Scam Letter(s) from Diana to Grant (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello again, Lucky-Matts!!

Dear Lucky-Matts, I see you really want to spend our first anniversary on the sea side and that is why you don't stop our communication. I appreciate your efforts in building our relations and I will try to become more and more close to you with every letter. Last time I asked you to tell me your real full name. I wanted to greet you with your name. As far as you don't tell me your real name I will keep calling you Lucky-Matts. I like your photo very much. You look really great. I like your kind eyes and I like your charming smile. So I like everything about you and I hope that our physical attraction will be always mutual. As I understand you are very soft and tender with women. I see you as a man who has strong character but very tender. I like this in you. I don't like rude people and I don't like to argue. So I admire you for how tender you are and I'm sure that you will always surround me with endless tender and care. Also I want you to know that I will never lie. I don't want to build our relations on lie. I prefer to stay honest always and I will always try to build our relations based on mutual trust, honesty, respect and devotion. As you remember I mentioned how I got an opportunity to go to the sea side. I really studied hard and took part in many projects in the University. I study clothes design and even some elements of landscape design. As far as I'm a student and don't have a diploma yet I can't have a full time job with a salary. But I want to improve my skills and that is why I try to take part in different projects in the University. Unfortunately I'm never paid for my job but my experience in the University will help me to get a good job one day. Of course it is very difficult to live on my scholarship only. Probably you look at my pictures and wonder how I could make good photos. I will explain you. I am a student of the faculty of design. There are some students who study photography professionally. They even have a studio to practice with photos. I'm not shy to confess that I'm the most photogenic girl in the University. So my group-mates often propose me to help them and to pose for their experiments. It is a pity I'm not paid for this work. I'm not a professional model and my group-mates suffer from lack of money the same way as I do. Of course it is difficult for me to pay for our correspondence. But I would never regret I spent as much as I had on finding the love of my life. As you can see I don't make any secrets from my life. I want you to read me as an open book. If there is something you want to know about me I will gladly tell you. So write me next time and don't be shy to ask me even the most intimate questions. Be yourself with me and let your curiosity be a tool in our communication. I'm sending you some photos that were taken experimentally in the University studio. Hope you like my sexuality. And the last question for today, what girls do you like better??? Do you prefer blond-girls or brunettes??

Bye, bye,
hear you next time,

Letter 2

Nice to hear from you, Matts!!!

This is the third letter I'm writing to you after you answered me. I like the stability in our communication. Every time I get your message I feel our connection becomes deeper and deeper. Let's continue this way. Thank you for your photo. The last photo you sent me seems to be the same photo you sent me last time. So I ask you to send me something new. As I understand you are a very serious man when it concerns relations with a woman. I don't like to lie because I know that everything that you hide will be obvious one day soon. so please know I will never play with you. I just used to treat people the way I want to be treated myself. I will never argue with you because we will build our relations based on mutual understanding, trust and respect. In spite of I try to change my life, I want to bring big love in my life, I prefer stability when it concerns my appearance. When I was 15 all my female friends turned to be blondes. With the help of hydroperoxide of course!!!! Are they natural blonds after this??? It is considered that blond-women more sexual. Who told this??? Isn't it stupid to judge sexuality by the color of hair??? There are so many funny jokes about stupidity and narrow-mindedness of blondes!!! I'm too thankful for the Mother Nature and my parents to be ready to change something in my appearance. I don't want to be a standard girl who dies her hair only because it is widely spread and popular. Hand-made color can't be better than my rich, intensive, and even chic dark chocolate color. Do you agree with me??? Don't you think that I look great with my natural color and there is no any need to be like others??? As for me I always wonder why the winners of world beauty contests are always brunettes and brown-haired girls!!! You see, I'm bright even when I don't use any make-up. I don't suffer from the lack of sexuality. When I look in the mirror I see hot, bright woman that was created to make love passionately. I don't want to be as poor as a church mouse. I'm a chocolate girl!!! I'm proud of this!!! I'm as sweet as chocolate, you will always enjoy licking my sexy body curves, and believe me the taste of my body will last for so long after our making love!!!! So don't lose this chance and write me back. I'm waiting...

I'm sending you some photos just to let you know how sexy I can be. Are you excited???

Lots of hot, deep, tender kisses to you, my dear,

Letter 3

Dear Mr. Matts,

this is the translation bureau "English Style Club" writing to you. We would like to give you some details concerning your correspondence with Diana PH. As you remember in some of Diana's letters she mentioned she didn't speak English and used the help of the translation bureau. We are exactly the translation bureau that assists Diana and you in your correspondence. We translate your letters from English into Russian and print them for Diana, translate Diana's letters from Russian into English and send them to you, we scan Diana's photos and attach them to Diana's letters, print your images. The last letter you sent to Diana was translated for her. Diana wrote an answer but couldn't pay for it to be translated and sent to you. If she couldn't pay for last letter she wouldn't be able to pay for your future correspondence as well. As far as we know she didn't get her scholarship in time and this is the reason why she can't continue to pay for our services. We would like to advise you that there is a way how you can stay in touch with Diana. If you have a possibility to help Diana to cover the cost of our services, then we will gladly send you our prices and conditions.

As we have noticed Diana is very interested to continue your correspondence. We ask you to answer this letter the nearest future in order to inform Diana will you continue your communication or not.

Sincerely yours,
office manager
of the translation bureau
"English style club",
Kristina Shvec.



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