Scam Letter(s) from Jessica Brown to Claude (Canada)

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Letter 1

hello dear
good morning to u dear ,how are u and ur children doing out there?hoping u are all doing well .i was about to tell u something when i call u,dear in ghana the government chose some of the hard working nurses from the 10 ten regions in ghana to go to tour in any country if u will only get acomodation 4 that matter i choose u.k becouse i was having a friend at u.k.who is living with her husban in u. k.but my friend and her husban told me they can only give me 1 one mounth acomodation whiles am surpose to get 3 three mounth acomodation .for that matter i have decieded to change it so that i can get canada visa so that i can come to u very soon on 28th october this mounth.
dear i want to ask from u that if u can get me acomodation ?i hope we can take this opotunity to see ourself real and if possible we can plan to get marry if u like it that way.i was very sory when u told me a certain lady disapointed u i have also been to that situation before and sinse we are have pass this situation we all know how painful it is so i hope we all will not disapoint each other .
i have sent u a copy of my pasport and visa for u to know what am talking about .ending here ,hoping to her from u soon take care urs ever



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