Scam letter(s) from Julia Sinitsina to Peter (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Peter!!!!! Thank you for your writing me. I speak Russian fluently and English so. My full name is Julia . I live in Russia in city Cheboksary. My birthdate was been on the 3 October I was turn to 26 years old.I have a lot of interest most of all, I like to read books, listen to different kinds of music, classical,jazz, pop. I am honest, tender, kind, cheerful and sociable person. I like dancing really very much it is my hobby from long time ago when I was reall young. Now I teach childrens once at week I have lessons with childrens I don't have money from that because it is that I like to do in life it is my favorite time. The owner of that school of dancing is my familiar we study dancing together long time ago. After I finished university and got a degree in the education of economist, I was going to work as bookkeeper. I work in the firm, which are in the black gold industry. I like my job very much. Anyway I like to enjoy the life as it is. I hate lies and treacheries. I don't like any kind of cruelness, maybe because I am too feminine and tender inside of my heart. love flowers, especially roses. I like a home comfort, warmth and calm in family relation. The age or nationality difference is not a problem for me at all. I am interested in that what is inside of his heart, what is in his mind. I just need someone who will be my best friend and faithful partner I will devote my life and love to. I am looking for intelligent, very smart, open-minded person who has a kind heart, a loving and romantic soul, and good sense of humor, who is able to protect and support his beloved woman and be a faithful partner for her. I want to build strong, stable and loving family and have children. The mutual respect, honesty, understanding and strong love are really important for family happiness, I think. Well, if you are that man who I am looking for, and you are ready to be loved and love passionately your future life partner, then let's give us a chance to try, and maybe we both will find that magic love and happiness we are looking for now. Would you please tell me more about your thoughts, ask me what you want and tell me more about yourself, your family and life ideas. Your life, your hobbies, interests, expectations, desires. I'd like to know more about you. It is really important for me to have an idea of the person I am going to correspond with and develop the relationship! I send you photo which was doing with photo from my profile and I will scan more photos for you soon. I will wait for your answer, and some photos of you too !!! I am sad but I couldn't write you more at the moment because Internet Cafe would be closed now because they closed for the dinner and I would come here soon and write you more!!!! With best regards Yulia.
Letter 2

Hello, dear Peter! Thank you for your reply again. And thank you for your warm words and that you for showing to me your feelings I was really like reading your letter. I will be really glad to see more of your and to know more about your life there. It was very interesting for me to know more about you. I just already tell you that deffernce our agr not so important for me as feelings. I hope that you can understand me now. Today it is a good day because I get your letter. I do not like the weather witch we have now because it is autumn and it is become more cold with every day and we have so much reains at this days but today, my favorite season is spring because it is very romantic season and what about you? What is your favorite season? I'd like to tell you about my work and my hobbies. My day begins at 6 A.M. I get up, doing morning training, get a bath, prepare breakfast and then go to the work. My work is situated not far from my house, but I have to use a public transport as I have no my own car. My working day begins at 9 o'clock. My work consists to make all the Financial things for my company because I am bookkeeper. My salary consists of about 200 Euro for a month. My working day is over at 5 P.M. Sometimes I go to the Fitness-Club after my work to be in a good form and I just like sport. In my free time I like to go to the cinema also for a walk and just talk with my girlfriends. My favorite actor is Tom Cruse, and my favorite film is "Vanilla sky". At the weekends my girlfriends and I go to play tennis . I always look for the news about tennis. I also like to visit disco clubs sometimes. I like to dance; it allows me to relax and to get a pleasure. I also like to cook. I have some of my favorite dishes. My friends say that I'm not a bad cooker. My favorite kitchen is Russian of course. My favorite food is roast kitchen with potato, I like to cook french potato and my friends like it very much. May be one day we will meet and I will be very glad to cook for you something delicious and tasty. When it comes to any holidays I have a lot of work because a lot of work because I need to make every month and half year and year plan for our company and in such hard working days I'm tired very much and when I come back to home after I want only eat and sleep. Also I like read the books some of them help me to forget about my problems and I follow the heroes of the books. Most of all I like to read Russian writers such us Turgenev, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chechov, etc. I also like to listen to music. I like modern music, but sometimes I prefer to listen to classic and pop music. Also I want hear your voice and speak with you by phone but I am so sad because I have no telephone at home but little bit later I will try to call you from the post office if you would give me your telephone number and area code for your country. I also want to tell you about my parents. It is very sad to tell about it for me because I have no father. He died because of the heart attack 2 years ago. He was a very good man, he gave me