Scam letter(s) from Irina Russkih to Donald (USA)

Letter 1
Hi There ,It Is Me.Glad To Hear From You,
Let Me Introduce Myself.
My Full Name Is Larisa Stazhkina ,
But You Can Call Me Lara :)
I Live In Russia,Belgorod City,It Is About
800 Miles From Moscow,Surprice ? :))
My Sister Is Married Australian Man,
So I Asked Her To Create Profile For Me Also,
But Her Husband Robert Made Mistake With My Location :)
Well,How Is The Weather In Your Area ?
Here Is Making warm... Spring,
Do You Like Spring? What Is Your
Favourite Season ?
I Enjoy Treaveling,I Have Been
To Turkey,Australia,Estonia.
In 29 Of September I Have Just Be Back
From Sister"s Wedding In Australia:)
Have You Ever Been Abroad ?
Do You Like To Travel ?
Well,5"6,Weight 110.
27 Years Old,My Birthday
Is The 26st Of August,The end
Of Summer.When Is Your Birthday ?
Your Age Does Not Bother Me,It Is The Last
Thing I Put Attention On.The First Thing Is Who You Are,
The Last Thing Is Your Age.Do You Agree With Me ?
Have You Got Any Problems Comunicating
With Lady Of My Age ? I Hope No :)
Got Degree In Psyhology And This Days
Work As The Psychologist(Doctor) In Private
Clinic (During 3 Years) Got Degree At Age Of 24.
Before Studied At University.
Now Nice Work,About 8-10 Patience Per Day,
Working From 8:00 A.M To 17:30 P.M
Get Up At 6 And Sometimes 5 :30 A.M
2 Weekends Per Week (Saturday,Sunday).
Well,I Would Like To Know More About Your Work ?
Do You Like Your Work ? Tell Me More...
I Do Not Have Children,
Never Married,Single Lady,
Why ? Sometimes It Happening.
Enough Man's Attention At Work,But Nothing Serious.
Yes,There Are Many Admirers In My Life Also,
But I Am One Man Woman Only.I Need Only 1 Man
And Ready To Wait As Long As It Take.
Do You Understand What I Am Talking About ?
Some Questions For You.
I Do Not Remember From Your Profile,There
Are So Many Profiles,Oh My God,
It Is So Hard First Time In Internet :)
Have You Been Married ?
Any Children ?
If Yes,How Many,What Are Their Names And Age.
How Do They Look Like.Tell Me More,Send Picture.
I Study English,Begun At School,
Continued At Univercity And This Days Also.
What Do You Think About My English ?
Do You Like It ?
May Be You Will Help Me To Improve It ?
Unfortinatly I Have No Computer And Phone At Home,
So I Use Internet Center.It Would Be Interesting
To Communicate With You,Who Know ?
Also I Wanna To Know More About Your Family ??
So... :) I Will Write You The Day After Tomorrow P.S You Can See My Pictures :)
Do You Like Them ? Larisa,Russia,Belgorod
Letter 2
Hello My Friend Don,
How Are You Doing ? I Had Very Good Working Day,
9 Patients,6 Man 2 Woman And 1 Child.Cooked Supper For My Brothers In Evening :
Potatoes,Meat,Vegetables...They Wanna Me To Cook For Them,
And I Have Been Told That Their Wives Do Not Cook So Tasty As Me :)
When I Asked Them,What Will You Do If I Will Be Far ? :) We Will Die Hungry :))))))))
Oh Brothers,Allways Hungry,They Like When I Cook Pies Very Much.
I Rent Flat And Leave Alone,They Like To Visit Me So Much.
I Think It Is The Time To Tell You About My Family :
Sister,Two Brothers.My Sister's Name Is Svetlana,She Is 32,
Dentist By Profession.Svetlana Left Russia For Australia In September (Her Husband"s Name Is Robert,
You Know,He Helped Me With Account For Web Site,He Is 48 Years Old,
They Met In Internet The Beginning Of Summer
And There Was Wedding In 25 Of September In Australia,
I Send You Pictures Were Made There.This Days Svetlana And Robert Are
Traveling Around The World And Will Be Back To Australia By Spring Only.
