Letter(s) from Anna Krylova to Tony (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello Tony!!!!
I'm glad to receive your letter. Well -. I don't know from what to begin our dialogue. :) I never got acquainted on the Internet, and the first never started gets acquainted with the man. You probably think that I'm the next silly girl. Lol
Ok. Probably it's interesting to you why I have written to you on a site? And why I get acquainted on the Internet. I read many profiles - but my sight has stopped on your profile - .mmmmm --. normal the man (has thought me) when read your profile -and has decided to write to you. I think, that the Internet gives cleaner dialogue because in real I can't gets acquainted with guys. Yes many guys try will get acquainted to me -. But they see sexual object. They don't see me! They want only sex. I want relations!!! On a site to me offered virtual sex - it ridiculously -. Group sex turns out. (computer, girl, guy).
Opssss -.. there is some platitude. LOL
I hope, that have not frightened you. Now I need to go. I'll write more about myself in the following letter!
Ok. I hope to receive your letter and your new photos.

Letter 2

Hello my Dear Tony!!!!
What new?
Yesterday, I have gone to bed, and I saw wonderful dream...mmmmmmm............... I saw our meeting. I flied by the plane. I have left all, and have simply went to you. I have forgotten about everything. I simply sat in the plane, and have departed. I was happy, I was happy very much!!! I have flied for a long time. Then the plane has landed. I have left the plane, there there were many people, and in this crowd I see you. You stand with a huge bouquet of roses. I have run to you... You have ran to me... I have embarsed you. We have merged in a kiss. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. I had looked in your eyes, and I... I'm happy.... The roses smelled with sweet aroma. It was aroma of love. We have gone.... We didn't mentioned anything... all was indifferent..... We were together!!! We have came on the beach. We ran on the beach... we sunbathed on the sun... I like to sunbathe naked:) And do you like to sunbathe naked?:) Sun shined very brightly. We were pleased.... We were in beams of the sun. The evening has come.... We have gone to cafe... burned candles... there was red wine in our glasses... We sat and looked at each other... Than we came to your home..... into your bedroom... We kissed each other...... I have slowly turn off your clothes..... I have undressed on music.. We burnt with the desire..... It's passion!!! We have completely plunged into passion....... You have put me on the bed... You caressed my breasts..... I'm excited very much..... My body was covered with spasmes.... You kissed me, and I lost consciousness..... Then you have lain on a back, I have lain on you, I kissed you.... I kissed you on your neck.... I kissed your body, your hot body, it has burned from desire. You are inside me, I have shuddered under you... Our bodies moved fastly and fastly..... We have merged in movement, we didn't come off.... You were in me, I was in the heavens from orgazm..... you have put me on my back, you moved slowly, but your movements became faster than.....
ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... my dear...........I feel this.. I feel orgazm...... you have shuddered....... We received orgazm....
Our bodies have been weakened..... We can do nothing..........
We laid, I was in your embraces...... I was happy!!!!
Then I have woken up.....
Maybe this dream becomes a reality..... I want that it became a reality!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't wanted to go.... I wanted to return to my dream, but it was necessary for me go in University to receive the diploma. I have had breakfast and have gone to the University, but my mind were with you..... I was in the sky of happiness I felt..... I went along the street and smiled. I've had excellent mood. People surrounding me probably thought, that I'm crazy!! Yes, I'm crazy.... and I like it. I want to be crazy..... because for some thousand kilometers there is a man, the man I like, the man I have not seen yet, but I want to be with him!!! And a name of this man - Tony!!!! Am I crazy Tony!??? I have come to University. Yes I have received the diploma.... But for me the diploma was indifferent!!!! I have received the diploma and went for a walk...... I just walked.... I'm happy. I can't believe that I'm happy. I have finished the University I have met the man of my dream..... What else do I need??? I want to embrace you!! I want our first kiss!!! I want you...... This is all I want!!!! Yes, probably I'm crazy!!!!
Yes I to fly to Moscow. I tomorrow buy tickets. I want to be with you!!!!! You hear???? What do you think of our meeting??? I'll be at the grandma 1 week. I know, that the grandma will not take offence if me to fly to you!!! What do you think of our meeting??? now I'm going to communicate with the my agent travel to Estonia. I ask that he has given me the information for travel. And I'll ask, that he has advised me good tourist firm in Moscow. Lovely what you will tell???
I'm waiting for your letter.
I miss you...........