a good education and thought me a lot of things in the life. I'm less him very much. My mother's name is Ekaterina. She is 49 y.o. We are real friends with her and I say everything to her that is happening in my life, I love her so much and I try to help her as much as it is possible. She is very lonely as she has nobody besides me now. I will tell you more about my mom next time. I have some questions to you. I will be very glad if you answer them. I'd like to know more about your work, your working day and what your work consists of. What are your hobbies, what do you like and dislike. And what are you looking in a woman, what kind of woman do you like and how do you imagine a marriage life? What treats of character do you think is value? As for me I think the main things in relationship is trust and respect. You also should tell a little about your parents if it is not difficult for you. I hope my questions will not confuse you. I hope on serious relationship between us in future and I will try to do everything to create such a relationship. I was scanned some more photos and I would hope that you love them it was doing at the lessons of dancing. About this school it is called "Gracia" by English it is mean Grace I think, it is about 15 minutes on the bus from my home, I have no much friends there I have one my girlfriend her name Irina and I just teaching kids because I like doing it. Yes we sometime we have dinner together, so now I stop here. I will went at the bus, then 20 minutes and I'm at home. I hope to hear form you soon. Yours Yulia
Letter 3

Hello, my dear Peter! I am glad to get your letter and I think every of our letter makes us to be closer and closer to each other.Thank you for your photo I really like it so much will be glad to see more your photos. I feel that I got used to your letters. When I see your letter my mood becomes better, I reread every of your letters for several times. I believe now that it is possible to get a serious relationship through the Internet. It is the first time I wrote to man through the Internet and I hope it will be the last one. I hope that our correspondence will lead us to a serious relationship and may be to marriage, it is the main aim of my writing to you. To tell the truth, I got a lot of letters fromdifferent men but after reading your letters I understood that it is you whom I'm looking for because I see that you are serious and I will hope that I could trust you also your letters are so sensitive and tender that I feel that you are very tender and carrying person but all other man who wrote me always asking for *** and I hate it that's why I will take my profile off because I do not want receive any contact and I am already happy with you and do not need anybody to write me. I like you and your letters and wait every of them with great impatience. Today I told my mum about our Internet corresponding with you. I told a little about you and she said that she will be very glad i we will be happy together and have happy family and kids. But my mom doesn't trust to such kind of relationship because she thinks that it is impossible to create a serious relationship or to fall in love through the Internet because she think that it is possible only in the real life. She is sure that it is possible only in person contact. But I explained to her that if we have a serious relationship and feel a real sense it will be possible for us to meet in real life and to talk about everything we want to know now we need to talk on the phone so let's organized it ok I will go to do it soon as I have your number. And now I'd like to tell you more about my parents. My mother's name is Ekaterina. She was born in the city of Mugla Sola that is situated not far from Kazan and then to Cheboksary. She was meet my father before finishing school. My father's name was Alexander. After finishing the University my parents got marriage and go live to the Cheboksary. My father had a very good work; he worked as a main economist at one of the biggest enterprises of our city. He was well-educated and clever man. He liked his work very much and all workers of the enterprise respected him. My mother worked as a bookkeeper. But she had problems with hearing and it prevented to her work. After I was born her problems with hearing became stronger and she spent a lot of time at the hospital. And my father said that it would be better if she will sit at home and not to go to the work, now she is a pensioner, that's why she doesn't work. My father loved my mother very much and tried to do everything for her to feel happy. The relationship of my parents gave me a good lesson in my life and I know what I should do to have a happy relationship. As I grew up at the family of economists my parents consisted on me to get an economic education too,and as my parents know what is best I was going to get economic education too and now I am bookkeeper. The death of my father was a real strike for me and for my mother. After it my mother looked more older and her health become very poor. Every time when I go out in the street, when I am at the public transport I look at people, at their faces, eyes, I try to realize what they are thinking about and I become sad because I see in their eyes and faces only sadness. And for the last time I seldom see happy people in a good mood. I also communicate with the women who are marriage. And they talk how it is difficult to live in marriage because of the great number of problems and only some of them happy because they are lucky and they have good husband but I don't want to tell that all men in Russia are bad and that it is impossible to find a man in Russia, but I understood that I don't want to live in Russia and to create a family with Russian man.I talked to my mom about it and tried to explain her everything. She didn't understand me at the beginning, but now she is agree with me. I also want to tell you about my little secret: *** plays a great role in my life but with the right person who is very lovely and caring. I think *** is one of the best things that people who love each other have in their life. I am very **** woman and *** plays a very great role in my life I told you about *** but all this only because I want to know what do you think about that. I think that *** is one of the main fact in good relation in the strong family. And what do you think about it? Also I was scanned some more pictures and it is specially for you , I will hope you will love them if you can please make some special photos for me too. So I would hope to hear from you soon. Waiting for your letter with impatience, Yulia