My Brothers Names Are Victor and Stepan.
Victor Is 34 Years Old,He Is Married For 7 Years And He Have Got Two Boys,
His Wife Is Very Nice,Her Names Is Irina.Stepan Is 37,He Is Married For 9 Years He Have Son.
He Is Very Happy,And Have Got Very Nice Wife Also,Her Name Is Valya.
I Have Got Grandmother Also,She Is 89 Years Old,Her Name Is Alexandra,
She Lives ,About 200 Miles From Us.I Like To Visit Her Somedays,.We Lost Parents,Auto Accident Happend Three Years Ago And We Lost Them. P.S In This Pictures You Can See My Family What Is Your Dream Don? Tell Me More... Write To Me Soon,
Letter 3
Hello My Friend Donnie,Thank You For Letter.
We Are So Far,At The Same Time I Feel That We Beside. I Want You To Know That You Are The One Man,With I Correspond.
Coz No Time To Speak To Someone Als. When Darkness Is Around You At Night,
And You Are Alone....
Just Think Of Someone Who Is Far
And Care About You,
Just Think About Someone Who Is
So Lonely Without You,
In My Heart,
By My Side,
Only You,
When I Back To The Past,
Understand That I Waited
Who Is Cary And Honest,
Who Know How To Treat As Princess,
The Man Of My Sweet Dreams,
Only Prince On The White Horse :)
Thinking Of You
Flying On The Sky...

( Own Poety ) I Write Poetry Sometimes,I Think It Would Be Interesting For You !
How Are You Doing ?
I Would Like To Tell You About My Dreams...
When I Was Little Girl I Dream Of Different Things...
For Example How It Would Be Nice To Get New Doll,
Nice Gift,I Made Surprises For Daddy,I Was Very Cheerful,
Grown Up In The World Full Of Happiness,
Child In The Bright World Of Books With Kind Pictures :))
Orange Trees,Friendly Gogs,Sea Distances And Smiling Persons...
Love Stories At The Cinema Put Tears On My Face :)
Now I Wish To Be With Man Of My Life.I Wanna To Find My Soulmate,To Share My Life With.
Dream Of Mutual Feelings Of Love,This Person Must Be Kind And Caring.
I Have Got Very Important Questions For You And Want To Get Honest Questions.
Donnie,Are You Kind Man ? Are You Caring ? Are You Ready For Serious Relations ?
I Want This Man To Understand Me,I Want Him To Feel My Private World,
Not Only Beauty Of My Body,BUT Also Beauty Of My Soul,
Beauty Of My Feelings.I Am Very Sociable And It Is Important For Me
To FEEL That Man Understands Me,Really,One Man From All Over The World,
From Millions Of Men,Only One,Who Is Able To See My Own World,
Donnie Are You This Man? What Is More Important For You : External Beauty Of The Woman Or
Her Internal Beauty ? This Is Very Important Question I Wanna You To Answer For Me.
A Private World Of Man Is The Most Important For Me,Not Age,Not His Nationality,But
His Idea,Feeling,Honest Words Are Important For Me.Thank You That You Are Honest With Me.
I Need 1 Man Who Is Kind And Honest,Who Know How To Treat Lady.
I Had Relations In The Past,
He Was 37 Years Old Man And We Were Going
To Marry.I Found Out That He Had An Other Lady,
When I Was Sure I Told It To Him And He Cryed,
Asked Me To Belive Him That
I Am Woman Wich He Love Only,
And Other Lady For Fun Only,But It Was
Hard To Belive And I Left Him.
It Make Me So Hurt And I Have Not Looked For Anybody For 2 Years,
But It Is Hard To Stay Alone,SO I Try To Choose Enternet,
With Hope Find Honest Man Who Is My Other Half,
My Soulmate,To Share My Life With.
By The Way What Is Your Favourite Dish ?
