Romance scam letter(s) from Natalia Dolya to Nils (Sweden)
Letter 1
Hi my sunshine my darling Ulf?
How are you today? Do you think of me as I do?
Darling I first of all want to tell that I on Friday received money thank you very much. I had to write your name that number, my and your name an show my passport and so they gave me money, it was very fast. I then went to travel company. Darling they counted my trip more. For visa they charge 230 dollars! Not 30-40, because they say for 30-40$ visa I then should myself go to embassy to Kiev then. They not can mail the documents they should there go. I them also had to bring photos and paper from work, they me that I prepared. So I for the visa paid and its most important as it will take 2 weeks, they faster not can make, they said that will try that it be ready not in last day before I take tri, but couple of days before. The flight I not yet took, because the flight from Warsaw across Vienna to Larnaka costs 670 dollars and they must connect me from Lvov to Warsaw, so it adds 120 euro more and plus airport taxes so all together it lack me 350 dollars I wish I would add but I don't have much may be some small money could be so I would add, but 350 not I have. I a bit worry, is that right I paid for visa? The trip is very expensive you see. I now worry! Darling I don't know, would it be a problem? I don't know.
Darling I see your weekend you did home chores and some calls and it was a good weather. My weekend was good, still we had on Saturday so so hot 35 degrees it was incredible, you may imagine. I had to do some things and it was heavy to move, but what me helped is daydreaming of us in the beach, I could even sometimes feel the smell of the sea and feeling you watching at me.. yesterday the weather got better, was some rain.
I missed you very much, as always, I wish we spend together our weekends. I tried to imagine what you did there.darling no it wasn't Mother's day here.. you have tears in your eyes thinking of my Mum, thank you darling. I love you so much, you have so beautiful, feelingly kind heart! You support me always darling and always will, I know it! Thank you very much, my precious dream-man!
darling I see you watched news, yes, its already here for a long time political crisis darling, but its not so bad, some people yes they go for meetings an so on, but its not so dangerous an darling I not can avoid the centre because I in centre living, but darling please don't worry I take care and I not taking part in these events at all!
Please don't worry darling I very much care, till we are together safe I take responsibility for us both I not ever any risks take or will take my darling!
Darling I had to go to supermarket for shopping but it was all quiet and its not so extreme here. In capital may be worse.
Yes, darling those 2 people which argue and not can divide the power they this all made, absolutely true. darling have 47 millions of people, and most of them ill and tired from politics, in West Ukraine especially, but now East Ukraine becoming more active and some boozing in capital they in TV showed.
Yes, darling it will stabilize I am sure it will.
Indeed the politics they are not good people.
Darling I am happy that my email made your weekend bright and you feel my heart and warmth, the same I feel yours in your letters, my darling. yes, I of course also will bring some my favourite CDs and we will share our favourite songs and we will find the best which we both admire. and we will dance together.. having romantic dinner an then dancing, feeling our bodies close, feeling our moves, and candles sparkle in our eyes and our desires sparkle. and we will kissing and hugging in sofa then. it makes me so excited this to imagine an it feels like I got kind of balloon in my belly, which tickles me and it filled with special energy, like bottle with champagne. its hard to describe. ;)
It's so so exciting and wonderful the week we will spend together, I am looking forward.
Lets so do making lots of photos. and you will burn CD.? Darling and how this to understand?
it will be the happiest week in our lives yes, just to be close, to do things together, to share all our love, tenderness, to are each other, to talk about everything. Darling thank you that you say me I am precious, wonderful, beautiful, passionate, kind, warm-hearted, lovely, faithful, sweet, devoted, trustworthy, honest, attractive, nice and loving- darling you are the Same! I am so lucky I feel I am so happy woman that I found you in this world its the precious the biggest gift I could ever get from Fate! Darling, I feel you are my future husband, I feel we meant forever be together you mean for me also more than anything in this big wide world and I need you forever in my life... I don't want my life without you to imagine, darling!
you are always in my mind and in my heart, darling, I will take care, I promise and you also do, my darling Ulf, I send you my tender delicious deep, passionate, full of my love and affection kisses, full of my passion and excitement!
And I can feel yours in my lips!
Wish you a nice evening, darling,
yours always,
Letter 2
Hi my Wonderful Darling Ulf! Thank you very much for your lovely email!
Yes, darling I so thought to start visa straight way, as it could be real problem not to be in time with visa I wished I could you ask because of tickets, but I not could and I had decision to take and so I started.
They said that the visas they have to go and to collect also to go, because by post they don't work and they say that queues there.
Darling I watched back 17th and also 18th, but its problem because to starts at 8 from Kiev I not have flight to Kiev from Lvov. And back 23.10 no flight from Kiev.. we watched in special system Amadeus there and it was only that possibility from my city fly and back as from Kiev not connect and to Kiev no flight in this time.
Darling is lacking not 50, but 350 dollars. yes, if you may send me, I don't have where to borrow.
Ok, it's good it's not a problem I a bit worry now.
Darling of course our meeting is priceless and worth anything!
We will be like 2 bottles of champagne which crash the roof of airport?
I am smiling here, beautiful compare and yes I think it too, we'll be like bottles with champaign exploding and sparkling!
Yes, darling was hot, but today is fine, it is 26. How is it by you? And how is it in Cyprus?
Yes, darling we would in future spend weekends together, you were also thinking of me in weekend and imagining us in Cyprus all the time, oh I the same darling, its all the time in my mind, I imagine us together on the beach, going shopping, cooking, candle lights we put in table, imagine we touch each other doing different things, our eyes meet.
Oh I will love too to be in my arms kissing and hugging.....going to shower together, wow its so exciting..washing each other.. kissing under the shower-rain, darling I feel the same with all my heart that I love you very much!
Yes, you see they already for long time here not find agreement, sometimes they do, then again not and so people in streets then and especially east Ukrainians seems really annoyed by the situation. Well, I also hope it will stabilize for a long, it must already be finished!
Yes, darling of course is more safe here, its not here people from all over Ukraine arriving for meetings, but to Kiev.
yes, darling I see what you mean, you'll make the pictures and can have it in CD so put in computer and also can of course print, yes?
darling you mean so much for me too - everything! I also pray for US in future, For our Love, for our Understanding. Yes, darling we will care each other and our life would be beautiful, easy and happy based in mutual love, understand, trust, care, our hearts will be always full of light and happiness. And so we will all our problems kindly and with smile decide, not shouting or bad words saying. And yes undependable of how long we together we try our best that our relationships be kind and beautiful and not ever hurt each other!
I also know that I will be so very happy with you and having very happy life forever together.
And I am happy and feeling so lucky I found you. Between 6 billion of people in this wide world we found us! Its so uncial. Its priceless treasure!
Yes, darling it so so exciting we are going to meet soon! Yes darling it hurts not to be together, it's the same for me! But now its only 12 days, can you imagine? Wow!
I am happy you could feel my kisses on your lips, feeling body shivers and exciting and so hot.
I also feeling my desire, excitement, joy, all wonderful feelings getting more with every day.. yes darling w will both come to heaven together and enjoy every moment of being close!
the emotional thing will be the first hug yes?
I need you, you need me, we need us! Everything at me is crying for you!
It is good to know that we are linked with our thoughts, imaginations, dreams and our feelings! Very important for me to know that you are there and thinking of me and that we have no more doubts about us! I am prepared for you and our future.
I can feel your hot kisses touching my body!
I send you my passionate hot kisses, please put them where you feel or store in your heart. Soon I will put them in right places.
Darling please take care of you and I will also,
And I wish you a nice evening my darling,
Yours forever,
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