Letter 4

Hello, my dear Peter!! I think that you even can't imagine how happy make me your letters. I wait your letters every day with impatience. And every time I see your letters in my postbox I tell thanks to the God for that I have met you in my life. With every of our letter my relation to you becomes better and more serious. I doing some more photos for you It's a pity that we are so far from each other now. I'm tired to be alone and sometimes when I return home after the work I run into despair because I even have nobody to talk to I have only my mother but she is not a men and yes of course she is understand me and can help me to decide any problem but you understand that it is another situation now. And only your letters make me strong, help me to go away from me my loneness. I feel your care and kindness out of your letters. I want to tell you thank you very much. I'm sorry for such an introduction but I want you to know what sometimes I feel. In this letter I'd like to tell you more about myself and to tell a little about my thoughts to make you to know me better. I hope it will give you some answers on your questions. First of all I'd like to tell you about a stile of my clothes. It depends on my mood and the place where am I going to go. If I go to the work I prefer a strict stile. I like trousers and skirts of middle long but if I go somewhere to have a rest I prefer a free clothes of tender colors. I think the clothes of a man is his face and people can tell a lot about a man on his clothes. People often tell compliments to me because my stile of clothes suits me very much. But I also have a good figure, so I can wear everything I want. I also want you to know that I believe in God. But I seldom go to the church because the atmosphere in Russian churches is very hard but it doesn't prevent me to believe in God. And I want to tell more about my education. I graduated the Cheboksary University. It is one of the most prestige universities in Russia. I finished the University with a red diploma (I have only excellent marks). But I like the atmosphere of our collective, I like my job. After at school English was my favorite subject I wasn't think to stop and I was learned high English at the University and I know it fluently (as written so talking I think that you could see that from my letters). I also want to tell again about the weather I like it is summer and all of us like when it is sunny and warm and I am so sad that it is winter at the moment and it is so cold here in Russia. But sometimes it is fine when it is raining and windy. I think rain make us to calm and allows us to think about serious things of the life. I also like animals. When I was a little girl I had a likely dog it is a pity that he died a lot of time ago. I like horses very much and sometimes I go to the stable to go by horse. Of all colors of the world I like green because it calms me and it is so tender. I think that even if we will correspond a month, two months or more I think we will know each other not more than 10-20 . My dear, I want to be sincere with you because I am really honest. I want you to know that I am serious very much to you and our relation. And because of it I want to tell you that I don't want our relation to be only Internet correspondence and chat I want to meet you in person and get know in the real life because it is other from the Internet correspondence. I talked you about myself as much as I could. And with every of my letter I tried to tell you more to become you closer to me and to make you to know better me. I began to write to you not with the aim to have a correspondence but with the aim to find a right person for myself, to meet with you and try to create happy family together with you. But so serious questions we can discuss only in real meeting, I am not sure but I will hope that you are agree with me. I want you to think that may be I am really those whom you were looking for and you are those whom I was looking for. Perhaps some days which we will spend together will solve our destiny. And that is why, my honey, I want you to solve for yourself what do you want: to continue thecorrespondence or to meet at the nearest future. The choice is for you. My darling, all my words and thoughts I tell out of my heart. I think that you are my destiny. I am sorry may be I didn't answer some of your questions but I think that the things I told in this letter are more important than the questions you asked me. I also send you some of my most lovely photos. I would go to check the information about everything to the Travel Agency and then I would let you know about all ok. I will end my letter on these words. Thank you that you are. I am waiting for your letter with impatience. Only your Yulia
Letter 5

