Scam letter(s) from Yana Zharova to Iver (Canada)

Letter 1
Greetings, Iver greetings! Today a sunny day and in spite of the fact that since morning the sky was in clouds now at me a dinner and I have left from work earlier to have time to write to you. I am pleasantly surprised by that I see your letter. For me the sun shines now more brightly and the life becomes finer. How many you of letters have written to me Iver? It so is amusing. When you receive the letter from the person who is so far and understands all amusing situation. We see with you only our computers which deliver to us the information, and also photos which are in a corner of our monitors. I would like to see still your photos Iver. To me the truth it would be pleasant. Let it will be my small whim on which you my dear Iver will agree, okey? So it is pleasant on a soul and solar beams get into the Internet of cafe now when I print to you this letter Iver. It is strange, what we have met? Your opinion? Probably it is destiny. But how you consider Iver? You trust in destiny. Or you do not wish to speak me about it? You should and answer this question, but nevertheless I simply showed the interest and it was important to me to know your opinion on it my dear Iver. Dear Iver to you it is pleasant if I shall name you so? I certainly can write to you and the friend Iver, but we can practically name everyone on the Internet a word "FRIEND". I simply wanted, that you knew, that for me you are little bit specific person. Special. It can be understood from my letters to you. You understand it Iver? I ask because it really so. I cannot tell to you about the feelings because I to not test to you love, but I like reading your letters and you became nice for me and it very much is pleasant to me. I hope, what my words at all do not offend you my dear Iver? And consequently if it so I ask from you a pardon and I do not wish to quarrel with you because I very much like dialogue with you. Tell to me please in the following letter what interesting occurs at you in the country? I recently saw channel " Deskavery " and I liked the cognitive program about wild animals. Is so many places on the ground where we never were and still once I I think, that I could travel somewhere. I very much would like mountains. And in the childhood I often could travel one in a wood and always came back home. I also liked fishing and we with the father are desperate fishers. And I shall be glad to send you photos me in the childhood with my father and mother that you could see my parents. But I not about it. Send me the home address that I could send you the hand-written letter or a congratulatory card. I send you my home address that you also could write to me the hand-written letter:
My full name: my first name Oksana, last name Vylegzhanina.
My full home address:
Street Shorina 30
Apartment 28
Postal index: 613000
The city of Kirov
The country Russia.
I have reflected and I ask to forgive me Iver. So it is unusual to visit again the childhood and to state the ideas. Thanks you Iver. I am grateful to you, that you listen to me, understand me. For your questions, for your answers Iver I am very grateful to you. You allow me to visit the childhood, (thus I should not sit down in the machine of time, it is a joke). To be that whom you you are for me very important. And I hope, that now you understand me better. Know about m no more. I do not know, that will occur next minute, but I hasten to tell to you " successful day Iver " and all most the best. Let this day will be the brightest in your life and remember each moment of the lived day. All most good. With the best regards from Oksana. P.S. I have no phone where you could call to me. I regret, but to have phone very expensively in our country. So send me the phone number that I could call to you from the international telegraph.
Letter 2
Hello, my friend Iver!!! The my dear friend to whom I again write the letter and I so it is glad to that that you also again have written to me. In my soul it is a lot of heat for you my dear Iver. And let these lines the working day or quiet night will inspire you whether it be. Let your calmness will be with you always because here it is far in Russia there is a person who would like to care of you and the nobility, that with you all is good also your day as is never successful Iver. Would like to tell Iver, what recently I show cares of you very much and I at all do not know why? You can tell to me about it Iver? I can assume only why I so is careful to you Iver. Probably you very strongly excite me both a body and soul. But I under the truth cannot tell with exact confidence to tell to you about it Iver how much strongly I would like it is pleasant to you Iver because much depends on you my dear Iver. " to be or to not be " - a phrase beaten centuries. But in this case I am fine to understand it because your relation to me changes completely those sensations and feelings in good sense to you. Than you were engaged recently? How your relation to me for these days, either hours or weeks Iver has changed? Understand, that it is very important to me to know everything, that you feel to me. Whether I do not wish to hurry event and I try to understand correctly only you how much you come nearer to me and with identical speed (about speed certainly it is a joke), but nevertheless I want only and I try to understand you correctly. I try to ask questions only for one reason because it is important to me to know your answers. And not only to analyze your answers, but also to understand, what you want or wait from me, understand Iver? I shall never try to apply to you of any sort of pressure and you know about it from my last letters, but only tell to me then, that you would want now that minute when you read this letter. What do you test? Tenderness? Attachment to letters? Love? Or something another? But in any case I ask you to write what you feel and describe to me please it briefly that I knew, it is good Iver? Case not from my life: I to have the girlfriend who has married the person, but thus did not love this person. And has made so because, it has been assured that this person will be decent and never will throw her one. Now at them remarkable family the fine son also was born, but my girlfriend till now does not love this person and often speaks me about it as trusts me. I speak it to that you Iver did not make the choice how think will be correct, namely trusted in this sense to heart, well? Well. I think, that for today it is enough and consequently I shall finish the letter to you and I hope, that you think of me also as well as I about you in the dreams. I wish you to be myself and to listen to the heart and that your heart speaks you.