I like To Cook Pies,You Know :)
( In Russian(Pies-piroshki) :)
I Cook Pies With Meat,Fish,Jam...
The Borshch Is Soup With Meat,Vegetables :)
I Like Cooking So Much ! Who Know,May Be One Day I Will Cook Something Tasty For You ! :)
This Is My Hobby... Write To Me Soon,
What Are Your Plans,Anything Special ?
Letter 4

Hello My Friend Don,Thank You For Answer.
I Enjoy Reading Your Letter.
How Are You Doing .....?
My Mood is Very Good,Nice Working Day,
Oh,How Passed Your Day ? Anything Special ?
Your Letters Are Full Of Honesty And Kindness,I Feel
That You Very Good And Very Sincere Person. Well,That"s A Pity we So Are Far,If We Were Not,
It Would Be Very Interesting For Me To Meet You,
We Have So Much To Talk About,Do You Feel The Same Way? :) Don,I Always Looked for Such Kind And Fair Person As you.
Actually,I Cannot Meet Good Man For Me Here In Belgorod,
Seen Last Relations With Man,When I Have Been Deceived,Feelings of Love
In my Heart Have Been Broken Don,I Want To Be With The Man,Who Is Caring,
Who Would Be Fair,I Wanna To Feel Mutual Love,Sympathies,I Want To Wake Up Every
Morning Close To My Husband And To Fell His Warm,
I Am Ready To Put All The Best I Have Into Family,
I Want Every Day To Bring Only Light Colours.
Certainly,There Are May Be Disappointments,There Are May Problems,But In My Mind It Is Possible
To Find The Way Out Of Developed Situations.
Happy Family Is All I Wanna In My Life ,
I Am Sure That My Future Husband Will Have Tasty Food For Breakfast,Dinner,Supper :)
Wife Must To Support Husband In Difficult Situation As Husband Must Be Full Of
Care And Attention In Relation With Wife Also.Certainly,LOVE,Should Be Mutual In Family.
Don,You Feel the Same Way ? What Do You Think About This In Whole ?
You ask to do me strange things.In the begining of our attitudes yuo
show to me that you do not belive to me.
I will not sent you foto with out clothers.I will give you addres of
my home but for what you need all other information?
All it is very starange.Do you want normal connection or what?
If you want to continue to connect with me forget about personal pics
and other stuff of this kind.
It is your decision now. Do you want continue to connect with me? Today I Wrote Poem Blue,Blue Sky
No Clouds On It,
It Is So Nice,
I Am Staying Under Blue World,
Only Wind Around Me,
Wind Is So Fresh,
Wind Is So Cool,
Wind Is So Strong,
It Brought Me Your Thoughts
And Told Me That You Miss Me...
Flying All Over The World It Seen All Happend,
I Ask Him To Bring My Kiss To You,
When You Open The Window,
Just To Feel It :) I Belive You Are Serious Person And Do Not Play Games.
Best Regards From My Brothers To You.
Your friend Larisa
Letter 5
Hello My Friend Donny,Thank You For Answer,
I Am very Glad To Get Your Letter ! I Am Very Glad We Have So Interesting Dialogue With You,
We Have Got Many Common Things And It Is Realy Good,
It Is Not Easy To Find A Man Wich Will Anderstand Me So Full As You
Are Donny.Thank You Very Much for Pay Attention For Me,You Are Good Man. As You Know I Told You Earlier,I Want To Find A Serious Man For Serious Relations.I Want You To Know
That Money Does Not Important For Me.I Want To Find True Feelings.Certainly,I Think That There Should
Be Enough Money In My Future Family,But It Does Not Matter That Money Is All.Yes,When Someone Is Young
As Many Russian Girls Here,They Think That They Will Get All From Life,Much Money,Good Husband,Big House,Nice Car,
Planty Attention,Happy family,Nice Children,Yes,Many Young Girls Think About It,But They Do Not Know
That THE MOST IMPORTANT TRUE FEELINGS,When Two People Anderstand And Have Mutual Feelings Of Love,
Such Things Than Money Are On The Back Side.I Do Not Dream To Find Rich Man,If We Will Live In Ordinary
Apartment,Yes,It Will Not Big And Very Beautiful,But It Will Be Nice And Comfortable,It Will Be Clean And Light,
It Will Be Full Of Nice Things,I Think We Will Be Able To Make Many Different Interesting Things
In It By Our Own Hands With My Future Husband,I Think It Would Be Great !!! When My Future Husband
Will Come Home From The Work For Dinner Or In The Everning,He Will Be Meet With Very Tasty Meal,With My Smiling Face,
Embrases,Do You Feel The Same Way Donny ? I Hope Yes.
