Scam Letter(s) from Nelya Esjikova to Alain (France)

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Letter 1

Hello, my dear Alain !

Thank you so ever greatly for your first letter!Don't worry I am lower then you. So, let's start our communication that, I hope, will become more than just friendship. Perhaps it's necessary to start from my appearance. Of course you can observe me according to my photos, but I think I should tell you about it myself. I'm a brunette, but my hair are light-brown. My eyes seem to be dark like two shining ambers. They radiate passion and love that come from my heart and fill the whole body! I'm a source of love, tenderness and emotions! I like to show my feeling and express everything that I feel because I have very rich sexual energy! I can be an incredible lover and I'll show my darling the most sensual passion in the world!!! I'm 25 years old and I think it's the time to become happy. But I'm such a person who doesn't want to be happy in loneliness. I like to give happiness! I become really happy when I see that my sweetheart smiles and laughs! I live for people who appreciate me and love! I think we should feel each other on the spiritual level and penetrate into each other deeply and melt without a remainder, like ice-cream under the sunshine! I have many hobbies that make my life bright and interesting. I like to make art photos, but I'm not a model. I just enjoy when I can create some tempting image or character. I collect photos of nature, flowers, beautiful bodies and different unreal images. It helps me to understand the world better! Also I'm keen on reading literature about eastern culture. I think it's a top of the perfect culture! So many wise customs, the most graceful women and so on. My dream is to become the best woman, wife, mother and lover in the world. And I improve my qualities and senses and try to find a man, who will appreciate me.

Actually I'm look for a man in the Internet because in my country it's very difficult to make a right choice. Because of the abundance of the beautiful women in Ukraine, men became totally spoilt and don't look at the inner world of the woman. They just see outward beauty and try to use it. But I want to have relationship with a man, whom I will love and our union will continue for a long time, not for a couple of years. My man should be wise, intelligent, tender, but courageous. I think you are such a man and soon we will understand that we can't live without each other! I wish it!

I'm longing to hear from you soon!
Kiss you tenderly!
Your Nelly



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