Scam letter(s) from Olga Sokolovskaia to Donald (USA)

Letter 1
Hi good and kind familiar Donald!!!!
How you? How your sincere mood?! I hope, what at you all is good? All is fine?! I sincerely hope for it and I wish the all the best for you, and as for native and close!!!
Thanks for yours email!!!!
What do I search in relations?!!! The most important I search for the soul mate!!!! The FRIEND---Is a lot of affair what to become the friend!!! You with me agree?!! There are people---familiar, friends, good and true friends..... The favourite, unique, close and native person he my worthy the man!!, to which I shall be true soul, heart... It would be desirable a body.....
FRIENDS----it is which people should not be much! I think that at one person should be 1 or 2 friends.... Let the woman or the man. The most important, that is possible to trust in the close friend in all... Or nearly so in all!!!!? To trust, during our hard time.... While it is terrible! I am afraid to trust... Because trust, it is possible to check up only in due course....
In relations I at present search for the soul mate with whom I can correspond every day about everything!!!
I want, that our dialogue was interesting to both of us!!!
I hope to find in you the friend... The sincere and fair friend.... To which I can trust....
That we friends it could become necessary for us ocyfou each other closer....
I shall begin the story about myself...
I beautiful attractive ****** kind fair sincere charming lady with healthy sense of humour, with long legs, with green eyes and red as fire hair..... Yes yes and all this I!!!!
My growth of 178 centimeters. Almost as model..
I the sociable woman... I communicate only with people which to me are pleasant... With others I do not communicate...
I work every day except for the days off.... I have mum who lives in Italy.
There are two brothers, but I do not see them unfortunately... They it is very far from me...
I live one, on a demountable apartment.
I live one and that to me was not so alone and melancholy I have got a parrot. he was small and very amusing.....
With him my life was not such lonely...
I came home and always heard his cheerful chirping.....
He liked to play with me..
I have become attached to him all soul.. He for me became very dear.....
I very much loved him....
But one month ago he has died...... (but it is other history......)
You do not imagine as me it was ******* soul...
I very for a long time cried.....
I did not find to myself a place.... For me it was the big nervous shock...
I do not want now about sad because when I recollect him... To me to become very sadly....
I am fond of horoscopes. I on a horoscope kozerog.
Also I am fond of numerology, chiromancy, but at me with mind everything is all right....!!!!!!
I believe in dreams and in the God.
For me at present happiness can be gait on shops, employment by sports, preparation of a supper, a campaign at cinema, a meeting with close girlfriends.
But... As each woman I wait for the only thing, unique happiness!!!!!! I hope you you understand about what I???
Certainly at me were in the past serious and close relations with men, but... Now believe me it would not be desirable to recollect it at all because all of them have ended it is sad.. With bitter experience for me.....
I do not have children and I was never married...
For me the happiness consists in that together with me the man was worthy me...
He ---interesting, strong spirit, trusts himself.... Is able to love and estimate all advantages of the beautiful woman, to do for me pleasant things.. Will appreciate to care and preserve..
In these words there is something one... It is love!!!
The love is a happiness... The happiness---is love...
I know such, that people like on distance...
But you do not think, I on anything do not hint, I simply speak, that can be such....
I have addressed to the Internet to find to itself such the man, the sincere friend beloved, the partner on ***.... And probably the husband.....
I hope, that success will smile to me!!!
My dear you have not got tired yet to read my letter??? If is not present, I shall continue further!!!!
So, why I have chosen other country because I every day am convinced, that on statistics on one man in Russia to have ten girls at least... Yes it is valid so.!!!
In our country very bad demographic situation... Men live less women and is fast them at us at all do not remain!!!!! They will die out as mammoths or dinosaurs.....
The majority of them of them become an inveterate drunkard from alcohol or is mad from drugs.... Therefore it is not enough good and worthy men, their units and all of them are borrowed
And.. Men all deceivers because him to have to tell lies to ten girls at least at once and understand, that the most awful.. All of them trust them, as naive silly women!!!!!!
I would not like to be one of a silly woman!!!!
Because it is insulting rigidly and brutally!!!!
I the girl with principles also shall not stand change... Physical and sincere!!!!! Physical still it is possible to understand.. But sincere to forgive not probably!!!!!!
And you are true in attitudes with women????
Why I have chosen you??? I do not know...
I have read your structure and you have very much interested me....
.... It wanted to me to have such soul mate as you...
I think you can become me the worthy friend and the interlocutor...
On it I shall finish the small letter to you.....
I send you the new photo in hope that it to like you....
I with impatience wait for your fast reply.....
You can think, that at you is new good familiar of Russia
PS excuse, but the photo will be later!!!
Letter 2
Greetings my new friend Donnie!!!!
How you today? How with weather there at you?!!!! I shall ask the god, what at my new friend, all was fine!!!!!
Thanks for your tender and gentle words!!!!
It would be really fine, if we could communicate with you in a mode of real time!!!! You would like it?! You have yahoo? I think, that dialogue in a mode of real time.... This another!!!! This real time!!!! We could understand and learn each other better and closely!!!! And as to ask any questions!!!! And to answer them!!!!
That I can tell yet much about myself, but in brief.... And certainly all not at once.....
I the hairdresser! A man's and female hall!!!! I love the work!!!!!
