Scam letter(s) from Alena Lavender to Mike (USA)

Letter 1
Hi! At first I want to say thank you for answering my email! Secondly I want to say I hope so much I will receive an answer from you again! Honestly I've been told by my girlfriends there are a lot of crazy people on dating sites, my friend tried to use a dating site once but without any luck!!! She said many men are looking for *** only and after few emails they begin to ask for ***** photos in different poses. If you are one of them better continue your search please!!!! I'm a nice and decent girl and not a *** machine! I'm looking for serious relationship and now just having ***. I hope you don't want to use me and run after it!!!! I'm sorry for such words... I just never used dating sites and I don't know what to expect! I hope you are a good man.. I'm sure you are. Many people think it's not normal to use internet to find one's love... I'm not somewhat crazy, I don't have any disabilities... maybe I was not lucky enough to meet my second part. And you know I always was so busy with studies, work, helping my family to raise my younger sister... I didn't have enough time to set up my private life.. maybe it sounds strange... I just turned 26 years old.. Many of my friends already married and some of them have kids... but not me... Please don't think I'm not normal girl because in my 26 I've never been married! I'm just looking for a right man... I don't believe in divorces. Sorry maybe I'm silly but words of one song just came up to my mind, maybe you've heard it? Together forever and never to part Together forever we two, And don't you know I would move heaven and earth To be together forever with you. Sorry I don't know the name of singer!!!! Maybe you know? Maybe it's just one of silly songs of pop music but that's how I want to be with my man!!! Together forever!!!!! I BELIEVE I will find my true love... You know I think it's very important... to belive... if your heart is open for love it will comes to your heart... My heart is open... I hope someone will knock in a little door in my heart and say May I come in? ))))) OK, I will start to try to get to know you better!!! Few questions... )) Do you want to stay together forever with your woman? Is your heart open and can I say knock-knock? ))) Are you strong enough to move heaven and possibly even earth? Just a joke ))) OK I will be serious and I will ask the most important question for the first email. Do you like my photos? I hope so! Please answer this question and I will write you more about me! I hope you will like my personality too!!!!!
Bye-bye ))) Sincerely,
Letter 2
I forgot to write you last time what event pushed me to create a profile on a dating site!!! It was a marriage of my best friend, it was at the beginning of this month. Her name is Katia and I know her all my life! She's met a man from Sait-Petersburg and moved there. So they spent a wedding there and it was amazing!!!!! So please look at photos! I hope I will find a nice man too!!! Maybe this is you!!!! It's weekend now and I have many things to do and help my parents to clean our apartment.
Letter 3
Mike! Hi again! It's so nice I can speak and write English by myself and I can write you my emails!! I live in the Russian city called Belogorsk. It is in Amurskaya oblast. For example in the USA there are states and here we have oblast, it's the same as a state. Belogorsk is situated near Amur river. Here is the web page of my city but sorry it's in Russian only. The population of my city is around 60.000 people. So it's not big city but I really like it! And Amur river is very beautiful! It would be great if you can visit my city someday!!! The nature here is really amazing! Also I can take you to the mountains, believe me the landscapes here are so magnificent! But unfortunately I can't invite you this summer because this summer I will come to your place! Please tell me more about your city! There is no international Airport in my city, the nearest Airport is Blagoveshensk I'm not sure it's international either )) I have to find out. Is the Airport in your city International? I live with my mother, my stepfather and sister in apartment. My father died when I was 6 years old. He was very handsome and strong man and everybody respected him. He was killed in automobile accident. When I was a kid I've been told many times I look like my father and I'm a "father's daughter". When my father died I even didn't want to live any more... my life became dull and gray. It passed many years when I began to love the life again. After few years since my father died my mom remarried and born another child, it's my sister Anna. Maybe I'm mistaken but I always felt my mom loves my sister more then me... And I always felt myself very lonely. To be honest I want to create my own family and I hope it will happen very