Romance scam letter(s) from Anna Rulsadnova to Donald (USA)
Letter 1
You did not answer any my questions. Please try to do it. Here is my letter again: ================================ Donnie, I am from Ukraine. But its impossible to send any email on the site from "ukrainian" profile at all. This is why my profile said that I am from USA. Excuse me please for this misunderstanding. I hope on your understanding. My name is Elena. I do not know as to begin this first letter to you, I just tell you something about me. I am 30 years old, my birthday is 11 November 1976 year. And when does your birthday? My country named Ukraine. I live in village Dolinnoe that situated in about 50 kilometers from the Simferopol. I live in very good village. It is not big, just have one small shop and railroad station. I rent an room here because its cheaper than in Simferopol. What about your city? What is its name? How many peoples live there? In Simferopol I have a work. Every morning I with my girlfriend going on railroad station together. From there I reach up Simferopol. My girlfriend works on this railroad station. I graduated from our States University, which is situated in Simferopol. I learned English at school and University but already do not remember many English - but I shall recollect and learn English again. Please do not use dificult words and phrases in you letters. I shall be capable to understand you but it will just take more time this way. I was very surprised to receive your answer. I am very glad that I can to write to you this letter. I did not trust before that can be a dialogue through the Internet. It is my first experience. I very much want to know you more. How you have got in the Internet and why you search dialogue through on line? Please write me more about you, your life, city and country? I think you interresting about a reason why I am here. I search for my soulmate, to share with him all my happyness and love. I need to find real man for love and I hope its you. I understand that these desires are banal but care, love and understanding any woman wants in relations. Elena
Letter 2
I am very glad to receive today your letter. Its very much surprises me that my letter has reached you. I do not understand how people trough the half world can communicate and understand each other. Ours correspondence very much intrigues and interesting for me. Your attention very pleasantly for me. Now when I see that it works I want to tell more about me. I never been married and have no kids. I do not smoke and I do not drink often. I can drink Champaign or wine. But I do not drink a lots, only sometimes at holidays. How about you? What do you prefer drink? I was born in village Udlowoe that situated in 100 kms from the Dolinnoe. My parents (father and mother) live in Udlowoe. I am very much love them and respect, they are very good parents. Now I see them very seldom (about once a month) and each our meeting is a very joyful. My mother works in a kindergarten and loves children. Father is already on pension because he has been injured on manufacture 4 years ago.
I have younger sister. She is 21 years old. Her name is Kristina.
I have a grandmother also. She lives in the same village as my parents. They care about my grandmother. I work in groceries. This is a little market. This market is situated in new unfinished area of Simferopol, unfortunately here we have only water, an electricity, the water drain and we have no another, But very soon we will have here all another thing: gas, cable television and phone. What about your work? Please write me more about it. Its very much intereseting for me. I work hard and much time and my salary is not big but I have to much work because its very hard to find work in city to the girl from village. But I have enough money to buy clothes, to rent the room and buy a food. ...sorry i must finish letter, i have to go now. Hope to hear from you soon.
Letter 3
Hello Donnie!
I am very glad to receive your letter again. it is very pleasant fo me to know you better with each letter. I becoming attached to your letters and I like it very much. I am sorry that i finished my last letter so quick. Now I write you about my situation with the Internet. You already know a little about my village. It is too small and peoples here have no phones or Internet access. The only one computer with Internet access is on railroad station. I have the girlfriend who works as the cashier in this railroad station. Her name is Olesya. As I say in my first letter we going together to the railroad station. She used this computer for working. So I can use her computer only after the end of her work. The Internet is very slow and bad here. Its free for me and it is very good because I heard that Internet cost too much here. I arrive on station from work at 7:40 pm and my girlfriend finished in 8:00 pm. Therefore I have only about 20 mimutes to write you. This station is open 24 hours but Olesya works only till 8:00 pm. Other cashier working here at the nights. I can use the Internet only when Olesya works here. because the rules of station forbids to use computers to other peoples. My girlfriend can be dismissed if the chief of station to know about my visits. My last letter has been finished so quickly because my time was over. Please write me more about situation with Internet access in your country. I am very interseting to know more about you. I not very good know English. Therefore I write my letters to you on a paper when I on work. When I come on railroad station I just I typing my letter on a computer. Therefore if I miss some of your questions please do not worry I shall answer on this questions in the following letter. Ok? I like to listen music very much and after I have got my first salary - I have bought a radio-player. I listen it when I sit in electric train and everywhere.