Today at me the day off was...
I have lead it to the companies of the close girlfriends! We went on a farm!!!
One of my girlfriends, has a driving licence... Well and accordingly the machine, Russian model. We leaved for city.... Not far from our city there is a stable, we very much wanted to sweep on horses..... But it was not possible to us!!!!
About the beginning in general have got to cows!!! Was so much to laughter!!!! In fact we have gone there to the first.....
Then nevertheless, we have found a stable. But the working day there only till 17-00 evenings. And all already there have been closed.... But we did not despond!!! We have shown children of horses!!!! And children.... Small children in the age of 1 and 2 years, saw these animals for the first time!!!! You imagine how many at them were emotions?!!!
After our trip, me one of my girlfriends.... Has called to itself on a visit. We for a long time sat and talked.... Today I to her have admitted that to me is very lonely.... Also that I would like to have the soul mate and beloved near to myself.... But alas.... Such person is not present while in my life.... But very much it would be desirable to have such native and close to soul and heart of the person.....
And how you will spend the free days from work?!
On it I shall finish the not the big letter.
I have not much got tired today and me drives at dream.
Successful day!!!!!
Your good familiar from Russia
Letter 3
Hi my the new friend Donnie!!!!!
How you today?! How your sincere mood?! Sincerely I wish you only the most good and kind, for you and for all those whom you love and sincerely you respect!!!!
Again it was very pleasant for me to receive your letter today!!!! Such sensation in me.... That I wait from you for letters every day!? I admit to you fairly, to me to like with you to communicate!!!!
Really it is very interesting to me to read your letters!!! In fact I so learn about you in your letters much!!!! It will be valid very well if we as be with you we shall choose time and we can communicate to you in a mode of real time, in yahoo!!! Yes!!!! I really have webcam!!! But it is very a pity, that I have no at present a microphone...:-(it at me has broken. As I have no neither domestic, nor portable phone. My Internet works from a satellite plate.
Now I know about you not much......:-)!!!!
When I read your letter, I understood that we with you in many respects are similar!!!! And it really is pleasant to me!!! I do not understand you? What is necessary for you the address?!
I am really very glad to ours with you to acquaintance!!! Now can be in my life the soul mate has appeared??! To me it would be valid very well in soul and for heart, that I have such person with whom I can speak about all on light!!!
But the trust and mutual understanding is very important in our life..... But all this becomes clear in due course.... Time checks the person on many things.... You with me agree?!
Now I write to you the letter... And already very much late... Time for dream....
You forgive me for such small letter. Me have invited to wedding---tomorrow. The friend to the childhood to marry! Has found on the end the love!!! I am very glad for him. he lives not on far from city, in one of villages... I yet have not bought a gift.... I Plan to buy a gift tomorrow in the morning... But for the present I do not know, what I shall buy?!!! Wedding usually passes 2 days. But tomorrow in the evening I plan to arrive home!
I shall be very glad to see again your letter, and as your new photos!
Write to me the letter! I liked how we begins with you dialogue!
Certainly if you at itself will have desire to write to me, and as a free time!!!
All!!!! While
Your new girlfriend from Russia
PS to ask to me any questions, I with the big pleasure shall answer them!!!!
Letter 4

Hi my friend Donnie!!!!
How you today? I hope, what all at you is fine?! All is good?!!! At least I wish you and so all whom you love and respect, appreciate.... Only the most good and kind!!!! Sincerely with all the heart and hearts!!!!
I was very glad to see your letters at myself on email today!!!! It is valid very much for me pleasantly!!! On my person, right now a smile!!!!
I waited your letter today!!!! I am glad, that you have answered me!!!!
You not in mood today?
How with weather there at you? I hope, that weather at you fine and warm!!!! The hot sun and the pure blue sky above a head!!!!? That you will not tell about our weather here in Russia..... There Has come autumn, there is from time to time a rain and a cold wind. Today + 7 degrees were higher 0..... Speaking in a word - it is cold.... I do not love cold weather, a cold wind, a *****, pools, an autumn rain.... At this time the year, many people start to fall ill with a flu. But I the healthy woman!!!! And I was not ill what flu and I am not going to fall ill!!!!
Really to like me ours with you dialogue!!!! I think, that with each letter to each other, we can become closer and closer all!!! You so do not think my friend Donnie????!!! Dialogue, it is always good!!!! Dialogue---is a life!!!! Or one pleasure in a life!!!
In general in a life it is a lot of pleasures!!! A holiday, it too pleasure!!!!
Yesterday I was on wedding.... It was that that!!!! Wedding in village.... The Bride from the next village....!!!! Russia, is much national country, and as here in Russia... People of different religions live.... I the Christian. I believe in the god and I visit church.
I still recollect yesterday's wedding!!!! There it was valid very cheerfully!!! The young groom who loves already present wife madly!!!! The bride----****** and not cultural... (but only my opinion) is it many have noticed.... On the part of the bride, even its native parents have not arrived.... It has turned out so, that the bride has left for the husband without a parental consent....
But all the same, wedding by him too has liked!!! As they were presented with many gifts!!! For them, and I for the future child... Which they wait at present.
Yesterday I have really returned very much late from wedding... As wedding was in village which to be far decently from city.