You ask me to come to you. I find out how much it cost to go to USA
sorry but it is very big sum for me i cant come to you now.May be next
year. We Are Walking In the Street With You,In My Hands Is Red Rose,The Weather Is Fine,
We Are Smiling And Your Eyes,Yes,Your Eyes Are So Kind !!!
......, Just Dreams :) Poem For You,My Friend ..... :) I Have Never Seen You In Person ,
I Have Never Looked In Your Eyes ,
In Dream I Met You ,
In Dream At Night I Met Your Image. I Remember Your Image Since That Moment ,
Also I Feel Your Embraces ,
I Will Remember For Ever ,
All That Happend In This Dream I Want You To Have Exellent Weekend ! Write To Me Soon, Larisa
Letter 6
Donnie,We Have So Much To Talk About !
It Is Very Interesting,Donnie We Were Born In So Different Places Of The World And
We Speak Other Languages With You,But It Is Not Problem At All With Communications,
I Am Enjoy It,Have Never Met So Handsome And Honest Man Here,
To Talk About So Many Important Things,
If You Know How It Is Lonely Sometimes During The Day And I Want To Get You Letter So Much ! I Want To Have Family With So Kind And Honest Man As You Donnie. I Want You To Know That My Future
Husband Will Be Very Happy With Me.I Am Sure,I Will Try To Make Him The Happiest Man In The World.
I Am Ready For Serious Relations,Yes,We Live So Fare From Each Other,But I Think That If Our Relations
Will Grow To Love,I Think It Is Possible For Me,Because I Feel That You Are Very Good Man And
I Feel That We Know Each Other For A Long Time !!! Yes,We Communicate
Not For A Long Time,But Do You Feel The Same Way As Me ? It May Sound Strange But Sometimes I Feel That
We Know All About Each Other,Oh If We Meet One Day,It Would Be Great :) I Think We Will Have Many
Nice Things With My Future Husband,We Will Clean Our Apartment Together,Watch TV At Home Together
When It Is Rainy Weather,We Will Go On Movies...Yes,Life Is Too Short,
If Destiny Give You A Chance You Must Keep It Strong In Your Hands. Donnie Do You Have Many Friends ? I Want You To Tell Me More About Your Friends,Who Is The Closets
Friend For You ? I Have Few Closest Friends Now,They Are My Brothers,Sister And You Are Donnie.
We Became So Close To Each Other,I Am Really Happy To Communicate With
You Donnie. I Wrote Poem : All My Life I Lived With Dream,
To Meet You ...
Waited For You,
As Trees Wait For Spring ,
When All Blossoms ...
The Love Is Around - Has Come True Dream,
I Wish To Be With You,
We Will Be Together All The Spring Long,
And Summer,Autumn,Winter,Whole Year,
Forever ... Do You Like It ? Write To Me Soon My Friend Larisa
Letter 7
My Dear Donnie,
I Am Very Glad To Get Your Letter.
How Are You Doing My Dear ?
My Days Are Very Lonely Here Without
You Are Close To Me.I Think Of You
All The Time And Very Often Can Get
No Sleep At Night.The Weather Here Is
Very Nice,When I Get Up In The Morning
And See That Sun Is shining It Put Smile On My Face,
I Close My Eyes And See You Are With Me :)
When We Get Up Together,I Would Like To
Go To The Kitchen And Make Coffee
To Bed,Every Morning Is Going To Be
Our And Every Evening Before We Get Sleep
Bring Us Pleasure Time.