Hello my darling Peter many thanks for your letter I am happy to get it and I love it you are very cute and handsome and it was really interesting for me to read all what you was wrote me. I want to tell you that I was pleased as the small child when I read your letters, and every time when I got your letters my mood become very good as it was today, I was have some problem at my work because our director is not very good men, because it is almost about 2 years I work here and now he ask me about relations( he means *** relations), but I do not like him and do not want relations and of course *** with him but all this happen after I told my girlfriends at work about you and then he heard about that and after that begins my problem he make it specially because he saw that I could have happy life and family with somebody but before he did not tell me anything and I hate him for that now and I think what to do if he would make a lot of problems for me at work I would need to leave I was checked information and the police has told me that they would be not able to do anything with that because it is not in the their competition. He have a family and want have with me secret relations and promise me good salary, because he know that I need more money and that I do not have enough money for my life. If I would not agree with him, he tell me that I will lose my work and he would found new girl, who would work on my place and agree with his conditions. I think at first time it will be absolutely difficult find good new work very fast, and at first time until I will get new job I would not have enough money for use Internet-cafe, because all my money which I keep at bad time I will pay for my life and food but I am not such type of the person and he is wrong as I am writing to you and we can have future with you and I think that I need to leave my work now because I do not want it anymore. Darling but I really will do all what I can for write to you every day, you know this. To meet you in Internet it is just wonderful, and when I still start think of you, that soon we really will see each other, I like it very much. Also I am hoping to speak with you over the phone and I think that we need speak to each other as soon as possible I want hear your voice. I start think a lot about you, but as we actually not meet each other in person and see only photos of each other. I think that after we will meet each other in person we could see where it would go and how we would suit to each other but as we understand each other very good in our letters it would be not hard for us to understand each other in the real life and it is very important thing as I think that you know it by yourself that two person who fall in love can not have happy family if they do not understand each other well, but I am right and my heart do not let me down I belive that we would could be happy together and have happy family and children, and I want to know what do you think about my words because it is very important for me to know what you will think. As you know the most important thing for me I wrote about that in my profile, that I would like to meet men of my dreams and try to create happy future for myself and just want be happy with the men who make my days happy and do all what is in his power to make very strong family and care about me and keep from the any problem and be as knight for the family because you are man and I hope that my beloved men would be able to protect his family and future children because he is man, and I would give back the same things to my beloved and would try and belive that I can not only try but make all what would be possible to make for my beloved could be happiest man in the world Actually I have such feelings that I never have before and it is wonderful because I feel that and it is make me very happy and during the day I think about us with you and miss you very much. Dear actually I very much want to be a good wife for you and actually I would be happy if all this would happen and from my dreams would become to reality, but let's do not look so much forward because for the beginning we need to meet each other. You are remarkable person and I told about that many times but it is not hard for me to tell you again because it makes me very happy when I know that my words make you very happy too. At the moment my biggest dream and best present for my birthday's it is meet you and celebrate for my birthdays together I belive that it is possible and all my wishes that god would help us with you and we would meet each other soon. I think that in this letter I am fully opened my heart to you and told you about everything what I think and I hope that you do not mind that I told you about my problems because I have nobody to speak about that , yes I have mother but I do not want to tell her about my problems because she is not young and it would be very bad for her health if she would worry about me because her heart is not young and I do not want that she worry about me because it could killed her because she is really very weak but try to care about me I would hope that I was right when I was decided to do that and you would understand me , I want to know all what do you think about us and please open to me your feelings and tell me all what do you think and do not hesitate to speak about anything what you want tell me it would be only interesting for me to know more. I do not want to stop write you because I want that you know everything what I think . Also I was at the Travel Agency and checked information about everything and after they have told me how much it would cost I got shocked because I was think that I would be able to have enough money for the trip but I have about 300 Euro saved and my mother has told me that she would be able to help me with some money but it would be not enough, I would try to found some money for the trip so we could meet each other when my documents would be ready and I would not need to meet my boss at work who is very ****** and do not understand that I have you and do not want to have *** with him. I am sad that police could not do anything to him by that and I would hope that in your country it is possible to do anything in this situation. I would try to check my mail in the evening and hope that your letter could be waiting for me in my mailbox. I wish you all the best and hope that you have great day there. Your Yulia.