Once I have heard by radio a very interesting program about dating on the Internet. They told about Ukrainian girls and US men who dating in Internet and then in real life. I have heard as the girls told their histories. This stories about how they found the foreign love and soulmates. So I understood that Interent dating is a real way to find a second half. I thought it would be good to meet a man from another country. I do not belive that I can be happy with Ukrainian men. All my married girlfriends are not happy and they have no furure with their Ukrainian husbands. I thought about this program so much and have decided to try. Unfortunately i am very tired today i have to go home to eat and sleep.
I wish you good night and hope to see your latter tomorrow...
Letter 4

Dear Donnie! Today after work when I going home on the train all time I thought about our correspondece and friendship. Its very important for me to know that your letter waiting me in my mailbox. Your letters makes my happy. It is new feelings for me and very pleasant for me that one person through the half world thought about me. I hope you feel the same way of my letters. Really I am very glad to see your letter now! We have very good day here on my work! As I told you before my work is situated in new unfinished area of Simferopol. Today afternoon some workers has broken electric cabel and I have no electic in my work. Therefore my chief let me go earlier from work. I had free time until train. This time I spent for going to cinema. I have seen Russian movie "Zhara". It is romantic movie about love with happy end. Do you believe in love with happy end? Do you believe in love at first sign? Do you ever seen Russian or Ukrainian movie? What kind of movies do you like? What last movie did you seen? Do you have favorite actor and hero? Sorry for so many questions - i just want to know you better. Now i want to tell you more about me. I like sports very much but unfortunately I have no a lot of free time for it. But I try to do it each weekends. In a school and in university I even participated in competition on badminton. And now I try to be in the form. I like winter kinds of sports very much such as skates and a ski. DO you like to play sport? What kind of sport do you like? I like to cook very much and I am cooking always only by myself. I like to cook something unusual. I like to prepare chicken and meat delicious for my guests and for my parents when I going to them. My mother teach me cooking when I was a young girl. We have traditional Russian food named pelmeni. But it is takes so long time for prepare. What kind of food do you prefer? Do you cook? Music.. I like to listen music very much. My favorite is Madonna, Destinies Child, Tatu, Sting and some Russian and Ukrainian groups like Dima Belan, Alsu and Korni. What type of music do you like? What your favorite group and singer? At all my life I have no serious relations.I never been happy in my relations. Ukrainian man are not serious in relations. They don't respect woman, her feelings and care about himself. I would not like to have any relations with any Russian man. And I am so happy that I met you and its mean so much for me! Dear Donnie now every day when I go to bed I think about your letters before sleep and I am always thinking about you when I waking up. It's my first thoughts! Your friend,
Letter 5
My dear Donnie, I just can't wait to read your mail today! Every day I waiting your letters and it is become more important for me! Every minutes of my live now I think about our correspondence and what I will write you in my next letter! So, how are you today? I am really surprised how Internet helps us to get closer! I become so adhered to your letters! Yesterday before go to bad I looked very good film with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan - "You've got a mail". Did you saw this film? I liked it very much. It is very good story about love with the happy end and it has reminded me our coresspondation. And I hope that its possible our relations could have the good beginning. It's very important for me to know that somewhere in world there is my second half. I very much love flowers named snowdrops and a lily of the valley. They smells so sweet. It is very romantic flowers. I always think about Spring when I see this flowers. Spring is my faworite season when snow become thaw and birds become to sing, when its a little cold, heart waits first warms days. What is you faworite flowers and season? Do you like animals? I like animals especialy cats and dogs. But I have no any animals. I really wanted but my houseowner forbid me to have any animals. I already write you that I rent a room in a house. My housowner is old woman and she is very severe. She like rules and traditions and do not like anymals. Now I need to go home. Every week I and my house owner make washing of house. But I clean my room every day. Have a nice day
Your Elena P.S Now we shall go home with Olesya together. We can going short road but now we shall go long way trought a high hill. From this hill it is visible all village, railroad station, fields around village and forest. This is really beautifull! I like this place very much!
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