Scam letter(s) from Olga to Siegfried (Canada)

Letter 1
Hello my Dear , I'm very glad that you are interested in me.
I'm sure that you are sitting now and wondering, why such a young Lady ,as I am, is searching for her second half and future husband with the help of the internet?
I can easily answer this question: maybe you find it strange, but I've started believing that Destiny and happy chance exist after a long period of being lonely... I want to be honest with you,like with a real friend and open my inside world to you. Loneliness and daily routine are killing me...
I want to find my love! I have never had such strong feeling in my life, and I can't find a convincing reason for that.
I can't say that I'm too beautiful, especially while looking at the covers of the modern magazines, but I find myself rather pretty and nevertheless it doesn't help me in my search.
Maybe our meeting is not an accident, don't you think so?
Maybe now it's high time we opened our souls to the real feeling.
I hope I can fulfill all your hopes and dreams, I gonna do everything possible for this.
Together we can do the things that we could never do alone,but the most important of them is becoming happy. Olya
Letter 2
Hello my new friend I'm glad to see your letter ! :)
As you already know my name is Olya.
I want to tell you a bit more to let you know better for we could start our communication.
I live in Poltava. I rent small apartment there., my birthday is 17th of March in the 1980. I'm blond. I have unusual and very interesting work. I am art critic. I visit different exhibitions, museums, galleries and presentations of young, talented people in our city.
I make my opinion and analize their works. I like to know how each work - picture or monument - was made, what feelings author put in it, what is the meaning of it for him, its history, it is really exciting to know! :) Despite I have one high education now I continue to study at the Institution of Culture and Arts on the faculty of history of Russian literature's development. I like literature of 19th century the most of all. My favorite authors are Tolstoy, Chernishevskiy, Dostoyevskiy and poets such as Yesyenin, Pushkin. I really like these authors !
:) I think that in some way I try to hide myself in the art,to go away from this life, where there are so few close people... But all of this doesn't disturb me to make sports. I'm going in for step aerobics.
And what about you? Do you make sports too? I also like animals and animal toys very much, especially dogs and cats. I've got my own dog! His name is Bax:) I love him very much:) I will be finishing my letter now. If you are interested to know more about me I will be very glad to tell you everything you want to know about me and also I want to know more about you!!!
:) Olya.
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