soon... I think my stepfather doesn't feel comfortable that such "big 26 years old girl" still lives with them.... That's why I want to leave my city and come to your country. I've learnt many information about it and I think I have a good appearance and I'm in a good shape and it will be easy to find a work in beauty salon in your country and after I pass some more education programs. I'm certificated cosmetologist and I have few diplomas, if you want I can scan them for you. I work as a cosmetologist in a beauty salon. I've chosen this profession since I was 18 years old. I think it's a good profession for a woman!!! But it doesn't have any common with the plastic surgery! All parts of my body are natural!!! And another good thing is I don't pay for hairdresser, different masks for skin and so on! Another girls who work with me do everything for free for me! And I always look good!!!!!! Do you like to read books? One of my favorite Russian writers is Nabokov. I'm sure you've heard of him or maybe even watched the movie. Actually I didn't like the movie too much but I like the style of his writing, I think it's very beautiful. I even tried to read Nabokov translated into English!! "******, light of my life, fire of my *****. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta. She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line. But in my arms she was always ******". I really like Nabokov! Also I like Dostoevsky. I read in English sometimes but not often. Last month I read Fiesta by Ernest Hemingway. Very nice book )) Although I have to say I'm not too much into reading, I don't have much free time! I'm sending many pics today! I can't meet you and talk to you right now but you will see my pics! Please send me more pics!!!! I would be happy to receive them!!!!! One pic is me with a book about Harry Potter! I didn't read it!!! It's a book of my sister )))) My sister is 14 years old now. I forgot to ask.. is that OK for you I color my hair? You know it's very difficult to be kept from temptation to color my hair when it's for free and I should not pay for it! Anyway I color my hair only in colors which are close to my natural one. I've never been totally blond or black!!! The second pic is me with my mom and sister. Third pic is me and my friend Galya! She is a hairdresser in our beauty salon! The next three pics is me when I was a kid!!!!!! If you have any pics of yourself when you was a kid please send them to me!!!!! And I will tell you if you changed since that time or not )))) Another pic is me with my mom, it's very old pic, I was 12 years on that pic. My mom has changed and me too!!! And the last pic is me in winter... I like skiing and I do it every winter. Have you tried it? Although I've never tried snowboarding! I'm afraid to try it! Sorry I look so miserable on my last pic!! I was really tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, enough about myself, please tell me about yourself. I hope to come to your area in 1-2 weeks, I'm making arrangements and I hope to receive some more education in cosmetologist sphere over there. But honestly that's not the main reason. I feel myself lonely since my father died... I want to have a happy family again with laughing voices and smiles... I dream about it every day... I never been married because I always didn't have enough time for it. I feed myself since I'm 18. My mom almost never worked and my stepfather spent his money only for his daughter and everything I have I earned by myself and I'm proud about it. I hope you are looking for serious relationship and you like my photos and my personality. I'm not much into night clubs or something like that, I've always been a "domestic" girl ))))) I hope we can meet each other soon and get to know each other better and maybe we could be a nice couple together and I will move over there forever! Looking forward your next email again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anzhelika P.S. If you want to know my height is 5.6 and my weight is.. I don't know what is my weight! My bust-waist-hips 3.1-2-2.9 sorry I don't know if that's right in your measurements, we use santimeters here and I calculated it in a special program in internet.
And my birthday is June, 12.
Letter 4

I wanted to write you a long email but today I finished my work so late and Internet cafe (I write you from internet cafe usually) will close in 10 minutes. So I will just send you three pics. Two of them are just funny pics!!! I'm not pretty there as usual but I like to laugh at myself! And the third pic is just a usual pic, sorry I'm not smiling, I walked alot that day and was very tired. I don't have another pics with me now, I have to go..... I will write you tomorrow!
Tomorrow is a day off for me and I will write you a longer email.
They are really closing now!!!!!!!
Have a good day!
