Romance scam letter(s) from Irina to Gerold (Germany)
Letter 1
My dearest,
I am really happy to hear from you again, you know, we are acquainted for only several days but I have already noticed that I need your letters and I miss them greatly and I am looking forward to the end of my working day be able to go to the translational firm and check whether you have written to me or not. I am always happy when you did. I appreciate your writing even though you are busy and I believe that one day we are together, i will be patiently waiting for you from work and i hope that you will have more time for me anyway... You may wonder why I never talk about my family, you see that is not very easy issue I do not know who I can call my family, you see I never know my parents, I do not know even whether they are alive now or not, the only thing I have from them is the photo where they are young, it was taken before I was born and they say that I look after my mom, do you agree? I was brought up by my granny who was everything for me my grandfather died before my birth and she was lonely and my mom has brought me to her just after maternity hospital she told her that she needs to have some rest with my dad and they will go to the Crimea for a week end and my granny agreed to look after me during the time.... She has never heard about her daughter (my mom) and dad anymore.... My granny was working on two jobs all her life to provide me with all necessary things and give me good education and support but two months ago my beloved babushka has got awfully tired of this world and she decided to leave it... I am all alone just now... I must hurry up so I will close now, you know I have some problems with work, I am afraid that i will be fired if I will not agree to work at nights as my boss insists but I am not able to agree as I am afraid of walking alone in the night and I need to have good sleep before classes, I will have a final talk with her today, I prey she will manage to understand me. Wish me god luck, your (hopefully) Iren.
Letter 2
ELITE SERVICE GROUP efficient and qualitative translation of texts of any difficulty __________________________________ Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter, it will be translated for your lady Iren as soon as her account is refreshed. As you know, we have forwarded you with translation assistance in your correspondence with your lady. Irina has just come to our office and informed us that she is really frustrated by the fact of impossibility to write you. She is in financial trouble now and asked us to address you with very important for her question - whether you are going or willing to continue the correspondence. If the answer is positive, please, make a request on this e-mail address and we will send you all the information about our options and conditions, if you are not interested, just notify us and we will delete your account. For additional information, please, contact us according to the following number: +380952118484 - we work all week long except for Sunday from 9 till 16 o`clock Ukrainian time. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable cooperating with us. Cordially yours,
Chief translator
"Elite Service Group"
Yaroslava Parizunashihnog
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