Today in the second change worked on the work. It is tired and has got tired.... Very much it would be desirable to have a rest!!!! And in general.... I shall Soon take holiday!!! It would be desirable to have a rest soul and a body.... And that all time for legs...!!!! I get tired....
Today a field of the work has gone per day a birth. One of my girlfriends, at the child had day birth. To the girl by whom name Polina was executed today 1 year! We congratulated her.... This month, at me it is a lot of at whom from friends birthdays. On Tuesday next week, there will be at one very good familiar a birthday. On September, 29 my God son will have 2 years. Too day a birth..... In general all the September long in day birthes!!! All need to give gifts!!!! I like to give gifts because it is pleasure!!!! Especially for children!
Tomorrow I shall work in the first change. So, on this line I on silent shall finish the not the big letter to you.
Really very much to like me ours with you dialogue! I want to learn you better and closely! I want, that we would began with you soul mates! And what your desires?!
I send you the photos....
I think, that you will not be frightened!!!!?:-)
I shall look forward to your following letter to me.
Sincerely to you. Olga from Russia
Letter 5
Hi my new and good friend Donnie!!!!!
How you today?! How your heart-felt mood?! I hope, that gods have taken care that today's your sincere mood would be on the ball!!!!
I hope and I wish, that it was so!!!!! At least I wish you, all only the most good and kind!!! For you and your relatives!!!
Again it is very pleasant for me to receive your letter to me!!!! I wait for your letters now..... To like me your letters!!! I am fond of reading and new knowledge of you, and as about your life there... Abroad Russia!!!
How with weather there today? We today had weather such fine!!! All the day the sun and a warm wind!!! But I think, that it is last warm days... Cold, wet autumn.... With all it is close...:-(
In such fine day today, I have risen in the morning and with good fine mood have gone for the work! After a dinner, in 13-00 Moscow time (the end of my work today) for me my girlfriend who with all not so long ago has bought the machine, Russian model has come. She still fear to go behind a rudder one... So I have kept her not the big and cheerful company. At my girlfriend, new love! I so am glad for her!!! In her life has appeared the man!!!! With which she can visit restaurants, cinemas, museums, theatres..... To kiss, embrace, be engaged in passionate and hot ***!!!! I am sincere for her is glad!!!! But at conversation today, I have understood, that to the man she is not confident it on all of 100 %!? I think of it, that it is not so good feature in attitudes!!! But I hope that time will place all on the places...! As for everything, time!!!! You with me agree my dear Donnie???!
We have pleasantly talked to her today! As she has asked me that I would make to her an evening hairdress as she very much wants to be the man beautiful and attractive to!!! That I with her today have made that, it very much was pleasant to her....!!!! I hope, that it to like him!!!!
During all day, we went on not the big reservoir. What to wash the machine. Have typed a bucket with water and washed the machine in manual! For one, have taken a breath of fresh air, have listened to singing birds.... Also have simply sincerely talked, as for a long time did not meet.... Well when is with whom to communicate!!!! You do not feel, at this time lonely.....
Not so long ago I have come home. I want to take now a bath, to make aromaterapia and to go to bed!
I really believe you... That is I want to trust you!!!! I shall tell to you fairly and frankly. I am afraid to trust men as in the past I was strong is injured..... But I would not like to recollect it... I am exact as well as you... Lonely in this life. And I want will have near to myself the man which to love, respect, care and preserve me.... To allow to me all that I would like to have in this life! The most important sincerely I oppress and loving heart!!! I really believe you and your words, that you speak to me by the truth! But for such short time, whether the love is possible? In fact we did not see each other?! I really would like to meet you face to face!!! Now you for me really became my dear the soul mate!!! I want to share with you all secrets!!!!! I want to be pleased together with you all yours to pleasures, all your happiness!!!! But at present only under letters!!!! Thanks for yours yahoo!!! So when we now can speak with you in a mode of real time?!!! It would be good, if we could do it tomorrow in 1-00 nights Moscow time!? You could ask all you interesting questions which I with the big pleasure could answer!!!
Tomorrow I work in the second change, and in the morning for me aerobics!!!
Nevertheless it is pleasant after good bath to lie down on the favourite sofa, with good and pleasant ideas on what be good!!!!
On it I shall finish the not the big letter to you!!!
I shall wait for your answer with big not patience!!! I like to read your letters!!!! They please and decorate my lonely life..... I do not know, why I feel lonely though I have every day dialogue with friends..... Can be from - what there is no man with me a beside??! Caress and tenderness?!!!
Sincerely and frankly Olga
PS my home address!
610000 Russia
Street Ekaterina Kochkinoi
The house 8
Apartment 4
Sokolovskaia Olga
Letter 6
Hi my dear!!!! Hi my pleasure Donnie!!!!!
How you today? How your sincere mood?! I hope, what all at you is good? All is fine? I sincerely hope for it and I wish all only the most good and kind for you, and as for your native and close!!! From all sincerely oppress also kind heart!!!
Again it is very pleasant for me to receive your letters to me!!! I am again happy, glad!!!! And on my person a smile!!! When I see your letters on mine email.... I really I am glad with such fine happiness!!!
I really believe you and I believe in you!!! You very good and kind the man!!! Also give the god to you, that all in your life would be how you want it!!!! Let all most your treasured desires will come true!!!!