Letter 3

Hello my Dear Tony!!!!
I'm happy to receive your letter!!! Future? My plans is finding of the partner in life. I think that only having executed these plan I can successfully continue movement forward.
At me good mood! I now went and have bought the ticket up to Moscow.
I walked on London a little..... London good city!!! In this city my life has changed. Yes I have met you!!!! You have changed my life. When I went to London.... I could not think, that I meet the man about which I dreamed..... You are angel!!! You has gone down from the sky also have changed my life!!!! Ohhhhhhhh..... I would like to cry..... But it is tears of happiness!!! Yes happiness!!!! You are my happiness!!!! You do not leave from my head...... I lie down to sleep I think of you.... You come to me in dream.... Since morning I wake up and I speak v good morning..... I probably crazy!!! But I want to be crazy!!!! You my are happiness!!!!!
But I want to be with you in real!!!!! I want my dream!!! I want happiness!!!!
Yes today I have received the answer from my tourist agent. He has told, that travel to Canada is not a problem. It is necessary to make the insurance, and some documents for travel and certainly tickets. He has given me the site tourist firm. He has told, that one of the best travel companies in Moscow. At them the best service of service and the lowest prices. It is their site: www.agentravel.com.
Well... Lovely that we shall do??? Now it is necessary to make the decision! If you want our meeting it is necessary to order travel!!! I looked a site. Travel can be ordered in online.
you are necessary my details order travel. These are my details:
Name - Diana Millar
Number of the passport - 36208235356
Date of a birth - on September, 1, 1980
Flight from Moscow.
I think, that we should be together 2-3 months. We should check up our feelings.
I miss you very much!!!!
BIGGGGGGGGGG Kissssssssssssssss
Your Diana.
You are my happiness!!!

Letter 4

Hello my Dear Tony!!!!
I'm in Moscow now. Flight was well, and the plane has not fallen .lol Yes black humour. The grandma has met me at airport. ohhhhhhhhh.....we cried, when have met. Then we have gone to the grandma's home. She has made an excellent dinner. I'm sure, that you never ate such dinner. The grandma has told, that will give me the recipes. She is excellent cook. Yes, I have told grandma about you. But she has not understood how we have got acquainted, she doesn't know the Internet. We long chattered..... I have asked at grandma about phone. She has told, that she does not have phone. She has told that uses street phone to call. Then I have told that the Internet is necessary for me to write you the letter. We have gone on street. In the street I have asked passers-by where it is possible to find the Internet. You know, in Moscow there are special places where it's possible to leave for the Internet. It refers to the Internet-cafe. And now I in the Internet-cafe. The grandma is near to me. The grandma does not know English. Therefore we can chatter about all.......Yes the grandma sends the regards to you.

Lovely I thought of us much. You have made me happy!!! You are an angel!!! You have gone down from the sky, and have changed my life!!! And now we should overcome distance to be together!!!
Ohhhhhhhhh...lovely......I want to you....I want to be with you!!! I want to love, lovely!!! You know, that I didn't have man very long time!!! I want you!!!! I want to make love with....... I want to take together souls...... I want to feel your sweet kiss....Mmmmmmmmm..... lovely.......
I want you!!! I'm tired to be one!!!!
Ok. Lovely. Already evening in Moscow. Now we shall go home. I'll be tomorrow in the Internet-cafe. I waiting your letter.
I miss you very much!!!
BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kisssssssssssssssssss
Your Diana.
You are my angel!!!