Letter 5
Mike!! I'm sending few more pics, nothing special. One of the pics is me sunbathing. In summer I go to the roof of the building where I live and I do sunbathing there! Or I can go to my granny's garden, it's in the village near Amur river. Very beautiful place! I'm ashamed to say but I've never seen the sea neither the ocean. I've never been abroad. I have photos in swimming suit but they were taken in my granny's yard. You can call me like you want!! I wonder why but I think about you many times a day.. I've never met you and I wonder why I think about you so often! I believe a woman should be feminine. I like to wear skirts, dresses, high heels, I like when a woman has long hair. I'm very friendly person, I never shout at somebody and I stay always friendly. I think if people have any problems in relationship they should just sit near each other and talk. And it's very important to be honest in relationship, I'm always honest with people. I think life is hard enough and if you lie somebody you generate more problems and make one's life worse. I have a higher medicine education, my specialization is dermo-cosmetologist (in Russian it sounds like cosmetologist-dermatologist), I think I have to pass special courses of different professional terms to be able to find a better job in your country. I think that's not a problem. I'm not dumb! I have an international certificate in this field. I always try to look good and take care about myself because women come to our beauty salon to look better and nobody will trust me if I look ****! I feel great responsibility when I work with my clients and they usually trust me. I do such special procedures like masks, pillings and so on, we have laser cosmetology also. I don't like to party in clubs and discos. Sometimes I can be too shy (it's my secret!). I like flowers, I like going to the nature and having picnics. I think I'm more country girl but I visited few big cities and I liked them also. I feel myself comfortable evetywhere. When I have some free time I sew clothes, my granny taught me how to do it. But I do it not often because usually I don't have much free time )) I sew for myself only, I don't sell it ) I like to cook but I don't like to cook for myself... and I have nobody to cook for.. my mom is staying at home all the time so she cooks for her husband and everybody... Sometimes I go to visit my granny and I cook for her. She is so kind... I love her very much. I will miss her. Every time I visit her she's telling: You are so beautiful girl and so lonely. How could it be? I want to see you married and happy before I die". You know every time she is telling me the same words!!!!! I think all grannies in the world have something in common! I prefer to eat healthy food because I want to be in a good shape but sometimes (maybe once a week) I can eat hamburger or pizza! It's my secret also ))) I don't cheat, don't lie, don't smoke, don't do drugs. I drink socially. My minus is that I've been told sometimes by my friends I'm boring! They think so because I don't like to go party with them and drink wine! I like to listen to the music rock, jazz, some pop. Soon it will be my last working day and my friends promised me to arrange a small party for me! They are so happy I'm going to do an attempt to start a new life! Tomorrow I will tell them about you. I have to go to bed soon, usually I work from 8 am till 8 pm, I work two days and then two days day off. I think that's not that bad! Tomorrow I have to get up very early and I will have a very hectic day! I will write you more tomorrow. As soon as I make all arrangements about my trip I will let you know. I hope that will be not later then the end of this week. Please confirm me your phone number and double check it before sending. When I feel myself ready to talk to you I will call you, I promise. I'm just a little shy and I'm very nervous about our first talking! I've never talked to someone who is so far away! So you see I'm very honest and responsible person, also I'm very faithful. I will never do anything to let you down.
Please tell me more about things you like and don't like! With good intentions,
Letter 6
It's late here, I just returned from a small party at my work. It was really nice and everybody told me so many warm words and wished me luck in my trip! I told them about you and everybody said they will cross one's fingers you are a good man and we will like each other! We had some fun today and it was my last working day... but now I feel myself so sad... I will miss my work and girls from my work... I almost cry now... anyway I don't want to make any steps back and I want to continue my arrangements. Tomorrow I will have a flight to Moscow... The main embassy is in Moscow and I think it's so ****** that all people who want to go to your country should come to Moscow to be interviewed by the embassy and get a visa. I wish I could just go and bye tickets. I hope they will give me my work visa and I'm sure everything goes right. Anyway it's late here, I'm tired and I should pack my bags. I'm sending today's photo of our party and as I promised a pic in swimming suit. Sorry I look not so good there, I didn't pose for that pic. it was taken near my granny's house in the village. Oh... I already miss my granny.... Please say something to cheer me up! I'm getting sad!!!!!!! I have to go. I can't write more, internet cafe is closing again and it's dark outside.
Tomorrow I will try to write you more about things you want to know. Me.
