Scam letter(s) from Evgenia Skripwitsowa to Ed (USA)

Letter 1
Hello my friend. We very much far apart, but I hope it will not prevent our dialogue. If we shall grow fond each other I shall arrive to you to the USA. I very like travel. How are you? Thanks that you written to me. I very much hoped that you will answer my letter. It is important for me. I hope our correspondence gives us good chance of the joint future. I wish to find the friend, maybe loved man. We shall understand it together after our correspondence. I wish to tell to you about myself. I hope you can imagine my life and my character. So, I'am 35 years old. My birthday on March, 20th. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. You can see it in my photo. My growth of 170 centimeters (5,6 foots) my weight of 52 kgs (115 pounds). Probably you have question: why this beauty does not marry in Russia :) Certainly, I can marry in Russia, but Russian men are very thoughtless. I had earlier boyfriend and to have serious mutual relations, but it always came to an end badly. My first boyfriend did not like children. He spoke - children too big cargo. I asked him "What for you live?" And he could not answer at once. His eyes were empty. Another boyfriend "loved" alcohol. I told him: choose, I or bottle. He told, that freedom for him above all. We had to parting. It is very sad. My third boyfriend told that he cannot be only with one woman and for him it is necessary to meet other women. I to slap him face him also have left. I disappointed in Russian men. There can be I cannot find love. Why my beauty involves different scum? Now I have decided to find men from other country. And I am disappointed in men younger age. I wish to begin mutual relations with man elders age. I would want that you knew, distinction of age does not frighten off you. I specially search man elders age and consequently I have written to you. I hope you do not object to correspond with the woman of young age. My daddy the military man and consequently our family travelled across Russia much. We lived in the city of Rostov, Saratov. I wish to search the way in life. Now I live in city St. Petersburg. My friend assist me to find work in this city. St. Petersburg it is very big city. As in any city here there are poor and rich people. Here it is enough opportunities. I work seller in cosmetic firm. It complex and responsible work, but I not be afraid of responsibility. Around of me a lot of men, but I see them inside out. Bar, revelry, bed, and in morning bye-bye! It not for me. I wish to find love! I hope, what you can understand my letters? It Not a problem for you? Inform me?!!! I know English a little. I write to you from the Internet-cafe. I can write to you 2-3 times to a week. I hope my letter does not frighten off you. I want what you knew my character and my course of life. Now I have some questions for you. Tell me about your life. Tell to me about your city. It is very interesting to me. You have children? If you have children that it not a problem for me. I very much to love children. I do not know, wish I have children now or not. I have no children. You were married? You sometime corresponded with girls from other countries? What you still wish to know about me? Do not forget that I not so well to speak English. Maybe I cannot understand some words. I hope to receive your answer soon.
On my pic img_5... img_8 to me of 27 years. Then I worked in a motor show. Therefore in the pic it is a lot of cars. In a picture img_0094 at the left my father. The picture in a bathing suit has been made two years ago in Sochi. The picture img_0013 and img_0012 is my modern photos. Now I look so. I have many other photos, but I to send you it in other letters. Ok? Anastasia P.s. I can be destroying volcano or fond kitten. It depends on you.
Only joke :)))
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