Scam letter(s) from Irina Perova to Alexandre (Portugal)

Letter 1
Really different from all I read before!
No usual copied profiles!!! Not that I read so many as that but, yours rally make a difference.
By fortune and because I love to make Tickle's Tests (since two years), today I found your original profile!
I'm Portuguese guy, living in Ukraine. Can you believe that!?
I only missed one continent in this world and ended in Ukraine.
For sure was love that brought me here. "Eta lubov ", that can take us anywhere in the world, really dosen't have barriers and I'm the living proof of that.
Maybe my few professional activity gave me time for this e-mail, that's for free only for today, (and believe me I won't pay for this) but something impeled me to write you, so unusual were your words. As smart you are, you won't find difficulty in discover that ,alexregojo, plus that international symbol, followed by hotmail dot com, will lead you to me, if you found any interest on this e-mail of mine and wath you may find on my profile.
In case that won't happen, honestly, I wish you to keep on your good oriented life!
Letter 2
Hello,stranger. I am a simple, tender Ukrainian girl, who is still believes in love and fate. I believe that there is someone on Earth who is my real half. What I am looking for in a relationship is honesty and trustworthiness and this comes through great communication... I am taking a new step to meet my new love with the first thing to discuss is honesty and always communicate to me what is in your heart... good or bad!!! I really hope that we have something in common and believe that you liked my photo.
I would like to meet someone who can communicate and share his thoughts, feelings, dreams and hopes in an honest and sincere manner. To find someone who will become your great love, who will love you for all your bads or goods. I learnt that you need truly respect others before they can respect you. Only through respect you are able to develop true relationship. I am practical person but it does mean that I run away from reality. My hopes and dreams are mine and I treasure them. It sometimes gives faith and the strength to continue ... no matter what. If you are interested in the same, write me.
I will answer all your questions.
Letter 3
Hi, Alex! Nice day to you! How are you doing? Thank you for writing me back. Your e-mail gave me an initial sense of you as a person!

I love to communicate and meet new people...But i have also serious intentions and would like to meet my future husband.. So, we can try and see if it works smth out with us.. While communicating we can know a lot about each other and may be there might be something between us, even love. I will tell you about myself, for you to know me better. I am a modest girl from Ukraine, city Lugansk. My birthday is on the 28th of December, 1980. I work at the bank as an Accountant, I love my work and consider that woman has to be confident of her style of love and her job as well. What do you think of this topic? Do you believe a woman meant to be a mother or rather make a career? I want children.. What woman doesn't want children?? ;)))

But there are more interesting things in our life which make it more colorful and vivid for us. I am fond of different hobbies: I like dancing, cooking, but my favorite one is photography. I adore capturing the most important and often not mentioned moments of nature, childish play or some animals! We often don't notice how wonderful is the sparkling transparent drop of water in the sunshine, or just a little kitten, which is sleeping in the dustpan, curled up like a roll of white fluff. Just now, my dream is to buy a professional camera, but it is really expensive!!!But I believe that one day I will get it! Just do you like to make photos? I'd like too travel a lot.. but hitherto i had't any opportunity to do go abroad. What are your favorite hobbies?
I am a tender woman who is full of life, I greatly belive that when you meet your soulmate you both have respect for each others goals and dreams and enjoy sharing them with each other. Dear I think you are a nice person, I like people with your way of thinking and think that future is our and we can make it good for us, hope you will not be bored by me. I believe that we make our destiny with our own hands! What is your attitude to *** and I would like you to ask me any questions you want, we are here to know everything about each other. And I understand that you also want to know what I am, like a woman. You have to be able also to "listen" to your loved one, even though you mind not be able to solve that person's problem. Everybody needs someone to talk to sometimes. Communication is the key in every relationships, specially when it comes to love. I hope our communication will not be just a fun, am I right? I think that from the very beginning we must clarify everything. I want to be frank with you, actually my English is very bad and I use the translation service to write you letters. But nevertheless, I would like to communicate with you. This agency lets me use their service of translation and offers me to communicate with you through the Internet and supplies me with the mail box. This is very convenient for me because I have not another opportunity to do this. I haven't yet a mobile for it is expensive to buy it and to fill it up every month. As for the normal phone, i live in the private house and we have to install a wire to have a phone. It costs also money and at the present time we cannot afford to do it. hope you will understand my situation and won't be upset.