Letter 6

My darling and most lovely man Peter!!! Sorry that I cannot write to you earlier. I have a lot of problem with work. You can not represent what I was feel during the time when I was at work and he was not give me to work because a lot of time he stay near me and ask me come to his room and I was not able to have normal work day. My honey now I decide the problem with my boss and I found the best way for that and I already do not go to my office since today I told him that he is very big pig and say good bye because he was very ****** and he was asked me about *** every day now and I am just tired of that and now I have no work but now I am far away from him. Today as soon as I have free time I go at the internet-cafe, because I know someone in Australia wait me and my letters. If really I can't image my life right now without you and your letters. Because I feel that you have strong feelings for me and this is a very important for me. I doing more of my photos hope you will like I also will be happy to see some more of yours photos. I hope that you can understand me because my English is not perfect and I have some worried when I write to you letter about my boss because I have hard day. Hope you will can understand me about my mistakes. Every time when I think about us I understand that maybe I find true feelings and right man for all my life and my dreams come true. If this is true I will be happy so much, becauseyou that this is my purpose and Iwant make happy my husband and make good family life together. A lot of people do not understand for what meet each other, they think that fun this is most important in life and want play the games all his life. But I see other, most better side in serious relationship and I see that you agree with me on 100 % and I like it very much. My dearest I read in your letter about our meeting I really want to meet so much soon as it will be possible for us. I think that you just will not have superfluous problems about all of this. And it will be good for me to see life in your country be with you there like it will be if we will be together for all life. I hope that you can understand my opinion about that and will agree with me about that. I understand your desire help me and this is a very pleasant for me. I also will do all that I can about it. I think that we can understand all and know each other 2 - 3 weeks. Don't know how it for you but for me all this sounds like dream. My love I really want to tell you that I jsut wnat to talk by phone with you so much because I want to hear your voice and talk with you in real time. I think that you also want it like me. Because I think that it will be wonderfull talk with you. Now I want to say you about some good news about travelagency. At morning when I stand up I go to the travel agency and speak with travel agent. He told me all what I need for travel in Australia we discuss all things about that with him and they give me all prices and tell all needfull things I will tell in more details about that: Internetional Passport about 80 dollars it will take about week they say that it will not be very easy but they will help me have touristic visa at the Australia for 3 mounth it will take about 3 weeks preparing visa and it will cost about 180 dollars also Insuarance from hospital about 90 dollars , it will take about 350 dollars for recieving all neccesery documents. Also they will do my tickets I will be plane ticket from Cheboksary to Moscow and back and it will cost about 350 dollars and from Moscow to Australia Australia and back it will cost about 1150 dollars. All trip will cost about 1750 dollars you know my situation here is not so good here, so if think about my expenses here for my living and for internet calling to you and e.t.c I think all my saves will not be more then 200 dollars for all trip. So I need about 1550 that all trip can be real and we can be together soon. I hope that you can understand me about it. So as soon as I will have all sum we can start things about our meeting. Now I just hope receive all your ideas about that soon. I choose agency with good reputation and I think that they can help us without problem. Darling really when I think about you and about our meeting my heart to start to beat much faster, because I understand that I will see other life, other people, other culture. But I know that one man wait me and want make me happy and it give me the power for life and love. I think you are very honest and nice man that's why I belive you and want meet to you too very much. I never see Australia and I know this is a very nice place for life and make family. I want try to do it and I hope that all be fine. Thank you for your warmest words about my birthday I was really gald to reading it. I just don't doing much today just spend it together with my mother and have some supper. I just was sad that I don't with you at this day and I hope that my dream really come true soon. at this day and I hope that my dream really come true soon. Ok My darling I need go, I just wnat to do some things today but I think that I will come back later today or tommorow morning. I love you and miss you very much. My respect only for you my dear Only your Yulia P.S Just forgot to send you my adreess: Sinitsina Yulia city: Cheboksary street: Kalinina 32, flat: 61, post code 430000