What is your plans on the weekend?
Sorry but i cant come to you. I find out it is very expencive trip for
me.Can you come to me? I havent my own telefone on my job and i cant
call from them to another country i can call only inside city.I was
there in end of august begining of september.
I will try to call you.
When you will sent to me your foto?
Poem For You My Dear : When I Try To Get Sleep At Night,
You Come From The Sky,
You Come From Star,
You Touch My Hair With Lunar Light
And Make Them Gold...
When I Am Looking In You Eyes,
I See All My Dreams And Wishes,
They Are So Close,
But At The Same Time Are Far...
When You Take My Hand,
I Feel Your Warm,
As Warm Of Sun,
Which Is So Hot And Far
At The Same Time...
When You Kiss Me So Sweet,
I Feel It With All My Body And Soul,
Both At The Same Time,
Our Stars And Sky Are The Same,
Our Wishes And Dreams Are The Same,
Our Bodies Are The Whole One,
Why Do Not We Let All This To Come True ? Write To Me Soon Your Larisa
Letter 8
I told you If you were on the way it would be done .but now there
are more issues to consider.And not 2 months shall I wait I have
been battling and searching for all my life.Now is the time I shall
find my wife.So the best bet the next plane .I said no commimetment
till we have had time togeather..So if you come now no problem but
after that I will need some notice to schedule work..You need it
come get it sweetire ..Bowlegged you will be when done..Gotta sleep now have a good day Donnoe wrote: Hello My Dear Don,
How Are You Today ? How Is Your Mood ? My Mood Is Very Good :)
I Am Very Glad To Get Your Letter,Thank You For You
Are In My Life :) I Am Very Happy,I Feel That Our Relations
Are Very Important For Us Both. I Am Very Happy To Correspond With You Don .Are Are So Fare From Each Other,
But I Think We Will Be Able To Overcome This Barrier With Help Of Language Of Love.
I Have Never Met So Kind,Caring,Handsome Man As You Don .I Want To Speak About
My Feelings With You,I Feel That I Can Fall In Love If I Met You In Person.
In My Imagination We Are Together At Home,It Is Rainy And Cold Evening,
But We Are At Home And We Feel The Warm Of Our Feelings,
We Speak About Feelings With You,You Take My Hand With Your Hand And I See
Your Eyes,They Are So Kind,You Look At Me,Your Words About Feelings Sounds So Lovely,
Oh My Dear ,You Are The Best Man In The World ! I Want To Continue Traditions Of My Family,
My Parent's Life Was Full Of Happiness,They Always Supported Each
Other,They Were Together For A Long Time,
Also They Were Very Good People.My Sister Is With Her Husband And I Know That
They Have Life Full Of Love And Happiness Also.I Think That Every Happy Family Is Based
On Love.What Do You Think About Love ? I think It Is Very Important Question,It Is important
For Both Us. I Wrote Poem For You :) I Can Wait For You For A Long Time,
For A Long Time,It Is True,
Even Nights I Am Able Not To Sleep
One Day,Two Days And All The Year,Possible,
Leaflets Of A Calendar
Will Fly As Foliage From The Garden
If I Know
That It Is Truth Necessary For You ....... Write To Me Soon Kiss and hugs
Larisa It's here! Your new message!
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Hi my dear
How are you
How is your weekend?
I wish i could come to you but it is expencive trip for me. I was in
travel agency it cost 1600 dollars to come to you i havent this money.
Can you come to me?
I so want to meet you and i want to spend time together to.
You are really like to me.
Kiss you Larisa
Letter 9
Hello My Dear Donald,
How Are You Doing ?
I Am Well Now,The Weather Here Is Fine,
How Is The Weather In Celsious In Your Area ?
Nice Working Day,9 Patients,6 Men,2 Woman
And 1 Child.They Do Not Kept Me Busy,
They Visited Me Some Time Ago And
Come Just For Check.All They Are Better
And It Brought Me Very Good Feeling.