Today I have woken up with fine ideas...!!!! With ideas on you!!!!! Because dream has dreamed me today, that we were together..... We kept for hands, looked to each other in the face...... Even kissed!!!? Gently and tenderly in in lips!!!! I felt your lips on the lips..... Your lips were such sweet and hot!!!!! Dream was really as in a reality........!!!!
Music, clockwork, passionate, beautiful played.... The Latin American music, a guitar..... The Sea, a fire with fire...... And we with you, in darkness... But on hot sand..... We Admire all that in a circle of us is!!!! We enjoy that together!!! That we in a reality, instead of virtuality!!!
I today was possible to tell all the day with happiness in the seventh sky!!! To me for a long time did not dream that similar!!!! I very seldom saw dreams recently....!? And you frequently see dreams?!
Today my day began well! Up to 13-00 Moscow time, I all worked! Works was enough!
After my work, my 2 girlfriends have come. We went today in church... Have put candles for health. Have lead enough there time... Right now I at home.... It is very tired, has got tired.....
I shall prepare now for a supper. It will be easy salad from fresh cabbage, cucumbers and red Bulgarian pepper! With a fresh green onions, a parsley and fennel!!! And all this with olive oil!!!
As I shall make cheesecakes of cottage cheese. I shall fry them on a frying pan..... And then, I shall use these hot cheesecakes with sour cream!!! In general I like to prepare very much!!!! I am able to prepare for the various soups, the second hot dishes!!! But it turns out it is very tasty only when it you do for whom that.... Especially for loved the man!!!! Some women on our planet, speak that a short way to heart of the man, it through I peep....!!! How you think, it is the truth?!!!!!
Now I shall finish the not the big letter to you....
I with big not patience shall wait for your answer!
Sincerely to you.
Your good girlfriend from Russia Olga
PS I have sent you the correct address!
610000 Russia
City Kirov
Street Ekaterina Kochkinoi
The house 8
The case 3
Apartment 4
Sokolovskaia Olga
Native and close, greetings from me!!!!
I dream to meet you face to face!!!
Letter 7
hi my love!!!!
I miss you very much!!!!!
Letter 8
Hi my dear!!!! Hi my love Donnie!!!!
How you my love? How you my pleasure my angel? I hope, what all at you is good? All is fine?!!! I sincerely hope for it and as I wish all only the most good, kind and fine!!!! For you, and certainly for your native and close, brothers, sisters.... And simply good and true friends!!!! From all sincerely oppress and loving heart!!!!
Again it is very pleasant for me to receive all your letters to me!!!! I am again happy in soul and heart!!!! I really like to receive your letters and to re-read them on not how many time!!!! I think your letters.... Also I present myself how you to me speak by those pleasant and tender words.... In a reality.....!!!! It is such pleasure for me!!!! I really dream of that day when all this will be actually!!!! When you can speak me.... I kiss me on my necks, to whisper to me on my ear.... With sweet kisses....!!!! MMMMMMMM As I need in it my love Donnie!!!!
My Love Donnie!!!! I have received your remittance today! Thanks you My Love Donnie!!!! Now I am really confident that on November, 2 it will be the happiest day in my life!!!! Because I meet you!!!! Because we shall really enjoy ours with you love, passionate *** and dizzy kisses!!!!
Today I worked in the second change. As well as planned yesterday, has woken up about 11-00 mornings Moscow time! I have certainly washed, have tidied up myself in the order... Has made for myself an easy breakfast (certainly all time with ideas on you as I LOVE YOU, YOU IN my OPINION AND HEART, ALL 24 HOURS PER DAY, 7 DAYS IN a WEEK!!!!) Has put on and has gone in for the work through the Western Union!!! All has passed without problems!!! I have received 500 USD and at once there was in travel a firm. When I have come there.... I was such joyful!!!! Because my ideas about you and about our meeting, did not leave my head!!!! The firm has approached to me the manager travel.... She has learned me.... I have told, that I have come what to start to do the documents!!!! I have not sustained and have told to her as to the woman fairly and frankly (with a smile on the person)...., that My Love Donnie!!!! LOVES me!!!! Also wants to be (as well as i am) with me on November, 2!!!! The manager travel the firm very much was glad for me!!!! Also has sincerely told, that she is glad for us with you!!!! Even has wished sincerely good luck!!!! I have filled in forms, have signed the contract... Also has learned more information on how it will pass!!!! To me have once again repeated that my documents will be ready during 7 - 12 days.. . As have told about that that I should buy in them travel firm return tickets. Have explained that my visa will be given for 90 days. In the event that I shall want to remain (I shall want, because my life is not meaningful without you!!!!) I can return the return ticket at your airport.... But the sum of the return ticket will compensate on 20 % less. As to me the tour operator has told, as I have no all sum at once.... I can pay the traveling to you this week in parts.... Today I have paid for their services 500 USD and this week, till Saturday... I should pay 500 more USD. 500 USD why? I explain!!!! The visa 735 USD..... I has paid cost only 500 USD.... I mean 235 USD necessarily should pay for the documents!!! Besides this week I should pay 265 USD for trip to Moscow because I shall receive the visa there as in our city there is no representation of embassy USA. Closer by October, 25, I should pay for tickets, it is 2235 USD (on October, 27 I will have wages, and I shall receive about 160 USD) on October.31, it will be Tuesday.... I should be put forward to Moscow. Already on November, 2.. ... From Moscow I shall take off to you from airport Domodedovo or Sheremetevo!!! I shall fly many hours... Now precisely I do not know.... But I know and I believe that you will meet me with colors at the airport!!! As the manager travel the firm has asked me about that in accuracy in what nevertheless to the airport, you it will be more convenient and the best way to meet me!??
