Scam letter(s) from Nina Chernova to Neil (UK)

Letter 1
Hello my dear Neil !!!! Thank you very much for your letter to me my dear.
I was very happy received your letter.
I want to say that it would be very nice to see you. Today the weather is fine.
I would be very happy walking with you at the street my sweetheart.I want to be with you but may be you are so angry on me because I didn't write you so many days.Sory my dear.I passed all exams ad now I am free. I think that we could meet very soon because I am free and don't have any assignments for my University at all.I think it would be vey nice to meet and think that we will be together very soon.I want to care for you and kiss you all night. My baby,I want that you forgive me my dear that I didn't write you.
As for me it is very important that you won't be angry for me at all. I want to be with you and enjoy of our life.I know may be you are busy too but you find a time to write me.Unfortunately i prepared for my exams and din't have even one minue o write you. My sweetheart i will be very glad to know how was your week???
Mine was very stressfull. What about weekends...
I went go on the lake it is 150 kilometres from my home.
I bought meat,sausages and went there with my friends.
I can say it was wonderful time when we were there.
We sunbathed,swum and enjoy of chatting. What can be wonderful !!!!!
Nice beach,warm water but just I couldn't see you but possible I saw you in the water.It was the best time there.
I want to be with you every second and enjoy of our time.
I could live in water but only with you my sweetheart. My sweet baby,I will care for you every minute. I will finish my letter. Kiss you. Nina.
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