When You See How Your Work Helps
Patients,It Is Very Big Plesure.
I Wanna To Take Vocation.
Thinking Of You All The Time.
Family Is Well Also,Brothers Visited
Me This Evening,You Know They Are Always
For Supper Here :) Stepan Bought Some Books
For His Wife To Teach Her Cooking Also.
It Is Possible We Will Go On Movies With Victor,
We Spoken About It,I Do Not Know What They Show,
Hope Something Interesting :) What Movies
In Your Area This Time ? I Am Just Curious :)
My addres is Stroitelei 100-20.My full name is Stazhkina Larisa
I Wrote Poem For You : Far,Native,-
Wait For Me... Far,Native:
I Shall Be... Your Eyes For Me Will Be
Two Stars. To You In A Fog Will Look -
Two Stars. In Distances Between Us-
Let's Look And Distances Between Us-
Just A Smoke. Between Us,Flashed,-
Babble Of Years... Between Us Flashed,
Light Shines
Kiss and hugs
Letter 10
How are you doing ,been busy???I have been thinking of you.....What did you do on easter????Not much to say really except I am awful lonely wish you were here so I could curl you toes...drop me a line,donnie Don't get soaked. Take a quick peak at the forecast with theYahoo! Search weather shortcut.
Hi my love Donnie
How are you today?
How was your weekend?
Sorry that do not write to you early but i have bad things happend here.My grandmother is died that is why i do not write to you.
I very sad now. And i do not know what i want in this life.
But i know one thing that i want to be with you.
I really missed with out your letters all this days but now i am fine.
When i read your letter in my heart coming warm.
Also i do not want to stay in this country any more. Is it possible if we will live together in your country? My grandmother died becouse doctor make a mistake. I do not want to live in country where doctors make so bad mistake.
I really try all what i can to get money.My last chance to come to you if you will help to me.But do not think thet i want your money.
I think i really in love with you i understand it in this days i so want that you was near me in hard moments.If you decided do not help to me i will understand.I will find one more job at night so i can collect more money and i think we will need to wiat like4-5 month and i will be with you i will come to you and i will proove me by this.
Love you
Kisses Larisa

Letter 11
Hi my love
How are you?
I so love you. I think about you every minute.
I so tired of waiting when we will be together. But i am ready to wait
so long so it is needfor our meating. You are love of all my life.
I like show it called "Dream in summer night" It is story of love.
I so want that you was near me on show.
Warm hugs and kisses Larisa
Letter 12
My Dear Donnie,
It Is Monday Here And I Miss
You So Badly.What About The Weather There ?
Here Is Very Nice,Very Good Working Day I Had At Work,
7 Patients Only,Children And Women :)
In The Evening I Come Home
And Cooked Salad With Fresh Vegetables,Than Watched Tv And
Thought Of Us All The Time.You Know,I Fell That You Are The Best
Man In The World I Have Ever Met,You Are The Light In My Life And
Thoughts About Our Future Make Me Feel So Good.Sometimes I Have
Feeling That I Will Try To Explain You Now,We Are So Far And I Think
That There Are Many Good Looking Ladies In Your Area,Well I Think Sometimes
That You May Have *** With Them,Oh My God What I Am Writing :) Well,
When I Think That You Possible Make Love With Somebody There It
Make Me Feel Not God,Tell Me It Is Not True ? It Is Very Hard To Be So Far
Away From You And Thought Like That Make Me Nervouse Sometimes,
Tell Me That It Is Not True My Dear,I Do Not Let Anybody To Have *** With
Me Here And I Wish To Do It With You Only My Dear,My Heart Belongs To You
And I Am One Man Woman Only,Do You Understand What I Am Talking About ?
I Will Never Hurt You By This Way Because I Love You,I Want To Feel Your Kisses,
Holdings In Dark Night And Make You Plesure Massage ! My Love,I Miss You
So Badly And Thoughts About Making Love Drive Me Mad...
Love you
Kisses Larisa
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