Letter 7
I want to write you just few words in case you worry about me. The flight was OK but it was really long. My city is quite far away from Moscow. When the plane was landing I felt myself not so good... I'm really tired now... I'm happy I arrived to Moscow.
As soon as I settle down I will write you a longer email.
I will think about you.
Here is the pic of Kremlin, I just downloaded it from internet.
Letter 8
Hi! Sorry my emails are so short I just don't have enough time and I have to make all final arrangements. Please confirm me again your information and I will write it down:
write me your contact number
write me your full name
write me the name of your closes Airport and it's code.
I promise after I make final arrangements I will write you more, I have to go now.
I miss you!
It's warm here at day time but it's not so warm in the evening... so I hope one evening you will warm me up soon!
In summer it's always hot at day time and not so warm at night and evening )) Kiss-Kiss!!! P.S. A pic for you from Moscow! This is the way I will look like when I come to you! I bought this dress today (great shopping in Moscow but I save my money and I will not spend it!!!) it's really cheap I bought it in H&M shop, I think you've heard about it, it's international shop. Although I think I look good in this dress and it's made from natural cotton! Also I bought pearl necklace there (of course pearls are not natural). Please keep this photo, I will look like this in the Airport when I come to you!
Letter 9
Mike! That's good I can write you some more information now!
I'm excited to inform you I've bought tickets today, please keep this email and don't delete because I will write you my flight details now!
I will arrive on Sunday, it's July 15. Moscow to New York
Flight 1 Sunday, July 15, 2007
Departure: 12:15 Moscow, Russia - Sheremetyevo Int, terminal 2
Arrival: 14:40 New York, USA - John F Kennedy International, terminal 3
Airline: Delta Air Lines DL031 e Aircraft: Boeing 767-200/300 I really hope it's good time for you to meet me in the Airport. I hope so much you will be able to meet me! I want to meet you so much and get to know you better! We can talk about many things and that would be great! As I wrote you I will get a work visa. I just payed the money for my tickets and soon I will go to the embassy. They will ask me some questions about purposes for my visit, my background and so on and I will get my visa! Everything goes well here and I'm excited I will be able to meet you soon! That's not easy to find a job as a cosmetologist in internet because usually they want to meet you personally and see your professional abilities so I will continue to look for it as soon as I arrive. Anyway I found few suggestions to work as a waitress in a restaurant and it will be a good start. I'm not afraid to work! That would be great if you suggest to stay with you when we meet each other but I don't insist on it. It could happen someday when you feel you are ready. I will have a place to stay in case I need it, there are some hostels with girls from Russia and another countries who came to work to your country. Last 5 years this "work and travel" program became very popular and many people is coming to find a work. Usually it happens in summer. I'm having good days here in Moscow, I've seen some sightseeings and it's really very big city. I rent a small room here and everything is fine. Today I want to buy few souvenirs for you. Please don't ask what I'm going to buy! It's a surprise! Anzhelika P.S. Yesterday I took a digital camera in a rent, I didn't take my parent's camera with me because it's not mine. Also I got dresses up for you and I wanted to make a small movie and to say you few things but it turned out the movie is sooooooooooo big! It's about 80 Mb. Maybe it will even not goes through! That's why I'm sending you a kiss only ( my kiss is not so big, it's only 2,7 Mb!!) and I hope you will receive it by the wind!!!!! I'm not sure you have the right program on computer to open the movie but I hope so! Here in internet cafe the program is called Light Alloy 4.0. But I think it's possible to open this movie with another program... I'm not good at computers.
I can't wait to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!
