Scam letter(s) from Alena Lavender to Alan (USA)

Letter 1
Hi! I'm Olga! This is my real name. And yours?
At first I want to say thank you for answering my email!
Secondly I want to say I hope so much I will receive an answer from you again!
Honestly I've been told by my girlfriends there are a lot of crazy people on dating sites, my friend tried to use a dating site once but without any luck!!!
She said many men are looking for *** only and after few emails they begin to ask for ***** photos in different poses. If you are one of them better continue your search please!!!!
I'm a nice and decent girl and not a *** machine! I'm looking for serious relationship and now just having ***. I hope you don't want to use me and run after it!!!! I'm sorry for such words... I just never used dating sites and I don't know what to expect!
I hope you are a good man.. I'm sure you are.
Many people think it's not normal to use internet to find one's love...
I'm not somewhat crazy, I don't have any disabilities... maybe I was not lucky enough to meet my second part. And you know I always was so busy with studies, work, helping my family to raise my younger sister...
I didn't have enough time to set up my private life.. maybe it sounds strange... I just turned 26 years old.. Many of my friends already married and some of them have kids... but not me...
Please don't think I'm not normal girl because in my 26 I've never been married! I'm just looking for a right man... I don't believe in divorces.
Sorry maybe I'm silly but words of one song just came up to my mind, maybe you've heard it?
Together forever and never to part
Together forever we two,
And don't you know
I would move heaven and earth
To be together forever with you.
Sorry I don't know the name of singer!!!! Maybe you know?
Maybe it's just one of silly songs of pop music but that's how I want to be with my man!!! Together forever!!!!!
I BELIEVE I will find my true love... You know I think it's very important...
to belive... if your heart is open for love it will comes to your heart... My heart is open... I hope someone will knock in a little door in my heart and say May I come in? )))))
OK, I will start to try to get to know you better!!!
Few questions... ))
Do you want to stay together forever with your woman?
Is your heart open and can I say knock-knock? )))
Are you strong enough to move heaven and possibly even earth?
Just a joke )))
OK I will be serious and I will ask the most important question for the first email. Do you like my photos?
I hope so!
Please answer this question and I will write you more about me! I hope you will like my personality too!!!!!
Bye-bye ))) Sincerely,
Letter 2
Alan! Hi again! It's so nice I can speak and write English by myself and I can write you my emails!! I live in the Russian city called Belogorsk. It is in Amurskaya oblast. For example in the USA there are states and here we have oblast, it's the same as a state. Belogorsk is situated near Amur river. Here is the web page of my city but sorry it's in Russian only. The population of my city is around 60.000 people. So it's not big city but I really like it! And Amur river is very beautiful! It would be great if you can visit my city someday!!! The nature here is really amazing! Also I can take you to the mountains, believe me the landscapes here are so magnificent! But unfortunately I can't invite you this summer because this summer I will come to your place! Please tell me more about your city! There is no international Airport in my city, the nearest Airport is Blagoveshensk I'm not sure it's international either )) I have to find out. Is the Airport in your city International? I live with my mother, my stepfather and sister in apartment. My father died when I was 6 years old. He was very handsome and strong man and everybody respected him. He was killed in automobile accident.
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