Letter(s) from Olga Malyutina to Craig (England)

Letter 1

Hello dear Crae, I am glad that you have written me.
I like to talk with you.I am sad that I haven't the possibility to write you everyday. God, Crae, today I get up and I my eye was so raose. This the kind of cold I have the stye on my right eye. And I feel so discomport because of it. It was need to buy the sun glasses to go outside. I so wanted to amke the new pictures this weekend, but probabaly this will be still stay. I have to go to the Drugstore to buy the Tetratsinclin Ointment and Ointment of Vishnevskogo. I know this because of washing in bath and when I came out the window was opened. But I have the good news, this weekend we will have the hot water. I am glad because I will be able to take the bath everyday and it will not problem anymore to wash. I dream to take the bath together. It would be great I would wash you and we could make love together. Write me please soon. I miss you too much. I think I will write you Saturday if I haven't necessary deeds.
Your OLga

Letter 2

Hello my dear Crae. I so missed that weekend without you.
How are you, i hope that you are fine. I am very very happy to see your mail.
You really have no idea how much happy you make me.
It is like gpoing on the clouds. am fine. I really don't know how you can help me to get the computer.
I would like to come to ypu this summer.
That night I have seen you in my dream.
I so wanted to hold you and to feel you in my arms.
Yes, I dream about you. It is cool outside. Summer is not summer.
That weekend we have gotten the hot water and it is wonderful, I have spent so much time in the bath. I have made different masks for body and face.
I have bought at the shop "Gel Clarte" from Lancome. I have heard that it very good
Cosmetic firm. I dreamed to take the bath together with you.
Also all the weekend I have made the cleaning of the apartment and together with my mom we have gotten rid of unnecessary stuff. I have washed all the windows, doors...
I have washed all the clothes and even all curtains. Oh it was very nice to see the very pure place. I adore Cleanliness, did you have heart that "Cleanliness is Pledge of health" I would keep our home in very good care and cleanliness.
Today one of neighbour's girl has visited me and asked me to help her to make
Hairdress and make-up to tomorrow's day, she will have the Final evening at school.
I agreed to help her and tomorrow I will be busy, making her lady.
I really love very much to make person beautiful. Today I have given the task to her to buy different hairpins for hair. Well, my dear the day is going after day and my dream to meet you in a person someday.
Well I will be ending my mail and write you again probabaly in one day.
I will go to the shop to buy bread, milk and hen. Today I want to cook the stewed hen with potapo.
I can't wait the day when you will be able to taste my cooker.
Well, write me please soon.
Your Olga

Letter 3

Hello my dear Crae, how are you?
It is monday and I came to the Interent cafe to check your mail.
God, it is so pleasure when I can see any mail from you.
This like talking with you and to know how are you, how your day, your feelings, your dreams.
It is so pleasure to hear that you can cook. Very few men from Russian can cook.
It is wonderful because we can prepare for each other.
It is very pleasure when man can organize romantic dinner for woman.
I had some problems with payment of the Internet cafe.
I alsways don't like the end of month when money is ending.
The salary gives out with a delay, and this time I had this problem.
But today I have gone to get the salary and I have paid for the Internet cafe.
While I will not have the problem with payment till the end of july.
I have gone at Saturday with my mom and some of her friends to the forest for the wild strawberry. We have collected the whole bucket and have done the jam. Recently we have bought the bag of sugar.
During such time the price for sugar raises, because all people make different jams and compotes. There are so many mosquitoes in a wood.
The cream from mosquitoes has helped this case.
Well, at Sunday was so hot weather and I am with my friends have gone to swim Volga.
I have done a part of pictures for you in my new swimming suit. I will send you it.
To tell the truth, I don't know you miss me or no.
But as for me I miss you very much. I dream to appear in your arms.
Just hope that the day of our meeting will come true someday.
Today cloudy weather and all the night was gpoing rain.
I thought of you in the night asking myself, do you think of me? do you want me?
Very very sad that I am not with you. I don't know what will be then.
Well, I have to go now, please write me soon.
YOur Olga

Letter 4

Hello Crae how are you? I so miss you and you don't wite me at all.
I know that you should get my mail more oftern, but i really apologize because it is summer and I want to get the good rest before going to work again in September. I have gotten the holiday voucher from work to go to Sanatorium on coast of Volga and I have gotten very good rest and very good sunburn.
I have spent much time closer to the river swiming there.
And you, how are you? Please let me know about your life.
Miss you very very much. Kiss.