With thoughts of you, Oksana!
Letter 3
Hello, my dear and favourite Iver!!! To me it is very pleasant, that you liked my last letter and I am glad, that you divide my ideas in it. I know, what it is very difficult to be so far apart and to write similar letters, you agree Iver? To be there so far and to not feel presence a voice but only a line which so gives about you a little. You know dear Iver, that our communication is even not similar to radio, I can see only your message and the nobility, that only you have written to me this message Iver. That for you these words mean: " I LOVE YOU "?? I only am interested that the nobility, what you know about it? What do you see in these words Iver? I could tell to you that for me these words my dear Iver mean. But I am afraid it will be in the following letter when you will answer my questions, it is good Iver? I like your photo. You nice and stylish the man. Well Iver, me it is really pleasant, that you have written to me. The beam capable to give birth to a life on a planet is compared to your letter for me. When to me I am really bad also go to the Internet - cafe I try to find your letter and even if I do not find your letter at myself in a box for me the world becomes all the same finer because I know Iver, that you will write to me also I can read with pleasure long-awaited your letter. I do not know with what to compare your sincerity and your spirit. You seem to me the unearthly person Iver, I cannot really explain to you it Iver, but I feel a flower on the ground which reaches for the sun in which so it is a lot of forces. You smile, yes Iver? I even feel your smile when you read my letter Iver. Only do not speak me, what I have guessed, it indeed, yes? I shall finish the letter my love Iver and I shall wait for your letter with impatience, only my small request to you to answer my questions in this letter. I love you Iver. Yours Oksana! p.s. I have found the information on firm which can help to arrive to me to your country. Tomorrow I shall go to this firm. I shall learn so the information on everything that is required from me that I could visit you. I shall write to you about everything, that have learned. I very much wish to meet you as soon as possible.
Letter 4

My man Iver!!!! I only wanted to write to you the small letter and to inform some news which I thought of you and we already for a long time familiar much so I only dreamed of us with you and searched for a way to see you in the person and I want it hope you understand whether or not? And you would like it? I was today in agency of travel Tur Taim which is engaged in departure of people in travel and found out all about that as I could arrive to you and it not so difficultly and there to me spoke all in detail that is necessary and as it to make. So I below you tell all that spoke me in round agency. As they gave me e-mail and spoke if you wished to speak with them about my travel write to them the letter and all of them in detail can explain to you and speak as as it is necessary to make. So I hope that we with you could be together. Them e-mail the address So I thought much and have decided to descend and check up that is necessary to me for travel to you and how many all this costs? I have gone in firm and found out that the visa and other documents in your country costs about 357 euros and the ticket of the plane have told that it is possible to find cheap if to take it before the start understand me? So all this that I would require for travel to you I estimated with my payment from work it about 2 years to me it would be necessary to save this money. Also do not think that I ask you money I ask your help you should understand me and speak only you help me whether or not? Tell to me because I should know than we come to an end with you of the relation we shall be together in the person or we so simply and we shall stay to write each other letters. I shall wait to speak with you and I very much hope that we can have with you relations. I shall wait much yours for the letter. I was happy to hear your voice. It was fine. I very much wish to speak by with you to phone. I think, that I shall have an opportunity to call to you soon. So if you ready to see me and ready to help me that make it I ask you and I hope for you and I believe in you understand me I wait much for you and I dream of you. I love you and I dream of us so it while all that I could find out and wanted to ask you to make too it and find out all that you can also what information is about travel from your country up to mine. It is good? So I only wait yours for the letter and I hope that very soon you will answer me. Yours and only your love and your woman Oksana!!! P. S. E-mail address where you can send all questions and to you at once will answer. there all still allowed clearly is about the visa and what for this purpose I was necessary also studied it and considered so it is cost my visa understand me?
Letter 5
Hello Iver!
