Letter(s) from Susan Plets to Alain (France)

Letter 1

Hello, Alain

Thank you so much for writing me. Your message was good, I like it and I hope to know and see some more of you. Alain, I liked your photo as well, you have a very warm smile:-) And this shirt suits you so much:-) You're such an intelligent and interesting man (I feel it), and I would love to get acquainted with you in real life someday.

Let me tell you a little about me? As you already know, my name is Oxana, from Ukraine, I am living in the city Antratsyt. It is a small city but very interesting. Actually the city of miners.

I work as a secretary of one of the managers of the local weaving-mill, never married before, no kids. Family? Ok, I live with my father and my step-mother. My real mother died when giving birth to me. It happened October, 31, 1980, 26 years ago. I didn't knew her at all:-(((( It was difficult for both of us, dad and me, when I was growing up. Very often I needed mother's advice, or just simple talk, but ..... Dad tried to replace her, but he couldn't do it, it was out of his power... When I became older, I started understand that my dad is lonely. He gave all him to me, but we both understood that soon the time would came and I would have to leave my home for having my own.... Two years ago, he met a wonderful woman..... They married, and now he is so happy with Ludmila, my step-mother. She is 45 and has no own kids, God didn't gave her this opportunity. She treats me like her own, but sometimes I feel .... jealous for their happiness. I tried to arrange my life with local men, but I feel they are not for me. Most of them do not want to marry at all, they are afraid of responsibility. Some of them are drunker. In one word, I decided to try, maybe foreign men are different. Now I feel that I didn't mistake - none of our men would never told me so many warm words as you did:-)

Tell me please some little more about you? What are you looking for in a woman? Are you planing to have kids one day? What are your interests? And what do you like the best in your life? What could bring you happy mood every day?

Just tell me everything you think I should know about you.
Before I leave here, I want to thank you for reading this letter.
My best wishes to you!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon, Oxana.