My Love Donnie!!!! I think, that I have clearly explained you all about what conversation in travel firm was!!! I am now really very glad, that we already very soon shall meet!!!! I think days up to ours with you meetings!!!! And time for me now goes very much and very slowly..... My Love Donnie..... I so am tired to be lonely here without you..... Sometimes I pay, that at present I cannot kiss and embrace you.... To lie down on your strong, man's shoulder.... I SO LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
It is very a pity certainly, that today we could not speak with you in a mode of real time..... Well now to do? I think that tomorrow we can communicate to you in 23-00 Moscow time?!!!! I like to speak with you in a mode of real time!!! As I during such moments know, that you with me!!!! YOU BESIDE.... YOU LOVE me AND AS WELL AS I DREAM AND BELIEVE IN our MEETING!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I WANT TO be WITH YOU ON ALWAYS!!!!!
Now I leave to sleep with ideas on you....
To all send the regards from me!
With sincere love and kisses.
Yours and only yours Olga Parker.... your wife!!!!
Letter 9
Hi my dear!!!!!
How you my pleasure without me these days?????
How you my love????
How your affairs????
How your sincere mood????
I hope, that all at you well all is fine, believe me I sincerely I wish you only all most best from the bottom of the heart and loving heart!!!!!!
My love I is madly happy to receive your letters!!!!!
On my person the joyful smile when I read your gentle and tender words sparkles!!!!!!
You do me by the happiest woman all over the world!!!!!
I am ready to shout about it for the whole world!!!!!
My love I so missed you all this time..... Thought of you and wanted to speak with you today in a mode of real time in 23-00 Moscow time!!!? But it is very a pity, that I did not manage to speak today with you..... When I communicate with you in a mode of real time, I really become such happy and joyful!!!! That I fly from my love to you and happiness, in the seventh sky!!!!!!
I love you and my ideas only about you my love Donnie!!!!
It is a pity to me, that I cannot put into all love to you words because all words seem insignificant in comparison with those feelings, that I test to you!!!!!
I re-read your letter again and again and to blossom from your words, as a flower after a drought!!!!!
My angel you the unique person in the world who can make me happy. Because for me the happiness-----is love, my LOVE TO YOU!!!!!!!
All sense of my life consists in you!!!!!!!
I heart is broken off on slices from melancholy long..... I so would like to be this minute together with you.... To give you the love, the tenderness, the caress and passion!!!!!!!!
My heart is torn to you, but... The distance which divides us will sadden my life at present....
My love as a bird in a cell....
She wants to fly.... To fly to you... To fly together with you.....
My love is torn outside and I can make nothing.... I feel very helpless.... But I know and I believe that on November, 2, 2006 we shall be together!!!! We shall enjoy ours with you love!!!! I In the REALITY CAN LOOK IN YOUR PERSON, LOOK IN YOUR FINE EYES.... TO KISS YOU IN SWEET AND GENTLE LIPS.... And TO SPEAK YOU DIRECTLY FACING TO YOU.... I LOVE YOU MY LOVE DONNIE!!!!!
I want that you were about me and could feel all force of my love....
Sometimes...... I would like to embrace simply strongly to you, to nestle on all of you a body, to feel yours embraces... And to be in such condition always.... Eternity.....
To feel heat of yours a body, to hear palpation of your heart. Know I is confident, that our hearts are beaten in a unison... Always... Even now, when I write this letter to you....
I very much frequently think of you, in a bath all time!!!!! I would like to merge with you in a single whole in a hot passionate kiss... I want to feel taste of your lips.... I Want to kiss you for a long time and passionately.... Rising on top of pleasure...
Today I am casual, after the work.... Has gone to shop nearby to Internet - cafe. It is the big shopping center. It in some floors and there is all...
In one of departments on the third floor I have seen wedding a dress. Them was much, all of them were on sale... All of them were very beautiful...
But one to me was most remembered....
It is fine.... It is wonderful... It as if is taken from a magic fairy tale.... Only clouds to be made even to it on ease and lightness...
It represents many a lot of lace, openwork patterns which the most thin are bound among themselves!!!!!
It has so struck me!!!!!
I have presented myself in it. I am confident, that in it I would be the most beautiful bride on light!!!!
I have closed eyes and my imagination at once has presented wedding.... Ours WITH YOU WEDDING.... I in this white dress and you about me!!!!! I really want to be your favourite wife, true and devoted for all life!!!!
We speak each other words of an oath of true love and are happy.... Are madly happy.... Plays a wedding waltz and we are turned in dance on waves of melodious sounds... There is only you and I..... And all world lays before us and envies our happiness....
My love I know, you present and noble the man!!!!!!
I believe you and I trust...
I trust you the heart....It belongs to you and only to you!!!!!! And I more never can belong to anybody except for you!!!!!!!
My love now our destiny depends on you!!!!! Our life in your hands!!!!!!
