Scam Letter(s) from Alla Viktorova to Nils (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Oh, Ulf! I have read you letter for several times because it was so unusual for me to see my dreams, aims and wishes on the screen, written by you. I think you should be a writer because you can use the words in order to explain the soul condition.

I can't explain, I just feel it. It's there in the way my spirits lift whenever we write. The sound of your words brings me home, in a way I can't explain. It's in the delight I feel, when I think of you, I know when I'm with you, it will be like a tiny piece of the universe shifts into place. A place it's supposed to be, and all will be right with the world.

These things and so many more, have made me understand that this is a once in a lifetime, forever connection. A connection that could only exist between you and me. And deep in my soul, I know that our relationship is a rare gift. One that will bring us extraordinary happiness all through our lives.

And I have just called to the airport casses and find out that there are no tickets from Lugansk to Stocholm, but from Kiev there are only 3 free places for the August, 3rd. Also in the embassy I found out the information about international passport and visa... So here are points: two way tickets cost 3647 grivnas = 729.4$, but to make passport I need 1 week and 200$ and for visa - 100$. I was really shocked with such amount of money because I earn a little less then 100$ so to collect such sum I need to work nearly for 4 years... So there is only one border that separates us from each other - money... I feel very uncomfortable, asking you for such thing, but you are the onlest person who can help me in such situation...

I have aclled to the benk and was told that there is such service, like Western Union and everything that you need to know is my full name (Rijenko Alla Viktorovna), country (Ukraine) and city (Lugansk) - and the fact that you love me:) So after evrything you will be given 10 points - the code, and you should send them to me... And I will need your full name, country, city and that 10 pointes, and my own passport to prove that its me...

So I will be waiting for your next letter, with love and hope,

Sincerely yours, Alla

Warm kisses, Alla.



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