Scam letter(s) from Marina to Steve (UK)

Letter 1
Morning my dear! I am glad that I overcome all the obstacles and now I am here and I promised to myself that I would do the best from my side to find my man. My name is Marina and I am 27. I live in a very picturesque place. It is the Eastern part of Ukraine. I hope that you know something about my country and about the Ukrainian traditions. If you want I will be like a guide for you. It is not difficult for me because my job connects with this. I am a guide here in Stakhanov area, Lugansk region. I know all the historical places here and if you will be able to come here one day you will be amazed by its beauty in spite of the poverty outside. I always can see the inner beauty and I know that first impression can be wrong and the truth lays a little bit deeper. I hope that you will agree with me. So you see I try to find my man and to be able to create stable relations with man which would be based on mutual understanding, respect, honesty and of course Love. :) Guess, you will like this my short letter to you. I will wait for your reply because I hope that you will like to know more about me. I will gladly answer all you questions. Hope to hear you soon because you seem to be a special man. Your news I will be waiting at this address Your waiting Marina.
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