What are the 2 most important things to keep a relationship going, to you?

I'm looking forward to your next letter and I hope that you are taking good care of yourself for me,

Letter 4

Hi, Alex! Thank you for your letter! It is really interesting to know more about your life, hobbies... It seems, like I get closer to you!

Sorry, but I haven't hear any of your favorite musicians.. but Enigma!! ;))

I want to be open and frank with you and hope you will be the same for me. I want to tell you more about myself and my family. I live with my elder sister, my mom died because of the posterior myocardial infarction. She was a teacher at school for many years and I need her so much now. Sometimes I realize how difficult it is to leave without your closest person, when there is nobody to share some feelings, thoughts. Just for many years, my sister was like my mother for me, she always supported me. She is 36 years old and has a daughter of 6 years old. She lives alone, because she was very devoted to me and her daughter and she dedicated all her life to us. From my very childhood, she sent me to the Model Agency, because she always was sure that I am very beautiful, that is why I have a lot of professional photos.:) All of them were taken by a woman, who now is my friend and always makes photos for me.

Perhaps, some more details about me will be useful to know... You know, I am ****, passionate and gentle. Kind, romantic, sincere and faithful. Have a sense of humor.. Sociable and easy-going... I love physical intimacy with the beloved person, when we can be as a single whole. Passion and sexiness are essential in my life.... I believe *** plays one of the important roles in our life. we should be not only spiritually unite, but also in terms of *** compatible.... Yes, I love ***. But not with just anyone. ***, I believe has to be with someone you connect with. That is connection which is both physical and emotional and sometimes even spiritually. I am open for everything new in ***, i am curious, i am a good and varied lover who believes, there is no bounds in *** when two people are so close, so they are ready to make love to each other... perhaps, you might be a little bit shocked, but i prefer to have no secrets between us even in this sphere..

You may also ask me why do I search for somebody in the Internet? Because I understand that there is somewhere in the world someone who is mine in everything, who will understand and support me in my slightest need. I believe that I can find such a man. I can't understand men, who used to see just a nice toy, a picture of me, I am tired of all that unserious guys. I have my sad experience in love and relations with *** and nothing spiritual, I don't want it no more. That's why I want my man to be kind to me, special in his mediations, frank and sincere. Because only a person, who knows life will appreciate my love. My elder sister didn't find her happiness in love here in our country, so I also consider that foreign men are more kind, loving and generous. Well let's stop talking about it. You might be tired of my prolonged mediations?

What makes you happy and sad? What are your expectations from this life? What is the woman of your dreams? What is the most romantic place on Earth for you? What are you ready to do for YOUR woman? Hope not so much questions at once?:)

I will be looking forward to your reply,

yours Irina.
Letter 5
Privetiki, my dear Alex!!!

You know, as far as we become closer to each other, I'd like you to call me Ira or there's some other pet names: Irisha, Irinka, Irusik..I like all of them ,you may chose the favorite one and call me.:))

Alex, have you noticed, we have some kind of chemistry between us and build a friendship into a relationship and see where it may take us both. At this stage nobody knows but we will discover in time how ever long that is.

