Scam letter(s) from Tamara Lezhnina to Dameon (USA)

Letter 1

Hi my dear Dameon!!!!! How your affairs the lovely friend???? How your mood today????? How is the weather at you????
How your precious health?? I hope that all at you well and from the bottom of the heart I wish you this fine day day of our acquaintance of all most best!
My lovely friend I am very glad to ours with you to acquaintance!!!!! It was very pleasant for me to receive your letter! I hope that in following your letter to me I shall see your new photos!!!!
My lovely friend I want to tell to you a little about myself. As you already know my name is Irina!!! To me 26 years shortly will be 27. I from II?cOO I live in the small city of Cheboksary which is approximately in 8 - kilometers from capital of Russia of the city of Moscow!!!!! I the lonely woman which dream to find the love to create family to be loved and happy!!!! It seems to me that it is dream of any woman!!! I was never married and I have no children!!!!
Last my attitudes with the man were 2 years ago!!! So it has turned out that at us has not developed with it.
For me the most important in attitudes with the man this trust honesty. I do not love lie!!!
I have the work I have many friends but I have no loved the man. Believe me that lonely it to be very difficult.
My lovely friend I want to set for you some questions!!! Where do you live???
With whom you live???
You when or have been married?
What your hobby????
I the various person and at me was a lot of hobbies!!! I as well as each woman love the house a cosiness!! I like to spend time on kitchen in preparation of tasty food!!!
I love the nature music of travel.
My lovely friend I hope to receive answers to my questions!! I shall be very happy to answer you all your questions!!!!!
I want to study you as it is possible closely and better!
With the big impatience I shall wait for your letter and a new photo!!!!
With weight of best regards Irina!!
Letter 2

Hi my dear!!!!!! Hi my love Dameon!!!!!! How you my pleasure??? How your affairs my love??? How your mood today my fine prince??
My love I very much very strongly missed on you and waited for that moment when at last I can reach cafe the Internet to receive your fine letter!!!!
My love I so is happy to see your letter!!! My soul is pleased also my person the smile lights up!!!!
My love I love you!!!!!!!
My lovely I'm fine!!!! Today I had heavy difficult day on work!!!!!!!! To me one has come very opposite the man and it was not pleasant to it as I has cut it!!!!!!!
My love imagine I has taken from him only 30 roubles for a hairstyle and it still half an hour was indignant that it very dearly!!!!!!! This the man has spoiled to me mood!!!!!!
My love I so is happy that I have you!!!!!!!!! Now I am very glad and happy to sit and write for you!!!!!!!
When I have seen your letter at me there was a good mood!!!!!
My love I very much love you and I want to be with you!!!!!!
My love now I want to go in shop of household chemical goods to me it is necessary to buy some means for stacking hair for my work!!!!!
My love I love you!!!!
I want to be with you!!!!
You always in my ideas!!!!!!!
You are necessary for me!!!!!!
My mum asked to send the regards for you and weight of the best regards!!!!
Yours and only yours with sincere love to you IRINA!!!!
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