Letter 7

Hello my Peter!!! I was happy recieving letter from you my love and I was happy reading every your word. I'm glad that now I just can forget about this pig and I'm not depend from him now and lets forget about him. Yes it is bad that I don't have work now and don't have any money but I have some for my life here for some time I think that it will be enough for some time before we will doing things about our meeting. But I trying to search another job in any way but it is not so easy here to find job which will be good in some factors, good job is big problem in this country. I also dream about this moments when we will be together and I think that it will be wonderfull because I will be most happy woman when I will be with you. Thank you for you compliments about me I also think that you are beatifull man and we will be a good couple together. My love I think that you did't read my previos letter to you attentive because I give you information for most of your questions to me which I see here. We will be together as soon as we start things about my trip to you. It will take about 3 weeks for all prepartions here. I really want to be with you soon as possible so this things depend only from you now. Closest date of our meeting it is about 3 weeks after we will start things about preparations. I also was giving to you all details about costs for documents and e.t.c I tell you that this preparation will be engaged be travelagency here and they will decide all things about that with my cooperation I will give them funds for this and also some neccesary documents from me, then all will be starting. I already to tell you that after my documents will be ready I must go at Moscow for fly at the Australia. Because Cheboksary is not so big city that it can be fly at Austraia from here. I hope that you can understand about it much clearly now my love. I also was know about the easiest way to transfer funds it is Western Union you can find information about that at the and you also have my full address and data, I also need your full address and name. I hope that it will be helpfull for you. My love can't wait ot meet you in person. Just let me know what you think about all of this and how soon we can start things for be together. very this day i think about you and dream about our meeting. I hope it will be very very soon. Today is cold again qand the wind blows and when I think about us I become warmer and my heart beats faster I told you about it already but I do it again because I think it is love. I'm happy that we have found out each other in this world. I can't wait to meet you , I want it all my heart I'll do all for it, all what I can to do in general. The sun is not Shines warmly and more brightly. I think that the new life begins. All so has got mixed up and you the new man in my life which love me and which I love. I love you , I love you very much. It seems that really the new life begins for me and for you . I think we will have the strong union together, I thank the destiny for you . I hope we will be together forever. We need in meeting, I so want to talk with you to see your eyes to hear your voice to feel your breath and to feel your love. I think you imagine how perfect love because I feel it and I know that it's the true love. I love you !!!!!! I'm yours forever! Please write me all what you think and what you dream. My love I'm sorry to say it but I must go now I will come later and I hope that I will be able to recieve lettre from you soon. I also hope that we will talk by phone soon please be ready hear from me in anytime. Think about you all time. Only yours Yulia
Letter 8

Hello my Peter I'm happy to get your letter because I really much worried about you and about there where are you gone. I think thatmaybe somthing happend with you but you must understand that now we at the really big distance from each other and if something happend I will never can do something about it. I just write that you will write more later but I did't see your letter. I hope that you will feel much better soon and we can decide things about our meeting also soon because all this days I just think about you and dream about our meeting all time. My love I hopeto hear from you really soon. Only yours Yulia
Letter 9

Hello my Peter !!!! I was happy recieve your letter my love. I reading it very attentivly about all that you said there. At first I just want to give answers to all of your questions, you really have so much questions about my trip I thought that I give to you all needfull information about my trip but you trying and trying to know all about that. I just can't understand read you my letters attentive or just see at this fast and then write back to me. Because I say to you that I can't doing something about my trip because I don't have money for this is it so hard for understanding. So I don't have passport or visa because I don't have funds for preparing all. I'm reading all that you write about visa but again it is seems that you did't read all that I say about it. I tell you before about all of that, that it will be hard for recieving visa for your country and all things. All about that will do agency they will help to me recieving all neccesary documents. Aall that you say in your letter