Lovely mine, today I again was in travel firm. It is really necessary to buy tickets in them travel firm. I have signed the contract..., and they have started to do my documents on condition that I in their firm shall buy return tickets! I wrote it to you in the previous letters!!! As I have asked, why such expensive tickets?! They to me have told, that it to enter into cost gathering of the airport, and the second reason.... Because my documents the visa and the passport for travel abroad are done for such fast time.... I as called today to mum. I have told to her that we meet with you in your country already on November, 2!!!! My mum transfers you greetings from Italy!!!! She it is really sincere from the bottom of the heart and hearts, wishes us love, happiness and health!!!! And certainly long years of a life!!!! Ours WITH YOU of the JOINT LIFE!!!!! As I to the mum have told that tickets in your country very expensive.. ... She has told, that will help me. On October, 27 she can send me through the Western Union 480 USD. Just on October, 27 she will have wages on her work!!!! My mum really loves me and she very much wants, that I with you would be happy!!!! That I would be as it is possible soon in your passionate embraces!!!!! A problem now only that this week... Till Saturday... It is edge!!! I should pay in travel firm 500 more USD.... I of you wrote in last letter for what it!!! On my work still do not give wages.... Me one.... Other worker too.... But I think, what nevertheless the heads will constrain the promise?! Also will give out to us eventually our wages!!!!
My love I hope for your help because me any more to whom to address!!!!!!
I love you and I hope for you!!!!!!
I also want, that you knew, that..... In spite of on anything I shall always love you, there will be we whether or not... I do not know.... I precisely know that my love to you is eternal!!!! IT big as our planet.... IT is hot as the sun... IT is strong as a wind.... It is inexhaustible as ocean.... Also it is infinite as the universe....
All my ideas about you.... You in my heart, in my ideas always 24 hours per day of 7 days per week!!!!!
I think of you always!!!!!!
I miss you..... And my heart is broken off from melancholy to you.....
I wait with impatience of your answer.... I wait and I hope....
With huge love and set of kisses to you
PS transfer from me ardent greetings to the sisters and brothers!!!!
Letter 10
Hi my dear!!!! Hi my love Donnie!!!!
I have just woken up, have wanted in a toilet...... Has ***** a cup of green tea.....
And I could not pass by the PS!!!! I wait from you the letter..... I waited for your messages on mine id in yahoo.... but from you while that!!?

Letter 11
Hello my love Donnie!!!!
Hi my dear angel!!!!
How you my pleasure without me???
How your affairs????
How your precious health???
I hope, that at you all is fine!!!!!!
I sincerely wish you only all most best from the bottom of the heart and loving heart!!!!
I love you and me so it would be desirable to see you more likely!!!!!!
I missed on you these days...
My heart is broken off from separation from you!!!
I know, you probably have lost me these days, but I had on it serious reasons.
I was in agency.
I have many news, good and bad, not clear news.
I tried to solve these problems and consequently was absent this time, but at me unfortunately have failed.
I shall start to tell all after the order that nothing to mix and to not forget.
First good news. From this week I do not work, I have received holiday and now I have more free time to be prepared for trip.
Second I have received the passport for travel abroad.
Now we needed to choose only a next flight on which I shall arrive to you.
I have reserved tickets up to USA for November, 14. I would like to choose pains close number, but unfortunately tickets it is necessary to reserve for earlier, therefore I could choose most the nearest date is on November, 14!!!!
This day becomes day of our reunion!!!!
The visa also is ready, but to me have told, that I shall receive it in Moscow. I shall receive it in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. I can receive the visa only in embassy. In our city is not present
Embassy the USA. Therefore I should go to Moscow and there assort
The visa. There I should enter embassy of your country and interview of pass.
Practically all bearers of applications for delivery not immigration visas worldwide, should be
personally on interview with the employee of a consular department. In the State Department do not hide, that it will lead to to substantial growth of a waiting time of interview.
Therefore it will be necessary for me to arrive to Moscow 3-4 days prior to a start.
I shall be in Moscow 3-4 days and the additional finance are necessary for me. To me this time will be necessary to live somewhere. I have no any relatives in Moscow, therefore I should lodge in hotel.
On an accommodation fee and a meal there it is necessary for me 600 $. On a train up to Moscow 300 Usd and on hotel for three days 300 $.
My love Donnie I is very grateful to you, that you solve my problems of arrival to you. I am very lonely without you and more likely I want to be in your embraces and to give you kisses.
I hope, that we is soon with you desire will come true also we shall be together.
But I am upset very much because I have bad news still... I when have know about it to me it became bad... I was in a shock...
When I was in agency and talked to tour operator about last preparations for my visiting in California.
In a tour agency to me have told, that I should show officials at reception of the visa to prove the financial solvency 780 $ on every month residing at your country.
I wish to remain in California.
My visa will be valid 90 days.... 3 months. (26 $ for one day)
I should fill in the declaration and bring to it in means necessary for stay, that the immigration service has issued the sanction free to receive my tourist visa.
My love Danniel I at all do not want to think that was if me have not started up in your country and I had to go back only to that I do not have necessary sum 2340 $ for display.
So in agency to me have told, that I should have at myself this money to show in embassy, that I have adaptation to live in the USA because I shall arrive as the tourist... This necessary condition for any tourist visa.
I have left in the big frustration a tour agency.