To discover it, we should tell each other about our everyday life, some details, thoughts, which occur to us..we should share all the ideas and dreams so we could feel each other souls' closeness. I'd like tell you everything that happens in my life, to ask you for advice..share my secret thoughts... Do you know, what i like to do when i feel lonely? I like long walks through the forest, where nobody can disturb and where i can concentrate on my inner world..everyone need sometimes to be lonely, to have peace and quiet... or i can make myself comfortable in a chair and listen to Enigma with closed eyes...and picture something beautiful to myself.. picturing my future, my man and children. its all the Little things in Life that make it worth living. Look from across the room, that tells, the one you love, Hey, I love you so much. The simple touch, given at the right time means so much. Its a feeling of tenderness, and Love. To be waken in the Morning with a Light Tender Kiss and hear the wonderful words I love you, and knowing in your Heart that they are true and from the Heart, means so much. Its the effort of spending time together. The Cuddling, the playful Kisses, and the little things that mean the most. .. in such a way can spend much time :) You know, baby, everyone wants to love and be loved but the problem is that someone is hard to find. A good looking person may not be that good inside although it can be. I do meet a lot of people at work but very superficial cos people wear 'masks' to protect themselves. We do not have to wear masks in our friendship. You can share anything or everything with me. and I'll be glad for you are as open and frank with me, as i am!

So, my dear Alex!, hope, you will agree with me and will be ready to share "anything or everything" with me... :))

Also thanks lot for such a ,lovely story about your life! You know what impressed me most of all - how many animals you've got. Actually it was very nice surprise as I adore animals and always wanted to have quite a lot of them.
And also thanks for a lovely music. As you know I do not have computer at home, but the ladies from translation agency let me to listen what you've sent and I really ,loved it. If you have any more music to send to me please do not hesitate, I'll be more then happy to hear!!!

Take care of yourself and be healthy, Alex! Wait for your next letter!

Your Ira.
Letter 6
EastPublicTranslation: News-department. -------------------------------------------- Mr. Pinto, Welcome to the "EastPublicTranslation".
We successfully serve our clients online.
At the present time we cooperate with many regular clients. Among them is Ms. Irina.
We provide her with translation of your personal correspondence. Unfortunately, at the moment she is not able to pay our service due to her financial circumstances. If You are interested to continue your mutual correspondence, You may undertake her expenses. We can send You prices and conditions. Our firm offers to our clients a flexible payment system and professional translations. In our translations the author's style is retained. Privacy is guaranteed.
We provide the following service:
- translation of personal and business correspondence
- notary authorized documents translation
- negotiations, business, personal meetings
- interpreter-guide
- telephone talks
If You have any questions concerning our service, You my contact us over the phone:
+3 8050 27 17347 or +1 315 849 2564. We answer all your questions. You can call us from 9 A.M. till 7 P.M. Please, take into consideration the time difference. We will be glad to cooperate with You. Best regards,
Letter 7
Mr. Pinto

We would like to clear up some points.

Firstly, You "WOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY" to have serious relationship. You MAY help Your lady to keep on your mutual correspondence. However, you BOTH are interested in it.

About questions: she answers as she minds. There are people who are not good at writing letters and it is easier to tell everything than to write. It is one of the variants.

Regarding profile. She may delete it as soon, as she is sure, she has found a man she needs. She thinks, she has found You but she is not sure, whether You are inclined to communicate with her further.

Pictures concern. She told You that she used to be in a modelling business. This make up and clothes is not "for free". Pictures You asked: she has not to have all pictures You might require. Obviously, if she requires You to send her a picture with You in, say, night wear in the morning riding green bicycle, we suppose, You have not such a picture. She has the pictures she likes: she has not, again, to have the pictures where she thinks she look bad.

People have different reaction: one may comment each line of the letter. Other only read and take into consideration everything that is written and go further. Aren't we right?

Concerning bank: she explained. She sits at the cash desk. She has not her own computer at work, although there are might be computers at bank. And she has not Internet access. You are badly aware about the situation in the Ukrainian banks.

An accountant - NOT MANAGER - possibly wins enough to have a mobile phone, if he lives with someone, who shares the apartment charges and food supplies.

Just for example: "Luxembourg has a monthly minimum statutory wage of $1570, Malta has $770, half that ......and Eastern Ukraine, it is $80. These are ILO figures on the Federation of European Employers website!"

How do You think, would You be able to survive on wages in $150-200 monthly, paying about $100 for rent of the apartment, buying food min. on $50 having max. $50 left for clothes and entertainment. How do You think?


Thank You for taking time to read this letter.

Kind regards,
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