Letter 10
Hi again, my sweetheart. I just returned from the embassy and I have few news for you. OK I will start telling about my interview. I came there today and everybody seemed not so friendly. There were two women and one man. One woman was not friendly at all. We talked English only because they wanted to check how well I can speak English to get my work visa. They asked me many questions... who I am, where do I come from, where work my parents, if I ever been abroad and the main question they repeated few times if I'm going to marry in your country but I said no, I'm going to work only. I've been told a day before when I will come to receive a work visa I should tell them I'm going to find a work over there and I don't know any men in your country. If they learn I'm going to meet you, my darling, they will probably not give me my work visa and tell me I should apply for fiancee visa which is not so easy to make and it takes several months to apply for this type of visa. That's good I didn't say anything about you to the people at the embassy... you know since I met you I have a strong desire to tell everybody about you!!!! They said I passed the english test and they like by background and they are ready to give me a visa so I will be able to stay over there minimum for one year and then I can prolong my visa or go back to Russia. Of course I don't want to go back, I want to stay with you! And other news are not so nice. I became there so happy and smiling I thought they will give me my visa right there but they said my visa is ready but not approved because I need to show to the custom service and to the visa passport service living minimum for this period of time it means that I need to have the money with me. The amount is $2000 .It is law of passport visa service and they require it to make sure that person has enough money for living needs and will not stay illegally. I have told them that I will work and earn money but they said that it is not their business and it is very strong rule for all persons who wants to leave Russia. In other case if i don't have this amount with me visa process will be canceled. Honey I know that it sounds **** but again nice thing that all the money will be with me and I will only show it and save it with me and when you meet me in airport I will return all amount to you, maybe I will spend few dollars to bye one more small gift for you,only 10 or 20 dollars!Honey my honey please try to send the money as soon as possible I need to approve my visa next two days, do not worry this is our last step and we will be together. I will be waiting for your answer today. Remember I do not pay this amount just show that I have it. I will wait for your info and I'm sure this is the is last problem on this way,I hate politicans , they imagined so many barriers and borders,why simple people can't just meet each other? I can't understand it!They fly without any problems and we have to pay so much, I've been told I will have no other problems on my way to you. Please don't be upset, I have two more good things to tell you. I paid for my tickets, it was around 1500 US dollars and I have some money left for my travel expenses, it's around 1000 $, so please don't be frightened I need only 1000 US dollars from you and I will give it back to you right in the Airport! And please don't loose my flight details!!!!!! And another good thing I still miss you and I think about you all the time and I can't wait to meet you!!!!! Oh, I almost forgot. I've been told it's more fast and safe to send the money by Western Union, I talked to them today and they said it takes only 20 minutes to receive your help! So it's quite fast and easy!
Please go there and send 1000 US dollars on my name.
Send it to Russia
Anzhelika Wolkowa
The address of Western Union here is
Zubovskaya 2
Moscow , 119992
The address where I rent a room is
Irkutskaya, 19-11. My birthday is 12 June 1981 (12.06.81)
In any case write this down, but they said you need to send it only to Russia, Moscow on my name. After you send the money please let me know the number... I don't remember how it called... control number or something like that, they call it MCT or MCTN I don't remember sorry but they will give you a number after you complete the transfer. Million Kisses, Your Princess!
I do hope to kiss you in real life in a few days and do hope it will be so warm and long kiss! P.S. I'm sending a pic, it was taken last summer. It's on of my favorite photos!!!!
Letter 11
Hello my dear Mike,
I see you are going to help and I will wait for your info about the money transfer because it is very important! Thank you so much you are going to help me. Sorry I didn't answer you when you wrote me it was the night here. I will go and try to call you after this email! and you know that it will be so important day when we meet!today I spent time to visit few famous places here in moscow and I'm so tired because I walked a lot! I am sure I will meet you in a few days! I have not so many words to express my feelings and I will just keep silence because I am afraid to scare my luck! Well,I will close this letter,you should know that you are the best man I have ever met!Kiss you many times,with love! P.S. Here is the another address, I don't know what happened to the last one, I copied it from their site. Moscow
Avangard Bank
Suzdalskaya 12 A
Letter 12
Hello my love Mike! I've got the money and I am going to intervew now and I would like to share my fear with you ,you know I am so brave but they tell here that it is enough hard to get visa,but please don't worry it is enough me to worry!in any case I am so happy because my last days looks like any adventure and I have life like in Hollywod films,I am so busy I even don't have time to think about anything,just like in any sleep.well,I have to be ready and I will leave you ,kiss you ,wish me good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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