Scam letter(s) from Natalia Serapionova to Chris (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend! How are you?
I have received your letter and is very grateful to you for it! I am very much worry, and I do not know from what to me to start, as I get acquainted with the man on the Internet for the first time! I think, that I know English well, but sometimes I can do mistakes :)
I hope, that my English will be understanding to you! I think, that we need to learn better
each other! Now I shall tell to you a little about myself :
I very much like to go in for sports, and also due to sports my figure always is in the fine form!
I jogs and do my morning exercises every morning before work. During free time from work I go to the swimming - pool or I am engaged in fitness together with my girlfriends.
Sometimes we go to the cinema or in theatre. Also I very much like to read books.
I have received love to reading books, when studied in the Institute. I prefer to read classics, but sometimes I read also detectives of modern writers.
I have some questions to you chris ,if you will try to answer them, probably it will give me
the little bit greater representation about you as about the person!
Tell me, please, as you spend your free time? Do you go in for sports?
What literature do you prefer to read?
Do you like to go to the cinema and in theatre? Do you love animals?
Please, tell to me in more detail about yourself, about your hobbies!
I think, that it will allow us to learn better each other!
If you have received my letter I with impatience shall wait for the letter from you!
I wish you good day and fine mood!
Your new friend Natasha from Russia.
Letter 2
I am very glad, that you have answered my letter and have sent me the answer.
You seem to me very kind and romantic person. I am very glad, that we have got acquainted with you. Also I am very glad to that at us much in common.
With the help of our correspondence, I think we learn each other better.
I want to tell at once to you that I do not concern to that type of people about which you speak.
And about my age, I think that for love all age are obedient. And now I want to tell to you a little about myself: I very sociable, but at the same time little bit modest because mum brought up me as the clever and intelligent girl. I am very responsible person also do not like to postpone the affairs on then!Also I very much like to go in for sports, in the childhood I was engaged in sports gymnastics, but our trainer have left abroad and we had to leave this kind of sports. But I do not regret that my career of sports has not taken place.
As people say: " That is not done, to the best ". I have received the supreme pedagogical education. And now I work as the teacher in a kindergarten and very much I love my profession. All children who go to my group, became me darling, I love them as own children. And I think, that and should be, who will replace their mum and daddy, while their parents on work. I feel, that they too love me, when they come in the morning in kindergarten, I do not have any words to transfer, that I feel, when they with smiles on their faces run up to me and start all me to embrace.But unfortunately, own children at me while are not present, because I have not found the man of the life. I met with one guy within 2 years, but appeared, that he did not love me, I have found him in one bed with other girl, and we have left. I am in loneliness within 3 years also cannot find the partner in life. I think, that in Russia I cannot find such person because almost all men in our country use alcohol much, and those who does not use alcohol, use drugs. Therefore I do not see any light future for my children and me in our country! My mum and my grandmother also consider. I am very grateful to my girlfriend, her name is Sveta, that she has advised me to search for the man in the Internet . I do not smoke, I do not drink and I do not use drugs. I search reliable and serious for the man which will love me and to respect. It should be the clever and interesting interlocutor, with good sense of humour. The age, color of hair and a figure not so are important for me, first of all for me his character and the serious relation to me and to a marriage are important.
I shall wait for your letter with impatience!I wish you good mood!
Yours faithfully Natasha from Russia.
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