I did not know, that to me to do, because I do not have money even on hotel and the more so I have no necessary sum for display.
I in confusion did not know as me to act, what to do???
I did not want to ask again your help, because you and so have much made for our meeting....
I have decided to go to the grandmother, to mum of my mum to address to her for the help and to ask for her in a duty of money.
She lives far from us and we seldom see, only on the big holidays.
But not looking on it she very much loves me and I hoped for her support.
She lives in village in 90 kilometers from our city.
I have left agency and have decided to go to her.
I have not had time to go in Internet - cafe and to write to you the letter because was late for the bus.
It goes only a few time to day under the schedule during strictly certain time. I have had time on last evening flight.
My grandmother call Seraphima.
She very kind and already old.
She very much was delighted to my arrival.
We for a long time talked to her.
She asked me about everything, about my mum, my work and certainly about my private life.
I have told to the grandmother about you.
I have told, that you that the man which I searched for all life, which I love that above all for the sake of which it is ready on all.
I told about our big and sincere love.
My grandmother all over again has been surprised, that you live so far. She was surprised as we could get acquainted with you.
I had to explain very for a long time, that we have got acquainted through the Internet. My grandmother does not know, that such the Internet. She lives in village where even TV shows not all channels what is, but only a part from them.
All innovations of a civilization, there people will not ********* into their remote places saw a
computer only on the TV in advertising.
I do not know, whether she has understood me completely a way of our acquaintance, but all the same she was happy for us!!!!!
She wishes us only love and happiness. That we lived in the world and goods and God preserved our
As a symbol of the consent my grandmother has given me a beautiful ancient picture. it very ancient also is transferred by our ancestors from generation to generation.
I do not know even what author of it have drawn.
This picture of the simple rural artist can, but it is dear to our family as a family relic.
The grandmother has told: " If you love him and he loves you your hearts are incorporated into one, they are connected with your love. Our family his family, let I did not see him, but I see your love to him and is confident, that it is the good and kind person. Present him this picture as a sign on association of our families!!!!! "
I shall necessarily bring it to you!!!! it is very beautiful, on it our Russian nature is represented....
I am very glad, that could visit the grandmother though an occasion for this purpose was not so pleasant, but nevertheless...
But unfortunately my grandmother has no sum necessary for me. At her was only 300 USD. She {it} with pleasure has given me them.
We have hotly said goodbye to her and today I have arrived to city again.
My love I should ask you again, and I hope, that you will understand, that I really need it.
I should bring with me quantity which at least will be from 780 USD for each one month of stay.
I understand, that it is a serious problem and was huge money and for its decision to be necessary many efforts.
I hope for you my love.
I promise, that I shall not spend cent.
This sum only to show it is necessary for me and to bring in the declaration for immigration service.
As soon as I shall arrive to you I shall return at once all sum as soon as I meet you!!!!!
I can give you all at once directly at the airport.
As in my visa it is marked, that I shall live at you 3 months, therefore I should show 2340 USD..... I is sad, which I did not know about it earlier..... But I really did not know....
I feel so silly.... But I cannot do anything with it!!!!!
Please my love help me again, and I promise you that I shall return to you this quantity as soon as you will meet me at the airport.
As it is necessary for me only to show...
And I have found acknowledgement of words of tour operator on several sites. One of them
You can be convinced of it...
I even am afflicted and in frustration by your mistrust. Understand me my love really you you can think, that your money are necessary for me. You are necessary for me only your love....
I do not ask from you anything superfluous and invented.
I bring here the citation from that site not changing any word.
Procedure of the reference behind the visa.
Visa e-2 is necessary for receiving in embassy or consulate the USA in the country of constant residing.
Submitting the application - questionnaire (oi? ia DS-156 ), you should present proofs of the intention to return (as the return ticket), and also proofs of presence of the means covering possible {probable} charges during stay in the USA.
Extract from your bank account, reflecting quantity {amount} of money on the account, or the letter from relatives or the friends living in the USA in which they undertake to cover the expenses, connected with your visit, usually are sufficient proofs.
One more document can be the letter from your employer, confirming, that your workplace will be kept for you for the period of your absence. The sizes of gathering and terms of stay in the USA, as well as for the previous category, are defined {determined} by mutual relations the USA and your country.
As I have no bank account I should show cash and bring in them to the declaration.
You certainly can send me the letter that will cover the expenses connected with my stay at you, but it can prevent me in reception of the visa.
I bring here one more citation from this site why I can be prevented by it:
The necessary warning
If the employee of embassy will suspect, that you are not going to come back in your country, the probability of is rather great that to you will be refused even in the tourist visa.
Theoretically, everything, that is necessary for reception of such visa is a return ticket and desire to visit the USA.
However in practice it not always so.
Employees of the Department of state do not follow precise rules at delivery of these visas, and of the decision on only subjective basis make, using as reference points the information on your family, work, property and other means which appear sufficient stimulus for your returning.
I do not know that I should make still to convince you of the honesty.
I love you and your money in any degree are not necessary for me.
I ask you to study the information more attentively because never deceived you!!!!!
I not the mercenary person also do not aspire to have riches because the biggest happiness and riches for me is the love!!!!!
I love you and I hope for your understanding...
My love Donnie!!! I cannot live without you!!!!
I wait with impatience of our meeting!!!!