I just hear at the agency, they will all things about that and they will start soon as I will do payment. Basically we must to have time to doing all neccesary things about my trip to you. But it will take about 3 weeks for recieving all neccesary documents for my visit Australia it is hard recieving it and maybe it will take some more days. So by my opinion we must to make secure about that. Because it is time before New Year and it is very intense time for travel I hope that you can understand me and we necessarily should take into mind that maybe we will have some problems with something in that time. I hope that you agree with me about that. And I just think that it will be much better if we will start things about all soon as possible because with every day it is start to be harder doing all about that soon. So just think about that because it is really importnat start to do all soon, because I think that costs of trips also start to be more and more beafore New Year. I really don't think that it is good idea about your coming here because it will cost more for your trip here and then for our trip there. And another reason I want to see your country your life there because if we will be all life together we will live there and I think it will be right if our first meeting will be there and I will be able to live with you there, it is important thing in our realtion and I hope that you understand all about that. My love I fwe really want be together then we must start things about that. The costs which I sent to you was been in Usa dollars I don't know about express, but I know that Western union it is good in that questions they doing transfer in some minutes and without problems also they don't take really much money for they transfering. PLease don't complicate things for me I already doing about that so much. If we want meet each other that lets just start doing things about that. I hope also that it will be possible for our talking soon. I will wait your letter also and I hope that will have it soon also. Think about you all time and can't wait that moment when we will be together. Only yours Yulia
Letter 10

Hello my Peter!!! I was happy recieving your letter my love. I was just cheked about my data which you send to me and all about this is ok. Also please don't forget that I need your full data. Thank you for the photo of beautifull place it is sems like paradise. I thought how wonderful that we started corresponding. I have never considered before that it is possible to some one like you on the net. Now I understand I was wrong. At night I saw an stonishing dream I want to tell you now. I dreamt of sitting with you near some lake over here. The sun is setting and shining gold. The lake is strangely enough quite. There are no people around. Only two of us sitting on a small blanket and looking at colored birds flying above us. I don't know why they are nolored. I have not seen those before. You get on reading me poems in your language. I am listening to you. The main thing is that you are reading with expression in your voice your voice witch i love to here what you say. It makes me laugh cause I You are so cheerful and joyful. Your eyes sparkle with love. We are sitting and feeling well. In the morning I recalled this dream and smile automatically covered my face from ear to ear. I really can't wait that moment when I will be with you. My love I think about you all time and I think that we will have great future together. I will go for now and I will come later today and I hope that I will recieve letter from you. Think about you all time. Only yours Yulia
Letter 11

My Peter I hope that everything is ok with you I just think about you and wait your letter day by day. I hope that it will be possible for me recieving letter from you soon. I just want to hear your voice and trying to call you yesterday adn I was really sad when I understand that I can't reach you at phone. I was leave message at your answer machine I hope that you get it. Just think about you and hope that will hear from you soon. I also want yo hear your voice if you have another phone number where I can reach you I will be happy recieve it also. Please write me soon. Only yours Yulia
Letter 12

Hello my Peter!!! I was happy recieve your letter. It was strange that you did't get my phone message to you. I just trying to call you again today and I don't have anyluck with this please just check up your phone number again and tell me if it is right: 04 077255119. I'm just also reading what you wroting about Western Union there, I was learn about all this things here, and they say to me that it was not must be problem there with this and you can send more moeny in one time from there, please just check it in once again, maybe you must go at the another office of Western Union it is easy. Also just go at the you also can send funds from this site it is don't must have problems, also you can find all information about transfers and about maximum sum which can be transfered there also. I hope this will be helpfull. I just get your data: please check it once again: Peter McIvor, 18 Napier Street, Bendigo, 3550, Australia hope hat everything is ok about that. I really hope that we can start things soon and decide all problems about that. My love I just don't see this