to you in the end of December. I hope, what you will have good weather at this time? If such money not so difficultly for you and it does not become a barrier to our meeting. Then tomorrow I shall go to travel agency, and I shall conclude the contract. The tourist agent has told, that the contract includes the price of the passport, insurance, the visa, the air ticket and services of agency. Please, do not forget to write to me your full correct data! I learn in what airport of your country I is capable to fly! You can transfer me of money through system of monetary and credit transfers Western Union.
It is necessary to do it in brief term to prepare all my documents and medical insurance. Also my data will be necessary for you to transfer money. You can help me? You can transfer me of money in any branch Western Union to Russia. I shall be capable to receive money directly in we wash city. I want, that you have shown me the native ground. Has shown places where you like to leave on walk and where you like to spend more than time. Also I wish to get acquainted with your relatives and the close friends! I very much wish to be with you, my love! I very much hope for your help. I shall wait and hope, that we shall be together. I love you. And I send you still a photo! Yours Anya
Letter 2
Hello my sweet! I am very grateful to you, that you try to help me with payment of my documents! I should pay it by the end of this week. I have already written the application on preparation of my documents. When I shall pay for documents, my mum will book a ticket aboard the plane. I shall fly to you not from the city airport, as it dearly and inconveniently. I shall enter into Moscow and I shall fly to you from the Moscow airport. I shall inform you the information of my flight after payment of my documents. Well? Today at us bad weather. The strong rain in the morning has started to go. All sky is strongly cloudy. I do not love such weather. I prefer the sun and a small warm breeze more! You prefer what weather? At me to you it is a lot of questions, but I shall ask it at ours with you to a meeting! I think, what at you to me too it is a lot of questions? I think of ours with you to a meeting at night when my parents already sleep. I reflect and very much I worry. In general I do not know, that I should speak you when we shall meet at the airport! This pleasant excitement for me. I also think, what we shall do in our first night together? I hope, what we shall sleep on one bed? We shall have ***? The justification for not a modest question, but I really wish to have with you ***! You will show me city sights? What should I take with myself from clothes and footwear? I think, that at you warmer weather, than in Russia! Well, possibly I have tired you. Please, do not forget to write to me the information about Western Union which you will receive after translation to me of money! And my data for remittance are necessary to you. My full name: ANNA CHRISTOFOROVA. My exact address: Country Russia, republic Chuvashiya, city Cheboksary, Lenina 30-17 address, 428014.. I very much wait for your letter! I send you still a photo! I love you! Yours Anya.
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