I want, that you have touched me that has stroked me and I have understood what seductive... It will be pleasant for you to do it...
I want that you have gently touched the hands from my beautiful person, on my necks, a ******, to a tummy and is lower... On hips... Up to the terminations of fingers of foots... You will feel all velvetiness of my skin....
To you will want to caress me gently... Slowly slowly being gradually accelerated and it is more and more passionate....
I present your strong man's hands... As they smoothly slide in my opinion to a body and I am covered with shiver.... My body to become hot.... As I do not have not enough you now....
My body burns and only you can extinguish this fire of passion blazing in me....
I want to love you!!!!!
Our meeting!!!!!
As I was a lot of hope invest in these words!!!!!!
Our meeting!!!! I want it as never wanted nothing earlier in the life...
I love you my angel Donnie!!!! I love you all heart all soul.
I do not get tired to repeat, that I love you!!!!!!
I am very tired from road. I have carried out to ways two one hour, I shall go home and tomorrow I shall come here again to receive your answer.
Whether I do not know I can fall asleep this night because I very strongly am nervous...
I shall think of you, about your love at this night, however as well as always.
All my free time I think of you my love!!!!!
My mum joins congratulations of my grandmother and transfers you the best regards!!!!
I love you and I send you many many kisses!!!!!
Yours Olga
Letter 12
Hi my dear!!!! Hi my love Donnie!!!!!
How you my love, my pleasure, my angel today? I hope, what all at you is good? All is fine? I sincerely hope for it and I wish all only the most good and kind for you, and as for your native and close!!!! From all sincerely oppress and loving heart!!!!
Again it is very pleasant for me to receive all your letters to me!!!! I as always am very glad to all your letters!!!! I am again happy and on my person again and again a smile!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I MISS ON YOU AND I WANT YOU WITHOUT MIND!!!! AS WHOM ANOTHER!!!! ONLY YOU AND ONLY YOU IN my HEART AND my SOUL!!! I LOVE YOU INDEFINITELY!!!!!
My love Donnie!!!! When I read your letters.... I become such happy and lives joyful!!!!! You at all do not imagine to yourself it!!!!!? I feel your sincere mood all time!!!! Even on such big distance, as now!!!! To me really it is very melancholy without you.... I wait day of ours with you for a meeting with big not patience!!! I so want, that we with you a meeting on November, 14 would be concrete and real!!!! I want to prove to all your native and close, that I really real girl!!!! First of all I want to prove it to you!!!! Because I really love you all soul and heart!!!! Also I dream to love you, each your part of a body.... The body!!!!
Lovely mine, I have just come from the girlfriend, a kotra gave webcam.... it is very a pity, but she was not at home?! But I to her have left a note with the request that she up to 19-00 would try to bring to me my webcam!!!! My love Donnie!!!! I very much want, that you could look at me through webcam!!! Very much it would be desirable to smile to you..... To wave to you a hand!!!!!
My love Donnie!!!! It would not be desirable to come back again certainly to this theme, but we should place all in the places! If I till November, 13 shall have cash on the hands.... That I can arrive to you this flight!!!
Start: MOSCOW 08:40 Tuesday on November, 14 2006
Arrival: PARIS 10:45 Tuesday on November, 14 2006
Flight: AF 2045, the plane: Airbus Industrie A320
Start: PARIS 16:30 Tuesday on November, 14 2006
Arrival: LOS ANGELES 18:55 Tuesday on November, 14 2006
Flight: AF 64, the plane: 77W
General time in a way: 21 hour. 15 minutes.
My love Donnie!!!! I very much hope that today we can speak with you in a mode of real time in yahoo!!!!!
I with big not patience wait for your tender and gentle words in your answer to me!!!! I wait with big not patience of that day when I can become yours the lawful wife!!!! Olga Parker!!!!
I Love you all soul and heart!!!!
With sincere love to you.
Yours and only yours Olga Parker
Letter 13
Hi my dear!!!!! Hi my love Donnie!!!! How you my love? How you my pleasure, my angel? I hope, what all at you is good? All is fine? I sincerely hope for it and I wish the all the best and kind for you, and as for your native and close!!!! From all sincerely oppress and loving heart!!!! Again it is very pleasant for me to receive all your letters to me!!!! I am again happy and on my person, certainly due to my husband.... Fine sincere mood!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL SOUL AND HEART!!! Also I WANT TO be WITH YOU AS it is POSSIBLE SOON!!!! My love Donnie!!!! Today we shall speak with you necessarily in 19-00 Moscow time!!!! To me is what to tell to you.... I have learned, that already on November, 11, I should be put forward to Moscow. So till November, 11, I should have all at myself!!! I shall take with myself easy things!!!! As at you there, very warm weather!!!! At us still a snow!!!! And it will go till the spring!!!! People in Russia will be the FROST.... And I with you shall enjoy ours with you love and fine weather!!!! Yes my love Donnie?!!!
I send you a copy of the passport for travel abroad!!!! Also I hope to speak with you today in 19-00 Moscow time in yahoo!!!!
I sincerely love you!!!! I dream of our meeting both certainly only and only about you my love Donnie!!!!
Letter 14
My love Donnie!!!!! Honey, please check your money order at the site
tell me what is that status
the reason is that I check it, put your first and last name and also mtcn but it doesn't work. Please let me know Yours Olga
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