pig anymore and I think that I will never see him again. This night I saw wonderful dream about us. When I woke up, I understand that I hate reality without you near me. The dream was so magical I'll try to describe it to you... In my dream, we went to the museum and we walked together slowly through the new exhibit , sometimes holding hands, sometimes with our arms around each other. We talked about the beauty in the world that is sometimes rare to see and how fortunate we were that we had a chance to experience other cultures. At times we just stopped and kissed for a few moments. Then we went to a cafe and had something to eat. We shared a few bites of each other's dish and talked and laughed. After that, we took a walk in the park whispering and kissing. We continued to walk on city embracing and kissing. To us was so well together that at all have not noticed as evening has come. We came in restaurant where people was but we noticed nobody, looked each other in the face and enjoying Kind. You for me have ordered fine music and have invited to dance as it was perfectly is turned with you In dance and to feel near to itself your strong body. After supper we wre directed to you home I have woken up from that that I have naturally terminated directly in dream. That you made thank for that for me in dream and I hope that we can to carry out this dream in real life. Just can't wait that this dream can be in real life. My love I will go for now but I will come later and I hope that I will recieve letter from you soon. You know with which impatience I always wait every your word. Just think about you all time. Only yours Yulia
Letter 13

Hello my Peter !!! I was really happy to get your letter soon my love. I don't know what happend with your phone but I really trying to enter all of this so many time and combunations, my love I really want to hear your voice so much and I will try to doing it again tommorow hope that we will talk with each other. My love I'm hapy hear that you was found exit from our situation with Western Union but I don't understand did you send it or not. I already tell you about all costs and also about Moscow that it will need for ticket at Moscow this cost include also one night in Moscow Hotel please be attentive about what I'm writing to you. I think that you just can't understand me because I can't say to you about dates of flight to you by reason of that I'm not buying anything if I will pay money at the agency they will reserve tickets or me and will say all dates, but how I can know dates of my flight if I'm not paying anyobdy for this and don't do it all neccesary documents? I'm just want that you will think about it. Because it is seems that all of this hard for your understanding. Please write me soon. Think about you. Only yours Yulia
Letter 14

Hello my Peter !!! I was happy to get your letter my love. I was happy to hear that you just found all ok. My love I want to be with you soon as possible because I think that we will be happy together. I'm ready to start things travel agency also just ready to start all. Now I and all just waiting your actions about that. I really miss about you almost all time and hope that oyu will be able to doign things about funds really soon. It will be really good if you will do transfer at Monday, it will be best day for starting because it is beginning of week and it is good for any tskings thigns. I hope that you understand me. I want to be with you beside, to cook breakfasts, see you out to work. I am sure that our future will be much happier, when we'll be together, to communicate and see each other daily. The life getting mush colorful and richer, when your Beloved is with you. When we started to write each other, I started to get a believe in the love, in all those features, which are in our life. My soul was empty and I don't want to feel that loneliness and seclusion. You brought me back trust in love and happiness. Dear! I want to thank you for understanding and care. I can't choose appropriate words to express my feelings. My love I just think about you all time and I hope that I will hear from you soon. Only yours Yulia
Letter 15

Hello my love Peter!!! I was happy to have letter from you my love. And hear good nes about the funds. But I have some problems about that just yesterday I was been in several locations Western Union and trying to recieve funds for my trip but all they say that thay did't have information at there base about this transfer I was been shock by all of this. I already trying to recieve it today also but it is also have problems same that it was they don't have any information about your transfer. I don't know what problem with this or which mistake you just doing but it is impossible for me recieving this funds for y trip. I was sad about all of that because all day yesterday I just was at Western Unions and did't have nothing result about that. Please my love trying to doing something about that maybe you have some mistakes just go there and tryto learn why we have such problems. I hope that it will be possible for you t doing things about that soon. My love I just will go for now I will come soon todya and I hope that I will get your letter soon. Think about you all time. Only yours Yulia
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