Thanks you huge for your letter Iver I was very glad to receive your letter today with your answers. Certainly I would like to know more that you have written to me, but in any case I am glad, that you tried to answer my questions. And now I shall try to answer itself those questions which I have written in the last letter to you. On myself I you love a word very difficult on sense. When I write to you this word it is absolutely unessential, that you understand it in the same understanding as well as I. Let it will be little bit philosophical but so it and is, and you should agree with it so in fact Iver? Different languages, various culture I have an effect, but not about it, I take a great interest in own reasonings though I do not read philosophy. (Smile). But I understand, that all the same should answer the question. Love and all that is connected with this word. Love in my understanding feeling, feeling of a new birth. When the love grasps the person at him does not remain forces to oppose to it. It not the word is a feeling. Feelings above words. Feelings do not require the words, enough one nod of the head, one gesture to understand other person. That the nobility, that you belong to him and only to him. Let even if you also try something to express to other person through the letter it so is difficult for understanding what exactly actually you wish to express. The love is language of two various people, and let even they do not speak in one language, it is not an obstacle for their understanding. Therefore it is very difficult to me to write to you that you have really understood, that I love you Iver. It is difficult, and you should understand me and agree, what it is impossible Iver, so in fact? I not such word which would express all my essence, but I sincerely wish to hope, on your understanding and that you correctly understand me my dear Iver. My dear, I am grateful to you, that you wish to help to arrive to me to you. I also very much wish to be with you as soon as possible. I have no bank account. But I know a way with which you can send me of money for arrival to you. You can send money through firm Western Union. You should send money for my name - Oksana Vylegzhanina to Russia. Here the address of the nearest branch of a company from me Western Union:
KIROV, 610035
Also you can send me of money through firm Money Gram. Here the
address of bank where is Money Gram:
KIROV 610000
I should not open the bank account that you could send me of money. You simply should go in Money Gram or Western Union and to send money for my name. I remind you, that 357 euros are necessary for me (460 $) to make the visa and other documents. My parents are happy, that we with you wish to get married and be together. They wish my of good luck in a life with you in your country. You know so difficultly to live without something new but when you Iver let me it know I am very glad, that you give me such new feeling. But you should recognize Iver, that it is very difficult to give, but to receive nothing back. Connection in love is very important, that you gave and received back everything, that you give. It is the law which to any other laws does not submit, but indeed actually. If you gave to lives, you received it back, can not at once, but in due course. It is a life. Here again to not get to anywhere. I hope, that you have understood sense of my words Iver and now you understand me not simply is better as the usual person, and the person which is tested with that pure feeling which you have presented me my dear Iver. And I am always ready to present you the same feeling back. I love you Iver and I say goodbye on it. Your fine Oksana.
Letter 6
Hello my dearest Iver, my love Iver!!!! I so am happy that again has received your letter! Large to you a thank from pure heart, that you at me such good! A thank, that you me do not overlook and want with me ever more and more to correspond! Large to you a thank that you at me are. You the remarkable man! You write me such sincere letters, that I simply to thaw from you! You very good! How your businesses, mine favourite Iver? How your work? How you there live without me? Miss, probably? Yes? I too on you very strongly miss!!!! And I so love you, mine lovely Iver! I was happy to speak by with you to phone. You have very beautiful and ****** voice. But now I wish to be with you even more strongly constantly to hear your voice. I very much loved all your new photos. Also you have very nice dog Max. I like aroma of a rose and a lilac. My favourite flower - a rose and simple field flowers. My favourite animals a dog and a horse. I love more chocolate, than a sugar candy. I send you the address of a place of my work:
Interior " ORCHIDEYA ".
Russia, 610035, Kirov, Lenin's street 45.
I received your letters from various e-mail. So all you e-mail work. My dear I promised you to tell about my former relations with the man. In the childhood when I went to school also institute I was friends of boys who liked me. But I think, that all this was frivolous. I simply tried to find suitable for myself the man, looked narrowly at them. Once I have got acquainted with the man. Him called Pavel. First at us all developed well. He was gentle and attentive. He well looked after me, loved me. I planned about the future, about wedding. But gradually our relations became worse. Pavel began all over again a little and in due course more and more and to drink alcohol more. It tightened him all more strongly. First he has lost work as on work do not suffer drunkards. He began to live on my maintenance. And you know, that I have the small salary. It was difficult for me, but I suffered, I tried to help to get out to him of this hole. I thought then, that I can help him. He promised to stop to drink, promised to find work. But probably alcohol has completely subordinated already him to itself. But the strongest shock was for me that he began to change to me. Once I have come from work home before usual. And I have seen him on ours a bed with other woman. It was for me a terrible shock. When I earned money for our residing, tried to help him, he drove women in our house. I could not suffer it more. I left from him. I have returned back to the house of my mum. More I had no with him the relation. It happened more 2 years ago. And approximately 1 one year ago I have learned, that Pavel the automobile when he passed street in a state of intoxication in the place not put for it has brought down. After that I had remorses. I began to think, that if I have remained to live with him, have endured his insults he, probably, would remain to live. But I could not endure it, I could not cross through the vanity after his changes. What do you think of it? What you now think of me? Write to me about it. Now you know a history of my unsuccessful love. But you you see not such, mine favourite Iver??? I know that you not such, that you never so will not act with me! It would be so is sick! The wound from it would remain with me up to the end of life and I think, that more never could believe the man and furthermore fall in love with him. Please, favourite mine Iver, love mine Iver, never so do not act with me. Trust me! I only yours, I always shall be only yours! I am too strong you I love to lose you! I do not want to give back you to anybody. You you see too always will be only mine? Whether not so? Mine favourite, my sweet man Iver!!!! Do not force me to cry, it is good? Now I should go. Simply know that I always shall be yours!! I too strongly love you! Write to me more often, recollect me, remember me always! I am too strong you I love, mine good, mine favourite, mine sweet, mine san Iver!!!!!!
Be with me always, my love Iver!!! I very strongly love you!!!
With all my love to you,
only yours and truly yours,
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