Letter 5

Hello Crae!
Finally I found time to write you the letter. I so missed without your mail.
I am very very happy to see that you ahve written me.
I thank you very much for so wonderful picture of you.
I love you black guy, I am sure that you are very passionate man and very kind You always make me more better.
Oh I know that I didn't write you for a time. I had very big problem.
My grandmother was ill and I should was urgently to go to her.
She is old woman 62 years old and it was necessary to look after her.
As I am on vacation, it was necessary for me to go to her, because my mom is working.
Now she is better and I returned home and came to the cafe to check your mail.
You know my mom alway taught me to tell the truth and sincere feelings I don't know what occurs with me? I thought of our relations and about my feelings.
I already became attached to you. It is need for me that you write me constantly.
Your letters makes my heart hot and full of happiness. I so want that you feel the same.
I so want that you desire to see me and hold me in your arms!!!!
When I read your letters I full of emotions and your letters raise my mood and I am happy during all the day.
I do not know what to do when I can't write you letter and receive yours.
I am always think of you. Your presence and existence need me.
I can not make anything with myself. Just please, understand me.
May be I am too naive and fool?
But I am young and I want to love and to be loved by you right now.
I think that for this time that we write to each other letters, we have known enough to each other.
I feel how you are necessary for me. If you only know how I want to be your lady.
I would like to share each minutes with you. I want to organise romantic dinner and night for you.
I know that you will admire of me when we meet each other whenever.
I believe that the time of our meeting will come true someday.
Yes, my Sweet!!!!! I want it very much someday, no it would be better in the near future.
I constantly think of you, you have stolen my heart.
I can tell you only the one. Understand me, please I can not find man in Russia,
which loved me and respected. But I see this person in you!!!!!!!
I am romantic person and I love candle light and dinners. I like to kiss and hug, to make passionate love.
I beleive in love and I have strong feelings to you!!!!!
Don't laugh please, I am not joking with you!!! I am very serious when i tell you it.
I think I will be not able to sustain if you reject my love to you.
Please tell me your sincere feelings to me. I have thought with my girlfriend how to show my love to you through such many miles and we decided to make a note with telling I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
I hope you will like it my dear.
I wait for your letters with so soooo grat impatience and I can tell that they became for me more than just simply e-mail.
I think of you very often and I like to communicate with you!!!!!
You makes me very happy and I look forward to your letters.
I send you my kisses and please take care!!!!!!
Your OLga.

Letter 6

My dearest Crae, I am so happy to get your reply.
I so miss each time when i can't see your mail and when I can't write you.
God, it is really very hard to be far from you. I want to be closer to you.
To give you pleasure, to make our sweet love. I dream about ypu!!!!
You make me so so happy with your mail. You are the only man in this world with who I want to be. I have the most important goal to make you happy and I know that I will be able to do our life full of pleasure and joy.
I just have to be with you my love. Sooon, I want to be with you right now.
I can't any more without you. You have taken me completely.
You have to always be happy. I want to hear the words that you want me.
Because i want you more than I can believe.
I always consider that sex is very important in realtions. I will want to have sex with you very often and in different kind, I want to be on you, in you, to feel the smell of your body.
To feeel your lips, I want you, I want you Crae so so much.
I want to make that known to you, that you are my Crae!!!!!!!!!!!!
the one man with whom I wish to spend my life and time.
I see us together very clearly. I try to share everything with you and we give one another the most deep and true love.
My love I want you without hesitation or delay in my life and I am going to visit the tourist agency to find out how much it would cost to visit you.
My mom has advised me to go there, because her good familiar work there and she will help me to know it.
I want to make everything just only for you!!!!!!!!
I want to care of you, to prepare wonderful dishes, to make cleanliness at home, everything I want to do for you. You are the One love for me!!
I have never experiencd such feelings before to someone.
I know, you would never offend me, it is not in your character to do so.
Your mother has brought up you very good that you have always love in your heart.
I know you will love your woman unconditionally. I will give you all my love which I feel for you.
Please write me soon my love and tell me that you love me and you want only me in this life.
Because I can't without you anymore. I so want you, so want.
my information to you
name: Olga Kostina

location: Russian Federation
Russia Republic
address: Main Street Prospectus
country code: 428000

All my love Olga.