Scam letter(s) from Elena Suvorova to Chris (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!!! My dear Chris! I am glad to receive your letter! I very much to love, when you to write to me. I to wish to tell to you, that to me without a difference when I to receive your letters, the most important is that I to receive them about you!!! To deliver your letters to me very much the greater pleasure. Thanks you for your story about your life and about you as a whole!!! I cannot wait, when we to meet. It is very a pity to me, that in such beautiful day I not near to you. I very much to wish to go to hold you for a hand, and to warm your hands the hands!!! I to wish to laugh at you!!! To wake up and see you beside!!! To wish to look to you in your eyes!!! This that that I very strongly to want!! I to hope that my hope for my dreams never to die away!! What you to not allow me to die away to my dreams, mine Chris?!! On the account of what you to arrive to me to Russia!! I to wish to tell to you about that at us in Russia to not love foreigners some persons, which are ready on everything what to hurt and suffering to foreigners! At us to happen such cases what even to **** foreigners for money and that they foreigners!!!! You to think of it? You the nobility it? Therefore I to worry for you if you will go to me to Russia!!! You to wish to arrive to me, and then you are ready to take away me with yourselves, what we to live together and happily?!! I to not want what you to arrive to me, to break my heart, and then to disappear from my life, as dream!!! If you to arrive to me, I to wish to leave together with you what to have all pleasures of a life together with you!!! And why you to not want what I to arrive to you, mine Chris?!! YOU to write to me, that you are ready to arrive to me only on 8 - 10 days! And if you to wish to arrive the help to me to you to me will have to wait for 2 weeks what my documents to be ready!! What you to think about it, mine Chris?! On the account of hotel you correctly to specify and think!!! I to learn already about it! And I to find the lowest prices is 200 dollars for one night!!! So, I to not think that you to wish to spend so much means what to live at us!!! To you on much easier what to spend your means what the help to arrive to me to you!!! I to hope that you to think about all it before to make a decision!!! I to think to lead today with the girlfriends in our favourite cafe where we to sit very often and to recollect the past!! I to receive the big moral pleasure of that I to spend time with the girlfriends, to have with them conversation on any theme of a life! I to receive it energy for working week which to begin with tomorrow already!! To In total you good, mine Chris!!! I Shall look forward to hearing from you with impatience!! With the big love always your Elena!!!
Letter 2
Hello!!! My dear Chris! How you? How are you doing? I to hope what at you all is good? Your Elena is very glad to receive from the Chris the letter!!! Thanks you that you to bring to me pleasure and heat in my soul!!! But your Elena to understand your words so, that you to not trust me and my words! Therefore you to doubt what the help to arrive to the Elena to you?!! Why you to compare yourselves to the the cousin? And why you to think about that I can leave from you if I to speak you from the bottom of the heart that I to wish to live with you together, and to be near to you all - time!!! You to write to me, that you to want me and only me! So, why you to not wish to use the chance that your Elena agrees to meet you! BUT I to not have opportunities and means what to afford a trip to you! Therefore I can dream only that would wash Chris the help to arrive to me to it!!! What you to tell to me on it? I to send you the picture, that you could look at them and dream of me every day and every night before your dream!!! I shall wait for your fast reply!!! To in total you of the best!!! Yours faithfully, your Elena!!!
Letter 3
Hello!!! My love and my future Chris!!!! I am very glad to receive from you your answer!!! And I am very glad to hear your words! And your Elena to not doubt that all will be how you to write to me in letters in a reality!!!! And I to agree with your words in all that you to want and think about us!!!! But I so to understand you, what you to wish to ask the sanction of my hand and heart from my father?!! I, certainly, not small, and I can solve all for the future and destiny, but if you so to want I shall be only glad to it!!! I to hope that at you to suffice means what to arrive to me to Russia, and then the help to arrive to me to you together with you? What you to think and answer me it? Kiss you!!! I look forward to hearing from you with impatience!!! Your Elena!!! Here my address: LENINSKII PROSPEKT 117 KORPUS 1 ITER A POM.82-N City: ST.PETERSBURG The postal index: 198207
Letter 4

Hi!!! My love Chris!!!! I am very glad to receive your fast letter! Thanks you for it! I to understand, what you are ready to arrive the help to me to you?! I am right? If you to want and are ready to meet me in a reality and to be together I shall be very glad to arrive to you and to make your and my life happy! But I to understand, that you not correctly to understand my words on account of 3 months! If you to send means that I could arrive to you washing the visa it will be given to me for 3 months! And I can arrive to you for 3 months! Then I will need to come back again to Russia! And if you to want to leave me at yourselves longer or for all life, we will need to go to your embassy what to make documents to me, that I could remain with you for ever! I to hope, what you to understand all now? And to you to solve all! I am ready to arrive to you if you are ready to arrive the help to me to you? I to give you the address where you should send means! The tourist agent to let to me know, that if to send means for its name it safely and quickly!!! And as, tourist The agent to have communications and friends in the Western union and consequently it can take away your means very quickly and safely!!! And if you to send means for my name to me will have to ask for leave from work, to go to the Western union, to stand in a queue, fill various documents!!! And then still and to go with your means along the street! And it long and not safely! And if you to send means addressed to tourist agent Anna you should give me your full name, your full address, number MTCN (consisted of 10 numbers)!!! And these data you to write all in the letter, and to send me!!! And I already then to go to travel agency, to give all data to tourist agent Anna, it to become my tourist agent who will be engaged in my affairs and documents!!! And it will inform me all data on when my documents will be ready all! And I shall longer work, while all my documents will not be ready to what to arrive to you!!! I to hope, what you to understand all my words? Here the address where you can send means if you to wish to see me near to itself and to live with me!!! Name: Anna
Surname: Busygina
The address of the Western Union:
City: Sankt - Petersburg
The address: S A D O V A Y A 112-114A
The postal index: 190008 Cost of documents: the Visa now to cost 596 dollars, the passport - 200 dollars! All to solve to you!!! From your decision to depend, whether I shall arrive to you or not? There Will be we together or not?!!! I very much wish to be near to you!!! I to make for the sake of you everything, that you to want, when we shall live together!!!! And I to promise you that you will not regret that you to find and meet me!!!!! Kiss you!!! I wait for your fast reply with impatience!!! Yours faithfully and love your love Elena!!!
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